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#rockbox log for 2016-11-19

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13:05:17lebelliumpamaury: I'm available now and this afternoon if you want.
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17:04:14pamaurylebellium: I will send you something tonight
17:04:39pamauryI just realized I miss a "crucial" information for most devices: the amount of RAM! Although I can guess it for some devices
17:05:46lebelliumpamaury: I'm not here tonight, last party before the end of vacations. I'll be available maybe tomorrow night, more probably on Monday night
17:07:32lebelliumhow do we usually know the amount of RAM? Disassembly?
17:13:02pamauryin this case, we gently ask linux ;)
17:13:39pamauryFor the older devices it's easy: the RAM is integrated in the soc so it's always the same amount (64MB iirc), but for the newer socs, I have no idea since I don't have the datasheet and haven't disassembled one
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18:16:01__builtinany devs with commit access around?
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19:03:37pamaury__builtin: yes
19:06:55__builtinpamaury: can you merge g#1413?
19:06:56fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1413 at : XWorld: some fixes by Franklin Wei
19:07:06__builtinI'll stick around to fix any red
19:14:25pamaurysure, I assume it's reviewed and clean?
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19:15:23__builtinit's been tested, but not on many targets
19:15:38__builtinbut it builds cleanly for those I've tried
19:17:18fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 0573364, 255 builds, 16 clients.
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19:19:16fishbulbany h300 fans here?
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19:21:10pamauryfishbulb: that brick from a distant past? ;)
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19:21:54pamauryI am sure a few people still have those, not sure about any dev though
19:22:11rockbox_FuzeYea! xworld is updated, do we still need the code wheel?
19:22:19__builtinrockbox_Fuze: not anymore
19:22:43rockbox_FuzeCool I'll update it thanks.
19:22:46__builtinI put in a workaround
19:22:57__builtinrockbox_Fuze: wait till this autobuild is done though
19:23:05__builtineta ~4min
19:23:08rockbox_Fuzeok thanks
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19:23:29__builtinit's always nice to know people actually use the thing ;)
19:23:48pamauryto be honest, I am really surprised that people use xworld
19:23:48gevaertss/nice/surprising/ :)
19:24:04pamaurybut since we have doom, I guess anything can be expected...
19:24:15pamaurymy favorite game is still rockblox1d
19:24:31*__builtin "borrowed" some new input code from doom so it's actually playable now
19:24:42gevaertsrockblox1d is too intense for me
19:25:01pamauryI've shown rockblox1d to a few friends and most don't seem to get it ;)
19:25:17__builtinI still can't figure it out
19:25:22fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 484 seconds.
19:25:23fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 0573364 result: 228 errors 1 warnings
19:25:40pamaurynice job
19:25:53__builtinprobably color or something
19:25:57gevaertsVery funny!
19:26:10pamauryvery helpful error message
19:26:10__builtinwoops that wasn't supposed to go in
19:26:56*pamaury suspects __builtin was trying to beat the error record, but using #error is unfair
19:27:34__builting#!419 fixes it
19:27:37__builtin g#1419
19:27:40fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1419 at : remove debug macro by Franklin Wei
19:27:46gevaertspamaury: I'd say if you
19:28:09gevaertsre going to cheat at that record, the best way would be to add lots of new dodgy targets to the build system!
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19:29:12pamaurythat's true, but somehow only the genuine error seem to really produce thousands of errors
19:30:21gevaertsYes. I think macros can help though
19:30:50pamauryfortunately one cannot #error in a macro
19:31:11gevaertsMaybe in combination with an inline function?
19:33:21pamaurymaybe we should have a contest one day :-p
19:35:50__builtinpamaury, gevaerts: g#1419
19:35:52fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1419 at : remove debug macro by Franklin Wei
19:36:13__builtinoh, never mind
19:37:27*gevaerts now knows why __builtin used such an odd error message
19:37:59*__builtin was trying to diagnose whether or not the #if was succeeding
19:38:10gevaertsIt's because of the comment right above
19:38:31__builtinvery funny
19:39:51__builtinalright, what's git up to now?
19:39:54gevaertsYou lost the right to complain about that when you made the build fail with "lol" :)
19:40:00__builtinyou are not allowed to upload merges
19:40:59__builtinmeh, time to do what says to do
19:42:22__builtinalright, should work now
19:43:16fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision e7d952d, 255 builds, 16 clients.
