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#rockbox log for 2016-10-15

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18:50:54salty-horsehi. I'm on Linux and I wish to format a microsd card I have inside my sandisk sansa. I don't have a "standalone" sdcard reader. any idea if that's possible? If I unmount the auto-mounted card, the device in /dev/ is gone so I can't reference it.
18:51:21pamaurysalty-horse: you can always umount using command-line
18:51:29pamauryumount /path/to/dev
18:51:40pamauryumount /mount/point
18:51:48pamaurythis will not remove the device
18:52:02pamaury(at least should not)
18:52:34salty-horseyou are right! thanks!
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19:23:01salty-horsehow should I see the sdcard in rockbox's menu? I formatted a 128gb microsd to fat32 (was exfat) and I'm not sure it can find it
19:26:24salty-horsein the rockbox system info it says "MSD: not present" :(
19:32:40pamaurysalty-horse: it should appear in the file browser at the root in a directory named "<microSD>" typically. Did you try to remove it and put it back?
19:32:56pamaurywhich is this?
19:33:47salty-horsesansa e200. some unknown brand of microsdxc. trying to remove and put it back
19:34:36salty-horsedidn't help (did that when the device was off)
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19:35:22pamauryhum, it's a very old device, it is possible that the code cannot handle such big cards and does not manage to initialize it
19:35:40pamaurygive me a minute
19:35:40salty-horseis there a log I can tap into?
19:35:55 Join Rondom [0] (
19:35:56pamauryno, that would need a custom build, but I can easily do one I think
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19:39:12salty-horseI build rockbox myself, so I just need a patch :)
19:39:33pamaurysalty-horse: ok :) give me 5 min, I'll try to provide a patch
19:39:53salty-horsefor the log or the sdcard support? :D
19:39:57salty-horsethanks again
19:42:40pamaurysalty-horse: you need to enable logf in configure
19:43:49pamaurycd /path/to/rockbox/directory
19:43:49pamaurymkdir build_e200
19:43:49DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
19:43:49pamaurycd build_e200
19:43:50***Alert Mode level 1
19:43:50pamaury=> select Sansa E200
19:43:52pamaury=> select 'A' (Advanced)
19:43:54pamaury=> select 'L' (Logf)
19:43:56pamaury=> press enter
19:44:03pamauryI hope it compiles ;)
19:44:32salty-horseare you using master? it doesn't apply cleanly
19:45:46pamauryI am more or less at master. Did you apply it with patch -p1 < patch
19:46:57salty-horseyes. nm, it only missed 2 lines so I added them myself
19:47:51pamauryok strange
19:49:07salty-horsethe patch error was "patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line". strange indeed.
19:50:31pamauryah, maybe a copy and paste error, I was lazy and copied from the shell
19:52:05salty-horseok where does logf write to?
19:53:32pamauryto System > Debug > Show logf
19:53:41pamauryyou can also System > Debug > Dump log
19:53:51***Alert Mode OFF
19:53:59pamauryand then it writes the log to logf.txt (or .rockbox/logf.txt)
19:54:27pamauryI would suggest the following procedure: start device without microsd, plug microsd, unplug, dump log and pastebin it
19:54:51pamaury(cause it will be cryptic :-p)
19:54:59salty-horseI don't have either of those options in the debug menu :(
19:55:12pamauryYou must have forgotten to enable logf in the configure
19:55:54pamauryin doubt, run "make reconf" and check it mentions logf enabled. Then run "make clean" and "make"
19:56:11salty-horse"logf() support enabled"
19:56:26salty-horseit was a clean build from a new build directory
19:56:28pamaury(and don't forget to put the new build on the device obviously, you may want to "make zip" and then unzip -d /path/to/mount
19:56:35salty-horseI did exactly that :)
19:56:41pamaurydid you reboot ?
19:56:44pamaury(the device)
19:56:56salty-horseI think so. making sure....
19:58:16salty-horseIIRC rockbox reboots automatically if it detects a new firmware. rebooted. nothing. for some reason the "version" string doesn't match the latest git sha1
19:59:09pamauryit should display the last one with a "M" at the end
19:59:55pamaurydid you extract to the main drive and not the sd by mistake?
20:00:30pamaury(as a run of dumb, the unzip should have warned you that you are overwriting files)
20:00:45salty-horseyes. it even asked me if I want to rewrite ".rockbox/backdrops/cabbiev2.bmp"
20:00:54salty-horsetrying again...
