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#rockbox log for 2016-10-26

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12:31:01TorCIs there a way to get playlist time remaining and total playlist time to add to a WPS? If it matters, I'm on Clip Zip.
12:31:35TorCI've looked through the tags, and am not sure how to do this.
12:59:08pixelmaI don't think that this is possible
12:59:30pamauryTorC: I don't kow much about about the playlist works, but I don't think rockbox looks through the metadata of all files in the playlist in advance
12:59:52pamaurythus this type of information is not easily available I think
13:01:15TorCpamaury: I kind of thought not from looking at the tags, but had to ask.
13:02:31TorCI tend to use the Random Folder Advance near exclusively. A lot of my folders contain just one track, but live recordings and multi-movement pieces get kept together in a folder.
13:03:30TorCIt would sometimes be nice to know how much time a piece split into multiple tracks has left.
13:05:16TorCI used to wish there were an easy way to have multiple folder lists or configuration lists for Random Folder Advance, but these days I tend not to care.
13:05:54TorCMy usecase before was to keep a track or two I liked from being played at work where I considered them just a little to adult for the store.
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13:25:38pamauryTorC: Rockbox is an open project, if you find someone to implement it, we might accept the patch. I don't know who touches that part of the code usually
13:26:23pamaurywhy did the build server do a new round when there wasn't a new commit ?!
13:34:05TorCpamaury: I'll think about it, but I'm no longer working there, so that isn't a problem for me now. It wasn't seriously bad, but Mis-Conceptions by Mercedes Lackey seemed a little inappropriate for a toy store attracting lots of little kids. You can hear it at
13:40:29dongs< TorC> Is there a way to get playlist time remaining and total playlist time to add to a WPS?
13:40:34dongsthat sounds like an extremely expensive operation
13:40:36dongsto calculate
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13:46:15TorCdongs: I can see that. I also considered just total playlist time and remaining time not including current track. Then again, my playlists tend never to exceed one two CD album, so that isn't quite so expensive.
13:47:12TorCThe total time seems like it should only have to be calculated occasionally, and for my use case is usually only one track.
13:48:08TorCThat might be part of why I thought it feasible to produce in the first place...
13:56:58pixelmawell if it's just for one track, the remaining time of the track should be enough, which is already available, or not? And to know that there's only one in the playlist, you could use the playlist position and total number of tracks in the playlist tags. Though I'm not sure that I understand your use case correctly
14:00:16TorCpixelma: I was looking for, essentially time remaining on the album for times when I have e.g. an entire musical playing.
14:01:07TorCI usually use the Random Folder Advance, and the largest folders I have are a few two CD albums.
14:01:59TorCI suppose adding that feature might be dangerous for those who have monstrous playlists, though.
14:02:53pamauryyeah the problem is the idea sounds reasonable for small playlists, but for big ones, it's can be very expensive
14:03:30pamauryon flash I guess it's kind of okay, but on hard-drive based device, it's basically a huge amount of random reads
14:05:10TorCTrue. I suppose in theory one could find a way to cache the time once calculated and only update it if the md5 of the playlist changes. I believe that opens a Pandora's Box better left closed, though.
14:05:58TorCThat might or might not help when all playlists are dynamic and folder based. Though those playlists are probably the kind where the operation is relatively painless.
14:06:17pamaurywell it's more complicated, if you insert in the middle of the playlist for example, or move file. I guess you could cache it and scan the metadata in the background (ie the total playlist time would need some time to calculate)
14:07:11pamauryalso what happens when the playlist contains a folder? By default I don't think rockbox expands folders until it reaches them, so those would be taken into account
14:08:37TorCHmmm... all things to consider. I missed them because I don't use pre-set playlists, and very rarely actively make a temporary playlist. Thus, I don't know the ins and outs of that.
14:09:26TorCI gave up on playlists when I couldn't figure out a way to include playlists so I could play the list random and play included playlists in order when reached.
14:10:18TorCI never got past the first step, there. I think I found it was impossible without adding code.
14:10:58TorCI was much less bothered when I found RFA
14:10:59gevaertsYes, that's not supported
14:11:25TorCI think almost no program supports that kind of thing.
14:11:55TorCRockbox RFA is actually the only place I actually know of that pattern working at all.
14:13:15TorCAnd I'm very glad it does.
14:13:24gevaertsThe main issue with "plain" RFA is that it will spin up the disk more often than you want, because it can't load more than until the end of the current directory
14:13:37gevaertsThat's why there is the export to playlist option
14:14:25TorCI suppose so, but on the ClipZip that isn't such an issue. I also like having no idea what is coming next.
14:15:44TorCAn entirely track based random does bad things to live albums with patter leading from song to song.
14:17:13gevaertsAlso (depending on the listener, of course) for classical, where full works tend to consist of several movements, which tend to be separate tracks
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14:18:17TorCBoth of which exist in my collection, along with musicals that have an order to the songs. The latter can usually go both ways, though.
14:19:42TorCI've got several cases of classical albums with a few different pieces that are separated into /album/piece/tracks.ogg so that they play nicely with RFA.
14:20:56dongsbeen a while since i heard ".ogg" extension, wow.
14:21:01dongsi thought that died with NetBSD
14:21:58TorCReally? Seems like most of the Linux ripping tools use that by default and have to be told to use something different.
14:23:22gevaertsThey should be ripping to flac!
14:23:47gevaertsogg may be a decent secondary format for on your DAP, but it shouldn't be the primary one
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14:23:56duo8i would use vorbis exclusively if i could
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14:24:20duo8but for some albums i can't find a lossless version to convert from
14:25:26TorCI tend to keep the CDs around, but I suppose they aren't forever, so ripping to a lossless is probably prudent.
14:25:38gevaertsThat and re-ripping is a pain
14:25:39duo8yeah archive them
14:26:57TorCTrue, that. I've got some I haven't gotten round to ripping yet, and others I tried, but didn't have time to enter the track info when I did it. Files with no tags are nasty.
14:28:45TorCWell, I need to get to bed. I'll take a look at the log in the morning. If I didn't get the answer I came for, at least I came away with good reasons why the feature doesn't exist and probably won't.
14:29:32TorCI wouldn't mind if the RFA import/generate would ask for a file to work from instead of hardcoding it. Though it isn't a big deal for me.
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18:37:07TobiXgevaerts: I'm currently re-ripping all my albums (this time to flac) :(
18:41:45TobiXTorC: cuetools/eac are nice for ripping & tagging, but Windows-only :(
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21:06:17TorCTobiX: I use abcde, which works well for me, and mostly automates the process. It can even run a volume lever adjuster and leave hints RB can observe to keep the volume more even across disparate albums.
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21:19:53TobiXTorC: Use a ripper with MusicBrainz support, that should increase automatic tag quality quite a bit ;)
21:20:11TobiXlast time I checked, abcde only did cddb/freedb...
21:33:01TorCTobiX: I think so. I'll have to look into that. Though I'm not exactly a fanatic about perfection on that score. If it's got reasonable tags that enable me to know what I have without listening to it, then I'm happy.
21:33:35TorCUnless of course I can expect MusicBrainz to have details for more albums than cddb/freedb
21:33:50TorCThat would be a good reason to look into it.
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23:19:54TobiXTorC: I don't know. FreeDB probably has more coverage, since updating albums is easier, but the MusicBrainz database is better quality most of the time, since it is peer-reviewed (at least theoretically ;))
23:20:49TobiXYou can compare, since MB has a FreeDB gateway to their database:
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