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#rockbox log for 2016-11-01

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11:36:22Bilgusgood morning pamaury
11:37:05pamauryany success with the charging patch?
11:37:20BilgusI have it working
11:37:37Bilgushave a few things I don't like about it though
11:38:33BilgusBATT_FULL_VOLTAGE,BATT_VAUTO_RECHARGE both had to be defined for each charging level
11:39:21Bilgusotherwise the charge discharge routine keeps flipping back and forth waiting for the charge full interrupt
11:39:23pamaurywell given how the driver works, you have no choice
11:39:39pamauryto be honest, I am a bit surprised that the driver works that way
11:39:56Bilgusit isn't terrible just feels kind of hacky
11:40:01pamauryusually the hardware can tell you when charging is done, there is no need to monitor the voltage to stop it
11:40:20pamauryBilgus: can you update the gerrit task so I can have a look?
11:41:08Bilguswell yes, but the charger_control(void) routine monitors the batt full voltages
11:41:27Bilgussure give me a few..
11:41:47pamauryyes but I don't know why the driver was written this way
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12:22:50Bilgusjeez is there anyway to just upload a diff I can't get gerrit to let me set a full name
12:26:52pamauryBilgus: upload the patch somewhere and i'll do it
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12:38:54Bilgussorry there is something I missed in that diff
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12:54:01pamaury g#1412
12:54:02fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1412 at : WIP: Implement final charge voltage selection, enable it on ascodec basec chargers. by Amaury Pouly
12:55:14pamauryBilgus: in power-as3525.c, the line is too long, I'm going to split that
12:56:32Bilgusthat goes away
12:56:45pamauryI think the table is better then the switch
12:57:06BilgusI was going to do a look up table but decided on the switch
12:57:22pamaurywell that's more code for little benefit I think
12:57:36Bilgusproblem was that table doesn't have access to the CHG_V defines
12:57:37pamauryin enable_charger() I don't like the #ifdef, it's useful
12:58:26pamauryshould I modify it or you send a new version?
12:58:44Bilgusup to you I trust you know what you are doing
13:00:18pamauryso just so you know on style: we don't comment code like logf(). The point is that if ENABLE_LOGF is not defined, then logf does nothing
13:05:18pamauryin set_battery_final_voltage(), you want to call ascodec to change the voltage I think
13:05:27pamauryotherwise the change might have any effect until the next cycle
13:06:04Bilgusthat is true I was debating that
13:06:55pamauryand why don't you change batt_full and batt_recharge ?
13:07:43Bilgusthey get changed on the millivolts supplied and -100
13:08:21Bilgusi only placed them in 4200 and defaults because some targets were at 4160 instead of 4200
13:09:49Bilguspowermgmt-target.h #elif defined(SANSA_C200V2... BATT_FULL_VOLTAGE 4160 ... BATT_VAUTO_RECHARGE 4100
13:12:41pamauryI know but you should still adjust the voltage full I think. If you are charging to 4.1V, it does not make sense to keep the full voltage at 4.2V, it should be changed accordingly
13:12:46pamaurysee my proposal in the patch
13:14:05Bilgusno it would have been changed to 4100 and 4000
13:14:23Bilgusvoid set_battery_final_voltage(int millivolts) { /* implement change here * might also need to tweak other things */ /* ascodec_write_charger(BATT_CHG_I | BATT_CHG_V);*/ logf("ADJBV %d mv", millivolts ); batt_full=millivolts; batt_recharge = millivolts-100;
13:14:33Bilgus ^HERE
13:15:04Bilgusif you like you can surely change it at each switch
13:15:37pamauryno I mean, if the target says that max voltage is 4160 when full, when charging to 4.1V, maybe it makes sense to set target to 4060 instead of 4.1? just a though
13:17:19Bilgusonly problem I have with that is how do you decide hwta that threshold is without a bunch of comparisons
13:18:06Bilgusyou could flip it around and subtract from the values defined
13:18:28Bilgusbut then you have to make it jive with the CHG_V defines
13:18:49pamauryBilgus: I ave updated g#1412
13:18:51fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1412 at : WIP: Implement final charge voltage selection, enable it on ascodec basec chargers. by Amaury Pouly
13:19:30Bilgusdo you suppose those are that way because of some particular error in the adc values?