20:02:44salty-horseI picked "20" from memory which is ipodcolor instead of 50 for sansa e200
20:02:52salty-horsesorry :O
20:05:09salty-horseyour patch is bad. cmddat -> cmdat
20:08:32 Quit krabador (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:10:58salty-horsepamaury, in your process above, should I plug the microsd while the device is on or off?
20:11:15pamauryas you want
20:14:20salty-horsenot sure why the top is truncated:
20:14:48salty-horseI started with the microsd. shut down. started without microsd, plugged, unplugged, dumped.
20:14:53pamaurylog buffer has fixed size
20:14:59 Quit Smx (Excess Flood)
20:15:52salty-horseanything to glean from it?
20:16:50pamauryso there is a bunch of SD_APP_OP_COND with arg (1<<30)|0x100000 which means SHDC and waiting until it is initialised
20:17:22pamaurythen SD_ALL_SEND_CID
20:17:32pamaurythen SD_SEND_RELATIVE_ADDR
20:17:44pamaurythen SD_SEND_CSD
20:18:41salty-horseI'm amazed if you remember all the values :)
20:18:52pamaury(I'm reading the spec to remember ;))
20:18:54pamaurythen SD_SELECT_CARD
20:19:06 Join Smx [0] (Elite8556@gateway/shell/elitebnc/x-ewposvjbohjwunyp)
20:19:15salty-horsebut you also need to convert dec to hex :)
20:19:36salty-horse(ok.. only if going by the source code and not spec)
20:19:36pamaurythen SD_SET_BUS_WIDTH to switch bus size to 4
20:20:13pamaurythen SD_SET_BLOCKLEN, a bit unusual, why not
20:20:41pamaurythen SD_SEND_STATUS
20:20:54pamauryarg I never remember the status encoding
20:23:26pamauryseems ok, then SD_READ_MULTIPLE_BLOCK
20:23:34pamauryI guess that's the code trying to read the MBR
20:24:10pamauryfollowed by a STOP_TRANSMISSION and send status again
20:24:13pamauryit looks all nice
20:24:26pamauryso somehow rockbox does not recognize the MBR as valid
20:24:38pamaurycan you plug your device and dump the MBR ?
20:26:06pamaurydd if=/dev/microsd bs=512 count=1 of=/dev/stdout | hexdump -C
20:26:21pamauryreplace /dev/microsd/ with the microsd dev device
20:26:26salty-horseyeah yeah :)
20:26:44pamauryand I don't remember if hexdump is universally installed on linux distrib or not
20:29:56pamauryah you don't have MBR, you formatted the whole disk, I don't think we support that
20:30:00pamauryI can't remember
20:30:41salty-horseok how should I format it? :)
20:31:03pamauryuse fdisk
20:31:05salty-horseI used mkdosfs -F 32 -I /dev/sdcard
20:31:42pamauryfdisk /dev/microsd
20:31:42pamaurythen hit 'h' (I think) to have the help. You need to create a partition table, then create a primary partition that spans the whole disk
20:31:47pamauryor you can use gparted
20:31:47salty-horseI will use gparted because I'm stupid
20:32:00pamauryyeah fdisk is really user-unfriendly
20:32:23pamaurytell gparted you want a partition table using MBR/MSDOS format
20:32:32pamaurythen create a single FAT32 partition
20:34:46pamauryI need to, I'll be back later, I hope it will work
20:34:57salty-horsethanks A LOT for the help
20:35:10salty-horsevery much appreciated even if I was being silly
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21:08:55cc___salty-horse: sorry, I didn't get the beginning of the conversation : do you have a problem of microsd not being found at insertion which forces you to reboot the device after inserting the microsd in order to access it ?
21:09:17salty-horsecc___, it was fixed. I formatted the microsd card without an MBR.
21:09:51salty-horseit would be nice if rockbox gave some kind of user-visible error about it
21:10:09cc___salty-horse: I think I didn't even format mine : are the microsd cards formatted with an mbr by default when they are sold ?
21:11:14salty-horsecc___, mine was exfat. proprietary and unsupported by rockbox
21:11:29salty-horseso I use mkfs to format to fat32. but it didn't create an mbr.
21:12:22cc___salty-horse: I'll try that then :)
21:13:02salty-horsecc___, I haven't tried inserting the sdcard while the device was on. do you want me to test that?
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21:31:22SaratogaPamaury: I always wondered if there is a reason we don't use splash prompts for serious errors (unmountable storage, etc)
21:36:36pamaurySaratoga: mostly because those errors happen asychronously in firmware/ which doesn't know about splash prompts
21:37:04pamaurythus supporting those would mean broadcasting messages, which means extra code ;)
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21:43:54SaratogaMakes sense
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