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#rockbox log for 2016-11-08

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00:30:35Bilgus[Saint]: I tried to commit my new changes got a merge conflict I'm guessing because I didn't rebase first what do I need to do after the fact?
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00:31:52[Saint]Do you have a diff of your changes saved? Be it externally or in git history?
00:32:42Bilgusit'd be in git
00:32:44[Saint]You really shouldn't have gotten a merge conflict with this if you had a clean tree. My guess is unlrelated changes from an unclean state or a failed partial revert.
00:33:27BilgusI have a diff as well
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00:37:53[Saint]OK, so you _definitely_ have an external diff of your current change set?
00:38:34[Saint]If so, we can nuke the whole thing with absolute impunity.
00:39:17[Saint]We'll also work with branches this time, because developing in ~HEAD is...gross.
00:39:21[Saint]'git reset −−hard origin/master'
00:39:52[Saint]'git checkout -b dynamic_softlock'
00:40:13[Saint]'patch -p1 < /path/to/diff.diff'
00:40:20[Saint]'git add .'
00:40:26[Saint]'git commit'
00:41:23__builtinok, g#1413 is finalized, for the last time, I hope
00:41:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #1413 at : XWorld: some fixes by Franklin Wei
00:42:44[Saint]Bilgus: and then we concentrate on getting it to Gerrit.
00:43:09[Saint]'git remote set-url −−push origin ssh://'
00:43:22[Saint]'git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master'
00:43:53[Saint]and we're done, we know have committed staged local changes and pushed to the Gerrit ~REMOTE
00:44:57[Saint]NB: Replace '' with $'
00:45:43Bilgusthats it :)
00:46:02[Saint]AH, cool. Good guess, then.
00:46:09[Saint]You can just copy all that verbatim then.
00:46:28[Saint]sansa quotation, of course, but you'll figure that out one presumes.
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00:47:10Bilgusok so now what do I do with the failed one?
00:47:11[Saint]If Gerrit complains about you not being verified or authorized, please let me know.
00:47:36[Saint]I am assuming that you already have an ssh key generated and that the pubkey is already added to your Gerrit account.
00:47:45[Saint]If it is not, we need it to be.
00:48:04Bilgusyeah its all up already
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00:49:13[Saint]Ah, you mean it was up from a previous attempt, or it is up now as a result of this attempt?
00:49:16Bilguswhat do I do with this one though? >>
00:49:24BilgusThis attempt
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00:49:39[Saint]Right, shit, that would've been good to know.
00:49:50[Saint]I assumed, silly me.
00:50:36[Saint]We missed an opportunity to keep the original task - but, it isn't the end of the world.
00:51:02[Saint]If you're logged in to gerrit and you browse to that task you'll get an option to abandone the change set.
00:51:33Bilgusk just wanted to be sure Thanks
00:51:43[Saint]For future reference, if this happens again, the thing Gerrit is interested in to associate changes with a patch set is the changid.
00:52:09[Saint]So the next time this happens, if there is one, copy the changeid from the previous patch set to the commit of the current patch set.
00:52:34[Saint]Then Gerrit will automatically add it as an iteration of that patch set instead of a new one.
00:53:04[Saint]The only concept of 'ownership' Gerrit has is $AUTHOR and $CHANGEID.
00:53:44BilgusAH ok I didn't realize we could copy it into a new commit
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00:54:25[Saint]With those set I could abduct your patch set for myself, or vice versa, right now. This is how it is possible for multiple people to work on one patch set, or for you/I to revive a patch set that needs to be rebased but the author has gone AWOL, etc.
00:55:13Bilgushuh how do you do that without the ssh key?
00:55:40[Saint]The keys are not tied to any given patch set.
00:55:54[Saint]It is just to ensure that you're authorized to touch Gerrit, period.
00:56:18Bilgushuh interesting
00:56:23[Saint]I just need *a* key that can be verified. I don't need *your* key.
00:57:00[Saint]All I need is at least seven digits of (or as many more as it takes to be unique) the changeid.
00:58:41[Saint]The only reason I would pass $AUTHOR is if I wanted to maintain the original authorship (which I like to do - but you can just outright 'steal' a patch set too without passing an author/email.
00:58:46BilgusPretty cool, I saved your instructions for the next time FSM forbid I screw up
00:59:52[Saint]I take it you're familiar with ?
