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#rockbox log for 2016-10-23

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06:12:38duo8pamaury dumped m2 ipl:
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11:32:31pamauryduo8: thanks, I'll have a look at it
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11:37:36Rasihi. has anyone tried lately to submit a .scrobbler.log file?
11:37:45Rasiqtscrob claims it worked. but no scrobbles appear
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11:48:46duo8pamaury do all these players use the same chinachip fw?
12:01:05pamauryI wouldn't know for sure until I have a look at the firmare. But a good guess is that if they use the "standard" ingenic fw file format, they are based on the same sdk
12:01:13duo8i saw it on the wiki, about them being based on a fw by chinachip
12:01:40duo8do you think these fw are well written/optimized?
12:02:19duo8my m2 gets warm after 10-20m of playback, a 2200 mAh battery only gives 10h playback
12:02:28duo8i wonder if they have freq scale
12:06:59pamauryah yeah, probably they bought chinachip and reused their firmware. I have no idea if they are well optimized or not
12:07:29pamaurythe soc supposedly has the capability to be efficient but maybe the DAC and amplifiers are draining most of the energy
12:16:19pamauryit always depends on the voltage, I am not sure the jz4760b soc can scale voltage, and if the pmu delivers a fixed voltage, it can be quite wasteful too
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12:41:05duo8iirc the pmu is some axp pmu
12:41:21duo8same thing used on those allwinner SBCs i think
12:47:39duo8it's axp202
12:51:16duo8also a fidelix flash i think
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13:42:26pamauryduo8: probably depends on the device. The PCB scan of the Fiio X1 first gen don't show any sign of a pmu
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18:43:37pamauryrogeliodh: I'm disassembling the IPL of the M2 to extract the parameters to dump the SPL. At first sight there are a few differences
18:53:26pamauryerr sorry du8
18:53:34pamauryI'll work on the fiiox1ii just after
18:54:03pamauryduo8: this is what I came up with: pamaury/e322310d4b27496c7075d560770dd7ec">
18:56:54pamauryI hope I got the parameters right
18:59:12pamauryrogeliodh: I had a quick look at the IPL of the Fiio X1 gen 2, and it is not the same as the standard ingenic SDK. It seems to be a U-Boot IPL.
19:00:44pamauryI guess the easiest option is to ask Fiio the code. Otherwise I can disassemble it to find the parameters. But I am not sure if it very important to do so or not. Since the SPL will be U-boot, it is probably not doing any major init, and thus analyzing the kernel / rootfs is probably much more interesting
19:00:52pamauryhaving the source of the kernel could be useful
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19:08:41duo8what is the soc inside the x1II? still jz4760?
19:10:54pamauryyes apparently
19:11:34duo8btw pamaury it's shanling not shangling, in case you or someone want to make a wiki page
19:12:02pamauryah sorry about that ;)
19:12:24pamauryIf you manage to dump the SPL, I am quite interested
19:12:55duo8ok gonna try
19:12:56pamaurynext week I will try to resume the work on the jz4760b/fiiox1 port
19:14:15duo8was the xduoo x3 port independant? or was it based on your research?
19:14:52 Join maraz [0] (
19:16:40pamauryit was independent, also it's a linux-based device, so my reverse engineering work doesn't apply (so in a way it's closer to the fiio x1ii). But I didn't want to merge it in our trunk rigth away because the guy doesn't want to maintain the port and I don't want to integrate code I don't like / want to support / is copy-pasted from random ingenic sources
19:17:19duo8wow, spl is taking a while
19:17:20pamauryMy plan was (still is) to redo the core jz4760b stuff but keep his xduoo x3 specific code
19:17:38pamauryduo8: yeah dumping via usb this way is not exactly quick ;)
19:19:09duo8rockbox runs on hw on the x3 right? not as a linux program?
19:19:22pamauryyeah it runs on hardware
19:19:25krikkitpamaury: hey! count me in for helping, but with the fiiox3 port, next week!
