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#rockbox log for 2016-10-29

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00:55:30robertd1no more volume limit on my sony!
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07:57:57duo8Apparently shanling m1 uses linux too
07:58:20duo8this is like a trend now, even the jz4760b fiio x1 ii uses it
07:58:46duo8pamaury if you have time can you check out the new shanling m1 fw format?
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09:08:41pamauryduo8: indeed your binwalk suggest linux on a ubifs
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15:04:22BilgusBATT_CHG_V BATT_CHG_I ..Is there a way to set these based on BATTERY_TYPES_COUNT?
15:06:01pamauryBilgus: can you be more precise? Not sure what you mean/want to do
15:06:53BilgusI'd like to enable a means to charge my battery V target to CHG_V_4_10V if lower capacity is selected and to CHG_V_4_20V if the higher is selected
15:08:30Bilgussame Idea with CHG_I_... but I'm not all that concerned with that one
15:08:30pamauryI see, this is not trivial given the way the current code works. But I think no one would object a setting for that, and the code could be changed accordingly.
15:09:05pamauryCan you program? I can hint you about things to change
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15:09:49Bilgusyes, The idea I had was to use the battery selection to choose different ascodec_write_charger(BATT_CHG_I | BATT_CHG_V);
15:10:49BilgusI figured since the menu already had fuctionality for the battery selection maybe a means had already been worked out
15:12:32pamauryhum I see, thing is I don't really know how the battery selection works and what it does, I would need to have a look
15:12:47pamaurybut it seems to me this would be more or a hack
15:13:00pamaurya proper setting sounds better
15:13:58BilgusI'm open to input..
15:16:54pamauryWell, let's assume there is only one battery for now. I would create a setting in apps/settings_list.c
15:17:27pamauryand apps/settings.c
15:17:54pamaurythis setting would use a function to set the battery max voltage
15:18:09*pamaury looks at the code and sees a set_battery_capacity(), not sure what this does
15:19:14pamauryah it's unrelated
15:19:31Bilgussansaclipplus.h has target specific capacities defined
15:20:02Bilgus#define BATTERY_CAPACITY_DEFAULT 290 /* default battery capacity */ #define BATTERY_CAPACITY_MIN 260 /* min. capacity selectable */ #define BATTERY_CAPACITY_MAX 290 /* max. capacity selectable */ #define BATTERY_CAPACITY_INC 0 /* capacity increment */ #define BATTERY_TYPES_COUNT 1 /* only one type */
15:20:24Bilgusthat min is also 290
15:20:34pamaurythis is just for battery estimation
15:21:07pamaurysome devices have swappable batteries, thus you cannot know the exact capacity. This setting was introduce so that the user can tell rockbox the capacity and rockbox compute a decent battery remaining time.
15:21:19pamauryYou would need to create something new
15:21:40Bilgusah ok I figured it was related to the battery cap setting in the menu and could be used for my purpose Got it
15:21:53pamauryI would introduce a new target define that says the target supports setting maximum charge voltage
15:23:31Bilgusok I think we could use the defined charge target as the max I wouldn't want to enable people to define a higher target
15:24:12pamauryBilgus: that would be a setting to choose between 4.1V and 4.2V
15:24:12duo8so it is linux. it'd be cool if mine is also linux
15:24:48duo8anw, pamaury does that mean rockbox can just run in userspace?
15:24:49pamauryBilgus: that what you want in the end right?
15:25:49pamauryduo8: I guess, but it's not always the best approach. For example on JZ4760B we will have a natice port so it makes little sense to have userspace port for the same soc.
