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#rockbox log for 2016-11-04

00:00:47[Saint]personally, yes.
00:01:08[Saint]that aligns itself better to the way the database scan selector functions.
00:01:41[Saint]and it would make it easier if you wanted to enable it for 'all directions' or so.
00:02:22[Saint](because that selector allows for selecting or deselecting all of a subcategory, one may as well use it)
00:02:45[Saint]I don't think there's much room to use subcategories outside of the DPAD though.
00:03:03[Saint]up/down/left/right is the only group you can really make.
00:03:44[Saint]but it would still make selection of them easier if the user wanted all of them, or all but all of them. one section instead of four for either case.
00:03:49[Saint]Bilgus: ^
00:04:55Bilgustwo categories sounds kind of pointless though
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00:13:39[Saint]I think it would be worth it to section off the DPAD in to it's own group.
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00:14:09[Saint]if for no other reason than it would make it easier to select or deselect each of the directional keys by a factor of four.
00:14:53[Saint]I think a majority of people are going to want to enable or disable this for all or none of the DPAD.
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00:15:02[Saint]So that makes a subgroup useful.
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00:19:56Bilguslooking at tree.c tagtree.c and filetree.c it looks to me like I could reuse the vast majority as is and just load the tree context beyond that I might as well start from scratch as it is needlessly complex
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00:56:10Bilgusnm simplelist is the way to go so thats where ill start Thanks Saint
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01:04:12__builtin_can anyone help me track down a panic in pcm_play_data()?
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01:09:38__builtinright now the trace shows that it calls a function and then somehow jumps to 0x20F4
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01:11:01__builtinis there anything of interest in that memory region?
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01:22:22__builtinhmm, I figured out what function that is, looks like it maps to the IRAM
01:22:49__builtinwhich raises another question: is it required that the audio callback or pcm buffer be in IRAM?
01:25:51__builtinprof_wolfff: you wrote the PL080 driver, right?
01:27:14__builtincan you help explain why it's panicking on target/arm/s5l8702/pl080.c:438?
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01:53:55prof_wolfff__builtin: while PCM playback the next DMA transfers must be linked before the previous DMA transfer finished, otherwise it panics, usually this is because the CPU is processing some other long interrupt and the DMA interrupt must wait, if IIRC the buffer defined in pcm-s5l8702.c can store about 5ms for 48khz playback sample rate, so probably there is some interrupt that takes more than 5ms to complete
01:58:52prof_wolfffyou can try to increase the buffer size an see if the panic persists, i think it is PCM_WATERMARK in pcm-target.h
02:02:12__builtinso could it be that my get_more callback is too slow?
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02:04:39prof_wolfffnot necesary, it might be any other interrupt not related with playback or DMA, note that unboosted CPU an buses ares ~4 times slower
02:06:02__builtinit only happens when it runs my code though
02:07:19prof_wolfffso there might be some problems on that code related with interrupts
02:07:54__builtinwhat restrictions do I have in an interrupt context?
02:09:36prof_wolfffinterrupts should be fast and be careful to not to block them using mutexes
02:10:01__builtinohh that makes sense
02:10:16__builtinthere's a mutex lock in a mixer function
02:10:29__builtinand besides, I was using splash() calls for logging :P
02:10:45__builtinso no wonder it was slow
02:13:55prof_wolfffeven serial debug inside interrupts can be slow if there is too much output, try to use the normal logf
02:14:46prof_wolfffor the USB debug if you want 'realtime' debug
02:14:51__builtinand does it have to be in IRAM?
02:14:57__builtin(the callback)
02:17:12prof_wolffffor the Classic it is not really necessary, really the first 128KB of IRAM is slower than DRAM, and the second 128KB are slighter faster
02:18:48__builtinok, I still can't figure it out
02:19:00__builtinthe callback has all extraneous code removed
02:19:22__builtincould it have to do with how many samples it's returning at once?
02:22:13prof_wolfffwhat are you referring exactly, the dma_play_callback() ?
02:22:47__builtinthe get_more() function pointer supplied to pcm_play_data()
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02:25:57prof_wolfffi cannot recall exactly how playback was working, but the get_more() is called inside the interrupt, so it must be fast
02:29:51[Saint]what're you actually working on __builtin?
02:30:15[Saint]is whatever it is you're seeing repeatable and not caused by your own modification(s)?
