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#rockbox log for 2016-11-03

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02:06:44__builtinhmm, I'm getting a crash in pcm_play_data()
02:08:17__builtinoh.... I see
02:08:31__builtinthe format is interleaved PCM, as in stereo, right?
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07:14:47DJComputerguythere we go
07:15:12DJComputerguyHello people of the internet
07:15:59DJComputerguyI am thinking about installing Rockbox on my 3rd Gen iPod, are there any benefits to using this firmware?
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07:52:28alexbobpDJComputerguy: in my opinion, the ipod stock firmware is trash. that's subjective I guess. rockbox has many features but tell us how you use the device currently
07:53:08alexbobppersonally I find it absurd to not have playlist editing features on the device :P
07:53:16DJComputerguyI just got the thing today, im the type of guy that likes to mod his stuff, no matter what it is
07:53:36alexbobpwell then do it! it will dual boot with the original firmware anyways so you can sample both
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07:54:28DJComputerguycan i put the rockbox firmware on the device using the USB 30 pin Dock Cable? or do i need the Fire Wire one?
07:55:36alexbobpusb works
07:55:46alexbobpI don't even know if firewire would work
07:56:14alexbobpI didn't know there was a firewire cable for ipods tbh
07:56:27sththey used to be firewire only
07:57:10DJComputerguyMy particular iPod (3rd Gen) can sync with usb, but cant charge via usb
07:57:53DJComputerguyi heared somewhere that u need the FireWire cable to restore, i honestly dont want to do it untl i can get me one of thee cables
08:01:02DJComputerguyoh yeah, i heared something about being able to run classic gameboy games on this firmware, is it possible with the 3rd Gen iPod?
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08:19:28pamaury__builtin: yes, pcm are interleaved
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11:03:39wodzpamaury: I diffed includes of 4760 and 4760b from the patch and the differences are in bdma, cpm, dmac, gpio, i2c, lcdc, ost, Changes are minor
11:06:02pamaurywodz: I produce a register of the jz4760b (it's on the wiki)
11:06:32pamauryI am very careful though, I found at least different versions of the jz4760(b) headers
11:07:18pamaury g#1279
11:07:20fs-bluebotGerrit review #1279 at : regtools: add JZ4760B description by Amaury Pouly
11:08:26wodzI looked at this some time ago
11:08:56wodzI though it would be interesting to compare headers from the same version though
11:09:12pamauryah sure
11:09:54pamaurythe problem I encountered is that the headers are broken, several defines have mistake or plain don't compile (I guess they are unsused by ingenic)
11:10:12pamauryand the headers are not easily extracted automatically, there don
11:10:16pamaury't follow any convention
11:15:41pamaurywodz: if you have the diff, you can post it somewhere and we can check the fields that differ, see if the gerrit desc is correct
11:16:00pamauryin fact the latest one is g#1366
11:16:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #1366 at : jz4760b/regtools: fix/rename some register fields, add clock analyzer to qeditor by Amaury Pouly
11:16:28pamauryalso I noticed that some fields have the same name but different positions, it's not just add/removed fields
11:25:46wodzpamaury: Is it possible to plug usb device emulated on qemu into real system?
11:26:31pamauryyou mean you emulate the usb device in qemu and give it to the real host?
11:26:41pamaurynot that I know
11:27:06pamauryI know two libraries that can do that: usb-ip and usb-vhci but I am not sure if qemu supports that
11:27:52pamauryhowever I think qemu supports the opposite: give a real usb device to an emulated host
11:29:31wodzpamaury: I was using the oposite some time ago, yes. But I am asking about running hwstub on emulated hw and interact with it
11:31:36pamaurymaybe try asking qemu devs, this feature would be very useful (in our sim as well). I think the best option is usb-ip which is the kernel I think
11:34:15pamauryI guess we could try adding that feature but it's nontrivial stuff
11:35:23wodzadding anything to qemu is nontrivial
11:39:32pamauryyeah but I mean, emulating a usb controller is not trivial anyway
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13:08:23pamauryrobertd1: hi, I think I made progress with nwz screen, at least I know why it's black
13:10:06robertd1hi pamaury that is great. Why is it black?