15:25:50Bilguswell the as3514 has lots of settings on charge voltage #define CHG_V (0x7 << 1) #define CHG_V_4_25V (0x7 << 1) #define CHG_V_4_20V (0x6 << 1) #define CHG_V_4_15V (0x5 << 1) #define CHG_V_4_10V (0x4 << 1) #define CHG_V_4_05V (0x3 << 1) #define CHG_V_4_00V (0x2 << 1) #define CHG_V_3_95V (0x1 << 1) #define CHG_V_3_90V (0x0 << 1) #define CHG_OFF (0x1 << 0)
15:26:27pamauryBilgus: sure but not all of them really make sense. For Li-Ion i've only heard of charging to 4.1 and 4.2
15:27:19Bilgusok so narrow it to 4.1 4.15 4.2
15:27:19pamauryduo8: the M1 uses a different soc I think (the X1000 ?), so then it depends on how similar it is to the jz4760b and whether it would be a separate port or not
15:27:57pamauryBilgus: wait a minute, I will post a patch to gerrit with an example of how it would fit together
15:28:59duo8i wish the DAC feature works on mine, it just causes pulseaudio to hang
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15:30:45pamauryduo8: I *guess* you could look at pulseaudio's code (or alsa, not sure which one really is the source) and see if they have support for quirks. What is the problem exactly again?
15:30:51pamaurywodz: ping
15:30:58wodzpamaury: pong
15:32:11pamauryhow are you? I have a question for you. Bilgus is looking to have setting to set maximum charge voltage (like 4.1 vs 4.2), do you have a suggestion on how to handle that? I am hesitating between a HAVE_MAX_CHARGE_VOLT define plus some MIN/MAX/INC define and a set_
15:33:10pamaurybut I am not sure if it makes sense to be very generic since it's unlikely that there will be many other interesting voltages (ie it could be an 2 value switch)
15:33:20wodzpamaury: I caught a flu so I have a bit of time for rockbox :-)
15:33:40wodzpamaury: Basically there are only 4.1 or 4.2 batteries
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15:34:28pamaurywodz: what happens if you have a 4.1 battery to 4.2 or the opposite?
15:34:43pamaury(I mean if you set the target charge voltage)
15:34:53pamaury(cause you obviously can't charge a 4.1 battery to 4.2)
15:35:36wodzif you have 4.1 and you charge it like 4.2 it may explode but well engineered battery should pop a vent (samsung note batteries werent apperently)
15:35:44Bilgusbut you can undercharge either for increased longevity and perhaps use BATT_CHG_V as the max??
15:36:04wodzwhen you undercharge 4.2 battery nothing happens
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15:36:36duo8(can anyone hear me now)
15:36:43pamauryduo8: yes
15:37:04duo8i guess my last messages got sucked into the blackhole
15:37:26duo8<duo8> i wish the DAC feature works on mine, it just causes pulseaudio to hang
15:37:26duo8<duo8> pamaury how does rockbox dac mode work?
15:37:42pamauryduo8: it implements the usb audio class in software
15:38:05duo8usb audio 1?
15:38:08pamauryduo8: can you recall me what the bug is in your dac's usb audio implementation that make pulseaudio hangs?
15:38:12pamauryyes version 1
15:38:28pamaurywodz: is there any benefit to charge a 4.2 battery to 4.1 only for longevity?
15:38:39duo8it _appears_ to be incorrect configuration
15:38:57duo8PA isn't the only thing that can hang, got deadbeef hang once
15:40:06duo8(same stacktrace in dmesg)
15:40:30wodzpamaury: 4.2 charged to 4.1 will provide more charge-discharge cycles thats all. What is more important most probably is the fact that you should not store battery fully charged and in this scenario you apperently will not ever
15:40:35pamauryduo8: did you identify what is incorrect? Can you send me the full lsusb output for the device? Maybe a quirk can be added to alsa
15:41:09duo8others also say it does work an ehci controller, can't test that bc my laptop doesn't have one
15:42:13duo8pamaury well i sent that to you some time back, got something else this time though
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15:44:34Bilgusbased on some cursory research charging a 4.2 v to 4.1 v drops capacity ~14% and roughly double the charge cycles
15:46:21Bilgus though this was the only place i found that spelled it out and I'm sure datasheet for the specific battery would be much more definitive
15:47:17pamaurywell we can introduce a setting, as long as it is safe
15:47:21wodzBilgus: AFAIK battery datasheets doesn't state this information.