19:50:41fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 444 seconds.
19:50:42fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision e7d952d result: 0 errors 1 warnings
20:12:09__builtingevaerts: I might look into porting Tatham's puzzles
20:15:28__builtinhow do rockbox's viewports work?
20:15:39__builtinare they essentially clipping rectangles?
20:16:41 Join Senji_ [0] (~Senji@
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20:19:06pamaury__builtin: I *think* they are both clipping rectangles and offset. Ie if viewport is (10,10) −− (20,20) then drawing at (0,0) in fact draws at (10,10). Also each viewport might have its own drawing state (colors, transparency, ...) but I'm not 100% sure
20:19:46 Quit michaelni (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:20:47__builtinfrom test_viewports.c they look like offsets too
20:21:41__builtinthat should still work though
20:21:52__builtinjust needs a bit more logic in the frontend
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20:46:40*__builtin needs to whip up a polygon-drawing function too, it seems
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21:02:18BilgusOk, Selective backlight and soflock is up:
21:05:21BilgusSelective Backlight firmware Clip+ , Clipzip, fuze+:
21:07:45BilgusNow to do selective backlight I have made a separate thread and queue with the button values, each time the thread runs it sends a command to disable the next backlight command
21:49:20__builtinwow, puzzles is actually building :)
21:49:42__builtinspewing warnings, of course
21:52:42 Join xorly [0] (
21:54:45__builtinsomehow everything compiled
22:03:16__builtinif this works it's quite possible that it's too big for the plugin buffer
22:07:52pamaurygevaerts: I am working on the sony nwz toolchain, I need the alsa library for which Sony provides the source but I am afraid it will be hard to compile and make the ct-ng script more involved. Would it fine to do the same thing as the ypr0 toolchain, ie distribute a tgz with the headers and the .so extracted from the target (that can be used for linking) and pointing to Sony's source?
22:19:56pamauryFU********** ct-ng, this is really an odd feature to DESTROY the prefix directory you are installing to, instead of warning it's not empty
22:20:05pamaurythis thing just nuked all my toolchains
22:20:11[Saint]that's probably the only aspect of that toolchain anyone would even want to suplicate. :p
22:20:34[Saint]we should probably just switch to distributing 32 bit binaries.
22:20:50[Saint]IMO as long as someone can compile it, once, we're good.
22:22:09__builtindang, that sucks
22:23:09[Saint]yeah - ouch, holy shit.
22:24:20__builtinjust be glad it PREFIX != /usr
22:26:16pamauryI never install custom things in /usr
22:26:28pamauryactually I usually use a different prefix for each one
22:26:36pamaurybut this type I forgot
22:28:27 Quit Bilgus (Quit: Page closed)
22:30:43__builtinis BSD code permitted in rockbox?
22:32:49*pamaury wants to submit a patch to cg-ng, but go figure out where the rm -rf is in thousands of line of shell/make scripts...
22:33:07pamaury__builtin: I don't remember, gevaerts probably knows better
22:33:31*__builtin is too lazy to find a GPL-licensed atof
22:34:55pamauryiirc we are GPLv2 only, some people objected GPLv3, that's as far as I know
22:35:25__builtinI'll just run with the BSD version for now and fix it when later
22:37:54pamauryah, that's nasty, ct-ng actually has a switch CT_RM_RF_PREFIX_DIR
22:38:02pamaurybut it is set to "yes" by default!!!
22:40:12 Join saratoga_ [0] (c036de1c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:40:16saratoga_BSD is fine, we use tons of it already (codecs)
22:47:33 Join fishbulb [0] (~fishbulb@unaffiliated/fishbulb)
22:53:07fishbulbI installed an msata ssd in my h300 and it won't charge via USB anymore
22:53:54 Join robertd1 [0] (~as@
22:54:11 Part robertd1
22:54:52fishbulbeven without reading or writing it says it's charging but the battery never goes up, I have to use the wall charger
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22:56:02[Saint]well, ssds and efficiency don't exactly always go hand in hand.
22:56:18[Saint]but it's kinda hard to believe it's pulling a couple hundred mA idle.
22:57:04[Saint]that is of course assuming a standard USB supply.
22:57:17[Saint]which is a pretty big assumption on my part.
23:04:57 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
23:05:36saratoga_pull the SSD out and see if it can charge the battery again? Check that the ssd isn't drawing massive amounts of power?
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