02:36:30__builtinI'm trying to get sound to work, for the Nth time
02:36:42[Saint]Ah, right.
02:36:47__builtinI swear I fixed it before it got merged :S
02:36:52__builtinbut apparently not
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02:38:13__builtin[Saint]: can you do me a favor and test a build?
02:38:24__builtinon another target, and see if it's specific to the classic
02:43:29prof_wolfffif there are no bugs then the Classic should behave as the other targets, the DMA link is internal to the target and it is supposed that the RB API is respected, tell me if you see some incorrect behaviour
02:44:29__builtinyeah, so it's probable that xworld is incorrect
02:45:54prof_wolfffi tested it with the plugins that are using playback i seems to work well for them
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02:51:05CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:51:05*__builtin tries moving everything to DRAM
02:51:29__builtinit works :D
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02:52:02__builtinbut it crashes if I increase the "chunk" size, aka how many samples returned at a time
02:52:18__builtinwhich makes some sense given what prof_wolfff said
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02:59:56prof_wolfffIIRC if the received buffer size is huge then it is splited into small DMA transfers, not only for Classic but also for other targets, BUT the get_more() is called once for the whole buffer inside just one single interrupt so this callback must be fast enough to not to consume too much time for an interrupt
03:01:26__builtinyeah, that explains the crash now
03:01:42__builtinI need to figure out if other targets have similar bugs though
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03:05:59prof_wolfffmany HW DMA engines cannot do large transfers, i think it is not a bug, it seems designed that way, if you want to use large buffer then the buffer should be processed in user space by the plugin and the get_more() should get pointers to that buffer but not to do extensive processing into get_more()
03:06:25__builtinyeah, that's what I was thinking
03:07:30__builtinbut it would be rather complex to rewrite it to use synchronous mixing, so could I just limit the buffer size to <128 samples?
03:11:14prof_wolffffor the classics it will work if the interrupt is < 5ms (too much time for an interrupt, even 1ms is too much time, but it will work), you can try the size that the normal playback is using in the hope it will work for the other targets
03:12:17__builtinyeah, it looks to me that the doom plugin defaults to 128 samples
03:12:23prof_wolfffthe Classic panics when the playback is broken, but other targets will cut the output
03:18:23__builtinhmm, does button_get artificially introduce a delay between when a button is first pressed and its repeat presses?
03:18:38__builtinit makes charging the weapon difficult in the game
03:23:24prof_wolfffuff, cannot help on that, all the button stuff is magic for me
03:23:52__builtinthanks for your help prof_wolfff
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11:35:30pamaury__builtin: I don't think button_get introduces a delay, but the input system is quite complicated. I can think of two things that influence timing: 1) tick task -> input is polled 'only' 100 times per second 2) debouncing -> some button driver (or even hardware) need to implement debouncing and that limits the rate at which you can detect two key presses
11:35:42pamauryI'll have a closer look at button_get just to be sure
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11:44:39pamaury__builtin: however remember that the input system has at least three ways of getting keys: button_get() that will block for an event unless you put false and return no key if no event, then there is button_get_w_tmo which is more advanced, and there is button_read(0 that gives you the raw input but doesn't dequeue events
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12:10:55pamaurycc___: ask your question if you have one?
12:11:12cc___is there a recommended way to display lyrics on rockbox ? or is using the text editor and text files the right approach ?
12:12:04pamauryI am not sure but I don't think we have a way to displaying lyrics, I might be wrong
12:13:00 Join atsampson [0] (
12:13:21pamaurythere was a patch for that a long time ago apparently:
12:13:30pamaurybut it probably doesn't compile
12:13:35*pamaury needs to leave
12:13:56cc___pamaury: then is there a way to make the text viewer a bit more convenient ? when I press select to display the menu it also adds a bookmark
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13:05:01Bilguspamaury: I was compiling a sim build last night #1412 was making it fail I put info on the tracker
13:09:35 Quit Bilgus (Quit: Page closed)
13:10:36pixelmacc___: if I remember correctly Rockbox can show lrc files but I don't know how and if it works conveniently (haven't used it myself yet even though I'm a bit curious)
13:12:30pixelmamaybe look for "lrcplayer" in the plugins section of your target's manual
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15:54:32ulmutul__builtin: afaik rockbox indeed introduce a delay. button_get() reads the event queue; the first button event is created immediately after pressing, and if you keep holding down the key, after REPEAT_START the button code sends more distinct events to the queue in accelerating tempo (they're only send, if the queue is empty, to avoid afterscroll effects).
