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#rockbox log for 2016-11-11

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00:06:28Harbecim trying to install Rockbox or something to bypass iTunes on an Appel Nanao 4G (model A1285) any suggestions?
00:10:39funmanHarbec: check the list of players on the front page, especially this: "If your player is not listed above, then Rockbox does not run on it."
00:13:25Harbecthat's not true, for example, I manage to make a classic iPod 6th generation with dual-boot and they mention it as being an unsupported port
00:14:00funmanit is listed though
00:14:37Harbecit is listed in the UNSUABLE ports
00:17:17funmannot the nano 4g
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01:59:19[Saint]funman: obviously, you don't know what you're talking about's not like you're a contrubutor and lead developer for several of the listed targets or anything.
01:59:26[Saint]...oh, wait.
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02:00:13[Saint]The idea that people refuse to read the actual description of what constitutes 'unusable' is mildly hilarious. Like we actually took the time to list all the targets that Rockbox /doesn't/ work with.
02:00:20[Saint]And there's less than a dozen of them.
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02:01:38[Saint]Maybe we should drop the ambiguity and instead of stable, unstable, and unusable we should call the target classes John, Steve, and Frank.
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08:53:52pamaurymaybe we should rename unusable to experimentalr or in-development
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09:01:56[Saint]pamaury: to be honest, we should rename them all.
09:02:10[Saint]stable and unstable are ambiguous compared to what they actually mean.
09:02:26[Saint]neither implies stability or instability.
09:04:19[Saint]and in-development/experimental conflicts with the development builds.
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10:21:43pamaurywe can rename dev builds to nightly builds ;)
10:22:37pamaurywe could remove one category and have just stable and experimental, but at the end of the day there will always be amgibuous cases
10:23:34pamauryMy point being that it does not matter if the categories are slightly ambiguous as long as they are not suprising/confusing
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10:31:53pamauryOR maybe we should simply drop all categories with a big "see status page" warning sign
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11:38:09Bilgusp a m a u r y: you did the fuze port correct?
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12:00:19[Saint]That's not going to highlight him.
12:01:28[Saint]Bilgus: did you do that deliberately, or did some weird client screw that up spectacularly?
12:02:39Bilgusdidn't want to bother him with the beep
12:04:22[Saint]I figure if people didn't want to be bothered by IRC they wouldn't be connected.
12:11:35Bilgus[Saint]: well maybe you know the answer.. on the fuze+ sim it returns ACTION_SETTINGS_INC,.._INCREPEAT, ACTION_SETTINGS_DEC,.._DECREPEAT, on volume change in CONTEXT_FM but it returns the expected ACTION_WPS_VOLDOWN,.._VOLUP while in the wps is this a touchpad/screen device thing or just something weird with the fuze?
12:12:04duo8does rockbox only support FAT right now?
12:12:21[Saint]Yes. Now and forever.
12:13:37duo8what about file name limitations?
12:13:54[Saint]What of them?
12:14:11duo8some chars are not allowed
12:15:28[Saint]The interesting bit of the media is in metadata with no such limitations.
12:15:46[Saint]Should be saving FAT safe for compatibility anyway.
12:17:42[Saint]Bilgus: it's a side effect of that touchpad technically being a "touchscreen" AFAIK.
12:19:05duo8it screw with playlists
12:19:25duo8created on computers
12:19:55[Saint]Only if you're using non-FAT-safe naming schema, which you shouldn't be.
12:20:22[Saint]Virtually every batch tagged has the option to FAT safe filenames.
12:21:19[Saint]MusicBrainz Picard is the obvious choice.
12:24:14[Saint]The moral of the story is that just because you can use stupid characters on some more lenient filesystems doesn't mean that you should.
12:24:46[Saint]Make them FAT safe and they'll work everywhere.
12:37:35duo8eh screw it, i'm not gonna rename all my files
12:38:04duo8but i guess that means FAT has the most filename restrctions?
12:39:27[Saint]Of the widely used filesystems, yes.
12:39:57[Saint]Like I said above the process of FAT saying your files can be automated and batched.
12:41:02[Saint]You usually have to go out of your way to save media files that aren't FAT safe.
