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#rockbox log for 2016-10-31

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04:40:14Bilgusquestion about logf()
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05:48:37Bilgusi've added #define LOGF_ENABLE //added #include "logf.h" //ADDED
05:48:56Bilguswhere does the file get written to and when?
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08:59:55dongs < wodz> dongs: The truth is that linux made pressure on vendors which was never seen before.
08:59:58dongsthat doesnt even make sense
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09:28:44wodzdongs: We definitely have different view. But hey, you have a choice - stop using linux and bitching about
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09:35:25dongswodz: did that back in '96
09:35:51wodzdongs: you mean use or bitching ?
09:35:54dongswhats funny, is in those 20 years nothing changed, its still as shit as ever
09:35:57dongsstopped using lunix
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10:42:12pamauryBilgus: logf gets written to a buffer in ram, you can view in using System > Debug > Show logf, and you can dump it to a file using System > Debug > Dump log (gets written to .rockbox/logf.txt)
10:42:36pamauryyour build needs to have logf enable (../tools/configure -> Select Advanced (A) and Logf (L))
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11:01:44nbagsi just ran Rockbox Utility on my ipod clasic but the program has stopped responding. The last thing it printed was 'Restarting iPod, waiting for remount...' and on the ipod screen it says Bootload USB Mode. what should i do? kill the task and try again?
11:04:44pamaurynbags: maybe prof_wolfff can help
11:05:05pamaurynbags: are you using linux? did you mount the device again after reboot?
11:05:45nbagspamaury: no i didnt know i could use linux. i booted into windows and installed stupid itunes
11:06:07nbagsthe task won't even die. i bet its apples stupid drivers or services fault
11:06:11nbagsguess i have to reboot now
11:06:13pamauryWell usually we support linux, unless ipods are special, I don't know
11:06:28pamauryhave you tried removing and replugging the device?
11:06:41nbagspamaury: well yeah this one is unofficial/unsupported
11:06:53nbagsi didnt see a link for linux installer anyway
11:07:08nbagspamaury: yes tried that. it comes back up into USB mode
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11:10:46pamaurynbags: maye try rebooting the, or hope someone like prof_wolfff shows up, I can't help with ipods :(
11:10:53nbagsok looks like its copying rockbox over now
11:11:15nbagsits a microsoft/apple problem anyway i think!
11:12:08nbagsno i think its hung again :(
11:13:13nbagsmaybe i can remove itunes now cause its done the DFU thing
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11:29:31nbagsah so i was wrong it is the rockbox utility that is crashing. also happens in my windows 7 vm, right after 'Extracting File'
11:29:43nbagswill try the stable release this time ;)
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11:44:45nbagsstarting to think this ipod has a dead hdd
12:07:00nbagsworking now! turns out it didnt want to work with the front usb ports on this dell
12:34:57Bilgus"<pamaury> your build needs to have logf enable (../tools/configure -> Select Advanced (A) and Logf (L))"
12:35:04Bilgus^GOLD thanks
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17:53:02fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b045e4d, 255 builds, 15 clients.
18:01:48duo8fiio seems to have far better build quality than shanling
18:03:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 645 seconds.
18:03:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision b045e4d result: All green
18:07:47duo8also why have no manufacturer ported rockbox themselves?
18:07:53duo8is it too difficult?
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18:34:56pamauryduo8: they are not interested I think
18:35:05pamaurythey just take the sdk from the manufacturer
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19:53:05pamauryrobertd1: I have started writing a dualboot code for the nwz
19:53:16pamauryI tried to run it but it's only a partial success
19:53:54pamaurythe usb mode is still working the OF won't run my file, the player displays a "creating library" screen, maybe it expects the OF to do something about it and my program is not, not reallt sure
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19:58:16fujisanello frands
19:58:21fujisani was here 10 years ago
19:58:29fujisanthe logs are still on the interwebs
19:58:38fujisanso i decided to chat here once every 10 years
19:58:43fujisananyone here?
