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#rockbox log for 2016-11-20

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01:09:45fishbulbprobably drawing too much
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01:10:17fishbulbthe battery seems to just stay in stasis, not quite charge but not drain
01:10:27fishbulbthe thing gets warm too.
01:10:59fishbulbI might have to make a cable to charge from usb straight to the jack
01:11:09saratoga_try a 2 amp charger?
01:11:34fishbulbI've tried the yellow usb port on this thinkpad, it's supposed to be higher current
01:11:35saratoga_although if the SSD is really drawing 500 mA, i wonder if the battery will even last long enough to matter
01:11:48fishbulbyeah the battery lasts a long time
01:11:54saratoga_how long?
01:12:29fishbulbdunno. a few hours each day and a few days before it starts to get low?
01:12:58fishbulbcharging with the jack works fine
01:12:59[Saint]I would expect a thinkpad to actually be bothering to have the client enumerate its power requirements to the host over USB before dishing out 2A.
01:13:06saratoga_if you get 10 hours from a 1700 mah battery, that is at most 170 mA, in which case your battery would be charging at more or less normal rate
01:13:22saratoga_even on a 500 mA port
01:13:24fishbulbit was a 2200mAh one but I doubt it still is now
01:13:55fishbulbactually it's a couple of years old and probably shot, the thing gets warm with the whole unit powered up and trying to charge from a normal usb port
01:14:17fishbulbbut that's obviously with the drive active and mounted
01:16:12saratoga_i continnue to recommend using a 2 amp charger and if that doesn't work, pulling out the ssd and seeing if it charges then
01:16:49fishbulbit just heats up
01:16:55fishbulbthe wall charger works
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02:06:52TorCBilgus: Thanks for the update. I'm installing it now on by brand new Zip. Will let you know how it goes.
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02:25:28TorCBilgus: Only had a couple minutes to play with the new version so far. I'm pretty sure I once saw the backlight timer fail to reset with the 11/16 version, so I'll make sure to do some more testing of that.
02:25:59 Part robertd1
02:26:18TorCThen again, as long as the issue is rare, now that you've solved (AFAICT) the issue with the delay in the screen turning on, it isn't a serious issue as long as it isn't common.
02:26:28TorCGreat work. Thank you very much.
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02:51:36BilgusTorC: let me know about the timeout thing especially what screen you are on when it happens AFAIK it shouldn't be an issue with this new method
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03:25:44[Saint]Christ, seriously?
03:43:06BilgusOn threads what does the stack hold? Does it push pop the current variables addresses and the current stack pointer? Any way to know how full it is?
03:44:09[Saint]Wow. I should look at the forums more often.
03:44:20[Saint],51567.msg238388.html#msg238388 is absolutely savage, and hilarious.
03:44:47[Saint]Made even more hilarious by the fact that OP almost assuredly thinks he's right as he's a Very Smart Person.
03:45:34[Saint]>insults devs who donate their time
03:45:37[Saint]>gets rekt
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04:33:07Saratoga_I think that guy isn't quite right given some of his posts over the years
04:38:37[Saint]That's a far more deleicate way of putting it than I would like to.
04:38:45[Saint]I had to refrain personally.
04:40:23[Saint]The fact that even despite yourself and pamaury's best attempts to do so it is very difficult to explain to him the relation between source files and the resulting binar{ies|y} doesn't help.
04:41:00[Saint]Any given binary may contain assets from hundreds of individual files of which any amount may or may not have edits for that particular build.
04:41:09[Saint]Kinda breaks his assumptions horribly.
04:42:18[Saint]If the dude from the first thread responds in the way I believe he might I'm just locking the thread no questions.
04:42:38[Saint]I should probably have done so preemptively but I'll give the benefit of doubt.
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05:15:28__builtinforums look down to me
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08:15:41TorCBilgus: I will if I catch the backlight timer issue again. I've now got the 16th version on one zip and the latest on another, so I can do a bit of testing if I find it. I don't plan on testing the 16th version any more unless it is to attempt finding regressions.
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10:06:14TorCBilgus: OK, I've found one repeatable case where the newest build you made will fail to reset the backlight off timer.
10:07:38TorCThat is when using the power button to step back in the file hierarchy - only when going from files to main menu.