15:47:36pamaurystill not sure about a boolean setting (4.1V / 4.2V) or a range
15:47:46wodzblah my english isn't good today :/
15:47:50pamauryI guess a range could a make sense to tweak it
15:48:11Bilgusthe range would have to be spelled out for the specific charge controller
15:49:10pamauryyes, that's why I'm wondering, because that means more code
15:49:32Bilgusnot sure if they all use a simple bit shift for the levels like the as3514
15:50:20pamauryBilgus: some target (many actually) cannot change the target voltage at all
15:50:57wodzBilgus: It is guaranteed there is controller which uses weird pattern to set charge cutoff voltage, as well as there are fixed voltage versions
15:51:00pamauryand when they do, the specific increment might differ
15:52:03BilgusCHG_V is only defined for the 3514 lol so I guess its a device specific implementation
15:54:08duo8pamaury various output from /proc
15:54:34duo8it works perfectly fine with those thesycon drivers on windows however
15:54:41duo8apparently on osx as well
15:55:34pamauryduo8: might be a linux bug in usb audio 2.0 implementation
15:56:04duo8there's also the thing that it works on ehci controllers
15:56:33duo8while it does work with alsa it's far from bug free, on both devices
16:00:23wodzpamaury: have you got my private msg?
16:00:42pamaurywodz: ^
16:01:39duo8also deadbeef just hang:
16:01:53duo8call trace is similar to pulseaudio's
16:02:16pamauryduo8: I would suggest to contact kernel/alsa/usb linux developers
16:02:36duo8yeah but i don't even know where the problem is
16:03:20pamauryduo8: that's why you need their help
16:03:39duo8i'll do some more testing
16:04:17pamauryBilgus: still writing the "patch"
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16:29:04pamauryBilgus: g#1412
16:29:05fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1412 at : WIP: Implement final charge voltage selection, enable it on ascodec basec chargers. by Amaury Pouly
16:29:19pamaurythis is the general principle, I didn't try it
16:29:45pamauryI didn't implement the change itself, you'll need to have a look at how the charger code works
16:29:59pamauryand obviously be safe, don't write crazy values and make you battery explode
16:56:54Bilgusok so the only question is who would call set_battery_final_voltage?
16:57:28pamauryBilgus: the settings do
16:57:41pamaurylooks at settings_list.c
16:58:17pamauryI haven't tried on target but you can easily check that it works by using logf()
17:01:42Bilguspamaury: currently charger_control(void) calls > enable_charger(void) { ascodec_write_charger(BATT_CHG_I | BATT_CHG_V);
17:03:10pamauryBilgus: maybe introduce a global variable:
17:03:10pamauryint chg_v = BATT_CHG_V; /* charge current */
17:03:26pamaurythen change that line to
17:03:26pamauryascodec_write_charger(BATT_CHG_I | chg_v);
17:03:46pamauryand in set_battery_final_voltage, compute the new value for chg_v and change voltage
17:03:50pamauryjust a thought
17:09:33Bilgusso I suppose I could use a table of values from 3900 ~ 4200mv to correspond to the defined values CHG_V_3_90V ~ CHG_V_4_20V Ill have to mull on this awhile to keep it from becoming a clusterf.
17:10:43pamauryBilgus: yeah
17:11:27pamauryAlso I suggest you debug the code carefully: you first version should not write the target voltahe but rather print the value of chg_v to logf, just to be sure
17:11:45pamaurysince the charge can be set to high value than 4.2V, you don't want to do that ;)
17:12:19pamauryalso make sure the setting is correctly restore on power off/on, I think that's what the code in settings.c is supposed to do
17:15:15Bilgusthanks for the pointers and template Ill be back when I have some questions / working patch
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19:07:03cryhampamaury: hi, so i tested the last build we tried in my kitchen today and damn, it freezes
19:07:15cryhami guess some earlier could too, i'
19:07:25cryhami'll test that more sometime
19:07:39pamaurycryham: ok, wait a minute
19:07:49cryhamand tell which exactly from the previous builds
19:08:03pamauryok, so you want to retest all previous builds?