00:59:59[Saint] - Wiki > Main > UsingGit
01:00:45[Saint]If you want more overall familiarity with git as a whole:
01:00:54[Saint] - Git Reference
01:01:28BilgusI've read through it several times now but didn't see anything about when you FSU
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01:02:29[Saint]That's tackled (albeit in a slightly different way to the (really aggressive) means I used in the FAQ on the UsingGit page.
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01:02:44BilgusI did the whole rebase thing but I guess I needed to git reset −−hard origin/master instead
01:03:41[Saint]reset −−hard origin/master is just a way of saying "reset this to the current state of the remote origin"
01:03:59BilgusI typically keep an origin and make a copy for each change and save patches into my "release" folder
01:04:21[Saint]but, for instance, you can also do "reset −−hard HEAD~! to reset to the last commit in the local tree.
01:04:28[Saint]sorry, ~1
01:04:51[Saint]or ~2 to go back to local commits, etc.
01:05:18[Saint]Bilgus: yeah, that's kinda completely ignoring what a versioning system is actually for.
01:05:33[Saint]Understandable if you're not familiar with it though.
01:05:34Bilgusyep :p
01:05:50[Saint]That's precisely what branches are for, which is why I elected to walk your through making one.
01:06:08[Saint]If you want to switch back to 'master' you would do 'git checkout master'
01:06:14Bilgusmuch appreciated
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01:06:51[Saint]then rebase that or whatever if you want to, then if you want to work on dynamic_softlock again, checkout that branch.
01:07:08[Saint]you can create a (near) infinite amount of branches on any given tree.
01:07:12BilgusI will be sure to do that in the future its saved local though right?
01:07:25[Saint]I prefer to keep a distinct branch for each individual patch set.
01:07:47[Saint]Once you end up with a bunch of local changes stacked up it makes committing one specific patch set a pain in the tits.
01:07:57[Saint]Yes. It is saved locally.
01:08:19Bilgusyeah putting a bunch of patches together
01:08:44Bilgusbeen there already too
01:09:45[Saint]Though another way of handling this if you just want to make a quick change that doesn't warrant its own branch is to do 'git stash ; <change and commit something> ; git stash pop'
01:10:14[Saint]you can also use git stash to rebase on top of staged (uncommitted) changes.
01:10:56[Saint]ala: 'git stash ; git pull −−rebase ; git stash pop'
01:11:38[Saint]that will stash any unstaged changes, rebase to remote master, and then overlay your changes on top of the newly updated local HEAD of that branch.
01:12:22[Saint]If there are merge conflicts that arise during that, git will walk you through it with a dynamic/guided interface.
01:13:39Bilgusthat is what I tried before I asked for help but since I already committed it wouldn't allow me to re-commit
01:14:19[Saint]Ah, right.
01:15:00[Saint]Yeah that (push/pop) only really works elegantly with unstaged changes.
01:16:25[Saint]And if it helps at all - Don't feel any type of ways about fucking this up. There isn't a single person in this room that hasn't managed to butcher their local tree/branch so badly that they just took the "ahhhh fuck it" approach and nuked it from orbit.
01:16:33[Saint]I absolutely guarantee that.
01:16:49[Saint]There is absolutely nothing about git and/or Gerrit that is obvious or user friendly.
01:18:09[Saint]It is a very powerful tool. With that great power comes the ability to do very elegant and useful things, or screw up and trash your work - bonus points if you manage to screw it up so bad that you toast the reflog and make everything totally unrecoverable.
01:18:23[Saint]I have lost count of the number of times I have done this.
01:19:16[Saint]_In theory_ everything you do in git is 100% reversible as long as the reflog is intact, but sometimes it is just plain easier to dowse it all in gasoline and strike a match.
01:19:58[Saint]There's no shame to be had in this. I assure you ever developer here, of every level of competence, has done so.
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01:32:01*Bilgus has little to no shame
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01:40:08Harbechi, yesterday I installed rockbox on an ipod classic 6th generation
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02:02:20fxharbecis there a way to connect my ipod in my car and have it working and display on screen?
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02:30:10__builtinfxharbec: are you talking about display mirroring?
