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#rockbox log for 2016-10-21

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05:22:18naleoI'm having problems getting my Clip+ to work with an SD card. It works great with rockbox without an SD card, but as soon as I insert an sd card, The player will not turn on. I cant even see the bootloader screen or get it to boot to the orginal firmware without removing the card and holding power button for 30 seconds. Any Ideas?
05:28:14Bilguswhat is the card formatted as?
05:33:42Bilgushow large is the card and does it work if you insert it while OF is already booted?
05:37:24naleoLet me check
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05:43:57naleoWhen i plug it in, it freezes up the whole thing. Its a 32GB Samsung card
05:46:07TorCAloha naleo. f you put it in and then power it on holding the (I think) left arrow to boot the OF, does that work?
05:47:25TorCI need to get back to other things; just got on my computer for a moment. Bilgus, you there still?
05:49:15naleoIt freezes on the sansa logo
05:49:41naleoand as soon as I pull out the sd card, it finished booting and works fine
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05:56:41Bilgusdo you have another card that you can try?
05:59:41naleoI have a sandisk 16GB which gives me the exact same results
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06:05:45Bilgusthat is odd ive seen defective cards do this but I find it hard to believe that two would have the same problem. I assume the player used to work with a SD card?
06:06:26Bilgusmy next question wiould be what version of the boot loader
06:06:37naleoI can occasionally get it to work with either card, but that is rare
06:07:32naleoThe bootloader says 4.0
06:08:36Bilgushave an emery board laying around that you could carve into the shape of the sd card and use to clean the contacts of the player?
06:10:23naleoSo the bootloader is the newest
06:12:01naleoYeah, I have one, it is pretty much the smallest width of the sd card
06:14:59BilgusI think its the player esp since it works sometimes but it could also be bad solder connections you might try placing some pressure one way or another and see if it suddenly works
06:17:12naleoWow, I got it working. The emery board appears to have fixed it. I can now switch the cards back and forth without problems, and they both show up.
06:18:15Bilguslook for a product called deoxit kinda on the expensive side but will clean it up next time and most other contact issues
06:19:26Bilgusdon't spray it into the unit though
06:19:45naleoSpray on card and then insert?
06:20:10Bilgusor on a folded piece of paper
06:21:10naleookay, thanks. I totally would never have thought of using an emery board
06:21:23Bilgusnp enjoy
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07:31:58goetheso how does dev work
07:32:09goethedoes one have to hook directly into the pic
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11:50:59goethehi all
11:51:10goetheanyone want to discuss coding?
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12:42:43duo8can someone zip the hwstub shell util and upload it somewhere?
12:43:05duo8really don't feel like downloading all of rockbox at 200kB/s
13:36:56duo8uhh, how do i compile hwstub shell again?
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16:53:36saratogagoethe: take a look at
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21:59:24pamauryduo8: cd /path/to/utils/hwstub/tools; make
21:59:47pamauryI don't remember if the makefile is smart or not, you might need to build the library before: make -C ../lib
21:59:59pamaury(from the utils/hwstub/tools/ directory)
22:00:07pamauryyou don't even need a cross compiler
22:00:17pamaurybut you need libusb-1.0-dev
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22:02:11pamaurygoethe: you need to ask more specific question. What to you want to develop/what is your goal?
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22:08:04pamauryduo8: it's really as simple as it gets, if you have any compile error, pastebin it and post the link, I'll answer when I'm online
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23:22:00rogeliodhHi, I just want to share. I got the newest Fiio X1II and I see that Fiio switched to a linux based firmware and the firmware upgrade is just a tgz including the kernel and the file system. So maybe it will be easier to hack. Also, maybe rockbox developers could request the kernel source code (being GPL) and that could help to port rockbox to X1II (and possibly X1 1st gen).
23:22:00rogeliodhHere you can see a log of my simple exploration of fw upgrade file: rogeliodh/014c19bae4cc6f136fc31a3365f1a4a3">
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