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#rockbox log for 2016-10-19

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00:31:01pamaurycryham: sounds strange, the fuze+ has very been very stable from some time now
00:31:35pamauryare you available tomorrow? Maybe we could try to debug this
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07:56:15cryhami am available, we could try
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11:53:43pamaurycryham: are you free this afternoon? (ie in a few hours, don't know which timezone you are in)
12:16:47cryhami'm in gmt+2 got 12:16 pm now
12:22:41pamauryok great, I'll be free around 2pm GMT+1, see if we can find the problem...
12:25:30cryhamok cool
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13:57:29pamaurycryham: are you here?
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14:27:39cryhammomentary i'm busy
14:27:47cryhamcan it be in 1-2h ?
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15:48:52cryhamok pamaury i'm here, what can i try
15:50:23cryhamfound some old releases
15:52:59cryhambut theere arent any for fuzeplus, only fuze and fuzev2
15:55:06pamaurycryham: first can you describe the problem?
15:55:37cryhamso, sometimes after power on
15:55:47cryhami got a freeze after like 10-20 sec of playing
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15:56:08cryhamusually i can't do anything else but to power off and on again
15:56:33cryhamthen it usually works, sometimes still doesnt
15:56:41pamauryhow often?
15:57:01cryhamhmm i'd say 30% chance it will freeze
15:57:15cryhami think now it's more often
15:57:23cryhami got 2016-10 release
15:57:38pamauryand this problem did not exist in the 3.13 release?
15:57:42cryhamhad 2016-06 before iirc, also had this problem but less often
15:58:01cryhami think my first release used was in 2013 and this didnt happen
15:58:43cryhamis this software, or codec issue, or maybe just something from gui crashing
15:58:45pamauryhum, we culd try to bisect the problem but if it only happne sometimes it won't be easy
15:59:29cryhamshouldnt i maybe reset all settings?
15:59:38cryhami think i still have the setup from 2013
16:00:04pamauryyou can try, it's can be a bad idea, although I doubt it's going to make a difference. Are you using the default theme?
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16:14:26cryhamno i'm using some other
16:15:20cryhamah i see a .backup with
16:15:46cryhamso if i unpack this to and replace .rockbox i can go back to my previous version?
16:15:51pamaurycan you try with the default theme?
16:18:45 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
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16:29:25cryhamuh which one is the default
16:31:35pamaurycabbie_v2 iirc
16:41:24cryhamhmm so far seems working
16:41:58cryhamnot sure but i had a screen off feature set to 10sec
16:42:39cryhami'm thinking now maybe this failed, because i can't this issue with screen off
16:43:29cryhamalways when it freezed i saw now playing screen and it just looked like paused but could go on and didnt react
16:43:37cryhami'll test some more
16:45:19cryhammy theme was based on wps: /.rockbox/wps/ALiEnZIP.wps
16:45:31cryhamthat's what .cfg says
16:48:10cryhambut with font: /.rockbox/fonts/14-Adobe-Helvetica-Bold.fnt
16:48:17pamaurycryham: if you could try various things to pinpoint the problem that would be helpful. My feeling is that it's theme related, but if you can show it's related to the screen, I'll be glad to debug that
16:48:25cryhamand backlight timeout: 10
16:48:41cryhamok will do, thanks
16:48:50pamauryI'll try the theme you mention on mine tonight
16:50:27cryhamby default it has big letters
16:50:52cryhambut with my font setting is normal again, idk maybe that big font breaks something
16:51:42pamaurywell the theme engine is very complicated, it is possible some settings break things. The problem is that it's super hard to debug and nobody seems to be able to pinpoint what exactly causes the bugs
16:53:30pixelmaIIRC this theme goes real crazy with animation
16:54:47pamauryrobertd1: I have some interesting tests program for the nwz if you want to play :) I'll commit then this afternoon
16:55:25pamauryI wanted to debug the theme engine by using the MMU, but it requires a lot of work to integrate the MMU into the allocator
16:59:24robertd1Thats great pamaury, thanks :)!
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17:09:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ba91ff1, 255 builds, 15 clients.
17:09:34pamauryrobertd1: done, I would suggest you try test_keys on your device
17:09:55pamauryit's all explained the README in nwztools/plattools hopefully, but otherwise just ask me
17:10:12 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
17:10:25pamauryit displays key events, I haven't investigate touchscreen so far
17:10:39 Join alexweissman [0] (
17:12:17pamauryI'm going to investigate the backlight now
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17:59:15pamauryrobertd1: there is now a backligt test as well
18:01:38 Quit elensil (Quit: Leaving.)
18:08:12robertd1 pamaury I cant find the tests
18:08:24pamauryit's all in nwztools/plattools
18:08:27pamauryyou need to build them
18:08:38pamauryread nwztools/plattools/README
18:09:28robertd1ahh thanks, let me git pull −−rebase
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18:20:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0b01ca6, 255 builds, 15 clients.