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02:57:38__builtinthe profiling option appears to be broken
02:57:42__builtinat least in the plugin api
02:57:54__builtinrockbox/apps/plugin.c:555: error: ‘profile_thread’ undeclared here (not in a function)
02:58:32[Saint]In a sim or SDl build, or on-target?
02:58:50[Saint]The former wouldn't surprise me at all.
02:59:07[Saint]The latter doesn't surprise me too much assuming you're talking about the Classic.
03:00:09[Saint]As you may well know there was quite a lot of stuff in that build that wasn't implemented despite there being no real barrier to it.
03:00:20__builtinit appears to be declared in firmware/kernel/thread-common.c
03:01:27__builtinso, how would I get it to work?
03:01:42__builtinis profiling specific to the target?
03:02:38[Saint]IIUC, "kindof".
03:03:03[Saint]It's kinda like how a logf build doesn't really do fuck all without sprinkling logf functions around where you want them.
03:03:32[Saint]That's my understanding of it at least.
03:10:23__builtinalright, so it should work in a sim, right?
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03:16:52__builtinwell apparently now
03:32:10fxharbecCar Ipod USB - I get an error message plugging my rockbox (model ipod classic 6th generation) in usb plug
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03:46:49__builtinthat's probably using IAP then
03:46:58*__builtin isn't too clear about the extent of rockbox's IAP support
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03:51:44__builtindoes anyone else know about this?
03:55:48__builtinhmm, it looks like there is some code for it in the tree
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04:20:30Saratoga_It's not possible to communicate with an iPod over usb using any of the apple accessory protocols, they're are encrypted and as far as I know the keys have not been extracted
04:20:52Saratoga_Only the unsecured serial port interface works
04:21:02Saratoga_Which isn't over usb
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04:21:44BilgusAll: anything already defined to grab the current context? WPS FM etc?
04:22:17BilgusLooks to me like main calls the individual contexts which return them as needed
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06:30:24BilgusGot that worked out
06:30:49Bilgusanyone know how keymaps are loaded for each target?
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08:39:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f2da975, 255 builds, 13 clients.
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08:51:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 718 seconds.
08:51:05fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision f2da975 result: All green
08:59:35pamaurywodz: so hwstub is working with polling instead of irq ?
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10:13:06wodzpamaury: yes, reverting this commit restored working stub.
10:14:09pamauryBilgus: keymaps are in apps/keymaps
10:14:15wodzpamaury: I have a feeling I committed this rework from wrong branch.
10:14:39pamauryso you have a working irq version in another branch?
10:15:11BilgusI figured that out a few hours ago found the fun pointer to the static array
10:16:33BilgusI'm ready for bed at this point, the issue I have with context sensitive backlighting is the backlight is done in button.c which is lower in the chain than action.c
10:16:48pamauryI don't if the current wps context is stored somewhere or if the get_action_* function just don't take a current context parameter. I haven't looked at that in a long time
10:17:21pamauryit might be possible to have a function in the button driver to register a filter
10:17:41pamauryso that apps/ can tell firmware/ whether it wants backlight or not
10:17:57Bilgusnow I can block the backlight in button.c for the desired contexts but the filtering for the actions is painful at best
10:19:21BilgusI used get_action to store the current context and exposed it in another function that works fine
10:19:51Bilgusregistering a filter sounds interesting
10:20:08pamauryBilgus: as a rule, code in firmware/ can never EVER call a function in apps/
10:20:29pamaurythe only way apps/ can talk to firmware/ is by registering a function
10:20:50pamaury(think of apps/ as userspace and firmware/ as kernel)
10:20:50Bilgusgood to know
10:22:19Bilgusso first i guess will be an event for the current context?
10:23:56Bilguswhat is the registration mechnism?
10:31:54pamauryyou have to create it, something like:
10:31:54pamauryvoid backlight_register_button_func(bool (*function)(int btn));
10:31:54pamauryand the function given in parameter is called when on every button action to know if it should trigger backlight or not. Maybe it could/should be more generic and return on/off/don't change. But you get the idea
10:35:43pamaurythat's a different thing
10:36:47pamauryevent classes are for messages broadcasted to the system, mostly to tell them something important happened
10:37:17pamaurylike "external storage was mounted" or "usb was plugged"
10:39:27Bilgusoh ok so then you pass a pointer to the function that is in apps then?