19:08:20cryhamstrange, it worked perfectly before but next day didn't
19:08:46cryhami'll do it, but now i'm a bit busy irl
19:09:04cryhami'll tell when i know something more
19:09:28cryhamseems sometimes it looses history about resuming playback
19:09:53cryhami.e. if it freezes (and usually just after 5-10sec) then it won't remember it was playing
19:10:08cryhambut this happens now, i think it didn't yearlier
19:11:22cryhamidk why it worked and now it's back to failing
19:11:34pamaurycryham: if it freezes, it cannot write its state to the disk
19:11:35cryhamit's like it needs to warm up or sth
19:11:40cryhamah ok
19:11:54cryhami was testing without headphones
19:12:01pamaurywell random bugs are sometimes hard to catch
19:12:20cryhambut my kitchen setup just uses output as cd input, volume is quite high bbut won't use much power
19:12:25cryhamyeah exactly
19:18:49pamaurywell if you notice any particular circumstances that seem to trigger the bug that's helpful, although my guess is that the bug is random, some revision might exhibit it more maybe
19:18:49pamaurydoes it happen with any type of files?
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19:33:56cryhami think with any
19:34:21cryhami didn't yet discover when it happens and when not
19:34:51cryhamor seems that when it fails it will fail later too, not sure
19:35:56cryhambut definitely 2013 worked without issues and recently used it also without issues
19:36:39cryhamyou guys don't have dynamic memory right, i was reading something, that all is static
19:37:01cryhama buffer overrun could cause this behaviour though right?
19:37:49cryhamdid any decoders for audio even change since 2013
19:38:05pamaurywe have some form of dynamic memory
19:38:29pamaurybut it's limited, because most targets don't have a mmu
19:38:44pamauryanyway, a lot of things changed since 2013
19:39:09pamauryit looks like it might be specific to the soc (imx233) and not a general but who knows
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19:42:26cryhamis it possible that i have some fault in my device or its memory
19:42:39cryhamor just nobody had this issue
19:42:55cryhamor nobody yet reported since so long
19:43:03 Join alexweissman [0] (
19:43:42cryhami only change 2 settings after unpacking, clear backdrop and later the playing screen to failsafe (has vu meters)
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19:44:35cryhambut hmm when it was failing it did also on defaults
19:44:40 Join alexweissman [0] (
19:47:07pamaurycryham: it's not impossible but then I would expect the OF to fail as well
19:47:12duo8reminds me of dslinux
19:47:21duo8(the ds doesn't have a mmu)
19:47:43pamaurycryham: have you tried without the vu meter by any chance?
19:47:52pamaury(ie don't change any settings)
19:48:35cryhami did, when it was failing then on defaults too
19:49:01cryhamidk if it can change over a longer period of inactivity
19:49:17cryhamlike it did since yesterday being all ok to freezing today
19:50:28pamaurycryham: does it freeze completely (ie really no response, audio stops, etc) or only stuck (UI is frozen but device keeps working, backlight still go on and off)
19:51:07cryhamthe backlight works
19:51:39cryhami.e if it display went off i can get it back to show stuff with any key
19:51:46cryhambut nothing else works then
19:51:52cryhamonly power off
19:52:25cryhamit looks like just pause, ie. track progress freezes in last place and vu meter goes to 0 (no signal)
19:52:26pamauryhum, interesting
19:52:57pamaurythat means there is a another possibility to track the bug
19:53:17pamauryI need to work on it, I'll provide you with a special build later
19:53:33cryhamok cool
20:28:39 Join paulk-collins [0] (
20:44:55duo8is there a linux port for the jz4760?
20:54:14 Join Demasis_ [0] (62c5f046@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:55:29Demasis_I need help with an Ipod classic. I'm using the dual boot loader option at free my ipod. And the install is getting stopped after the DFU transfer, it wont restart. I loaded the Rockbox utility with administrative permission, I also completely uninstalled everything apple related and reinstalled apple. I factory reset the ipod and updated it to the latest version.
20:55:36Demasis_I've been through every possible route, the only thing I can't figure out is how it wants me to possibly install WINusb drivers.
