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#rockbox log for 2016-10-25

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00:17:18saratogais something wrong with the download server or build system? rbutil is unable to get a list of builds for me
00:18:58pamaurysaratoga: the build server and download server seem fine (I can download builds)
00:18:59saratoga should this have more to it?
00:19:15saratoganot sure of the syntax but the release version lists supported models
00:19:53pamauryhum, I don't know this file but it looks short indeed
00:20:09saratogamaybe a build got interrupted ?
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00:20:54pamaurythe log suggests the build was fine though
00:23:02pamauryI don't have the time to debug this right now, I need to go to bed. It is unclear to me if that file should more or not
00:23:17pamaurybut if rbutil doesn't list the builds, something must be wrong
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05:17:53ryanwaclawis anyone here? i need some serioud help.. any would be appreciated
05:19:15ryanwaclawokay well i am just going to say what's going on, so maybe someone will see this later.
05:19:31ryanwaclawSo i have an ipod classic 5th generation
05:19:46ryanwaclawWhile installing rockbox, the instalation failed
05:19:58ryanwaclawnow all my ipod shows when i turn it on is this:
05:20:07ryanwaclawRockbox boot loader
05:20:26ryanwaclawVersion: 29d4119-160707
05:20:44ryanwaclawBattery status ok: 4115 mV
05:20:51ryanwaclawNo partion found
05:20:59ryanwaclawEntering USB mode...
05:21:05ryanwaclawPlug USB Cable
05:22:05ryanwaclawThe following lines above are displayed as a white text over a blank black screen. I've tried everythong to fix this... this is my dad's ipod and hes gonna kill me if I can't fix this soon.
05:22:33ryanwaclawLike im gonna literally die!
05:28:32chrisbryanwaclaw: ok
05:29:17chrisbryanwaclaw: try this: simultaneously push the center select and the >|| play/pause button
05:29:29chrisbryanwaclaw: until you see reboot activity
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05:30:09ryanwaclaw_oh thank god someones here.
05:30:12chrisbryanwaclaw: also, unplug it from USB or cradle
05:30:20ryanwaclaw_okay i will try that. ill let you know what happens
05:30:55chrisbryanwaclaw_: do the simultaneous button operations with the iPod unplugged
05:31:11ryanwaclaw_do i push and hold them?
05:31:34chrisbryanwaclaw_: yes, try that, it is a hot reboot
05:31:50 Quit ryanwaclaw (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
05:31:59chrisbryanwaclaw_: i have the ipod classic with rockbox
05:32:49ryanwaclaw_been holding the 2 buttos for like a minute now... sill nothing
05:34:07chrisbryanwaclaw_: try holding the menu and the center select at the same time. for me it takes about 7 seconds to generate the shutdown or reboot
05:34:26 Join Bilgus [0] (ae6611d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
05:34:37ryanwaclaw_ive tried that, it just restarts and goes back into the same thing
05:35:34chrisbryanwaclaw_: ok, then i do not know what to do, other than to offer to adopt you if things don't go well with your father
05:36:32Bilgusthe bootloader tells you to plug the USB right?
05:36:40ryanwaclaw_hahaha, well i really do appreciate that you at least tried your best to help me.
05:36:46ryanwaclaw_yes bilgus, it does
05:37:02chrisbfor reference:
05:37:03Bilgusso does it not enumerate on the PC when you plug it in?
05:38:09ryanwaclaw_It does not show up on itunes, however i can acsess it from the file explorer (running on windows 10)
05:38:29ryanwaclaw_However when i acsess it in the file explorer it is blank with no contents inside
05:38:38ryanwaclaw_Chrisb i think i am going to try that
05:39:14Bilguswell no it won't show on Itunes
05:39:40ryanwaclaw_oh yeah true
05:39:44ryanwaclaw_sorry lmao
05:40:38Bilgusare you using the Rockbox installer?
05:41:17ryanwaclaw_Yes that's what i used to install it on there
05:41:46Bilgusso try it again you will probably have to manually select the player and point it to that empty drive
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05:42:56Bilgusdon't select the bootloader..
05:45:07ryanwaclaw_"download error:received HTTP error 0"
05:45:59Bilgusthats your internet connection
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05:47:37ryanwaclawhey sorry
05:47:52ryanwaclawmy internets working fine though...
05:49:08Bilguslet me see if i can connect
05:51:55ryanwaclawhonestly at this point i think its bricked
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05:53:26 Join ryanwaclaw [0] (46abc4de@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
05:53:41ryanwaclawsorry that was accident
05:53:50Bilgusits not bricked you have the bootloader
05:54:21ryanwaclawhow do i get out of this "bootloader usb mode"?
05:54:35Bilgusin the rbutil click on Help>Troubleshoot>System Trace
05:54:46Bilgusget firmware on there
05:55:13BilgusBricked means it won't boot
05:55:58ryanwaclawhow do i get the firmwhere off there it just shows a bunch of text
05:56:22Bilgusyou have no firmware on there just the boot loader
05:56:36Bilgusin the system trace window did it show any red lines?
05:57:36ryanwaclaw[httpget.cpp:215 ERROR] NetworkError occured: 301 "Protocol "https" is unknown"
05:57:42ryanwaclawthat was the only red line
05:58:33Bilgushmm are you using a proxy or a VPN?
05:58:40ryanwaclawno not at all.