20:00:11pamauryfujisan: yes
20:00:19pamauryplease stay on topic though
20:01:10fujisan 14:34
20:01:18fujisandamn i was young back then
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20:02:10fujisani am on topic
20:02:37fujisanthe topic is recursive and laterally always on topic in my relative subjective truthism paradigm
20:03:11fujisaninterpretations may vary in the perspective of staff and regular users
20:03:48fujisani just want to know what is the difference between rockbox in 2016 and 2006 what has changed since i chatted here last?
20:03:58fujisani haven't kept up with all the developments pamaury
20:04:54pamaurywell we obviously support more targets, I wasn't there in 2006 so I wouldn't know exactly
20:06:23pamaurywe moved to git, have a usb stack
20:06:47fujisanmaybe i should ask the same questions as in 2006
20:07:33fujisanbut what is the purpose of Rockbox? (2006 original 10 year younger Fujisan question)
20:08:20lebelliummaybe you should start with that:
20:08:23lebellium14:46Fujisani am skilled
20:08:24lebellium14:46B4gderthen prove it! ;-)
20:08:25fujisanPaul_The_NerdFujisan: Everything's at the site. ( answer from 10 years ago)
20:09:15fujisanthat mp3 player the creative zen that was 2 years old 10 years ago i still use it everyday it was built like a tank
20:09:23fujisanthey dont make them anymore like that
20:10:42lebelliumyou didn't prove you're skilled, just pretentious, but pamaury did. He ported Rockbox to some Creative players :)
20:11:51fujisanlebellium yeah 10 years later and i still can't code
20:12:19fujisanso is Paul the Nerd still around?
20:13:56lebelliumNo. But there are probably many nerds called Paul. He should have used another nickname
20:16:17fujisanare most people here still swedish?
20:16:27fujisanand t0mas is he still here he is dutch as well
20:17:04fujisanif im alive in 10 years i'll be back
20:17:15fujisanthe year will be 2026
20:17:32lebelliumok, we save the date
20:17:34lebelliumsee you, bye
20:17:48fujisanrockbox will work on my AR surround virtual brain audio system
20:17:56fujisanyes i need to sleep for work now
20:18:15fujisan10 years ago it was a different experience chatting here
20:18:34fujisani feel like i just time travelled which is cool
20:18:41fujisanis this channel still logged?
20:19:00lebelliumyes, that's why you should chat on rockbox-community instead
20:19:09fujisanoh sorry
20:19:15fujisani didn't know
20:19:25fujisani chat here once every 10 years -_-
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20:31:03pamaurythis is weird, Sony OF runs all its executable with uid 500, but this user does not exists, and all files belong to 500:500 anyway :-/
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20:52:02pamauryrobertd1: success, I can dualboot and execute code
20:52:02pamaurythere are still things I don't understand though
20:52:05pamauryand it's a bit buggy, there seems to be some magic involved in the dataase creation and OF loading
20:52:54robertd1That is amazing pamaury
21:02:02pamauryrobertd1: I will do some cleanup and maybe commit something tomorrow so you can try it
21:02:25pamaurybut I think I'll need to reverse engineer more sony binary to plug into there app communication system
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21:04:08robertd1Excelent, I 'll clean the device today
21:05:21wodzmaybe stupid question but 16bit stereo pcm means what exactly? Sine -1:1 projected as 0 : 0xffff ?
21:07:00pamaurywodz: I think it depends on whether it is signed or unsigned pcm
21:07:48pamaurythere must be a standard convention but I don't know which one
21:08:00pamaurythoug I expect signed
21:08:25pamauryso 0 = 0, 0x7fff = -1, 0x8000 = 1
21:08:28wodzhmm, right. atj doesn't mention data format you feed dac with
21:09:54wodzI vaguely remember feeding rk27xx with unsigned pcm
21:10:41pamauryimx233 datasheet mentions signed
21:11:56wodzok, so square wave test pattern is safer then. It will work in both variants
21:59:44pamaurywodz: which target is it?
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23:12:52*__builtin_ has an idea for bypassing the code wheel in another world
23:15:24 Nick __builtin_ is now known as __builtin (~xray@unaffiliated/franklin)
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23:17:23__builtinsince the code wheel has a relatively regular, if not uniform, arrangement, I can simulate it in software
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23:19:45__builtin58 on the outside rings, and 20 on the inside 3
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