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10:09:06TorCThe main reason I've noticed is that I've been testing with a 3s timer and carefully making steps every 2s to find issues.
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10:38:04johnb2Bilgus: I just grabbed the clip+ version.
10:44:19johnb2First impression: responsiveness of display turn on is fine. One little quirk: I have not selected Seek. When starting to seek there is a brief noise in the beginning which is not there with the regular build (like volume is not turned down the same way).
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10:59:17TorCI should mention that the backlight turning off when it shouldn't only applies to the power button step, not to left button step.
10:59:35TorCjohnb2: Does your Clip+ exhibit the same behaviour?
11:00:08TorCThat if stepping back in directories using the power button, that the backlight off timer isn't reset when going from root to main menu?
11:00:58johnb2you mean the screen stays on forever?
11:01:37TorCNo. The screen goes off before the timer should make it go off - the last press that goes from root to main menu doesn't reset the timer, so the BL turns off early.
11:02:03johnb2I will try ...
11:02:21TorCI've been using a 3s BL timer to troubleshoot this.
11:02:43TorCLong enough to exhibit the issues clearly, not so long it gets horribly boring to test...
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11:06:11TorCFor me, it's only power, not left that does it.
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11:12:14johnb2TorC: Yes, I can confirm for timer set to 3 or 7 sec. For 10s I don't see it.
11:12:55johnb2Confirming also power vs. left button.
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11:19:08TorCBilgus: More an odd behaviour that isn't a big deal: When I turn on my Zip with a 3s BL timer, and let the BL expire, on the main menu (default turn on screen) the backlight won't turn on until the second button press.
11:20:02TorCjohnb2: Bilgus: I seem to still see the timer not resetting even with a 10s BL timer (/ to main menu)
11:21:33TorCThe longer the BL timer, the less obvious the failure to reset is, and the less likely it is to annoy someone, of course.
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11:23:52TorC*At least in practical usage. Corner cases is where it will show up obviously.
11:24:22TorCDoes anyone actually use the power button to step back in menus in normal usage?
11:27:12TorCSeems like doing so will also stop current playback, so it probably is so rare that if this is the only case of failure to reset BL timer found, it might as well be a "Won't fix"
11:31:04TorC*On turn on bug mentioned above (BL not responding to first button press): It applies to scrolling either direction in main menu or to entering file browser (default selection) with either select or right.
11:32:54TorCThought of something else to test: Resuming playback with the Home? button. Also exhibits issue.
11:35:31TorCTurn on bug doesn't happen with noBLsel turned off, so it's definitely related to the function.
11:35:54TorCHeading to bed now. Will review the logs for anything I miss.
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11:48:31johnb2TorC: No, I don't ever use the Power button for navigating, only Left, Right and Home.
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12:20:10johnb2TorC: Do you mean " Go back to WPS" instead of "Resume Playback"?
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12:22:20johnb2Then I don't see this with the Home button. Here is what I am doing: Timer set to 5s. While playing a song, I am in the file browser, wait for 3s and then go to WPS with quick clicks of Home. Screen goes of after 5s.
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14:54:23BilgusTorC i'll keep trying to reproduce, Johnb2 I'm not able to hear anything on seek on my clip+ and I havent touched the functionality of what the buttons do
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14:58:01BilgusTorC i can try making the timeout reset on context change probably a good idea anyways
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15:22:53johnb2Bilgus: Try an accustic guitar track, have the screen black for a while and seek backwards
15:23:44johnb2I tried it with flac and mpc.
15:25:02Bilgusif anything it's probably the little bit of added delay due to the thread but it has lower priority than any of the playback stuff I'll keep looking once I fix these other items
15:27:07 Quit toli (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
15:29:56johnb2Not sure if related, but with this build on the clip+ it suddenly fails to mount properly on two different PCs running Win10: I hear the connection sound, drive letters show up, but nothing visible. Holding Select while connecting works. I will monitor this ...
15:34:53BilgusIt could have to do with the base build idk if you could try patching to an older build or install a clean current build and see if it persists
15:35:34Bilgusgive me a few and I have some fixes/memory savings going up
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16:14:00johnb2Current dev build works fine!
16:14:19johnb2regarding USB mounting ...