19:19:55krikkit(2nd gen)
19:19:55pamaurykrikkit: if you are free next week, we could start dumping the IPL and SPL on the fiiox3 too
19:20:34krikkitpamaury: next week looks perfect for me, still have quite some work to do before then
19:20:42pamauryhopefully the basic stuff is similar and as soon as we have basic stuff running like screen and buttons, more people can help with each device
19:22:30duo8pamaury m2 spl:
19:23:29duo8i find it funny that the LO jack cover is also a pin for pushing the reset button. It's like some sort of implication
19:24:25pamauryduo8: thanks, give me a minute to confirm the dump is ok
19:25:52pamauryduo8: it looks correct
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19:26:35duo8iirc you said spl does most hw init right?
19:27:41pamauryit does LCD init for sure. Technically the main firmware can leave this task to the SPL and never reinit, but I find it useful to have the sequence anyway. It's also a good place to determine if there are several hardware revision.
19:28:18krikkitpamaury: if you are interested in fiiox3 2nd gen pics, I just uploaded some more:
19:28:22pamauryAnd on the Fiio X1, there is a hidden feature that is very useful: if you put a file named "factory.x1" at the root of the SD, and boot pressing the back button, it will load and run this file. This is very useful to do some tests
19:28:40pamaurykrikkit: do you have wiki access?
19:29:05pamauryif not, can I upload them to our wiki?
19:30:08krikkitpamaury: nope, do not have access. Feel free to upload :)
19:30:28krikkitin the mean time I'll open an account
19:31:30pamauryduo8: At first sight, the M2 uses a slightly different code, it looks at the file call tf_upgrade.ini in the rootfs to see if it should upgrade or not. So I guess one has to trigger the upgrade using the system menu?
19:33:31pamaurykrikkit: you imgur link does not seem to work
19:34:36krikkitpamaury: I reloaded the webpage, turned blank...
19:34:48pamaurysame here
19:35:07duo8pamaury yes, that file when i extracted it has "0" inside
19:35:48pamauryduo8: apparently, at a *very* first sight, the upgrade filename is indeed m2.fw and if you put a factory.m2 file at the root and press *some key*, it will run it
19:36:01pamauryso same as the fiio, good news
19:36:14duo8my number one wish for this device is probably faster return from lock, why does it take like 2s?
19:37:01pamaurycan't say for sure, but the boot process is slow on this device, the nand code is really suboptimal to say the least
19:37:14duo8pamaury run it as in run the sys file inside?
19:37:18duo8or just a binary?
19:37:22pamauryjust a binary
19:37:36pamaurybut we have the (un)scrambler
19:38:04duo8pamaury i think it has to do with lcd, track skipping is instant when locked
19:38:14pamauryduo8: if you want, you can try to find that magic boot button. To do so, remove the sd card, hold a key and press the boot button. If it's a right one, it should display a message like "recovery" or "insert sd card".
19:38:59duo8not sure if you'd know, but how does the fiio update screen looks like?
19:39:24pamauryerr, I don't remember but I can check later, why?
19:39:43pamauryI think it's just a black screen with a text saying "upgrading..."
19:40:10duo8if it has a progress bar then it's pretty much the same as this one
19:40:50duo8pamaury press the boot button or hold?
19:41:21pamauryduo8: hold it for a few seconds
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19:41:35pamauryduo8: I'll check later, but my guess is that it is the same
19:42:37duo8power + play gives "waiting sdcard"
19:42:52pamaurythat's it!
19:42:56krikkitpamaury: uploading now:
19:43:08pamauryduo8: do you have wiki access?
19:43:08duo8if i insert, "update file not found" then a reboot
19:43:31duo8i don't even have an account, and i kinda don't want to use real name
19:44:03pamauryok, so I'll create a page for the M2
19:44:07pamaurywith this information
19:44:47duo8btw, the shanling fb page has pcb shots, though not complete
19:44:55duo8i can't open mine for the time being
19:46:47pamauryduo8: which button is used to enter recovery mode on the M2?
19:50:14duo8power + play
19:54:49duo8has anyone ever figured out how sandisk managed to make a gui with just the atj?
19:58:13pamauryduo8: yeah, they use some kind of "bank switching"
19:58:53duo8to draw to screen?
19:58:55pamaurybasically the firmware is cut into many pieces and the compiler (I guess) generates code to switch to different pieces when jumping out the current unit
19:59:10pamaurywhich is slow and painful to write
20:00:21*pamaury goes for dinner
20:00:39duo8pamaury why do you have so many devices?
20:01:35lebelliumyeah why?