13:13:43pamaurywell it's a long story but basically the standard linux framebuffer interface refreshes the screen periodically (so if you write something it ends up on the screen). And this crap because you don't control timing. So Sony adds extensions to control double-buffering and refreshing. The OF switches to manual refresh mode and thus you need to explicitely tell the driver to refresh otherwise nothing is dipslayed and the screen is
13:14:38pamauryI think it's actually a good thing, in Rockbox we can make sure of those extensions. But for the tool, I need to find how to restore the auto-refresh
13:23:11robertd1:-/ that sounds awfully complicated. I guess there must be by accessing the nodes at the graphical user interface
13:27:10pamauryrobertd1: I don't understand what you mean. It's not that complicated, just not very documented
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14:31:19sthif not refreshed it will be black? not just not changing?
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14:35:32wodzpamaury: which sony devices are those you are working on currently? Maybe I'll look for something cheap to play with
14:37:58sththe semi-recent E series iirc
14:40:37pamaurywodz: basically anything in this list: NWZ-A10, NW-A20, NWZ-A720, NWZ-A810, NWZ-A820, NWZ-A840, NWZ-A850, NWZ-A860, NW-A910, NWZ-E050, NW-E060, NW-E080, NWZ-E350, NWZ-E450, NWZ-E460, NWZ-E470, NWZ-E550, NWZ-E570, NWZ-E580, NW-S10, NWZ-S510, NWZ-S610, NWZ-S630, NW-S640, NWZ-S710, NWZ-S730, NWZ-S740, NWZ-S750, NWZ-S760, NWZ-S770, NW-S780, NWZ-X1000, NW-ZX100
14:41:06wodzpamaury: and which do you have (so I could look for something else)
14:41:07pamauryI cannot guarantee a 100% but those are all linux based and use the same-ish linux structure
14:41:24pamauryI have the E450 and E460. robertd1 has the A860
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14:41:50wodzok, I'll look if I can find something
14:42:17pamauryI would recommend against something much older than E450 (or ask me first) because the very first generation seems slightly different
14:42:48pamauryjust so you know, I might buy something like a A15 to try it on recent ones
14:42:53pamaurythe e470 would be nice
14:43:36pamauryor of the e5x0 (e550, e570, e580)
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14:45:32pamaurywodz: don't hesistate to buy a S series, they are usually cheap as well
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14:46:57pamaurythe sony nwz-e350 would too I guess
14:47:55pamaurywodz: I can also have a look on a french second hand website, buy it and send it to you
14:48:54wodzfirst I'll check what is available locally
15:03:48wodzI can get one of: nwz-e436f, nwz-s615f, nwz-e383, nwz-e474, nwz-a818, nw-a25
15:03:52wodzpamaury: ^
15:05:56pamaurya25 would be really nice, but probably more expensive. e470 would be useful. e383 is not linux based. e436 is not linux based. nwz-s615 is ok but kinda of old. Same of nwz-a818.
15:06:18pamauryso I would say either a25 or e470 or both ;) What are the prices ?
15:06:34pamauryI can get the e470 for around 50 euros which is not cheap
15:06:53pamauryand the a15 for around a 100 eur. I think the a25 is even more expensive
15:07:40wodzThere is one auction for a25. I can see how it goes.
15:08:44wodz474 is under 25eur
15:09:07pamauryI would say the 470, at this price it's definitely worth it
15:09:14pamauryand try the auction
15:11:24pamauryif the a818 and s615 are very cheap you are also buy them but it's unclear if the port will useful/successful, just give me a second to have a lookk
15:12:02wodzpamaury: Can you look if this looks like 470?
15:12:14wodzif so I'll buy it
15:13:12pamaurylooks ok, as long as it's indeed the e474 ;) It's incredibly hard to tell the different from a photo
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15:53:41sthpamaury why those in particular?
15:53:51sthsome seems quite different from others
15:57:17sth(the A30 also doesn't run android so maybe that will work too)
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16:01:38sth(there's also the e394)
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16:19:30pamaurysth: they run linux
16:19:37pamaurythe e394 doesn't run linux
16:19:46sthhow can you tell?