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16:27:32__builtinhey, it looks like puzzles requires a bunch of floating-point math
16:27:57__builtincan I work around this, stopping short of rewriting everything to use fixed-point?
16:28:11__builtinand it also doesn't fit in the plugin buffer
16:32:14__builtinapparently it's nearly twice as big as the pluginbuf on the classic
16:33:13__builtinI guess an overlay plugin would solve the problem
16:33:24__builtinbut then where do I get memory for the malloc pool?
16:34:32[Saint]You'd probably be a fan of my thinking that a fixed plugin buffer is pretty retarded when we have buflib.
16:34:54[Saint]But then you'd just create monstrous plugins.
16:35:01 Quit johnb2 (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
16:35:16__builtinso overlays go in the audiobuf usually
16:35:41__builtinso can I still use plugin_get_audio_buffer?
16:36:22[Saint]I don't see why not.
16:36:49__builtinso the function is smart enough to skip over wherever the plugin is loaded, right?
16:37:29[Saint]Might want to double-check this, but...yes?
16:37:43[Saint]It's been an age since I looked.
16:38:21__builtinit looks like the actual function has some buflib magic in it
16:38:45[Saint]What you're wanting to do was a large part of the point of buflib.
16:38:57__builtinalso, the floating-point functions
16:39:15[Saint]That, you're gonna have to eat.
16:39:35__builtincan I just write a bunch of floating-point wrappers around the fixedpoint lib?
16:40:05[Saint]In theory, I guess. Is there really that many?
16:40:52__builtinthere's not too many, but it's not a small number either
16:41:15__builtinit's mostly vanilla trig though
16:41:29__builtinsin, cos, atan, and sqrt make up the vast majority of the calls
16:42:17[Saint]Might be easier to just do fixed point conversion on a case by case basis.
16:42:36[Saint]Unless it's riddled with them.
16:42:50__builtinI'm actually just hoping I can leave the actual puzzles untouched as was Tatham's intention
16:43:33[Saint]Wrappers it is then.
16:45:25__builtinlooks like lua already has a bunch
16:47:24__builtinactually, nope :(
16:47:41__builtinwhoever ported it #if'd out everything I was looking for
16:49:11[Saint]They saw you coming a mile away.
16:49:36 Join toli [0] (
16:51:03__builtinthis whole port was a hack from the very beginning
16:51:38__builtinpretty much "vsprintf_wrapper(buf, va_list ap) { rb->vsnprintf(buf, 99999, ap); }"
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16:56:24 Join Saratoga_ [0] (32b117cb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:57:08Saratoga_I think for plugins you can use floating point, however it will be very slow since the compiler generates software for operations
16:57:49__builtinSaratoga_: ok, I was just wondering how I would fix the missing math functions
16:57:52__builtinsin, cos, etc.
16:58:23Saratoga_Hmm yeah I guess we don't have math.h
16:58:50Saratoga_We have fixed versions of them
16:59:07 Quit Sasasu (Quit: WeeChat 1.0.1)
16:59:15Saratoga_Or you could do a look up table if you don't need too much accuracy
16:59:17__builtinso I was thinking, just "convert the float to fixed and then back again"
16:59:46Saratoga_That will work
17:01:11__builtinnow the issue is with the functions that aren't in the fixed-point library
17:01:18Saratoga_What does this plugin use trig functions for ?
17:01:28__builtinI have no idea, actually
17:02:01*__builtin is trying to port sgtatham's puzzles
17:02:35Saratoga_What functions are missing?
17:03:39__builtinbasically just the trig inverses
17:03:47__builtinand pow
17:04:43__builtinand a good sqrt, the one now only does integers
17:05:38__builtinI found Sun's "fdlibm" I'm not sure it's GPL-compatible
17:06:00__builtin"Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software is freely granted, provided that this notice is preserved."
17:09:01Saratoga_MIT license I believe, which is GPL compatible
17:09:13__builtinok, good
17:17:02pamauryarggg, dammit, toolchain nightmare is a nightmare
17:18:36[Saint]We're really in a sorry state in this regard.
17:19:01[Saint]We dont even compile against modern distros anymore with armeabi.
17:19:28pamauryI will fix it at the same time as I will create the sony toolchain
17:19:33[Saint]And if we fix armeabi (at least the way I handle it), we break elsewhere.
