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#rockbox log for 2016-11-12

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00:57:48__builtinprof_wolfff: so half of the '8702's IRAM is slower than DRAM, and half is slightly faster, right?
00:58:01__builtinis there a way to force something to be located in the "fast" half?
01:41:50prof_wolfff__builtin: can't recall the numbers exactly, for the first half of IRAM there is a multiplicator and the maximum speed is about half the speed of SDRAM, the SDRAM is about as fast as the second half of IRAM, these ratios are not the same for read and write
01:43:01prof_wolfffon Classic all IRAM is defined as a single region so AFAIK there is not way to specify the second half, anyway i see no reason to use the IRAM on Classic, i was thinking on disabling (in future) at least the first half of IRAM for powersaving
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04:57:14[Saint]prof_wolfff: is IRAM not address mapped?
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04:59:50*[Saint] maintains that wasn't his fault
05:00:22[Saint]I PM'ed the guy about a dozen times saying to contact a staffer to get unbanned.
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05:28:27ultramario1998hey, so I'm trying to install Rockbox on my ipod Classic 6G
05:29:08ultramario1998I got the UMSboot screen to appear, but it's not showing a mass storage device
05:29:41[Saint]Nor should it.
05:29:44ultramario1998When I disconnect it, it tries to load a UBI file and won't reconnect
05:30:05ultramario1998really? I was under the impression that was what I was meant to be seeing.
05:30:41[Saint]Oh, sorry. I misread. Interesting.
05:30:50[Saint]Are you positive you've killed off all Apple services?
05:31:08[Saint]I mentally replaced UMS with DFU, sorry.
05:31:37[Saint]People often expect DFU mode to present a visible device somewhere other than the device manager.
05:33:16[Saint]ultramario1998: are you using the ancient old Freemyipod install path, or the current patched RockboxUtility install path?
05:33:23ultramario1998Yeah. I killed all Apple/iPod related services, even including some seemingly-unrelated ones like iCloud
05:36:17ultramario1998hm. looking further, it appears that I'm using an outdated program. I'll update everything and let you know what happens
05:37:17[Saint]Are you using Freemyipod documentation?
05:37:45[Saint]The "don't use that, use this" disclaimer is pretty clear atop the page of the install flow documentation.
05:39:07ultramario1998I'm using this
05:41:02[Saint]that should be sufficient.
05:52:02ultramario1998got it working, thank you!
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07:07:31BilgusOK. Selective backlight patch is up now I just need some victims erm willing candidates to test it on a bunch of devices
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09:11:43TorCBilgus: I'll willingly test on my Clip Zip, though I haven't gone to the trouble of figuring out compiling new builds myself.
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11:29:07lebelliumpamaury: are you going to commit the confirmed KAS for A850 in upgtool.c?
11:29:26johnb__Bilgus: I can test on clip+ (and maybe later on Fuze V2).
11:31:25pamaurylebellium: already done
11:31:59lebelliumdidn't see it sorry
11:32:31lebelliumand what is HAS_KEY and HAS_SIG? Can I do something for it?
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11:38:43pamaurylebellium: the key and sig are derived from the kas
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13:58:35Bilguspamaury: how similar is tyhe fuze+ sim versus the actual target? especially on the button maps?
14:03:40pamaurybutton map is the same
14:05:28Bilgusweird .. Im getting actions on the actual target that I don't see in the sim
14:09:37BilgusI hope there are not different corner cases on every device vs sim
14:17:13pamaurywhat kind of actions?
14:17:28Bilgusotherwise i'm going to have to get rid of seek
14:17:49pamaurysim and target are not 100% the same, the keymap is the same but lots of code involved in the target is different
14:17:52Bilguson the fuze+ i get std_cancel on rew
14:18:12pamauryand on target?
14:18:33pamauryit depends on the context, what is rew?