20:01:39lebelliumthat's useless!
20:09:25krikkitpamaury: got 10 mins to make something to dump the filetable of my fiiox3ii firmware. Got the location of sys.bin. Would you like it?
20:39:14rogeliodhpamaury: OK, I already emailed Fiio requesting the source code but they haven't answered anything.. maybe you could try too (I think you have some contact already)
20:40:34pamaurykrikkit: are there publicly available firmware upgrades for te fiio x3ii ?
20:41:05pamauryduo8: I bought a lot of them second hand when they were cheap, to see if I could do a port
20:41:24rogeliodhbtw, what do you use to disassemble the IPL? (a command line sample would help me a lot, I don't have much experience with MIPS and firmwares)
20:41:53krikkitpamaury: on the fiio forums, the company released the firmware(s) (current version 2.0), open access.
20:42:26krikkitpamaury: nice packtools btw, I was trying to do things the hard way but you app does all the job!
20:44:01pamauryrogeliodh: I use IDA
20:44:05krikkitpamaury: latest firmware I am running and that I just `unpack`'ed:
20:44:42pamaurykrikkit: I wrote an unpacker for fiio firmware
20:44:48pamauryit is in our trunk
20:45:12krikkitpamaury: 'just used it, perfect tool ;)
20:48:33pamaurygreat :) So I'll download the firmware upgrade from their forum directly
20:50:04krikkitpamaury: the sys.bin:
20:55:27pamaurykrikkit: do you run linux? Could you help dumping the IPL and SPL for the Fiio X3ii ?
20:56:30pamauryduo8: just read again, I am confused: power+play gives hardware recovery mode or the "insert sd card" one ?
20:56:39krikkityes. sure, got around 20m of free time
20:59:15pamaurykrikkit: you need linux + git + some dev libs, nothing too fancy
21:00:49krikkitno worries, tell me what to do ;)
21:01:06pamauryclone our repository
21:01:07goethehi guys
21:01:27krikkitpamaury: done
21:01:53pamaurycheckout g#1368
21:01:55fs-bluebotGerrit review #1368 at : hwstub: add various jz stuff and xburst tests by Amaury Pouly
21:01:56pamaurygit fetch git:// refs/changes/68/1368/2 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
21:02:34pamaurythen go to utils/hwstub/tools and run:
21:02:34pamaurymake -C ../lib
21:03:35*pamaury feels it won't compile because of some error fixed in trunk but on in the gerrit patch
21:05:39krikkitgetting the dependencies as it builds
21:06:18krikkitok it's built
21:06:25rogeliodhdoing a "git rebase master" after the git checkout FETCH_HEAD fixes the problem with lib
21:06:42pamauryI just rebased the gerrit task, now compile issue should be gone
21:06:52pamaurykrikkit: ok good, wait a second
21:08:53pamaurykrikkit: download this file: pamaury/d0e836b8b13cc73ce53c0285cadce373">
21:09:07pamauryand put it at utils/hwstub/tools/lua/fiiox3ii.lua
21:11:07pamaurythen put your device in recovery mode and plug it to the computer (usually you do that by powering it off, holding the play button and insert the usb cable while keeping the button pressed)
21:11:18pamaurywhen done, run the following command as root/sudo from utils/hwstub/tools:
21:11:18pamaury./hwstub_shell -f lua/fiiox3ii.lua -e "FIIOX3II.dump()"
21:13:42rogeliodhpamaury: did you see my change to jz_handle::probe() from yesterday? rogeliodh/8e6d29fbc6776e2ebddb9b4b5f3e7c9c">
21:14:01pamauryrogeliodh: not sorry, I must have missed it
21:14:52pamauryrogeliodh: ah nice catch, indeed it was returning garbage
21:15:02rogeliodhyes, maybe krikkit will hit that bug
21:15:31krikkitrogeliodh: will keep you updated if I do.
21:15:45 Quit robertd (Quit: Page closed)
21:16:01krikkitpamaury: usb device not detected, I am going to look for the proper boot buttons to push
21:16:06pamauryrogeliodh: I think the actual error is that m_probe_status should be set to the result of probe_4670b()
21:16:09krikkitthat is for recovery mode right?