16:20:23pamauryseveral sources but mostly Sony enforces the GPL and releases the kernel of all its linux devices
16:22:12pamaurythe list above is slightly incomplete, it doesn't list anything after the a20 series, so a30, wm1a, wm1z and possibly others, but they tend to be incredibly expensive anyway
16:23:03pamaurythe e393 uses the RKNanoD. I know because I disassembled it ;) It only has 1MB of ram
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20:45:12BilgusQuestion.. Selective backlighting (on buttonpress or context) I don't see any commits on this although this seems to be a pretty requested option along with a few patches covering it that seem to have been rejected.
20:45:39Bilgus!. Why haven't they been accepted is there some fundamental reason?
20:46:10 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~root@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
20:46:25pamauryBilgus: can you be more precise about what you mean by selective backlight?
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20:46:59pamauryor point to a specific patch?
20:47:15Bilgussay turning on the back light only on the select button, play/pause or power and not turning it on on say Vol+or Vol-
20:49:43pamauryI don't know about this particular patch but probably they overlooked something/broke targets or were too specific to a target
20:50:06pamaurypeople often forget the variety of targets with have and make assumptions that turn out to be wrong
20:51:28Bilgusthe patches there were pretty specific on targets but I think the main problem is the key defines being hardcoded
20:52:23pamauryI think a good patch would allow the user to select the keys, not hardcode them. There is also the problem of context: do you want this in the WPS only? or not? People do not necessarily agree.
20:52:51Bilgusthat is my next question well next several
20:53:18Bilgusso first is the context issue which shouldn't be too difficult
20:54:02Bilgusand for the selection I have started a plugin that is generic enough to allow you to select keys on many targets
20:54:54Bilgusbut I wonder is it ok for a plugin to address a var within rockbox or should it be written to the config file and picked up from there?
20:55:15pamauryselecting keys might using for other purposes, like allowing keys on softlock
20:55:33pamaury(for targets with touchscreen/touchpad where you lock the touchpad but still want keys to register in some context)
20:56:13BilgusI still think the plugin is the way to go although it isn't really that much code
20:56:27pamauryum that's a good question. I think a plugin is acceptable, we have several plugins for stuff like credits and file properties I think
20:57:08pamaurybut maybe it's just simpler to integrate it into the main binary
20:57:36Bilgusthe next thing would be how to make it generic enough to be used for other purposes maybe a get routine
20:57:49Bilgussorry* GetKey routine
20:58:39pamaurywell the setting system is quite flexible I think, you could create a new type of var of type KEYMASK, and even flags to add constraints (like physical buttons only, or leave at least one button unchecked, etc)
20:59:11Bilgusthat is how I'm currently handling the selective backlighting
20:59:57Bilgusthe next thing would be I suppose a handler to record the keys
21:01:22pamaurythe key selection would have its own screen, you can have access to virtually any keys and events, even have its own context so that's not a problem. It would need to be nice though (ie not just a menu with on/off for each key if possible). Possibly a picture or some sketch where each key press toggles the button for example. And maybe a combo or special action to confirm/cancel.
21:02:13BilgusI thought about that but it would get hairy quickly adding those for all the different targets
21:02:39Bilgusmaybe a more generic overlay
21:02:41pamaurywell you could have a default screen I guess, because it would indeed be a daunting task to do it for every target
21:03:00Bilguslike a Dpad and some other squares with key names
21:03:32pamaurysome devices don't even have a D-pad, not even left/right, we have some crazy targets ;)
21:03:40pamauryand some have MANY buttons
21:04:27BilgusCurrently I have a bunch of conditionally defined button/name combos
21:05:17BilgusI was thinking of just having the user press they key they want twice to record and long press anyu button to quit
21:06:37pamaurythis looks confusing
21:06:54Bilgusit wouldn't be too hard to make a matrice of all they keys the device has based on this although screen space might be an issue on some targets
21:07:50pamauryMy suggestion would be that any key press toggles the key (some on/off) but two keys are special: the exit and confirm keys would popup a yes/no message saying "Do you want to cancel/confirm or toggle the key?"