20:55:44Demasis_Win 7 64bit Intel i3
20:55:51Demasis_The ipod is A1238 model
20:56:01Demasis_possibly refurbished, I got it on ebay, it's an 80gb model.
20:56:11Demasis_I have a previous 80gb classic I installed with Rockbox, but it's not a dual boot and I did it like 3 years ago with a more complicated process.
20:58:38Demasis_I've gone through 5 cans of Pringles trying to figure this out guys...
20:59:37pamauryduo8: you mean a version of linux running on the jz4760b?
21:00:27wodzduo8: yes there is. You can download sources from ingenic gerrit
21:01:08pamauryDemasis_: you'll need to wait for someone who knows apples
21:01:36pamaurywodz: does ingenic have a gerrit? I tought they only had their crappy ftp
21:02:18Demasis_Pretty much, I don't even know how to open the internet on a Mac, If anyone knows an alternative route without the dual boot feature. I'll use that too.
21:02:21wodzpamaury: I thought that too until today
21:02:32pamaurywodz: oh, is this a public gerrit?
21:03:59wodzthe tool repo as far as I understand simply walks through dozen or so modules and does pull
21:04:00pamaurydoes it work? last time I tried it didn't work
21:04:24wodzpamaury: I grabbed this today. Took a few hours of download
21:05:25pamauryouch, it's horribly slow!!
21:05:42wodzall is about 3GB
21:06:26wodzyou could skip toolchain module which is 1.7GB but I didn't dig deep enough in this weird tool to do this
21:06:43pamaurysome repo fail like burnertools
21:07:47wodzI have it here
21:08:25pamaurydoes this thing contains any documentation of the X1000? Except headers I mean
21:09:00wodzno as far as I can tell
21:10:17prof_wolfffDemasis_: what is exactly the problem?, i see at #freemyipod-support that the bootloader is installed and you can enter Apple diskmode but you get "Download error: received HTTP error 0." when you try to install RB using RockboxUtility, right?
21:11:03Demasis_It wont boot up DFU transfer
21:11:08Demasis_after the*
21:12:12Demasis_Even when I hold the select+menu button to restart as prompted it will not boot up rockbox.
21:13:33prof_wolfffwhat do you seen on the screen of the ipod?
21:14:10Demasis_I'll attempt again and type out what I see, give me a moment.
21:17:17Demasis_Rockbox boot loader \ Verison: b99e921-160707 \ Batter is Okay 4000mv \ Loading rockbox \ Error! \ Can't load rockbox.ipod: \ File not found \ Entering USB mode \ Bootloader USB mode |
21:19:36prof_wolfffthe bootloader is installed, but you need to install RB, launch RockboxUtility and install RB and the Fonts and Games if you want (but not the bootloader)
21:20:11Demasis_When I hold select+menu for 5 seconds it will go right back to the same screen. No progress is made in the install process unless I boot it into the Apple software, that allows the Installer to say it has completed the boot loader and log created process.
21:21:32prof_wolfffyou dont need to press any buttons, just let the iPod in booloader USB mode and connect it to the computer, it should be recognized by RockboxUtility, then install RB
21:22:30Demasis_I had waited longer than 20 minutes on that screen, and the RB install advised me to hold select+menu to restart it.
21:23:28Demasis_Do you know where I might be able to get WinUsb updates and try again?
21:23:45Demasis_Maybe I'm lacking proper drivers.
21:24:51prof_wolfffthere is no problem with the drivers, the booloader is installed ok, you must install RB, is the iPod detected by RockboxUtility?
21:25:49Demasis_Yeah, should I use a different version of BR Utility, I keep getting an http error 0.
21:28:27prof_wolfffa few days ago there was problems downloading with RockboxUtility, but ATM don't know if these problems presists
21:29:41gevaertsMo, that should be fixed
21:29:50Demasis_The current version is giving me a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library problem
21:30:48gevaertsCan you provide a system trace from rockbox utility after trying?
21:31:04gevaerts(from the help->troubleshoot menu)
21:31:32Demasis_Whenever I press the "install" button on the RB Utility v1.4.0 I get an error message.