17:19:55pamauryarm is easy to fix, mips really needs an upgrade though
17:20:05[Saint]Unless you're also talking switching to the new MIPS as well?
17:20:16[Saint]We break it as is fixing arm.
17:20:51[Saint]And ypr0 is an unsatisfiable clusterfuck mess.
17:21:05pamauryI am going to introduce a new mips toolchain, fix arm, it's going to break old mips but not new mips. Then we are fine as long as we have buildclient with old mips
17:21:12[Saint]I've literally never managed to compile it, ever.
17:21:36pamauryand then I'll try to find someone to make sure the new mips works on the old mips targets, so we can drop old mips
17:21:45[Saint]I, and you, and everyone I know is using a bi are set kugel built years ago.
17:21:58[Saint]I've been passing it down like a family heirloom for years.
17:22:25[Saint]*binary set
17:22:38pamauryfor ypr0, I have been thinking about it and I think there is simple way out of it: change the parameters of the ypr0 toolchain to use more "modern" components so that it builds again
17:22:57__builtinwhat is the atob() function!?
17:23:12[Saint]I would really love [7] to clarify how the hell he managed it.
17:23:18pamauryafter all it's pretty much like the sony toolchain: we can use modern libraries as long as they support/are compatible with old systems. Which in the case of glibc is well documented
17:23:28[Saint]He just commented out a giant hunk of it I believe.
17:24:14[Saint]I chased the dependency dragon so far down the train but there's only so many times you can fail a build like that without wanting to slit your wrists.
17:25:58pamauryfor me the biggest problem with current ypr0 is that the old glibc/binutils seems to rely on old make stuff, which inevitably breaks on modern systems
17:27:22pamaurylike binutils 2.21 and gcc 4.4.6 and eglibc 2.12
17:27:55 Quit Moarc (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:28:00pamaurywe could try it with binutils 2.26, gcc 4.9.x and a modern recent eglibc (would have to check which version is still compatible with kernel 2.6.24 installed on ypt0 (iirc))
17:29:28 Join Moarc [0] (
17:34:44 Quit Saratoga_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:35:50[7][Saint]: with a lot of messing around ;)
17:38:02[7][Saint]: want a tarball of my build VM? (including .bash_history of setting it up I'd hope)
17:38:10[7]ubuntu 16.04 IIRC
17:40:39pamauryWho created the toolchain in the first place? And why did he choose such old components?
17:41:16 Quit Moarc (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:41:28[Saint]Kugel, and, lord knows.
17:42:01[Saint]I think he piece mealed it together from someone else's partial tool chain.
17:42:56 Join Moarc [0] (
17:44:20__builtinhow do I convert a plugin to an overlay plugin?
17:44:50pamaurygood question, if you tell me, let me know ;)
17:44:59pamauryI would say, have look at overlayed plugin
17:45:52__builtintime to copy+paste pictureflow.make −−> puzzles.make
17:47:21pamaurypictureflow makefile is more complicated than needed for you
17:48:04 Join devsnd [0] (
17:51:08devsndHi rockboxers, I'm trying to extract the firmware of a GoGear Ariaz (SA2ARA08K). I've gotten as far as finding the firmware online and also found the 'utils/imxtools/sbtools' to extract the firmware, but I'm missing the key. Does anybody know how to get the key to extract the firmware?
17:51:35__builtinholy crap it just compiled!!!!!
17:52:33TheLemonMandevsnd, try with an all zero key, that's what samsung used on the yp-q2
17:53:01pamaurydevsnd: most firmware use the zero key
17:53:05pamaury(option -z iirc)
17:53:14pamaurybut GoGear might be an exception
17:53:26pamauryin this case, it's getting more complicated
17:53:41[Saint]__builtin: but does it run, and, if so, function? ;)
17:53:55[Saint]Compilation does not a functioning build make.
17:54:12__builtinwell, it currently has a frontend that does pretty much nothing
17:54:20gevaertsCompiling and linking is still a great milestone!
17:54:31__builtinso it will probably either run and crash or run and draw random stuff
17:54:39devsndpamaury, just tried -z, but no luck. I saw that the source has brute force for version 1 sb files, but non for 2
17:54:52devsndis the key space to big in v2?
