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#rockbox log for 2016-11-16

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00:38:24Harbecthank you for Rockbox, developers really appreciat it ;)
00:38:39Harbecwhats your favorite them btw?
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00:46:06Harbecme is the nerdSketch Theme:
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01:00:00__builtinHarbec: the default cabbie v2
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02:01:51CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 20 hours and 57 minutes at the last flood
02:01:51*__builtin was wondering if there could be a better way to sort themes
02:02:04__builtinhow about by votes * average rating
02:02:12__builtinor the geometric mean of the ratings
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02:50:09Bilgus__builtin: how about downloads/rating
02:50:45Bilgus__builtin: how about downloads/rating *avg
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02:54:55__builtinwho runs the theme site?
02:57:06*__builtin has just written some horrid code...
02:57:28__builtin5 FPS motion blur
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03:30:25*__builtin seriously hopes there's no code directly after the audio buffer
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08:58:14BilgusI always did hear 'Nothing good ever happens after 2AM :p'
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09:05:16anormalhi all
09:05:50anormallast week i talked about FiiO X1 II, about disassembling it, finally Fiio sent me the opening instructions, a hell come true, tons of glue, etc
09:06:14anormalif necessary i can upload the instructions and video
09:06:35anormalwell, i'll use the fiio links
09:06:46anormalvideo instructions:
09:06:48anormalPDF instructions:
09:07:21anormali am not going to open mine, i am not fluent doing this kind of things, maybe someone with the right tools could open it and take some photos
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09:09:31TorCBilgus: I'm not sure if it's your patch or something I haven't noticed before, but with a short timeout on LCD to facilitate ease of testing, I'm finding that going back in the menu using left seems not to reset the timer.
09:10:16TorCOtherwise, I like it. The delay is a little odd, and somewhat annoying with a keypad that doesn't always respond accurately, but not the end of the world.
09:10:58TorCThe keypad issue is definitely my player, not RB or your patch. It used to respond just fine.
09:11:18TorCSome keys do still, others sometimes have to be pressed a couple times to get them to respond.
09:13:22pamauryanormal: thanks for the link! Indeed, they are trying to compete with apple on the amount of glue!
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09:15:09TorCBTW, Bilgus, it seems that the player is inconsistent about when it resets the timer to turn LCD off and when it doesn't. I just had it turn off while scrolling down a menu at about one step per second (3s timeout). Other times, it seems left to go up the menus keeps display active.
09:15:26anormalpaumary: yesss, i think it's very hard if you haven't done something like this before...
09:15:33TorCGuess I will run some tests with the zip I haven't installed your patch on.
09:16:29TorCHeaded to get some other things done, and won't be watching the channel. I'll check the logs, so go ahead and leave any notes here.
09:16:47BilgusTorC yes I imagine it probably is yielding to another process
09:17:13BilgusI'm putting in a timer callback as we speak so should fix the issue
09:24:19Bilgusalso if you turn the setting(s) off and it still happens it would point to another issue
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11:07:07TorCBilgus: I'll run some checking with your patch turned off to verify, but I couldn't reproduce it (inconsistent backlight off timer reset) with version 0f89b04-160628 on my other zip.
11:07:32TorCHeading to bed now, so expect further replies tomorrow my time.
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12:27:58JanieHi guys! I was wondering if anybody of you can be kind enough to add me as a WikiUser? :)
12:29:18gevaertsJanie: sure. What's your wiki username?
12:31:26Janiehere's my username: JaneRink
12:32:46gevaertsJanie: you should have write permissions now. Welcome!
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12:33:25JanieAwesome! Thank you so much!
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13:09:55lebelliumpamaury: did you get any news from the seller for the 10€ faulty E585?
13:10:17pamaurylebellium: yeah, I'm buying it
13:10:22 Join johnb3 [0] (
13:10:31lebelliumI found a 50€ working one, trying to buy it too
13:12:19lebelliumthe S7xx is hard to find
13:12:31lebelliumI'm following this one but I fear it will be too expensive
13:13:40Bilguspamaury I spent an hour or two trying to figure out why I couldn't get my new timeout callback to compile.. turns out it isn't supported in simulator builds :/ I notice there isn't any id for timer_unregister for the user timers any clue if there are more than one of them allowed?