18:21:16pamaurynow have an adc test, we can read battery with this, also vbus and some other adc channels, not sure if those will be useful
18:22:43pamauryI'm going to disassemble some code on touchscreen, i'll push it to gerrit so you can test it, I don't have any device with touchscreen
18:23:55 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:24:08pamaurythere are some interesting power related things to disassemble
18:24:44robertd1pamaury nice, once its up i let you know about the touchscreen
18:28:16 Part robertd1
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18:31:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0b01ca6 result: 5 errors 0 warnings
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18:51:10cryhamwoah 13 min for build? is this for all devices or why so long
18:51:35duo8all devices ofc
18:52:22duo8does the ingenic usb tool work on all jz4760b devices?
18:55:40 Join robertd [0] (c9d32858@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:06:38pamauryduo8: jz4740_tools has some generic code and some jz4740/device code, also it's annoying to build
19:06:50pamauryjz4760b_tools is pretty generic
19:06:58pamauryit works on all jz4760b tools
19:07:15duo8are these rockbox developed tools?
19:07:27pamaurywhy do you mean?
19:07:40duo8i was referring to the ingenic provided tools
19:08:18pamauryah, I don't know what ingenic provides
19:08:42pamaurythey have some code on the web which is fairly generic iirc but you would need to be more specific
19:08:45pamaurywhy are you asking?
19:08:54 Nick alexweis_ is now known as alexweissman (
19:11:47duo8i want to dump the flash of this device but don't know how
19:11:58duo8the fw format isn't obvious either
19:12:41pamauryI wrote some tools to do that
19:13:15pamauryalthough some part is more or less standard and the other depends on the device
19:13:17pamaurywhich device?
19:13:26duo8can it be dumped through recovery mode?
19:13:38duo8shanling m2, jz4760b
19:16:08pamauryduo8: if you checkout g#1368
19:16:12fs-bluebotGerrit review #1368 at : hwstub: add various jz stuff and xburst tests by Amaury Pouly
19:16:26pamauryyou'll find that you can use utils/hwstub/hwstub_shell with the jz4760b recovery mode
19:17:01pamauryin the case of the fiiox1, you can have a look at what I did in utils/hwstub/tools/lua/fiiox1.lua to dump the flash
19:17:36pamauryI would suggest you create another file, let's say utils/hwstub/tools/lua/shanlingm2.lua
19:17:54pamaurycopy the function FIIOX1.dump_ipl(file) because it's completely generic
19:19:19pamauryduo8: something like this
19:20:32pamaurythen to run:
19:20:32pamaurycd /path/to/utils/hwstub/tools
19:20:32pamaury./hwstub_shell -f shanglingm2.lua -e "SHANGLINGM2.init()"
19:20:32DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
19:20:32pamaury(you might need to run it as root)
19:20:38pamauryit should dump the IPL into a file
19:21:41pamaury(by the way, if they provide a firmware upgrade file, this whole process is much simpler)
19:22:06pamaurythen you need to disassemble the IPL to find the nand parameters (I can do that if you want, I disassemble most of the Fiio X1 IPL, so it should be much easier)
19:22:11pamaurythen you can dump the SPL
19:23:00pamauryyou can then disassemble the SPL to find the address in nand of the main firmware and dump it similarly
19:23:28duo8they do have several fw upgrade files but idk the format
19:24:34duo8so basically dump the loaders to get nand params then dump the entire nand with that?
19:25:56pamauryyeah basically
19:26:17pamauryduo8: I reverse engineered the "standard" format but they might use something else
19:26:25pamaurydid they release an upgrade ?
19:26:34duo8yeah, several
19:26:42pamauryI can have a look if you want
19:26:43duo8it comes as one large file
19:26:51duo8~40MB iirc
19:26:55pamaurythe relevant tool is utils/jz4760b_tools/packtool
19:27:08CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:27:08*pamaury needs to go but will be back
19:27:35duo8probably the same fw as the other players
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20:14:12pamauryduo8: I'll have a look
20:27:45 Quit chrisb (Remote host closed the connection)
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21:04:09pamauryduo8: m2.fw unpacks fine with packtool
21:06:16pamaurymkdir m2; packtools −−unpack -i m2.fw -o m2/; packtool −−descramble -i m2/sys.bin -o m2/sys.bin
21:06:27pamaurythen sys.bin is the main firmware
21:08:27pamauryif you want to disassemble it, I can send you what I disassemble of the Fiio X1, that might help you
21:09:12pamauryalso some init is done only in the SPL and is not the main firmware, like LCD init
21:11:10pamauryso I would advise to dump the IPL and SPL anyway
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22:50:17phil32543hi there, what current available mp3 player works with rockbox? i loved my sansa clip zip but unfortunately the display broke recently
22:51:30vincentflysonThe one I'd get today would be iPod Video 5.5G and replacing the HDD with a CompactFlash card... it'd be dirt cheap to do and it's a good player with lots of storage.