21:07:57Bilgusinstead it could use a matrix of the keys and the user could highlight the ones they wanted
21:08:40pamaurythe matrix would be okay but not as good in my opinion. But for a proof of concept you can start with the matrix
21:09:24Bilgusfor instance |Vol+ |Play | Home
21:09:31Bilgus −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−-
21:09:53Bilgus|Vol+ |Play | Home|
21:10:08Bilgus|Vol -|Select| |
21:12:36Bilgushow hard is a scrolling context for the devices with many keys?
21:15:02pamaurynot that hard I would say. But maybe a list is just simpler than a matrix for starters, this way you don't have to reimplement the whole screen. This can always be improved after.
21:15:20pamaurywhat is tricky is to make the screen nice and integrate with the theme
21:15:41pamauryand trust me when I say you want to avoid creating new themable contexts if possible ;)
21:15:57pamauryalthough ideally that what would be needed I think
21:16:37Bilguswell I cna see the font part being pretty easy how much more to a theme is there?
21:17:30pamauryyou know everything, lines, shading, colors, all the stuff tat make it look nice
21:18:04pamauryif you just print some ugly squares it's not going to play nice with the rest of rockbox :D
21:18:25*pamaury is not claiming that Rockbox is particular beautiful either
21:19:44Bilgusso you think it would be better to have something in the main binary as opposed to a plugin?
21:20:45pamauryI think so
21:23:12pamauryyou can ask other developers what they think of course (not that there are that many these days)
21:23:44Bilgusok Ill start looking into this is there any current context that would give me a good example of the possibilities? the Wps perhaps?
21:25:19pamaurythe wps is very complicated, give me a second
21:27:39pamauryI would suggest to look at apps/gui/settings.c just to see how settings are handled
21:27:54pamauryand look at apps/gui/yesno.c for a simple screen with a button context
21:28:12[Saint]Bilgus: I guess you could call me the resident 'theme expert'.
21:28:23[Saint]What is it exactly you're wanting to achieve?
21:29:14pamaury[Saint]: the discussion is about having settings that give a key bitmap (like what keys don't trigger backlight). And the key question is how the choice should be presented to the user
21:29:36[Saint]We do have this, kinda.
21:30:02pamauryI don't recall anything like that
21:30:03[Saint]There was a patch floating around on gerrit for ignoring keys during SW keylock.
21:30:30pamauryyeah but there are two different issues: 1) what you do bit it (SW keylock, backlight) 2) how the user chooses the keys
21:30:35pamaury*with it
21:30:38[Saint]expanding that to HW keylock sparked a 'should this ever happen?' discussion.
21:31:01[Saint]which the majority (IMO rightly) swung towards no.
21:31:10pamaurythe problem is hand is 2): how do you give a nice screen to the user so he can select which keys he wants to allow
21:31:31[Saint]basically, you don't.
21:31:54pamaurywell I am still of the opinion that it makes sense, on target with touchpad that's incredibly annoying
21:32:14Bilgusand that brings me back to using a plugin and yes on the fuze it is very needed
21:32:28[Saint]the premise discussed at the time was just offering a subset of options like 'volume', and 'skip/seek'.
21:32:48[Saint]allowing much else kinda defeats the purpose of the SW keylock entirely.
21:33:29pamaury[Saint]: the point is that there other such settings that make sense, like keys that don't enable the backlight and still perform an action
21:33:36Bilgusafter you do the code its not too hard to allow every button using conditional defines and I'm more interested in conditional backlighting
21:34:03pamauryand it makes sense for targets with a touchpad as well.
21:34:17[Saint]you're aware of the 'first button press enables backlight' option I take it?
21:34:31pamauryyes, that's unrelated
21:34:45pamauryI mean this would have priority
21:34:58Bilgusbe better if it was a first button press doen't ebable backlight imo
21:35:23pamauryif a key is chosen to not enable backligt then obviously the "first button press enable backlight" does not apply to it
21:35:49 Join cc___ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
21:36:15Bilgussaint do you think a plugin would be better recieved then? I like the Idea of adding to main but not if it is going to be rejected
21:36:20[Saint]I guess I am really struggling to imagine the use case that happens often enough to make the complexity a useful tradeoff.
21:36:53[Saint]Bilgus: there's no way to handle this behavior from a plugin elegantly.