14:19:12Bilgusthats on the target in sim its Action_seek_back
14:19:34Bilgusi checked its returning context 1 which is WPS
14:19:36pamaurythat's sound impossible in the same context
14:20:20pamauryunless the simulator buttons are wrong, maybe check if click left actually simulates left
14:21:01Bilgusmaybe it has to do with the way get_action_worker looks up the actions
14:21:15Bilgusthe sim gives the expected actions oddly enough
14:21:25pamaurythe action is the same
14:21:42pamaurythe only difference betwee sim and target is how the buttons are read
14:21:55pamauryI suggest you print what button_read_device() returns
14:22:26BilgusI'm thinking ill just get rid of seek completely its either that of filter_first_keypress and Its staying.
14:23:04Bilgusk ill check the button buffer
14:49:34pamauryyeah \o/ access to sony nwz emmc
14:49:54pamaurynow I just have to figure out what is wrong...
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16:01:55pamauryhum my nwz e460 is still dead after fscking all filesystem :-/ something else is wrong
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17:37:34pamauryoops, I suspect my update script accidently wiped out the rootfs, could explain why it's not booting :D
17:38:29pamaurybecause of a stupid to:
17:38:29pamauryrm -rf "$ROOTFS_TMP_DIR"
17:38:29pamauryinstead of
17:38:29DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
17:38:29pamauryrm -rf "$RB_TMP_DIR"
17:41:01lebelliumjust press 'cancel'
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17:58:06Bilguspamaury: figured out why I wasn't seeing the same actions from sim vs target.. BitAND instead of AND :/ smh it just happens the sim is so fast i couldn't see the buttons now the next question is why its grabbing the stdcontext button maps instead of the wps ones but ill figure that out soon
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18:26:51Bilguspamaury: I figured it out.. when the button is pressed (Left) get action falls through to the std context action which happens to be STD_CANCEL
18:27:26Bilguswhen the button is released it has stored last_button and the returns the proper action
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18:36:51pamauryyeah \o/ my NWZ-E460 is (mostly) back to life
18:37:14pamauryI just I wished I hadn't spent an entire afternoon unbricking a device because I rm -rf its root filesystem
18:37:55pamauryBilgus: in which context?
18:38:30Bilgusany context but specifically the wps
18:38:35pamauryit is usually bad if a key is mapped on release and a different action is mapped on press, that can be unpredictable, maybe a mapping error
18:39:26BilgusI thought it went through all contexts but looking at action.c it checks the proper context and then falls through to STD
18:39:39pamauryhum you are right, I guess/hope that sd_cancel does not do anything in wps
18:39:51pamauryit seems to work so I guess it's the case
18:40:17pamauryI know it falls through, but in this case it seems fine
18:40:19Bilguswell it just happens to be that the map doesn't have anything defined for LEFT
18:42:13Bilgusif i didn't want filter first keypress so bad this would be easier but I REEEALLLY want it :p
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19:10:17pamauryand... NWZ E460 fully restored
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20:28:08Bilgusawesome you going to document what you did now?
20:30:56pamauryerrr, that's... messy, most of it is really "just" managing to wire the emmc board to something
20:32:29pamauryI think anyone with real electronics skills can do much more easily than me
20:35:13Bilgusoh so it was a j-tag kinda thing?
20:39:40pamaurynot really, the emmec board is connected to the main connector via a weird board-to-board connector. I suspect a real eletrical engineer could make a board with the complementary connector but I don't have those skills. On the other hand the board has some test pads, so by trial and error I figured out which pad correspond to which pin. And I then wired this to micro-sd breakout board
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20:56:49Bilgushuh I was't aware they used the same protocol explains why some of the cheapie tablets I repaired had sdmmc connectors inside them a few years ago
20:59:28pamaurysd and mmc are electrically compatible, they use a slightly different protocol but any decent stack supports both of them because it's quick easy
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21:09:16pamaurylebellium: robertd1: I have a tentative bootloader working on my E460 and E450. If you want to take some risks ;)
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21:55:52robertd1:) dual boot? Thanks, sure pamaury
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22:04:26pamauryI will push it to the repo
22:04:43pamauryI haven't push rockbox code, so you be able to dualboot anything, but at least you'll have a nice menu :-p
22:04:52pamaury*you won't be able
22:05:22robertd1thats is great :-D
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22:30:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 583 seconds.
22:30:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0c1a961 result: All green
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