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#rockbox log for 2016-11-18

00:00:03[Saint]That takes up a fair amount of binsize (not a lot, but not something you should dismiss outright on such restrictive hardware, especially if I understand your intentions correctly) and related overhead.
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00:09:06[Saint]The librbcodec/warble library gives what is possibly the best overview of its capabilities at warble.c around line 840. As you can see we have infile, outfile, volume, tempo, wait-to-offset, halt-at-offset, offset, A/B loop, pitch control, dithering, seek.
00:10:52[Saint]as well as example usage strings, not only useful for commandline usage but also for understanding what aspects need to be passed to build an API/hook/wrapper to govern playback assuming you wrap this in just enough "OS" to meet your needs.
00:11:21[Saint]By all means keep me/us posted on what route you take and how your project fleshes out.
00:14:06[Saint]guest12345: we also have a large body of documentation surrounding compilation and our crosscompiler toolchains that I believe may be superfluous to you but I'm not going to assume /is/ superfluous to you.
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00:37:42[Saint]guest12345: Sorry buddy, I forgot about this, and it took me a while to dig up my copy of it
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00:39:16[Saint]I know it exist(ed|s) somewhere, in some form, in our docs, wiki, forums, patch tracker, or mailing lists.
00:39:29[Saint]But I opted to dig out my copy of it instead.
00:40:14[Saint]You may find this useful, some adaption will be required to bring this up to using modern tool sets, which I'm happy to help with.
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00:41:13[Saint]Your curiosity is refreshing and intriguing and I would like to help you with your project as much as I am able to based on availability.
00:43:19[Saint]It is labeled as Cortex-M4 for some reason, not entirely sure why. Perhaps I did this based on a specific use case at the time. Who knows. Perhaps you have your own preferred arm-none-eabi toolchain.
00:43:33[Saint]Either way I thought I would present it to you as an option.
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04:54:20saratogacan anyone with voice enabled try and reproduce this:
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10:20:45pixelmasaratoga: could it be some buffer issue (did you compare file sizes of the fonts)? I don't have any targets with recent builds and currently no up-to-date voices to try, it was just an idea I had when reading this
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10:47:49wopamaury: Have you seen my message about sony's radio driver?
10:51:19pamaurywo: yes
10:51:38pamaurythough I don't know anything about v4l2 so I don't know if it's good news or bad news
10:52:02wopamaury: looks simple for reference
10:52:27wopamaury: The question is how analog mixing is solved
10:52:42pamauryby the codec?
10:52:49pamaurythe codec is exposed through alsa
10:53:37wook, so maybe it is as simple as enabling some input in codec through alsa interface
10:53:53pamauryI guess
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10:54:11pamauryyou can look in the rootfs, there are some amixer scripts that tweaks alsa controls
10:54:32pamauryI didn't look into it very hard but I have the feeling that you control pretty much everything
10:55:40wopamaury: anyway the driver do real things and is not simple passthrough shim to userland
10:56:10pamauryok, so better use the ioctl interface then?
10:56:39pamauryI don't know if we have a generic v4l2 radio tuner driver, if not then it's the opportunity to zrite one
10:57:03wopamaury: maybe maemo port have one (didn't check)
10:57:52pamauryif it does, it is not in drivers/tuner/
10:58:50pamaurymost target use the SI4700 and access registers directly
10:59:01pamaurybecause they don't expose a v4l2 interface
11:00:03wopamaury: err, what? So what good are instructions put no for?
11:01:12pamauryI said "most", maybe the maemo is an exception
11:01:16wopamaury: or you mean in general?
11:01:30pamaurybut the ibasso and samsungypr just have a shim
11:02:19wopamaury: My understanding of sony's driver is that it exposes raw registers in /proc/fm/r0..15 as well
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11:03:21pamauryif we can, better use v4l2, it will avoid coding a new driver if Sony uses different tuners
11:05:08pamauryI was working on the toolchain yesterday
11:05:30pamauryand currently what is a bit annoying is that I use Sony's driver, that is too old to be officially supported by ctng
11:06:12pamauryhowever, I was thinking that maybe we don't actually need to use Sony's kernel headers. After all, Sony did not modify anything in the kernel and all the Sony specific headers are not exported anyway.
11:06:21pamaurythat would simplify the toolchain a lot
11:06:50pamauryI just need to make able to build the alsa library
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11:09:54wopamaury: did you diffed sony's source agains stock to be sure?
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11:11:22pamauryno, but I'm quite confident, Sony seems to be quite careful about how they modify the kernel. But I'll try to double check just to be sure
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11:17:15robertd1hi pamaury, the ctng arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi could be used
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11:21:00lebelliumpamaury: the french NWZ-A15 owner agrees to do some testing for rockbox
11:21:07lebelliumjust let me know when you want
11:22:41pamaurylebellium: good :) I'll send you some files to test on it tonight, first without installing anything
11:25:03lebelliumOk I'll be out tonight but tomorrow
11:25:28lebelliumand my E585 is on its way, almost reached Strasbourg
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11:32:04pamaury_wo: why did you change your login?
11:32:46woI am traveling, and use various computers and freenode gateway
11:33:05lebellium"wok" sounds better, you should try
11:43:40pamaury_wo: diffing Sony's kernel might prove tricky, I know they use 2.6.23 as a basis but for some reason they removed entire arch that were not useful... This makes huge chunks of the diff irrelevant
11:44:13wopamaury_: lovely
11:44:58pamaury_but somehow this is not important, the headers are the only thing that matters
11:46:01pamaury_because this is what is used by the glibc
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13:43:54TestingIRCwhat is this channel about ?
13:52:04dan-the Rockbox firmware for music players:
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18:52:32guest12345[Saint]: thanks for overview of the library
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18:53:01guest12345given the Chinese post delivery speed I expect hardware availability in beginning of January ;-)
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18:53:25*guest12345 cuts&pastes irc log
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