21:16:37pamaurykrikkit: yes you need recovery mode, the screen should stay black and the device be listed as ingenic device
21:19:23rogeliodhpamaury: I don't have the code in front of me right now, but yes something like that could work too. I just made the diff with the more direct way to fix it
21:25:54krikkitpamaury: got the black screen but no usb detected. I am looking for ahub/second desktop to test.
21:26:21pamaurykrikkit: this is odd, nothing at all?
21:26:51krikkitpamaury: regular boot process is ok
21:27:52krikkitmiam! xhci drivers!
21:28:14pamauryyou think is a problem with your desktop usb?
21:28:52krikkitI switched my motherboard's hub to the ehci driver
21:29:12krikkitIt is now detected and I am running the hwstub_shell tool ;)
21:29:30krikkitIt is now stopped at:
21:29:33krikkitNAND: correcting 0 errors
21:29:53krikkitafter doing:
21:29:55krikkitStarting interactive lua session. Type 'help()' to get some help
21:29:59krikkit hwstub
21:30:02krikkit version: 4.3
21:30:04krikkit device
21:30:06krikkit version: 4.3.0
21:30:07krikkit target
21:30:10krikkit id: 0x37345a4a (JZ47)
21:30:11krikkit name: JZ4760 USB Boot Device
21:30:13krikkit layout
21:30:16krikkit code: 0x2000 bytes @ 0xbfc00000
21:30:18krikkit stack: 0 bytes @ 0
21:30:19krikkit buffer: 0x4000 bytes @ 0x80000000
21:30:21krikkit jz
21:30:24krikkit chipid: 4760
21:30:26krikkit revision: B
21:30:28krikkitRunning 'lua/fiiox3ii.lua'...
21:30:29krikkitRunning 'FIIOX3II.dump()'...
21:30:32krikkitDumping IPL to fiio_x3ii_ipl.bin ...
21:30:38pamaurykrikkit: that sounds good, it should have written the IPL to a file called fiio_x3ii_ipl.bin
21:30:43krikkitThat's a small IPL :D
21:30:54pamauryyeah :) Can you upload it?
21:31:08pamauryI need to disassemble it to find find the parameters to dump the second stage of the loader ;)
21:32:23pamaurykrikkit: just so you know, the boot process is: ROM > IPL > SPL > sys.bin
21:33:13krikkitpamaury: thanks for the info. uploading file to the ftp.
21:33:56krikkitwhy would they need IPL + SPL? usually when I deal with ARM, we get the SPL then the system or a regular-sized bootloder.
21:34:52pamaurykrikkit: for some reason, they decide to make the ROM as simple as possible: it loads 4066 bytes and runs it, that's the IPL. The IPL job is thus to load more pages to do actual stuff
21:36:20krikkitpamaury: the boot logic (for which device to boot from) is in ROM or IPL then?
21:37:05pamaurythe ROM can boot from several things (NAND, SD or USB) and this is selected by a set of pins. When you press play, it makes the ROM boot from USB.
21:37:27pamauryThe IPL is specific to the device type (ie SD or NAND) and does not have any logic.
21:37:41pamauryThe SPL is the one that does firmware upgrade and OF loading
21:38:13*krikkit thanks the hw engineers for connecting the buttons to boot-mode pins.
21:41:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:42:00krikkitpamaury: so the IPL would do some initialization (NAND, SD, RAM) right?
21:42:25pamauryit inits RAM and loads more pages from NAND
21:43:22pamaurykrikkit: can you download this updated version of fiiox3ii.lua: pamaury/d0e836b8b13cc73ce53c0285cadce373">
21:43:29pamauryand run it again ?
21:43:47pamauryit will take a small while and create a new file called fiio_x3ii_spl.bin
21:44:09krikkitthanks. sure.
21:44:52krikkitnand is the same on x1?
21:46:14pamauryyeah apparently
21:46:20pamauryat least it uses the same parameters
21:48:57 Quit n17ikh (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
21:54:18pamaurythanks :)
21:54:40pamauryso, a very quick analysis confirms it looks for a file called x3ii.fw to perform firmware upgrades
21:55:19pamauryand the factory boot file is called x3ii.bin
21:56:45krikkit:) would you have some time to explain the tools/steps for figuring that out? I'm interested.