22:51:56 Join chrisb [0] (
22:55:02 Join fishbowlkraken [0] (68045391@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:55:34fishbowlkrakenSo, I have an odd question.
22:56:25fishbowlkrakenIf I were to dig up old MP3 players that're anywhere from good condition to sorta-kinda-functional, would I be able to mail it to someone in this chat to try and reverse engineer?
23:00:11gevaertsfishbowlkraken: in theory that's possible, but in practice that doesn't tend to happen. Reverse engineering is a lot of work, and people who have the time and are willing to do it usually already have a stack of players they're interested in
23:01:38phil32543vincentflyson: do you know where i could get the ipod video 5.5g?
23:02:09fishbowlkrakenI kinda figured, though I do have some lying around that're in the wiki already with a bit of life
23:02:12fishbowlkrakenlike the Samsung K5
23:03:26pamauryfishbowlkraken: it would be possible, depending on the hardware of course
23:03:48fishbowlkrakenRight, yeah, I guess I'm also asking of anyone's interested in me sending them such a thing
23:04:06fishbowlkrakenI'd love to get it working on some old devices, and I dunno, it might be an interesting challenge?
23:04:33pamaurythe K5 for example has a big problem which is that is uses raw NAND, that's a massive pain to reverse engineer
23:04:55fishbowlkrakenDang, that's the one I'm most interested in. The inbuilt speakers were a cool feature.
23:06:45pamaurydoes it have a SD port?
23:07:14fishbowlkrakenunfortunately no
23:07:36fishbowlkrakenfunny, given how fanatical Samsung is about flaunting they have expandable storage now
23:08:07 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:08:13pamaurygive me a minute to look at the wiki
23:10:15fishbowlkrakenI also *think* I have a YP-S3 lying around, possibly a Rio Chiba (complete with 128 whole MB of expanded storage courtesy of a full size SD, woooo), a Phillips GoGear (I can't remember if it's one of the ones listed as stable or one of the inactive ports), and a few others
23:10:29 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
23:11:01fishbowlkrakenI see there's a port to one of the Palm devices, and I think I have a tungsten of some vintage lying around
23:16:12pamaurythe S3 has the same problem as the K5 I think (it's a common problem among samsung devices)
23:16:41pamauryPhilips uses very confusing model numbers, you would need the exact number
23:16:45fishbowlkrakenYeah, that makes sense.
23:17:02fishbowlkrakenI know, that's why I was saying I'm not sure which one it is, but I'll get back to you guys if I dig it upwherever
23:18:08fishbowlkrakenActually my other player might've been the T10. In high school I had a crapton of players in high school
23:18:27pamauryah yeah the T10 is nice, it has bluetooth I think?
23:18:28fishbowlkraken*- second in high school, kinda wandering, sorry
23:18:38fishbowlkrakenokay yeah, I had the T10 then.
23:18:43fishbowlkrakenI loved the BT headphone support
23:19:01fishbowlkrakenBack then, having bluetooth headphones was like, craziness
23:21:04 Quit passstab (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:22:27 Quit phil32543 (Remote host closed the connection)
23:37:56 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:37:58fishbowlkrakenoh, other question, and I feel like this gets asked fairly often
23:38:12fishbowlkrakenhave you guys ever thought of doing a port to the Raspberry Pi?
23:38:54fishbowlkrakenAdafruit sells this small touchscreen with four buttons attached to it, could make a pretty good DAP, so long as someone printed a good case
23:39:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:42:18pamauryWell the form fact is not exactly great imo, if you want to make it protable you need a battery, that would make it very bulky
23:43:09fishbowlkrakenTrue, though it'd be smaller than some of the early machines RB was ported to
23:43:39fishbowlkrakenAnd there's been projects like the GameGrrl mini and such that put it to the size of a Gameboy Micro
23:43:48fishbowlkrakenso long as you're using the Zero, in that case
23:44:22 Quit Ivoah (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
23:44:38fishbowlkrakenI'd say the Zero is closest to a DAP processor anyway, though even it's still overkill compared to all but the beefiest of DAPs on the market
23:45:07fishbowlkraken512MB RAM and a 1GHz ARM11 is far beyond just about any of the ones supported by RB, if I'm not mistaken
23:48:52pamauryWell we "support" android and some gamedpad so I would say no, but among more usual devices, it's much more beefy indeed
23:49:19pamaurythough some recent DAP, using the JZ4760B for example, are getting close to that

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