13:17:11BilgusNM, there isn't
13:17:30pamauryBilgus: you must not use timer_unregister. All the timer_* function are really low level, you have to use the timeout_* api (or tick_task)
13:17:52pamauryie timeout_register() and timeout_cancel()
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13:18:41Bilgusyep but it isn't supported in the sim so i guess I need ifdef it out for the sim
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13:21:28pamauryBilgus: I am a little surprised by what you are saying, the timeout api used in many places in apps/, I doubt it's unsupported in the sim
13:22:14*pamaury never uses the sim anyway
13:23:35pamaurymaybe it is a config problem in sim.h
13:23:58Bilgussurely is I tried uncommenting the undef and it for sure didn't fire
13:24:37Bilgusin sim.h
13:26:06pamaurymaybe not one cared to implement the timeout api in the sim
13:28:04pamaurygive me 5 min to look into it, just to make sure
13:34:57 Join paulk-collins [0] (
13:35:58pamauryyeah there is no timeout api in the sim, you can use the tick task as fallback I guess
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13:41:48 Join archosa14vgvisio [0] (bc68ce98@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
13:44:07Bilgusany reason not to just use tick_add_task always? i'm not in that dire need of callback with data functionality
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13:45:26archosa14vgvisiofound a "archos A14VG vision"-mp3-player - with "rockchip rknano-b" soc...
13:46:08pamauryBilgus: it's just more work to implement it, but sure you can always use tick task. timeout api is implement with tick task anyways ;)
13:46:20archosa14vgvisiowill that work with rockbox? -presently there is NO visible screen... maybe deador needs reset... at least
13:46:31lebelliumpamaury: bought. Let's make the E585 the best Rockbox device :D
13:46:51pamauryarchosa14vgvisio: from what I know, the RKNanoB doesn't have enough RAM to run rockbox
13:46:58pamaurylebellium: ok ;)
13:47:17pamaurylebellium: tell me when you have it so we can dump the firmware
13:47:19BilgusI actually just put in ifdef for the sim and called my callback directly from the timerloop in case of sim Worked prefectly
13:48:19archosa14vgvisio@pamaury: supposed YOU where the man to ask!! had seen your posts on
13:48:40Bilgus#ifdef SIMULATOR backlight_on_wait_callback(NULL); #endif .....static int backlight_on_wait_callback(struct timeout *tmo) { #ifndef SIMULATOR struct on_wait_data_s *data = (struct on_wait_data_s*)tmo->data; #else struct on_wait_data_s *data = &on_wait_data; #endif
13:49:22lebelliumpamaury: Ok. The seller ships it tomorrow. I'm back in Strasbourg on Sunday so I assume I'll have it hands on Monday or Tuesday. I also asked the A15 user if he would be interested by dumping the firmware but no reply so far.
13:49:24pamauryBilgus: instead of SIMULATOR, I would condition on INCLUDE_TIMEOUT_API
13:49:37BilgusK sounds good
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13:56:01archosa14vgvisioany ideas anyone how to revive my "archos A14VG vision"-mp3-player with "black screen"?
13:56:08wodzpamaury: I started disasm of sony's si470x driver. I have a feeling that it exposes all 16 registers of si470x in /proc/fm/r{0...15}.
13:56:58archosa14vgvisiosuppose the socworks: it put a directory structure after format of drive
13:57:14pamaurywodz: ok that's interesting
13:58:32lebelliumpamaury: did you see there is fw 1.02 to download for E585?
13:59:56pamaurylebellium: ah yeah you are right, actually I downloaded it ^^' then we'll move directly to the 'running stuff on it' part ;)
14:00:30pamauryarchosa14vgvisio: what happened to you player?
14:00:50wodzpamaury: There is rather small number of ioctl's. Anyway I have to study general structure of linux kernel modules to better understand pointer tables inside
14:00:58 Quit johnb3 (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
14:01:34pamaurywodz: sure. I guess you need to understand if this driver is doing anything byt itself or merely providing a shim to userspace
14:01:39archosa14vgvisio@pamaury: no idea, just found it in this state...
