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#rockbox log for 2016-11-05

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00:24:27CommunistWitchDrHaving a sudden new problem, Windows 10 has decided that now it wants my Rockbox'd Clip Zip to register as a Sansa Clip Zip, instead of a generic USB device. So it wont let me reach any files and just wants me to update back to sansa firmware.
00:27:32CommunistWitchDrCan't find anything related to it online. Unfortunately my Linux drive is out of commission for the time being or I'd try on it.
00:28:53robertd1hi, did you try to remove the drivers for the sansa clip zip in device manager?
00:31:37CommunistWitchDrYep, it just force reinstalls them. But I did just finally find a solution messing around with settings (what timing, messing with it for a couple hours and find something a few minutes after jumping on irc).
00:32:02CommunistWitchDrIf you turn on USB HID it isn't recgonized as a Sansa device anymore and just displays as one mass storage device
00:32:59CommunistWitchDrOh well, thanks for the suggestion anyway!
00:33:28robertd1youre welcome
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03:07:07dongsCommunistWitchDr: sounds like you got switched to MTP mode
03:07:24dongsboot into OF and go back to MSC mode
03:07:45dongsoh, nvm you solved it
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03:32:37__builtinulmutul (logs): indeed. I will probably use button_read() and see if that makes a difference
03:33:19__builtinwait a second...
03:33:26__builtinthere is no button_read() in the plugin API
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03:42:18__builtinhonestly I'll probably just copy and paste doom's input code
03:52:00__builtinwow, it works
03:52:07__builtina lot better than before, too :D
04:05:05*__builtin can finally beat the first level
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04:33:02__builtin g#1413 should be good to go
04:33:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #1413 at : XWorld: some fixes by Franklin Wei
04:33:13__builtinsaratoga: ^
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13:05:23*pamaury now needs to write a sd/mmc ipl/spl dumper for jz...
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14:02:44BilgusPamaury: I have some of the button_selector started but I'm wondering how I should pass the buttons back out.. AND them and pass a mask or should I pass each individual code?
14:03:38pamauryBilgus: a mask is the way to go I think. The setting would be an integer, it just has a special way of being selected
14:03:58pamaurywe do that already: button status is a bitmask (except for touch/scroll events)
14:04:42pamauryBilgus: would you mind posting the code somewhere (possibly on gerrit) when you have something?
14:04:55Bilgusk thats what I wanted to hear It makes showing the selected ones much easier
14:05:59Bilgusyeah I will once it has some more substance to it hopefully tuesday
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16:05:41deathsbreedHey, has anyone tried install RockBox on the Sansa Clip Jam? I've seen a forum post <> about it, but I'm not sure if that means it works or not.
16:09:18pamaurydeathsbreed: rockbox will never be ported to the jam
16:09:36pamaurynot enough ram
16:09:43pamaurylike the clip sport
16:10:33deathsbreedI see.
16:10:52 Join st1ckyb1t [0] (
16:11:54deathsbreedWell, that's a pity. All the other Sansa's are quite expensive.
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16:15:28deathsbreedKnow any relatively mp3 players that rockbox supports?
16:28:22 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
16:32:40Bilgusdeathsbreed: that is why the others are so expensive now imo
16:34:55BilgusFuze plus is around $50
16:35:28deathsbreedHmmm... looks nice. Athough for now I found a Clip+ on EBay for a bit less.
16:35:33 Quit cc___ (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
16:35:37deathsbreedAnd it already has RockBox installed :D
16:35:47Bilgusthats referb or used
16:36:13BilgusI do love my clip+ but the fuze is a nice player too
16:37:09Bilgusfuze+ has an infuriating touchpad but that is getting better and the whole no clip thing kinda sucks too
16:37:44Bilgusthe battery for the clip+ goes for $16 on ebay
16:38:03deathsbreedWell, it's called Fuze, not clip :P
16:38:28deathsbreedBilgus: you might get different results depending on what country you're searching in.
16:40:27Bilgus*in US :)
16:40:44deathsbreed*in EU
16:42:32 Join ulmutul [0] (
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16:48:27deathsbreedI think I'll just get the used one with RockBox already on it.
16:48:47deathsbreedNo idea why music players are so expensive, though.
16:55:43ulmutul__builtin: you're right, sorry, button_read() is only used internally. button_status() is the one provided by the api.
16:56:17__builtinulmutul: np, it's working great now
16:56:35*__builtin finds that copying what doom does is very helpful
16:57:10ulmutulGame runs fine on PP5020 target and sound is good, but the code doesn't like switching the buffer setting.
16:57:50__builtindoes it crash?
16:59:08ulmutulIt hangs if I select a buffer level that's too high (this is expected), but if I set a lower buffer level or even the default level, I no sound output at all.
16:59:34__builtinis this with the newest patch?
17:00:39ulmutulEven if the setting is loaded from the config file it doesn't work, I have to reset settings to make it work again.
17:01:14ulmutulThe bug was already present in the old code.
17:01:27__builtinyeah, I remember that being the case
17:03:08ulmutulThe new patch made it somewhat worse, the player sometimes hangs after the "String table not found..." splash and is not loading anymore (when the buffer setting is taken from the config file, no problem with standard setting)
17:04:01__builtinok, I can reproduce on ip6g
17:04:32__builtinsince it works with settings reset, it's probably something fishy with the settings portion
17:06:27ulmutulI haven't had time for a closer look at the code, but I'll test if you provide another patch :)
17:06:35__builtinyep, looks like the buffer level setting defaults to 1 sample no matter what :P
17:06:41__builtinwell that explains a lot
17:07:11ulmutulgtg now, bye!
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17:12:56 Join cc___ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
17:13:48__builtinwow... looks like I misunderstood the opt_items struct
17:28:46__builtinalright, I can't seem to get this straight
17:29:04__builtinis the size attribute to pcm_play_data() in terms of number of bytes, or number of samples, or what?
17:31:31pamaury__builtin: bytes iirc
17:32:42__builtinhmm, using bytes makes the game sound like a demented record player
17:33:00*pamaury checks
17:34:34pamauryit's most definitely bytes from what I see in firmware/
17:35:00pamaurymaybe you set the wrong frequency or wrong mono/stero mode
17:35:12__builtinyeah, possibly
17:35:38__builtindo I have to set the mode from a plugin, or is it always 44.1/16/stereo?
17:37:47pamauryin theory you have to set it, although with high probability it's 44.1/16/stereo
17:38:07*pamaury suggest to look at other plugins that play sound
17:45:16__builtindo you see anything wrong with this snippet?
17:46:40 Quit Bilgus (Quit: Page closed)
17:46:56pamaury__builtin: you have an index problem
17:47:22pamauryyou do strides of 2 on i but it's mono, so basically you are skipping half the samples
17:47:38pamauryand filling half the buffer
17:48:15*pamaury suggests:
17:48:15pamauryfor(int i = 0; i < audio_sys->settings.sound_bufsize; i++) { rb_soundbuf[2 * i] = temp_soundbuf[i] * 0x100; rb_soundbuf[2 * i + 1] = rb_soundbuf[2 * i] ; }
18:08:26__builtinthank you!
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