21:31:39prof_wolfffyou can find here hoy to try to solve that issue:
21:31:50Demasis_How do I capture a system trace?
21:32:10gevaertsfrom the help->troubleshoot menu
21:32:20prof_wolfffmany times you can solve it cleaning the cache
21:37:44Demasis_Yeah, I just did that from the link you sent me. I was trying to find a damn cache file but didn't know what it was called yesterday. Thank you so much!
21:39:47Demasis_It's downloading at the moment. Clearing the Cache fixed the runtime error.
21:44:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:46:02prof_wolfffi got that problem when mixing the official and the patched version of RockboxUtility, but not only a problem of the patched versions, the official versions was failing in the same way
21:47:48Demasis_Does downloading the typically last more than 15 minutes?
21:48:37prof_wolfffusually you get all installed in less then one minute
21:48:39wodzits a few MB big, depends on connection
21:50:44Demasis_It must not be working then. lol
21:51:03Demasis_I'm still getting the HTTP error 0
21:51:12Demasis_Are the Rockbox servers working?
21:52:37*gevaerts really wouldn't mind seeing that system trace
21:59:49Demasis_you want me to put it all in chat?
22:00:03gevaertsno, on a pastebin
22:00:21Demasis_i have a notepad file
22:02:20Demasis_The whole damn thing? It's more lines than the Havamal...
22:02:42Demasis_[rbutil\rbutilqt\main.cpp:45 INFO] Starting trace at "2016-10-29T14:36:18" [rbutil\rbutilqt\rbutilqt.cpp:71 INFO] ====================================== [rbutil\rbutilqt\rbutilqt.cpp:72 INFO] Rockbox Utility 1.4.0 [rbutil\rbutilqt\rbutilqt.cpp:73 INFO] Qt version: 4.8.5 [rbutil\rbutilqt\rbutilqt.cpp:74 INFO] ====================================== [rbutil\rbutilqt\base\rbsettings.cpp:106 INFO] configuration: system [rbutil\rbu
22:02:57__builtinthen give us the URL
22:04:29Demasis_I've never done that before. lol nice
22:05:21gevaertsSo that *is* still a result of the https stuff
22:06:01gevaertsbluebrother^: that one illustrates the issue
22:06:26Demasis_the server having problems guys?
22:06:39gevaertsYes and no
22:07:12gevaertsWe activated https for much of a few days ago, and rockbox utility apparently doesn't handle it in all cases
22:07:52gevaertsYou should be able to do a manual install, it's really just an issue with rockbox utility
22:08:19gevaertsWe'll probably work around it by rolling back some of the https stuff, but the people who can do that need to respond first :)
22:09:04bluebrother^are these issues occuring on Windows only?
22:09:31bluebrother^or, do we have reports on non-Windows?
22:09:53gevaertsbluebrother^: when I looked at it a few days ago, that was on linux
22:09:55Demasis_how do I do a manual install with the ipod classic 6g?
22:10:02__builtinooh nice, finely some shiny SSL on :D
22:10:07bluebrother^gevaerts: and that had issues as well?
22:10:51bluebrother^the only reason I can think about right now is that this is related to the static binary we provide. Did you use that or build yourself?
22:10:53*gevaerts sees it right now
22:11:05gevaertsI'm using the downloaded static binary
22:12:54Demasis_can anyone help me or direct me to where I can do a manual install?
22:13:16bluebrother^I don't get redirects right now :o
22:13:49gevaertsbluebrother^: you won't get redirects for download.r.o, but still gives them
22:13:59gevaertsSo you need to get a dev build
22:14:45Demasis_I'm at a loss... I don't know wher to start
22:15:35prof_wolfffDemasis_: download the latest build from , copy it to the root folder of your iPod and decompress it, then restart the iPod
22:15:54bluebrother^Demasis_: does that version work for you?
22:17:30bluebrother^that uses a different Qt setup ...
22:21:27gevaertsbluebrother^: a fresh build works for me
22:21:48bluebrother^ok, so that sounds like it's really related to the static build
22:22:39bluebrother^I'm trying to check the Windows build VM but I need to get that up again first
22:26:43 Quit smoke_fumus (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
22:28:12gevaertsbluebrother^: is there a way to use an external rbutil.ini file?