10:40:49Bilgusok so a callback then
10:40:51pamauryunless someone suggests a better approach
10:45:45Bilgusok good enough I mull on that for a bit and see what I come Thanks
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10:47:29gevaertsDoes anyone remember the policy on removing forum accounts if users ask that?
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11:13:01pamaurygevaerts: does that need a policy?
11:14:49wodzpamaury: Since I remember having irq version working it must be somewhere :-)
11:17:13gevaertspamaury: maybe not. In the current case the user has posted in one thread back in 2007, so probably not even historical significance. I'd say we don't just delete *posts* though without a good reason
11:18:32pamaurydoes deleting a users deletes its posts?
11:19:13gevaertsNot necessarily. I get asked if I want to do that
11:19:36gevaertsIf not, the username is still shown but you can't easily search by user anymore on those posts
11:24:30pamaurythen I guess it's not problem to delete a user
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11:57:35gevaertspamaury: I've done it now. I suspect the best policy is to think about it first :)
11:57:41gevaertsIt doesn't happen very often anyway
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13:08:34wodzpamaury, gevaerts: Can you look at #1389 and tell me why dsp_process() crashes in simulator (differently depending on which threading model is used)? pcm_output.c is slightly tweaked version form mpegplayer.
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13:22:41pamaury_wodz: I'll have a look tonigt, although my knowledge of dsp stuff is zero
13:27:04wodzpamaury_: I am pretty sure it is not dsp stuff by itself. It is some sort of memory corruption somewhere.
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13:34:46 Nick AndyP is now known as Guest92337 (a5e150a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
13:36:09Guest92337On the point of IAP support, IAP over serial is well supported and most commands work. IAP over USB is NOT supported yet.....
13:36:38 Part Guest92337
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15:32:17anr_hi all, new here,i'm leaving in two hours, will read all tomorrow morning (GMT)
15:32:58anr_i've been a happy user of rockbox for years (ipod, now sansa clip), recently got a FIIO X1 II, and happily read there is some interesting in porting to it
15:33:41anr_i can code in c, being fluent in asm (x86 but can read other micros), and being using IDA for years
15:34:00anr_I am here to offer my help in whatever it's needed, pcb scans? etc...
15:34:07anr_If i can help in anything just tip me
15:34:10anr_thanks all!!!
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16:23:06sthfigure out the jz4760b maybe?
16:23:16sththere's a linux patch forit
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16:47:41pamaury_sth: I am working on it. PCB scan would be useful, since we don't have them
16:47:53pamaury_(I don't have the X1II, just the X1)
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16:49:12pamaury_also it would be useful to figure out how exactly the device boots. We know it uses linux, which I guess means u-boot. Fiio has not probably the source as of now, so we need to figure out a clean way to dual-boot
16:49:57pamaury_anr_: ^
16:50:01pamaury_sorry wrong person
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18:35:11__builtinhmm, this is tricky
18:35:35*__builtin is trying to rewrite a PCM callback to just return a premixed buffer
18:36:02__builtinbut writing the thread that populates that buffer requires sub-HZ timing
18:36:43__builtinat least with the buffer sizes I'm dealing with now
18:41:37 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:615a:fd77:b7ba:f8a6)
18:43:49 Join cc___ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
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18:53:52__builtinhmm I guess there's an issue if the IRQ is called while the mixer thread has a lock on the buffer
18:54:03__builtinand that'd lead to deadlock there
18:54:04 Join thrillho_ [0] (~Luke@unaffiliated/rockandorroll)
18:58:56 Join girafe [0] (
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19:42:33 Join wodz [0] (
19:43:35wodz__builtin: I don't know the architecture of xworld but if you produce sound in thread it doesn't need to be in small chunks.
19:44:34 Join chrisb [0] (
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20:17:31 Join wodz [0] (
20:17:42wodz__builtin: What governs time in xworld?
20:18:41 Join JanC [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
20:23:23 Join lebellium [0] (
20:23:38 Quit idonobm_ (Quit: Bye)
20:24:56 Join smoke_fumus [0] (
20:27:32__builtinwhat do you mean?
20:30:35pamaurywodz: did you manage to build some sony nwz in the end?
20:30:55wodzpamaury: build?