13:21:55pamauryno, battery hardly ever charge to exactly 4.2V, there is an offset at the end, that's why you usually don't use the voltage to determine the end of the charge
13:22:00pamaurybut the current
13:22:09pamauryunless you are not charging to the maximum voltage
13:23:05pamauryeither the original author didn't know that (or had something in mind?) or the ascodec charger does correctly detect end of charge
13:23:12BilgusI like what you have there
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13:24:07pamauryactually there is a problem is my code
13:24:18pamauryI should not change ascodec charger if charger is off
13:25:39Bilgusyes that is why I was debating that change..
13:27:24pamauryhum ok I may have spoken too quick, the battery full voltage is not there to detect end of charge, it is there to decide whether to charger or not when the usb power is first available
13:27:38pamauryI guess this is a way to avoid a new useless charge cycle if battery is already full
13:28:47pamaurynew version
13:30:55Bilguscharge_state would be a way to detect if you are in a cycle already but if you set the value higher it wouldn't work
13:31:34Bilguswould still require a replug
13:32:29pamauryhave you tried the code? does it correctly stop wen you set to 4.1V?
13:33:03Bilgusthe old did i can try what you have now
13:35:44Bilguswold it hurt to call charging_algorithm_step(void)
13:36:26Bilgusinstead of ascodec_write_charger (BATT_CHG_I | batt_chg_voltage); } #endif /*VOLT_FINAL_CHG_MAX*/
13:37:58pamauryit would not change the charging voltage
13:38:17pamauryI think, since it set only once when charging begins
13:38:22Bilgusit would call enable_charge() which would
13:39:03Bilgus case CHARGER: charger_control(); break;
13:40:05pamauryBilgus: enable_charger() is only called if discharging
13:40:13Bilgussince that is based on the thresh full auto values
13:40:43pamauryanyway now I changed my mind, reading the code, I think it's not a good idea to change the voltage immediately
13:40:57Bilgusso require a replug
13:41:03pamaurybecause the code uses batt_threshold which we don't change
13:41:14pamauryit seems more reliable to just expect the user to replug
13:42:32Bilgussounds good to me..
13:42:57pamauryI've updaded the gerrit
13:43:06pamauryadded a comment in the header that change might not be immediate
13:43:25Bilgusok so ill pull down and try on this unit
13:43:32pamauryif this patch is going to be included, the manual needs to be upaded too
13:43:47pamauryI can have a look at that, make sure the patch works ;)
13:45:52BilgusI only have a clip+ and a fuze+ only be trying it on the clip+ atm
13:46:37pamaurythe fuze+ uses a different soc
13:46:53pamaurythis applies to the clipv2, clip, clip+, fuze, fuzev2, possibly others
13:47:45pamaurye200v2 and c200v2 as well
13:49:06pamauryas far as I know, the fuze+ charger is not really configurable
13:57:19Bilgusyeah its an imx233
13:57:44pamaurythe imx233 charger always charges to 4.2
14:05:33BilgusAlso back to the patch I used the LANG_BATTERY_CHARGING text for the header in the menu
14:06:46Bilgusit reads Battery: Charging but being as it was already in the lang files I figured it was better than something in english and doesn't conflict with Battery Capacity
14:13:58pamauryBilgus: it's better to create a new string I would say
14:14:02pamauryI can add that
14:14:41Bilgusdoesn't it then need to be translated?
14:15:58pamauryyeah, but we only add for english
14:16:10pamaurythe system will take the gnlish value if no translation is available
14:16:15Bilgusah ok
14:16:18pamaury and we have a website for translations
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14:16:28pamaurygive me a minute to add that
14:18:23Bilgusnp its at 4.094v so itll be a bit before it hits 4.1 to test
14:25:20BilgusI think it might to be prudent to conditionally define the last two entries in the table as #if BATT_CHG_V == CHG_V_4_20V { 4150, CHG_V_4_15V }, { 4200, CHG_V_4_20V } #ENDIF
14:26:07BilgusAND batt_chg_voltage = BATT_CHG_V; /* fallback value if tablel lookup fails */
14:27:33pamauryBilgus: why?
14:27:54pamauryis there a target where BATT_CHG_V is not BATT_CHG_4_20V ?