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13:11:46pamauryBilgus: yes I did
13:12:40pamauryBilgus: that's because there is a limited set of keys on the device, in settings I had to use vol up/down to change some settings
13:12:55pamaurythat's why I said there is no obvious mapping between keys and actions
13:13:27Bilgusso would you say that is a caveat to that device only or several?
13:13:33pamauryon many
13:13:55Bilgusok thx
13:14:05pamauryit depends on the available keys
13:14:31pamauryto be honest I don't remember why it was done like that in the fm screen, I would need to look at it again
13:16:51pamauryah yeah, that's because in the fm screen, left/right is to seek. But then there are several settings in a list, so you need up/down to select the setting, and then you need some keys to adjust it, so I chose volume up/down
13:17:10pamaurysomething like that
13:20:11pamauryhum maybe I'm confused, that's in the rec screen
13:21:18Bilgusat least in the sim its the fm screen
13:21:34pamauryyeah recscreen is complicated, but for fm screen I don't remember why it's done like that
13:21:37BilgusI haven't tried it on the actual target yet
13:22:58pamaury_Bilgus: ok the real explanation is that the radio screen does not understand wps_volup/down
13:23:10pamaury_ACTION_SETTINGS_INC/DEC changes volume
13:23:28pamaury_look at apps/radio/radio.c, around like 580
13:23:58pamaury_so basically in fm screen ACTION_SETTINGS_INC/DEC is volume +/-
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13:26:54Bilgusgood enough I just wanted to be sure before I enabled it in all targets
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16:07:35fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 33856d9, 255 builds, 14 clients.
16:07:51pamaury_robertd1: I pushed the destination changer code in scsitool
16:08:14pamaury_now changing destination should be a matter of
16:08:14pamaury_./scsitool /dev/sdX dest_tool set CEW off
16:08:14pamaury_for example
16:16:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 511 seconds.
16:16:07fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 33856d9 result: All green
16:40:10robertd1thanks pamaury :)
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17:15:09pamaury_robertd1: are you available right now or later? I'd like to dump the boot image from your device (because it has a different resolution) to see what it looks like exactly
17:30:57robertd1Hi pamaury, sure
17:32:55pamaury_ok, wait a minute, I will explain you how to do that
17:37:50pamaury_robertd1: go to utils/nwztools/scripts/
17:37:54pamaury_download this file: pamaury/2c1d86f748d23cfcaf832caafbeb1c3e">
17:37:57robertd1ok pamaur
17:38:07pamaury_rename it to
17:38:39robertd1downloading it right now
17:38:44pamaury_then run:
17:38:44pamaury_make exec_file NWZ_TARGET=nwz-a860 UPG=dump_bti_nwza860.upg
17:38:44pamaury_make copy_fw_upgrade UPG=dump_bti_nwza860.upg NWZ_MOUNT=/media/pamaury/WALKMAN/ && umount /media/pamaury/WALKMAN
17:38:46pamaury_sudo make do_fw_upgrade NWZ_DEV=/dev/sdX
17:38:53pamaury_as usual replace the mount point and device by the actual one
17:39:13pamaury_after the fake firmware upgrade, you should find a file called "bti.rgb" at the root of your device, can you send it to me?
17:39:46robertd1Yes pamaury Ill send it right away
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17:45:42robertd1pamaury, all set. Sent it to your mail
17:49:09pamaury_thanks :) what the resolution of your device?
17:50:32robertd1youre most welcom, the display resolution is 400 × 240.
17:50:51pamaury_ok thanks
17:51:39pamaury_indeed it is very similar to mine, basically the same with more black background
17:51:43lebelliumpamaury_: 240*400 is the same as mine, you already have it :)
17:53:03pamaury_lebellium: I don't think I have the image for you device, but yeah since they have the same resolution, they sould be the same
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18:29:46robertd1thats a great database of player index for the sony players pamaury
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20:08:06robertd1pamaury for a device with no updates the procedure to extract the key is with ./scsitool /dev/sdb get_dnk_nvp?
20:20:36pamauryget_dnk_nvp kas
20:21:10pamaurywhich device are you trying on?