22:29:09bluebrother^gevaerts: no
22:29:56Demasis_I'm working on it as we speak
22:32:55Demasis_Cool, it's working! :)
22:33:03Demasis_You guys are brilliant as always!
22:33:13Demasis_And I learned about pastebin!
22:33:40Demasis_So I'm guessing I was having serve issues. It's cool you knew how to resolve it!
22:33:59bluebrother^Demasis_: so you used Rockbox Utility from the link I posted or did you manually install?
22:34:15Demasis_I used the link
22:34:25Demasis_and put it in the root directory.
22:34:34Demasis_As soon as I did it, it booted up
22:34:39bluebrother^ok, so not the Google Drive link to a different version of Rockbox Utility.
22:35:02Demasis_Works perfectly, I'm using the RB utility to install themes
22:36:04Demasis_Thank you for getting it! But I think the main issue was getting the filed downloaded over the utility.
22:38:30prof_wolfffDemasis_: you can still try the google driver link to reinstall RB, there is not problem on reinstalling it, and nothing is going to broke if it doesn't work
22:39:13bluebrother^gevaerts: I'm not completely confident about this yet but I'm starting to believe that the static build of Qt actually has ssl disabled
22:39:27bluebrother^which would explain the behaviour
22:39:46gevaertsThat would explain it, yes
22:40:02gevaertsIt would also make it easy to be sure you're reproducing things properly :)
22:40:03Demasis_I might actually use the google one with my other ipod 80gb 6g.
22:40:14Demasis_It's running an extremely outdated version of rockbox.
22:40:23Demasis_frol like 3 years ago or more
22:45:37bluebrother^oh noes!
22:46:20Demasis_Anyone heard of the Meizu Pro 5 with Ubuntu pre loaded on it?
22:58:14bluebrother^ok, I can reproduce the issue with my test program using the Qt installation I used for building Rockbox Utility
22:58:50bluebrother^and it works ok with the version at the Google Drive link I posted earlier, which is a completely different Qt intsallation
22:59:02bluebrother^so I guess it's safe to say this is caused by the Qt installation.
22:59:29Demasis_Makes sense
22:59:38bluebrother^so guys, please try the version at the Google Drive link. I'd like to have confirmation that it's not only working for me ;-)
23:00:12bluebrother^then I need to rebuild Qt and create a new release of Rockbox Utility. But that won't happen today anymore. It's already somewhat late for me :)
23:01:10gevaertsbluebrother^: so we should probably ask zagor to roll back build.r.o for now?
23:01:22gevaertsThat way there's no rush
23:01:31bluebrother^I'd like to get that done asap
23:01:59bluebrother^then we'll also have 1.4.1 including the fix for this annoying autodetection bug, and I could also switch everything to ssl at the same time
23:02:07Demasis_I'll try te dual boot install for my older ipod 80gb
23:05:59Demasis_bluebrother: How woukld I go about getting apples Itunes installed on my ipod again after an older build was put on it?
23:07:25bluebrother^huh? Itunes runs on your PC, not the Ipod
23:07:53Demasis_the ipod classic original software.
23:08:10Demasis_I had to completely remove it and use emCORE
23:08:17Demasis_this was a long time ago
23:09:33bluebrother^I have no idea about the Ipod 6G
23:09:39prof_wolfffDemasis_: prior to install the bootloader on the other iPod you must use iTunes to restore the iPod, this will format your HDD so backup your data first
23:09:47bluebrother^never used it, never had one, never installed one
23:11:50bluebrother^gevaerts: we can point people to the Google Drive link I posted above, that should do it. I'd like to find some time working on the Qt issue tomorrow so we get that done soonish.
23:12:21*gevaerts nods
23:12:27Demasis_I'm trying to format the ipod, remove everything and reinstall the apple software on it.
23:12:50Demasis_then I can have a frest Test subject for the google drive link.
23:13:26Demasis_Currently this 3 year old version is using emcore and does not have any apple software on it.
23:44:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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