14:28:22Bilgusin case a device is set to charge to CHG_V_4_10V
14:28:52Bilgusfigure the batt full does't stop the charge
14:31:38BilgusI suppose it could be argued thta it should never happen as long as it is overridden in the target but its pretty cheap insurance
14:32:34Bilgus<pamaury> is there a target where BATT_CHG_V is not BATT_CHG_4_20V ?.. none that I see
14:33:55BilgusYes my device stopped charging at 4100 ill try 4150 next
14:34:29pamauryBilgus: see g#1412
14:34:30fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1412 at : WIP: Implement final charge voltage selection, enable it on ascodec basec chargers. by Amaury Pouly
14:34:34pamauryI have reworked things a little bit
14:34:41pamaurynot the charging code but the config and all
14:37:16Bilgusthe config thing fixes it, that is what I started to do
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15:04:14Bilgus4.150v works too and that was with your latest commit I'd say all is well
15:04:51BilgusThanks Amaury
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15:30:20pamauryBilgus: np, it misses the manual entry, I'll have a look at that
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16:03:55pamauryrobertd1: I think I understand a bit better how the sony OF works, and it's more of a bad news
16:04:25pamaurythe OF has a notion of "apps", they provide services and run concurrently all the time. It seems they are restarted if they quit/crash
16:05:06pamaurySony OF uses two mains apps: SpiderApp (the UI) and Responser (USB), and two daemons to handle other things (I think logging, watchdog and database maybe)
16:05:49pamaurySince all app run concurrently, the system manager (sysmgrd) sends message to apps to tell them which one is active.
16:06:13pamauryThus we need to listen/understand those messages, otherwise it messes up with the system
16:07:02dongssysmgrd more like systemd, amirite?
16:08:19 Join alexweissman [0] (
16:10:13pamaurynot really
16:11:49pamauryI am still not certain what is the role of appproxy in all this
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17:03:42pamauryrobertd1: are you here?
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17:09:34fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision d492f25, 255 builds, 14 clients.
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17:10:06robertd1hi pamaury right here in a few minutes will go but just for a second
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17:10:23pamauryok, when you are here, we can try to install it on your device
17:11:20robertd1I saw that you updated the plattols
17:12:07pamauryyeah, pull the last revision, go to plattools, run "make clean" then "make"
17:12:14pamaurythen go to scripts/ and run:
17:13:09pamaurymake install_dualboot NWZ_TARGET=nwz-a860 UPG=install_dualboot_nwza860.upg EXEC=../plattools/dualboot.elf
17:13:09pamaury# then mount your device
17:13:09pamaurymake copy_fw_upgrade UPG=install_dualboot_nwza860.upg NWZ_MOUNT=/media/pamaury/WALKMAN/ && umount /media/pamaury/WALKMAN
17:13:09DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
17:13:09pamaurysudo make do_fw_upgrade NWZ_DEV=/dev/sdb
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17:15:42robertd1strange fatal: Unable to look up (port 9418) (Name or service not known)
17:16:15pamaurystrange, try it again?
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17:17:06robertd1just did, same error is it up?
17:17:44pamauryshould be, since I was able to commit. But I know zagor has been making changes to the server, not sure if it is related
17:19:24pamauryrobertd1: there is an alternate remote you can pull from:
17:19:24pamaurygit remote add gerrit
17:19:33pamaurygit pull −−rebase gerrit
17:19:44robertd1thanks pamaury
17:19:54pamauryand if it complains about the default branch:
17:19:54pamaurygit pull −−rebase gerrit master
17:20:25robertd1just went up :)
17:21:06fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 693 seconds.
17:21:07fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision d492f25 result: All green
17:22:51robertd1one sec please be right back
17:35:29robertd1mount or unmount after make install_
17:36:14pamauryyou mount, then copy then umount
17:36:56pamaurytell me when the install is done, I have several warnings/explanation to give
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17:45:11 Part deathsbreed
17:52:12pamauryrobertd1: I need to go, I'll be back later. What you need to know:
17:52:24pamaurythis update replaces the OF by another app
17:52:59pamauryThis other app begins by showing a menu of all plattools. If you quit the menu by pressing BACK, it will then run the OF. This way you can always fall back to the OF.
