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#rockbox log for 2016-11-09

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02:27:04[Saint]Could I get a wording/"too harsh" check on,51546.msg238278.html#msg238278 please?
02:27:24[Saint]As usual, I'm trying for 'blunt but not outwardly offensive'.
02:30:03__builtinseems alright to me
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02:33:31[Saint]I just wanted to address the fundamental misconception that Rockbox actually cares about the hardware market or consumers.
02:33:54[Saint]More people need to realize it's devs working on a hobby project to please themselves.
02:34:48[Saint]The time to monetize or push for adoption was lost years and years and years ago.
02:35:09[Saint]like, over a decade ago.
02:36:24__builtinyeah, that makes total sense, I guess OP had good intentions but was just misinformed
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02:58:22[Saint]__builtin: Oh, yes, he certainly has good intentions.
02:58:50__builtinenough to write a wall of text, apparently ;)
02:59:14[Saint]I just don't want anyone to think that anyone is sitting around pulling out their hair at board meetings wondering how we can survive or that we're desperate for relevance.
02:59:33[Saint]That would be very disingenuous if I didn't shut that shit down.
03:00:46[Saint]Even if DAPs vanished off the face of the Earth in some DAP evangelical second coming, it still wouldn't kill us.
03:01:22[Saint]_hurt_ us, sure, but as long as SDL still exists, we're good.
03:05:00[Saint](for reference, yes, I really do use the SDL port as a desktop media player)
03:05:35[Saint]The only other desktop player that comes even remotely close is foobar2000 which requires me to run WINE, and, screw that.
03:16:18__builtinvlc "just works"
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10:35:52anormalAny idea how can i open the Fiio X1 II ?? i've seen the video to open de X1 normal, but this doesn't have screws. Any tips?
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10:37:56[Saint]it'll be clasp closure.
10:37:59[Saint]think ipod.
10:38:11[Saint]use a guitar pick or spudger, feel around at the seams.
10:38:21[Saint]just use something softer than it is.
10:48:42pixelmaif you're unlucky it might also be stuck together (unfortunately this seems to be the way manufacturers go atm)
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11:01:33anormali've asked in reddit, let's see if someone has some instructions or video
11:01:54anormalI want to scan/photo it
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11:17:07GodEaterdon't we have a page in the wiki somewhere saying "this might require some degree of violence" around *any* new port? :)
11:20:04[Saint]We do.
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11:20:24[Saint]I think anormal just isn't sure at what 'soft spot' to initiate said violence.
11:20:38[Saint]violence in some degree _will_ be required.
11:21:15GodEatermeh. just use a hammer ;)
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11:21:47[Saint]Those, per Rockbox documentation, are solely for bricking iPods.
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11:23:04*GodEater polishes his nails
11:23:33GodEater(is that actual "documentation", or just a goldenquote? )
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11:24:23Bilguspamaury: I got my callback working from button.c only problem is it still happens before action.c>get_action( ever gets called and therefore is one event behind
11:24:25bug3173Hi there! I got an iPod 5.5 Gen (80GB) and I don't know why but it's really difficult to skip from one song to another sometimes... the player freezes, while I can still hear the actual song played... sometimes I have to force reboot
11:24:45pamauryBilgus: not sure what you mean?
11:25:37Bilgusget_action uses whatever context calls it and looks up the supplied button code
11:26:03pamauryyes, and?
11:26:26Bilgushappens after the backlight on in button.c
11:27:10BilgusI need a way to lookup the current context before get_action gets a call
11:28:07Bilgusthen I can lookup the button code myself or for that matter call get_action if I so desired
11:29:10Bilgusor I hold off on backlight when ever my callback is there and just do the backlight_on from there but I don't like that much
11:30:01Bilgussorry don't turn backlight on in button.c but instead turn it on in action.c
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11:41:25bug3173No idea? :)
11:46:32Bilgusdon't do Ipods but what version of rockbox?
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11:53:30anormalmy Fiio x1 II is brand new, one week :D i don't want to use any violence with it :)
12:01:02bug3173the last dev build; and any build I've had
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13:00:44Bilguspamaury: I tossed all the callback stuff put in a switch for the backlight in button.c along with a func to set / turn on backlight and button light and then in action.c filtered the non button presses works... not sure in all cases as of yet
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15:10:18duo8gah, can't believe they only manage 8h with a 2200mAh battery
15:10:28duo8hope rockbox can do better
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20:05:15wodzpamaury: ping
20:07:26pamaurywodz: ^
20:08:39wodzpamaury: not working atj hwstub gives this trace of events: 1) connection 2) get descriptor device to address 0 3) correct response to this request 4) port reset? 5) set address request from address 0 6) set address response from host with correct address 7) get descriptor request device to new address 8) malformed response
20:08:59wodzpamaury: Any hint where to look?
20:09:50wodzpamaury: comparing this with working version it is the same up to 7)
20:10:02pamaurywitout more details about the malformed response this is not easy
20:10:43pamaurymaybe you don't flush the fifo on reset request?
20:13:17wodzpamaury: I sent you email with working and non working wireshark trace
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20:13:46pamauryI'll have a look, unfortunately the wireshark traces tend to not help a lot when debugging low level usb problems
20:14:24pamaurya possibility is that the first request of the host has a small size (less than a packet) whereas the second one asks for the whole descriptor
20:14:34pamaurymaybe the code does not handle multi-packet send correctly
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20:15:28wodzpamaury: I know wireshark is suboptimal BUT this is the only tool I have
20:15:41pamaurygive me 10/15 min to finish dinner and I'll have a look
20:15:48pamauryI need to look at the code to see how it works
20:17:01wodzpamaury: thanks. working version is current HEAD, non working is before f2da975
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20:36:13pamaurywodz: I'm not a 100% how wireshark reports control transfers (because of the two message per transfer) but it may be possible that your handling of set_address is incorrect and the device did not switch address
20:38:01pamauryah from the code I see there is some magic involved in set address
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20:43:05pamaurywodz (logs): I suspend your code is stuff in the while(!finished) look of the first request that is interrupted by a reset
20:43:18pamauryon reset you should mark any pending transfer as finished
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20:49:33pamaurywodz: did you see my message?