20:21:57robertd1thank you I am trying to help someone to extract the NWZ-M504
20:22:48pamauryI don't think it runs linux
20:22:58pamauryat least it is not listed in sony open source page
20:23:21pamauryit's too small a player, probably uses a smaller OS and a different soc
20:23:34 Join Bray90820 [0] (
20:23:42robertd1it is a rare device I wasnt even aware it existed. just 8 gb
20:24:34pamauryprobably the best way to get info on it would be to see if it has a recovery mode and if so, what the usb ID that it shows
20:24:46pamaurysomething like plugging usb from power off by holding a key
20:27:43 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
20:27:52robertd1Yes, you are right, thanks. By the way amazing job with the nvp tool
20:33:38pamauryworking on dualboot now
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21:07:08Bilguspamaury: I have the selective backlight patch in a pretty good place should I upload as amend or how do i link back to previous?
21:11:43pamauryamend it I would say
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21:43:32pamauryhum, I suspect I bricked my E460... not sure what I've done though
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21:49:19pamaurydamn it, this one is just a pain in the ass to unbrick :(
22:02:58robertd1:-$ does the pc recognizes it?
22:22:28pamauryno, it's litteraly a brick, stuck at boot, I'll have to remove the flash board
22:28:27robertd1Once due to a failed software installation mine was in the same situation. its kind of tricky but press power on and reset at the same time whie pluggin the usb
22:28:36 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
22:29:50pamauryand what is that supposed to do?
22:30:20robertd1To mine the pc recognized and reinstalled the firmware
22:30:57pamauryand what is that supposed to do?
22:31:07pamauryit does nothing on mine
22:31:40pamaurypressing play on boot give a black screen but no usb connection, some other button do the same, some just don't do anything
22:32:34robertd1the tiny hole in the back_
22:33:48pamauryI know but it's just the reset button, resetting the player does not help
22:34:48pamaurybut it doesn't get past the logo, I might have broken something with a firmware upgrade
22:36:52pamaurybut it doesn't get past the logo, I might have broken something with a firmware upgrade
22:39:06pamaurywhat is the power on button on yours? I don't really have the equivalent, or maybe this recovery mode does not exists on mine
22:39:15robertd1the home button
22:40:19pamauryit seems to do something but the screen stays black and I don't have a usb connection
22:41:02robertd1did you leave the buttons pressed until the pc recognizes the device?
22:41:48pamaurywell I've tried holding for 10 sec, still no connection
22:44:10pamauryI have tried: plug usb, reset while holding home -> black screen
22:44:10pamauryand: reset while holding and try to plug usb at the same time -> logo
22:44:10pamauryno connection in any case
22:46:15robertd1it shuts down after the logo ?
22:46:23pamauryno, it is stuck
22:47:45robertd1by any chance do you have a wall charger?
22:48:00pamauryyes, why?
22:49:13robertd1another problem with mine is that sometimes does not load unless i try reset it with the charger not the pc
22:49:30pamauryyou plug and then reset why plugged?
22:49:51robertd1yes same as the procedure with the pc
22:50:22robertd1 i leave it connected for a few minutes and then boots
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22:51:22pamaurywhat is your procedure again: reset while holding home button?
22:51:42robertd1and with those two presed connect usb
22:52:04pamauryand do you get a black screen?
22:52:19robertd1the walkman logo
22:53:32pamauryso you press reset and home, and while holding plug usb, and then release both?
22:53:45pamauryI only seem to get a black screen if I insert usb with home button pressed
22:54:16robertd1yes, in the pc once is recognized i release them, in the wall charger it takes a few minutes then loads
22:55:42pamauryit doesn't seem to produce any effect on mine but I'll let it plug see if it does anything
22:56:55robertd1:-$ there is nothing in the nwz e460 service manual
22:58:45pamauryis it written in the A680 manual?
23:00:17robertd1no, it is not I was trying to see if there was a similar procedure. I found about mine in the sony forums
23:13:20robertd1This is silly but it might help,66/p/57784,59687,59925,59994/
23:19:09pamaurythis is not going to work, I don't have a usb connection at all
23:19:19pamauryanyway, I'll remove the flash, at least this works
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