05:58:58ryanwaclawnever have used one, never needed one
06:01:05Bilguswhat version of the rbutil do you have?
06:02:24ryanwaclawhow do i check that
06:02:39ryanwaclawnevermind i found it
06:02:43ryanwaclawversion 1.4.0
06:03:35ryanwaclawhey man i gotta go, ill be back on in the morning. i appreciate the help. ill check the log when i wake up if there's anything else you have for me to do.
06:03:50Bilgusi'm not sure on the whole https thing not familar enough with rbutil to tell you one wy or another
06:03:57Bilguscheck that out
06:04:30ryanwaclawoh yeah i have the ipod patcher
06:04:39ryanwaclawit says scanning then no devices found
06:04:52ryanwaclawalright man ill be back on tomorrow . thanks dude
06:04:56 Quit ryanwaclaw (Quit: Page closed)
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11:40:50gevaertssaratoga: the problem was that zagor switched the server over to https, and rbutil apparently doesn't like the redirect. has now been fixed to allow plain http, which makes rbutil work again
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11:49:38zagorhi all. sorry I forgot to come in here yesterday and say that I added https and http2 to
11:49:58zagorI have just disabled auto-redirect for since it broke rbutil
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12:25:36pamauryzagor: i don't know if it's related but some pages don't have a style
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13:06:19GodEateryeah, style sheet ref is http://
13:07:06zagorah, fixing
13:07:21zagorI haven't gone through all the cgis yet
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14:48:07duo8pamaury how do you know the X1 LCD is 30FPS? i thought most screens are 60hz?
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15:21:08pamauryduo8: where did you see that?
15:21:22pamaury(the 30 FPS)
15:21:49duo8wiki page
15:22:20pamauryah on the wiki, I didn't fill this. I know that the OF uses 30 FPS but the LCD can probably do faster updates
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15:52:47pamauryrobertd1: will be available in 10min
15:53:02robertd1all right
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16:30:45pamauryrobertd1: here
16:31:24pamaurycan you describe exactly what you did and the result?
16:46:29robertd1pamaury I precompiled the plattols following the instructions
16:46:56robertd1I did the fake upgrade to the device
16:48:10robertd1and after in the text file in the device the message /bin: Permission denied
16:50:44 Join Bilgus [0] (ae6611d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:51:05robertd1i receive a message on the screen of the walkma "contents partition"
16:52:37pamaurywhat exactly was the message on the screen and can you copy the exact commands you ran?
16:53:23robertd1make copy_fw_upgrade UPG=test_display_nwza86x.upg NWZ_MOUNT=/media/as/WALKMAN/
16:53:23robertd1cp test_display_nwza86x.upg "/media/as/WALKMAN//NW_WM_FW.UPG"
16:54:50pamauryand the command before that? (the only creating the firmware)
16:55:06pamauryrobertd1: the "cp" command is useless, the command above is basically a copy
16:55:50robertd1 make exec_file UPG=test_bl_nwza86x.upg NWZ_TARGET=nwz-a86x EXEC=../plattools/test_bl.elf
16:57:16duo8just found the fidelix chip
16:57:51pamauryrobertd1: ok, and what is the output on the screen and in exec.txt ?
16:58:08pamauryrobertd1: can you send me the test_bl.elf file also?
16:58:33robertd1sure, one sec please pamaury
17:00:24duo8pamaury the m2 flash is 256MB and ram is 128MB ddr 200mhz
17:01:17duo8apparently they also used the industrial version for reason, -40C to 85C
17:01:25duo8*no reason
17:02:39robertd1Just sent you the file pamauy . The display shows contents partition and remount contents rw
17:04:15pamauryrobertd1: and what is the log output in exec.txt ?
17:04:42robertd1/tmp/exec: line 1: /bin: Permission denied
17:04:43robertd1/tmp/exec: line 2: UPDATELOG: not found
17:04:43robertd1/tmp/exec: line 3: syntax error: "|" unexpected
17:06:15duo8screen is 2.3" 360x400 iirc
17:10:03pamauryrobertd1: wait a sec
17:10:20pamauryI will send you a modified script for, see if it helps debugging
17:11:22pamauryrobertd1: when you ran dump_rootfs a while ago, did you keep the output in mount.txt ?
17:12:04duo8pamaury does your x1 have serial pins?
17:12:29pamauryduo8: I didn't open it but the pictures of the X1 I have don't show any obvious sign of serial pins no
17:12:40robertd1pamaury I can run dump_rootfs again. one second please
17:12:53pamauryrobertd1: thanks, that would be helpful
17:13:09duo8wait, iirc the wiki page for the x1 has a table listing pins, what are those?
17:14:34pamauryduo8: how the various pins from the soc are used by OF
17:15:04duo8anw one of the pcb shots of the m2 shows 3 contacts: GND TX RX
17:15:23pamaurywhy are you surprised?
17:15:53duo8well i'm not too surprised
17:16:13duo8it's just this is the only device i own that has them
17:16:14 Quit petur (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:16:36duo8(except my desktop pc)
17:16:44pamauryyeah those are pretty rare, it might be that there are somewhere on the X1 but well hidden
17:23:07pamauryrobertd1: any success with dump_rootfs?
17:38:00 Quit krikkit (Quit: ZNC 1.7.x-git-631-88a8675 -
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