14:02:09pamauryarchosa14vgvisio: I am sorry I have no idea then :-/
14:03:00wodzpamaury: at least it toggles reset line but I don't see lengthy i2c register access sequence which I would expect on init
14:03:09archosa14vgvisiotried to put away liion-power.. seems not to change anything
14:08:08archosa14vgvisiofor the record: my email: if anyone can help
14:17:46wodzarchosa14vgvisio: This channel is logged so expect spam flood :P
14:22:58 Quit Bilgus (Quit: Page closed)
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14:52:08lebelliumpamaury: found your list of linux based Sony devices again. There are some models I never heard of before. Like the NWZ-E050. Looks like it was made for Russia, Ukraine and Turkey only. Only the main menu looks really different
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15:03:38lebelliumpamaury: I just remember I have a NWZ-S615 which is on your list
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15:09:37pamaurylebellium: a lot of them are japan only in fact
15:10:02pamauryand I had never heard of the E0xx ever before
15:11:36lebelliumyou said that 15:11pamauryif the a818 and s615 are very cheap you are also buy them but it's unclear if the port will useful/successful, just give me a second to have a lookk
15:11:44pamaurylebellium: I'll have a look at the NWZ-S615
15:11:44 Join robertd11 [0] (~root@
15:11:45lebelliumbut I didn't find the answer :P
15:13:05 Join pamaury_ [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
15:14:03pamaurylebellium: A818 would be feasible I guess but it uses an ancient kernel, I would prefer to avoid it if possible
15:14:22pamaurysame for S615
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15:14:56pamauryI mean I think it's better to focus on devices from 2016 rather than those from 2010 ;)
15:15:10lebelliumIt depends on your motivations
15:15:23lebelliumjust for the pleasure of hacking or for a daily use
15:15:42lebellium2016 devices are damn expensive
15:16:18lebelliumonly the newest devices with a SD slot are really interesting for a daily use
15:16:25pamauryWell if you really want me to port it to the A818 or S615 I can look into it. But I think devices from 2014/2015/2016 are simply better. If we can convince people to buy them for us :-p
15:16:32lebelliumeven the E580 is not interesting in that perspective since I'm limited to 16GB only
15:16:41pamaurythe A15 looks interesting becaue of the SD slot
15:17:21pamaury(I think it's the A15)
15:17:36lebelliumpamaury: there is a Rockbox fund. Was unfortunately never clear to me how much money there is on it and what it can be used for
15:18:00lebelliumit should be used to buy devices for developers like you
15:18:06pamauryI know, I used it in the past. I have a 'deal' with Bjorn to get the money back for some player I do the port to
15:18:07 Quit pamaury_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:19:02lebelliumI don't know if there is a limit
15:19:10lebelliumask him if 100€ for a A15 is OK :P
15:19:11pamauryMe neither
15:19:42pamauryI know he was okay for 100 EUR for the X1 iirc, though I didn't get the money yet since I haven't done the port yet :-p
15:19:54lebelliumIt's a shame this fund is not more transparent for the Rockbox community
15:20:19pamauryyeah I agree
15:24:22lebelliumI agree S610 and A810 are not the most interesting devices anymore (although the A810 was one of the best player in his price range at the time) and you have so many ports in your waiting list that this shouldn't be the priority. Just bear in mind I have a S615 and might get a cheap A810 if you get bore sometimes :P
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15:44:29lebelliumpamaury: also interested by a NWZ-A25 dump?
15:46:52pamaurylebellium: let me see
15:47:34pamauryno, I have a firmware upgrade of it, it will interesting to run stuff on it when the port is more advanced
15:49:30 Join einhirn [0] (
15:49:33lebelliumit's usually more than €200 but I found it for "only" €137 here:
15:50:33pamauryI think it's better to wait until we have something working on the 'cheaper' A15
15:51:14lebelliumI can't find it for less than €100, even second-handed
15:51:20lebelliumthat's only relatively "cheaper" :D
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17:39:43lebelliumpamaury: alternatively I can buy a A15 on amazon, dump the firmware and return it within 30 days to get a refund. That's a free operation but I know that I'll keep it instead of returning it and that will cost 150€ aha
17:40:25pamaurylebellium: I have the firmware the A15 because of a firmware upgrade, it's only useful to run stuff on it, but the port won't be finished in 30 days I think
17:42:18lebelliumeh? you told me yesterday "17:15pamaurylebellium: initially just dump the rootfs and try to run the plattforms tools, I don't think there is any risk"
17:43:04pamauryah sorry, I must have been confused
17:43:29pamaurythere are too many devices, I have a hard time tracking all of them, especially if my rockbox computer is not around
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22:52:19BilgusTorC ill be able to fix the timeout issue you talked about but the delay in the button turn on is the it has to be.. there is simply not enough time for the code to decide to turn on the backlight or not in between with lower timeouts
22:52:37Bilgus*the way it has to be*
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23:00:18BilgusI guessI could boost the cpu but that kinda defeats the purpose I'm goint to try in a real target to see what kind of results I get
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