15:55:13ulmutulThis is completely handled in button_tick() in button.c. For your purpose you have to use button_read()
16:05:38pamauryulmutul: I wonder if his question was more about if you press a button twice very quickly ?
16:05:58pamauryor maybe not, his question was vague
16:06:25ulmutulBTW I tested XWorld on my YH925 (PP5020 target), and the first time I started the intro, sound worked. I tried out different buffer settings, and settings of 128 samples and above made the player hang at some point. I tried the smaller settings, and I got no sound output at all. Even with 64 samples (which I believe is the standard) I have no output now. I will try you patch now and report...
16:07:13ulmutulpamaury: I never really played the game, so I don't know what buttons to press :)
16:08:24ulmutulBut yes, maybe I misunderstood.
16:08:36pamauryI never played either :)
16:11:59ulmutulah, he uses button_status()
16:12:52 Quit Jinx (Quit: reboot)
16:13:13ulmutulso my explanation of how button_get() works was rather pointless :)
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16:50:50ulmutulDebouncing is done in button_read() and takes one additional tick for each state change (so one for the release, one for the next press). There may be additional delay for some targets by hardware-debouncing or in the target specific low level drivers.
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19:22:00*pamaury got a Fiio X3. Even more incentive to port rockbox to the X1 and X3 quickly
19:22:00 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
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19:28:02robertd1congrats pamaury. I am trying to write the lua for the x5 but keep getting the Cannot load description file '../../regtools/desc//regs-atj213x.xml'
19:28:29pamauryrobertd1: you can ignore this message
19:28:43pamauryif it doesn't print any other major error, it's working
19:29:00 Join WakiMiko_ [0] (~WakiMiko@unaffiliated/wakimiko)
19:29:06pamaurydid it produce the fiio_x5_ipl.bin file?
19:30:01robertd1pamaury no it produces a Fatak unknown 'name' attribute
19:30:11pamauryrobertd1: give me the full output
19:30:32pamaurythe errors when loading register files ae not fatal
19:30:43pamaurythe tool continues to run
19:31:27 Join munch [0] (pls@gateway/shell/elitebnc/x-heoyllcjhlvsacaq)
19:32:23pamauryit must be printing something else
19:32:56cryhamhi pamaury i found what's wrong i think
19:33:14cryhamnothing happens on internal memory, plays okay
19:33:20robertd1pamaury it freezes then I get an cannot open device but it is listed Ingenic Semiconductor
19:33:28cryhambut had those issues happening on memory card
19:33:40 Quit munch (Excess Flood)
19:33:40pamauryrobertd1: please give me the full output, everything
19:33:56cryhamso what can i do? format the card and then copy music back to it?
19:34:22pamaurycryham: interesting, did you retest all versions I sent you using the memory card?
19:34:28 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
19:34:50cryhamno just the previous
19:34:51pamauryrobertd1: which gerrit patch are you using?
19:35:06cryhambut i think this is the cause
19:36:03robertd1the 69c773b9.diff
19:37:50pamauryrobertd1: what is this? I didn't send you a diff, I'm sure of it
19:38:18pamauryah that's the commit id, it's too old, this bug was fixe
19:38:29pamauryyou need to be at g#1411
19:38:30fs-bluebotGerrit review #1411 at : hwstub: add Fiio X3II IPL/SPL dumping code by Amaury Pouly
19:39:05robertd1thanks pamaury let me try it :)
19:39:29pamaurycryham: give me some time and I will send you a build to test, you still confirm that it did not happen on the original 2013 build?
19:39:35pamaury(even on memory card)
19:40:27cryham2013 was ok, just booted a bit longer
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19:41:18pamauryok, I have an idea, it doesn't quite explain why it would freeze but that's the only obvious difference between internal storage and mmc that comes to mind
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19:56:05pamaurythis is unexpected
19:56:29pamauryare you sure HEAD is at 4366ea5a831d5d69699a4aaf3100208329eb754b without modifications?
19:57:43robertd1pamaury yes, let me repeat the procedure and make clean
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