17:53:29pamaurySometimes (for reasons I don't understand), the screen stays black, but the app is still working, you can press back several times and eventually it should run the OF
17:53:52pamauryIf you ran the OF and want to go back to the tool list, you can plug usb and unplug. Or you can reset
17:54:45pamauryIf you reset with usb plugged, it will always boot to usb first so you can always recover and reflash the OF if needed. If the screen stays black, try plugging/unplugging the usb several times.
17:54:52pamaurygood luck ;)
17:55:09robertd1ok pamaury there is something about the sense key ilegal request. many thanks I ll talk to yo later
18:02:49 Part robertd1
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18:43:09robertd1now the ts is working much better
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20:06:43pamauryrobertd1: does it correctly print the touch status?
20:12:33 Join appledog [0] (uid193723@gateway/web/
20:30:03 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
20:33:02robertd1pamaury yes it does. That app is much better than the old nes
20:33:24pamaurywhich app you mean?
20:33:36robertd1the dualboot
20:34:58pamaurywell I embedded all the tools in one, makes it easier
20:35:15pamauryit is still possible to build separately
20:35:30robertd1pamaury correct me if im wrong but the whole process seems quicker than before
20:35:30pamaurydid you have the black screen issue?
20:35:43robertd1yes I did, the first time only
20:37:01pamauryand it correctly boot the OF if you press back?
20:37:26robertd1It takes a litlle time but yes it does
20:37:35 Quit alexweis_ (Remote host closed the connection)
20:37:59pamauryyeah the OF is a big executable
20:38:25robertd1in the black screen issue there was a backlight. I mean the screen was dark but I could see a light behind
20:38:41pamauryyeah it's not a backlight issue, I don't understand what is going on
20:39:44pamauryI suspect it might be a framebuffer configuration problem but I am not sure
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20:43:39robertd1how many bits of color are there?
20:44:12 Join JanC_ [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
20:45:25 Quit JanC (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
20:45:25 Nick JanC_ is now known as JanC (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
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20:45:44pamauryrobertd1: 16
20:51:03robertd1for a tiny screen of 400 × 240...
21:06:23pamaurywell it's not bad honestly
21:06:34pamaurysome players have a 100x100 screen so don't complain ;)
21:12:10 Join alexweissman [0] (
21:13:34robertd1it is great resolution for a device thats 6 years old :)
21:27:02 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:57:14 Join Bilgus [0] (ae6611d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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22:51:55__builtinwow... I have no idea what my own xworld code does :(
22:53:04 Part robertd1
22:53:35__builtinI have something that creates a mutex... but it's local to the function
22:53:50__builtinand nothing else ever uses it
22:54:27__builtin... and of course it works in the sim but not on hardware
22:54:40 Join Fa1th [0] (~Fa1th@
22:54:42Fa1thHello people!
22:55:37Fa1thI think many people have experience with mp3 players here and i came to ask if the sandisk sansa clip sport is the best mp3 player in its budget range?
22:56:52Fa1thI know it's offtopic
22:58:04__builtinwell it doesn't run rockbox and probably never will
22:58:59Fa1thI know but I came for an profesional opinion if its worth or maybe some lenco one?
23:01:58lebelliumit has very limited hardware, it can't handle id3tags properly, no gapless, internal and external memories can't be merged. It depends on your needs. I can't say if there is a better player in this range not discontinued yet. I can just say that buying a second handed clip+/zip is a better idea
23:04:35Fa1thand what about SanDisk Clip Jam or Philips GoGEAR Vibe SA4VBE04KF/12
23:04:48Fa1thI mean i would use it for physical work
23:05:38lebelliumthe Clip Jam is the same as the Sport. It shares the same SoC and same software. Only the screen is different
23:06:42 Quit Marex (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:07:23lebelliumPeople here don't necessarily have a "professional opinion". We just like Rockbox and all devices you mention don't run Rockbox and probably never will. So I would suggest you to ask your question on a dedicated forum
23:08:31Fa1thOk thanks
23:08:34CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:08:34*__builtin finally realizes why the xworld audio sounds wrong
23:08:50__builtinthe game was treating 22050Hz PCM as 44100Hz
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23:40:49Bilguspersonally Rockbox-ibility is my first requirement in as device

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