21:36:58pamaury[Saint]: all the time? Like you are listening to the player, it is softlock because it's in your pocket, you want the vol+/- to register but not enable backlight because that's useless
21:37:07Bilguseither way it would just output a mask of the selected keys and the added code to main is minimal
21:37:16pamaurysame with play/pause and skip
21:37:54[Saint]personally I just set a minimal backlight timeout.
21:38:06[Saint]it's not like this is going to save any amount of battery worth worrying about.
21:38:12[Saint]and if you're not looking at it, who cares?
21:38:14BilgusI added an extra hour to my clip+ which I use daily for 8-10hrs by disabling BL on volume and track change for instance
21:38:18pamauryit's not only about power, like during the night
21:38:22[Saint]seems like a non-issue to me.
21:38:28pamauryyou don't want the backlight to turn on
21:38:42[Saint]then use a 'night time' config.
21:38:42pamauryall smartphone do that nowadays
21:38:49[Saint]disable the backlight.
21:38:53[Saint]add a shortcut to the cfg.
21:38:59Bilgustry that on the clip+
21:39:14Bilgushow do you get back in to enable it again
21:39:51[Saint]you can force a .cfg to load at each boot that overrides the main config.
21:40:07pamaurythat's just....super user friendly really
21:40:14[Saint]so that backlight is always re-enabled at boot time.
21:40:56Bilguswhat do you think the un-elegant part would be?
21:41:04[Saint]it may not be particularly user friendly but generally speaking I'm against settings because settings for all for what is annoying on a subset of devices for a use case we're not sure a majority even care about.
21:41:15Bilguswriting the mask to the config file>
21:42:03pamaury[Saint]: you can't honestly say that given the setting we already have ;)
21:42:15pamauryI discover some crazy one everything I read the manual
21:42:26pamauryand this one is often requested
21:42:34[Saint]pamaury: yes I can because the overwhelming majority of those I have fought tooth and nail.
21:42:39pamauryand it's not on all targerts: only the ones with softlock
21:43:22[Saint]why limit it to only softlock? if it is a use case we're sure people actually want there doesn't seem to be a reason to.
21:43:44pamaurybecause almost all targets can't keys wih physical lock
21:43:50pamauryit's just plain impossible
21:43:56pamaury*can't read keys
21:44:48[Saint]Hmmm, I guess you're right. I hadn't thought ahead to the ifdef madness that would create for the few targets that can do it.
21:45:31pamauryit's not that bad: you create a HAVE_MY_SUPER_OPTION, then config.h enables for softlock, and if you want to add exception you just do it there
21:46:02[Saint]regarding in-core vs. plugin, I think that's pretty clear cut.
21:46:15[Saint]you'd want this (presumably) to work globally.
21:46:29[Saint]which would include viewers and plugins themselves.
21:46:37pamaury[Saint]: the plugin thing is just to select which keys to enable
21:46:50pamaurybut I think it's better in-core anyway
21:47:27[Saint]I...oh. right. yeah, that would still be better in settings.c and friends. yes.
21:47:49 Join alexweissman [0] (
21:48:03[Saint]I kinda had it in my head that OP wanted a plugin to govern playback while keeping the backlight happy, but I see what you're going for now.
21:48:12BilgusOk 2/2 then
21:49:42pamaurySo going back to that: you want to have a setting that gives the user the choice to select a subset of keys. How do you present that to the user:
21:49:42pamaury1) a list -> simple but not nice
21:49:42pamaury2) a matrix ? -> might be better but would need a custom drawn screen and theming
21:49:42DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
21:49:42pamaury3) something else?
21:49:51 Quit [Saint] (Quit: Quit.)
21:50:30pamaurythe Fiio X1 actually has a nice solution but it's limited: you get three "pictures" showing the keys to enable and you use left/right to switch between them. Of course it only works because there are 3 possibilities only
21:51:16 Join [Saint] [0] (~sinner@rockbox/staff/saint)
21:52:47[Saint]pamaury: have you seen the way we handle the 'select directories to scan' UI for the database?
21:53:09[Saint]I'm thinking the same thing, but with a list of available/aplicable buttons instead of directories.