21:58:05pamauryI use IDA Pro (unfortunately a proprietary tool)
21:59:09krikkitnice tool. how about radare2?
21:59:43pamauryI never tried it, but from what I saw of the pictures, it does not seem "interactive enough" to do the job
21:59:48pamauryI spent quite some time disassembling the IPL and SPL of the Fiio X1
22:00:19krikkitI bet you did!
22:00:24pamaurysince the other devices are very similar, I simply look for the few interestingly variables/places of the code, thus avoid most of the reverse engineering
22:00:51 Join n17ikh [0] (~n17ikh@unaffiliated/n17ikh)
22:00:58pamaurykrikkit: I updated
22:01:36pamauryIf you spot anything wrong, especially on the buttons to enter recovery mode and factory boot
22:02:45krikkitI confirm that recovery mode uses the middle button, aka. play/pause button.
22:03:49krikkitand for the filenames, the document is also the same as you dicovered: "copy X3II.fw to the root directory of an mSD card on the X3 formatted in FAT32."
22:04:40krikkitrecovery aside, for the update process they use the following: "Hold the upper left button of the X keygroup while pressing the power button to begin the update process"
22:06:45krikkitpamaury: thank you for teaching me the ropes of extracting all this!
22:07:37pamauryno problem
22:07:47pamauryI hope we'll be able to port rockbox to all those devices!
22:09:43krikkitConsidering I liked rockbox on the Sansa Clip and that I would like the USB OTG feature that Fiio removed from their latest firmware...
22:09:59krikkitYes, I hope so!
22:11:55pamauryOh some Fiio have an actually working OTG feature?
22:12:24pamauryUnfortunately rockbox does not support OTG at the moment, but maybe one day
22:14:05krikkitThey had the USB OTG working nicely for some time on the Fiio X3 2nd Gen but they removed it due to some speed issues? if my memory serves right.
22:28:36pamaurygoethe: hi, sorry just saw you said hi
22:29:16*pamaury would love to buy the Shangling M2 or Fiio X3II but those are freaking expensive
22:31:53krikkitFiio X3 2nd gen is $100 less than the Shangling M2
22:53:34krikkitpamaury: found code in the SPL that could make me think the display used would be:−−40PIN_2k9.0305.pdf
22:54:17krikkitbut I'm like 30% certain
22:55:26krikkitwell, 920x240 isn't really the 320x240 on the fiiox3 :D they might have a 320xX version though...
22:57:45krikkitlooks like Fiio took some LCD init code from here:
22:57:47pamaurykrikkit: what really matters for us are registers and timing. Fortunately, we can usually extract the relevant code easily from the OF and it turns out to be the easiest approach
22:58:20krikkitOh! ok.
22:58:29 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 49.0.2/20161019084923])
23:00:55pamaurykrikkit: for you information, what is running on the device is X-Boot, but my findings show that what is on github might not be exactly what is running on the device, because the JZ4760B is slightly different, also it does not contain the firmware upgrade part, but it is still useful cod
23:01:06krikkitcould it be that they use the same source base on all the Fiio?
23:02:14pamaurybasically the X-BOOT-WARRIOR seems to be the android version with "fastboot"
23:02:14pamauryI guess so
23:02:41krikkitindeed I see X-Boot strings and also X05D125VM0AAA and ILI9342 references like you noted on the Wiki for the X1
23:03:33pamauryThe Fiio X1 has two hardware revisions with different LCDs iirc
23:06:57pamauryIf you are interested, I can always send you my IDA files of what I have for the Fiio X1
23:09:16krikkitpamaury: I am interested. Can I open those files without IDA? Still new to the: start from binary, method though. I usually start with a schematic and try to find the datasheets :D
23:10:58pamaurykrikkit: unfortunately no
23:12:28pamauryfor LCDs it's almost hopeless, what works is to guess the controller used based on the registers used by the code. Appart from init, you usually only need to access a few registers to draw on the screen
23:26:41krikkitpamaury: So I guess that I will take on things slowly: get to know a bit of the rockbox sourcecode, the fiio'(s) firmware(s) and some tools so I can be of actual help for dev.
23:27:16krikkitI would gladly accept any pointers (i.e. documentation, interesting addresses/sections in the firmware, etc.)
23:28:36*krikkit thanks pamaury again, and wishes a good day/night to everyone
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