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20:50:27wodzpamaury: but I don't quite understand your sentence
20:51:16pamaurywhen you receive a reset request
20:51:26pamauryyou should set epin.finished to true
20:51:56wodzpamaury: set address is handled in hardware. I guess there is somewhere register which indicates current address but it is not documented (obviously) and not used by OF
20:52:31wodzpamaury: So basically cancel transfer, right?
20:55:46wodzdidn't help
20:56:19pamauryis the trace the same?
20:56:58pamaurydo you have any way of seeing if the second request is actually received and the code is not stuck in the while(!finished) loop?
20:57:16wodzI can blink backlight
20:57:59wodzI guess I should reset fifos as well on reset
20:58:59pamaurymost probably
20:59:20wodzbut the working version doesn't do that :P
21:02:31wodzreseting fifos doesn't cure it either
21:03:20wodzSo you think it hangs is while (!ep0in.finished) of the first write?
21:06:11wodzthe first usb_drv_send() doesn't block
21:06:43pamaurywell if you don't clear finised on reset that might be the case but that depends on how the controller handles reset (does it call the transfer complete irq ?)
21:07:10pamaurycan you check if the setup setup is received ? (ie usb_drv_recv_setup returns)
21:07:18pamaury*second setup
21:07:57pamauryfrom the wireshark tracer it seems the device is not answering the request at all, which suggest that the second usb_drv_send() is never called
21:23:50 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
21:42:29wodzpamaury: second usb_drv_recv_setup doesn't return
21:43:21pamaurybut it is called? hum
21:44:22wodzno, usb_drv_recv_setup() is called only once
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21:45:41wodzpamaury: ^
21:46:11pamauryso where is it stuck?
21:46:30pamauryah, maybe usb_drv_recv()
21:46:38pamauryI forgot to look at this one
21:47:09pamaurymaybe you also need to set ep0out.finished to true
21:47:36pamauryor at least check if it's stuck in usb_drv_recv()
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21:49:26wodzyes, it is stuck in usb_drv_recv()
21:49:58pamaurygreat, that's progress
21:50:12pamaurynow try setting epout.finished to true on reset maybe?
21:51:28wodzno go. Still the same
21:54:07*pamaury wonders if there could be race condition here
21:55:46pamaurywodz: I think your receive function does not work for ZLP (the IRQ version)
21:56:18pamauryin the non-IRQ version, it sets OTG_EP0CS = 2; and returns
21:56:50pamauryin the IRQ version, it will block waiting for a ZLP, which will probably not happen
21:58:04wodzI thought zlp should generate ep0out irq anyway
22:00:54wodzyep, that was it
22:00:56pamaurythat's very unclear
22:01:02pamaurysome controllers do, some don't
22:03:55wodznow if I do if (length == 0) {OTG_EP0CS = 2; return0;} at the beginning of usb_drv_recv() It works.
22:04:02wodzpamaury: ^
22:04:19pamaurycool :)
22:06:45wodzpamaury: BUT this isn't quite the same as in non irq version. Non irq version is much more like 'broken' irq in sequence. It does wait for ACK which should generate irq
22:07:35 Join girafe [0] (
22:17:24pamaurywodz: you code in recv() for non-irq doesn't work irq for zlp
22:17:47pamaurysince the loop is while(cnt < length) and for length = 0 it is never run
22:18:26wodzaaaah, right
22:18:53 Join robertd1 [0] (~as@
22:19:24wodzin ralink source writing OTG_EP0CS = 2 is commented as // clear NAK bit to ACK host.
22:20:27wodzbut I don't quite get why it is needed
22:21:48pamaurywhen the host sends the ZLP, the device needs to ACK the transfer. Basically usb_drv_recv() of size zero tells to device to ACK instead of NAK
22:21:58pamaury(which is why I said that receiving a ZLP does not really make sense)
22:22:13pamaury(and why it may not trigger in IRQ on most controllers)
22:23:07wodzok, makes sense now
22:26:12wodzpamaury: so ZLP logic in INT_UDC() is redundant in case of in transfer, am I right?
22:30:00 Join thrillho [0] (~Luke@unaffiliated/rockandorroll)
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22:35:16pamaurywodz: no, it's still important for control out transfers
22:35:29pamauryor maybe not, good question
22:35:40wodzfor OUT I'd agree but for IN?
22:36:16pamauryI think the spec says ZLP is optional if you transfer exactly the amount predefined. For IN, you send the amount beforehand so I would expect no ZLP
22:36:22*pamaury goes read the spec
22:36:44wodzanyway, works without logic for IN zlp in irq
22:42:16pamauryspec is not very clear about it but I would say the host does not send a ZLP, because the spec says that a ZLP is only sent by the device during a control read on short transfers
22:44:19wodzpamaury: setting ep0{in,out}.finished = true in reset irq seems not needed
22:44:39pamauryok, maybe the controller fires the irq on reset automatically
22:45:05pamauryor maybe you are just lucky ;)
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23:30:42pamauryrobertd1: hi, I'm going to bed but just to say, I think it is possible to change Sony's destination and sound pressure just with scsitool (ie withour firmware upgrades)
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23:43:37robertd1that is excellent pamaury
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