20:31:01pamaurybuy ;)
20:31:13pamauryI guess building them will be hard :-p
20:31:44 Join alexweissman [0] (
20:32:10wodzpamaury: yes, nwz-e474 (probably). My wife picked it up today
20:32:38wodz__builtin: I mean what makes timing in xworld vm?
20:36:46__builtinwodz: the bytecode specifies how long to display a frame for
20:37:08__builtinand the vm sleeps for that long, minus the cycle delay
20:37:57wodz__builtin: How is music produced and synced to frames then?
20:38:35lebelliumpamaury: going back to Paris for vacations for 2 weeks. Should I take the A850 with me or you need more time before having something to test?
20:39:08pamaurylebellium: take it, I might send you stuff ;)
20:39:27pamauryyou'll still be on irc?
20:41:08lebelliumschedule is bumming around all day long and drinking beers every night
20:41:21pamaurymy hope is to have working bootloader and rockbox without sound by the end of the week
20:41:24lebelliumso I can be on IRC during the day
20:41:34pamauryok great
20:47:55wodzpamaury: I should be able to test something on this e474 considering it is 474 which I will verify on friday probably.
20:48:22 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
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20:49:53pamauryI have almost finished my database on the various players, which should help me write this bootloader
20:50:03pamauryI am still unsure about how to compile the bootloader
20:50:26pamaurycurrently it is in directory in utils/ but in the long run, we need to build it using the build system I think
20:55:39wodzpamaury: did you have time to look at g#1389 ?
20:55:40fs-bluebotGerrit review #1389 at : Port of picoTTS by Marcin Bukat
20:57:03pamaurywhat exactly should I look at?
20:57:26pamauryah yeah the dsp stuff
20:58:02wodzpamaury: As I said dsp stuff is IMO side effect as where this plugin crashes depends on threading mode used.
20:59:35__builtinwodz: well, the bytecode tells the mixer what it wants to play
20:59:44__builtinand then the mixer mixes the channels on-demand
21:00:39wodzpamaury: In simulator with default threads it crashes in first call of dsp_process(). With sdl threads it produce 2MB+ of samples correctly and then suddenly freezes.
21:00:40 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
21:02:21 Join q3cpma [0] (
21:03:16q3cpmaHello, does anyone know if the native Opus gain tags (R128_*) are used by Rockbox? Or should i just transfer the Replaygain from the original files?
21:17:42pamauryq3cpma: no idea, hopefully someone who knows will answer
21:20:16q3cpmapamaury: Okay. By the way, is there a real difference in power usage between Vorbis and Musepack (using git on a Sansa Clip+/Fuze+)? Seems like vorbis got quite fast in rockbox.
21:23:41 Join saratoga_ [0] (123e13c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:27:12q3cpmasaratoga_: I've seen this page. But I don't know how to map CPU frequency and power usage (voltage?). Since Musepack seems like a pain to use (ffmpeg doesn't support encoding and mpcenc discard all tags during conversion)
21:28:05q3cpmaI think I'll use Vorbis. Opus has a meaningfully higher power draw
21:28:13saratoga_from your point of view, power consumption is frequency
21:31:35 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:31:53q3cpmasaratoga_: You mean it's linear?
21:32:24pamauryit's very nonlinear
21:32:33q3cpmasaratoga_: Like double the frequency means double the power draw? (without couting the screen backlight)
21:34:27pamaurysaratoga_: usually frequency scaling involves voltage scaling, and power is typically f*V^2
21:34:38pamauryerr q3cpma
21:35:01 Join alexweissman [0] (
21:35:28saratoga_its not linear, theres fixed consumption just for being on, and all sorts of other things change as well
21:35:35q3cpmapamaury: I see. But does voltage scale linearly with frequency? (in the voltage scaling implementation)
21:35:38saratoga_but if you want to figure out what uses more, hten you just care about frequency
21:35:53q3cpmasaratoga_: Yeah, that why I said without the screen (which is the biggest consumer)
21:36:41pamauryq3cpma: no, but to give on an example on imx233:
21:37:06pamauryat 64MHz, voltage is 1.05V, at 400MHz, voltage is 1.55V
21:38:42q3cpmaI thought it was something like this (asymptotic).
21:42:26 Quit cc___ (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
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21:59:53 Join wodz [0] (
22:01:38 Part q3cpma
22:13:05 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
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