21:53:22[Saint]it's a fairly simple way of handling it.
21:53:44pamaury[Saint]: no, how does that work?
21:54:10pamauryis that a list when you press entries to enable/disable?
21:54:52[Saint]yes, and you can also select all, or select all except *, or select all under *, etc.
21:55:05[Saint]and reset all selections.
21:56:00pamauryinteresting, I need to look into this, this is basically option 1) but better.
21:56:08 Quit alexweissman (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:56:24[Saint]most elegant way I can think of handling it whilst not re-inventing the wheel, and potentially re-exposing a familiar way of governing selection.
21:56:41pamauryI was thinking about a third option: a screen that shows which keys are enabled and when you press a key it toggles it
21:56:55pamaurybut that's a lot of work
21:56:58Bilgusthe only reason i don't like the pictures one is the variety of device and few generic possibilities the list
21:57:10[Saint]code to do it is already there, it just currently works against the filesystem - jiggering it to work with a list of buttons shouldn't be difficult.
21:57:15Bilgusyou could still have the particular key toggle the selection
21:57:41Bilguslong press of the key perhaps
21:57:46[Saint]the downside is that themes can fuck up the selector.
21:57:47[Saint]we have no out for that.
21:58:01[Saint]we do try and make sure that that screen enables the display of icons.
21:58:13[Saint]but if the theme disables icons, it makes it pretty much unusable.
21:58:27[Saint]and themes get the final call on overriding icon display.
21:58:48[Saint]we can say we'd really like a screen to use icons, but a theme can screw it up by hardcoding forcing icons off.
21:58:55[Saint]that's...a problem, I guess.
21:59:02[Saint]but it is a problem we already accept.
21:59:42[Saint]a plugin would have the same problem if we drew the lists using the core.
22:00:06Bilguscould always use ascii if no icon
22:00:07 Join alexweissman [0] (
22:00:28[Saint]eh - not really.
22:00:39pamauryBilgus: I think the point is you don't really know if the theme enables it or not
22:01:38pamaurybut that's an acceptable limitation anyway I guess, I think it's more important to have something that is consistent with the rest of the UI, and create new theme contexts is a lot of work I guess
22:02:00pamaury[Saint]: does that filesystem selection thing uses the list theme?
22:03:56[Saint]and, yes. I think you're right. one of the most important things about this is trying to present a system that is potentially familiar and consistent.
22:04:14Bilgusok Ill bb and start looking into the filesystem list
22:18:39 Quit pixelma (Quit: .)
22:18:39 Quit amiconn (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.)
22:20:29[Saint]unfortunately you won't be able to just drag and drop the code from there to do what you want.
22:20:45[Saint]but there's a good portion of it already written to serve as an example.
22:21:00 Join pixelma [0] (~pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
22:21:00 Join amiconn [0] (~amiconn@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:21:23[Saint]you'll just be swapping out listing and selecting the current filesystem with a preformed (no need for it to be dynamic, I guess?) list of buttons for a given target.
22:33:36 Quit lebellium (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:34:11 Join lebellium [0] (
22:39:07 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
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23:11:47 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
23:13:23 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 49.0.2/20161019084923])
23:24:33Bilguswell It will be formed at compile time so its semi dynamic I suppose Ill reuse my code from the plugin I started
23:27:38pamauryBilgus: list are much*
23:27:49pamaury*much* simpler when they don't change dynamically
23:28:02pamaury ie you fill the list when you create it and then don't touch it
23:28:39 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:29:58BilgusI was thinking that tehre would be a neeed to add/remove entries depending on the use case?
23:30:49pamauryit doesn't matter, the list is still not changing dynamically. Dynamically = during the life of the screen
23:31:13pamaurythe screen is static, you don't add/remove entries when the user is interacting
23:32:21Bilgusgot it..
23:32:28[Saint]and the list of buttons is never going to change.
23:32:59[Saint]just needs to be written once, essentially.
23:43:58Bilgusdo you think they should be items and subitems Directions/up,down,left,right | Actions/select,Play, FF,REW or just strictly a list Up|Down|Left|Right|Select|Play
23:47:35 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
23:48:43 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)

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