17:54:59pamauryfor v2 it's hopeless, AES128 ;)
17:55:10pamaurybut there is another way using a rom exploit
17:55:20pamaurythat works sometimes
17:55:29pamaurycan you point me to the firmware?
17:55:40[Saint]How do you know hes not going to live for thousands of years, huh?
17:55:41__builtin[Saint]: "FATAL ERROR: out of memory"
17:56:09devsndthat's the german version, but 'eng' at the end might just as well work
17:56:55[7]so [Saint], do you want an image of that VM?
17:57:37pamaurydevsnd: thanks, downloading
17:57:40[Saint]Hm? Oh. Sorry. I missed that. It couldn't hurt.
17:57:45devsnd[Saint], no need for thousands of years, just a bit of luck
17:58:05*pamaury prefers to bypass luck when it's possible
17:58:43 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
17:59:11__builtinor someone could push a build that hijacks the build nodes to brute-force it
17:59:45__builtin[Saint]: looks like plugin_get_audio_buffer returns NULL in overlays
18:00:24__builtintime for char giant_buffer[1024*1024*16];
18:01:49__builtinwell, that gets me past the OOM error
18:02:05__builtinnow I just have a data abort, yay
18:02:55pamaurydevsnd: that's your lucky day, I think an exploit will work
18:03:19pamauryyou have the device I presume?
18:03:43devsndyeah, got the device next to me
18:03:53pamaurydo you have linux?
18:04:35pamauryok, give me couple hours, I will craft a fake firmware that you can upload in recovery mode and hopefully use to recover the key
18:05:00pamaurydo you already have a copy of rockbox repository?
18:05:11devsndyes, just checked it out to get the sbtools
18:06:47devsndthe player currently has no battery. that's the reason I even took a look at the thing, wanted to repair it just to find out that the battery was busted. I hope I won't need the battery for flashing...
18:07:33__builtinoh great, the sim doesn't even support overlays
18:08:29pamaurydevsnd: as long as you can reach recovery mode, you can run some code. But may I ask what you plan to do with it if it has no battery?
18:09:12devsndI wanted to use it as a status display for my storage server
18:10:06devsndI have no idea what I am doing :) I wanted to see how the firmware worked to see if I could bitbang an image over USB or something
18:10:10 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
18:12:46devsndpamaury, so I don't know if it's worth the hassle; maybe I should just solder in another battery and be done with it and try hacking those keychain picture frames instead
18:12:54pamaurywell the firmware is a pretty big beast but the soc is well-supported by rockbox. If the device uses eMMC and not nand, with a little reverse engineering, you could easily reflash rockbox on it. Otherwise I see another option (that still involves reverse engineering) but it's a bit less practical
18:13:22pamaury(or if it has a microsd port that could work as well)
18:14:29devsndcan I spot the difference between eMMC and nand on the PCB or is it just a question of internal protocol?
18:14:41devsnd(it has not microsd port)
18:17:30pamaurydevsnd: if you upload a picture of the pcb I can tell
18:17:39pamauryor if you manage to read what is on it
18:18:52pamauryas a rule of dumb, nand flash is usually (I say usally) in a tsop package (google it for picture) whereas emmc usually in bga
18:19:31pamaurybut if you can read what is on the die, that's probably a simpler solution
18:21:46 Join JanC_ [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
18:22:13 Join johnb2 [0] (
18:22:15 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
18:22:19devsndhere's a picture of the PCB
18:22:42devsndlooks like TSOP to me, so probably nand
18:22:59 Quit JanC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:23:01 Nick JanC_ is now known as JanC (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
18:25:45 Quit Guest7162 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:26:55pamauryhum suspiciously like NAND indeed, problem with nand is that freescale uses a FTL that is hard to reverse engineer. But you could still use the player in recovery mode
18:31:43BilgusI lowered the memory usage, shrunk the stack, and lowered the thread proirity.. if you have the usb issue can you go into system>debug> view OS stacks> and 1 tell me the % and 2 how many slots are −−- and how many total slots
18:32:38Bilgusthe thread is 'sel backlight thread' you can hold the right button and it will scroll over the names
18:34:07 Quit toli (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
18:34:45[Saint]Maybe. Iirc it's possible to disable that behavior, though it is default.
18:36:06devsndpamaury, what do you mean by using it in recovery mode? I thought recovery mode was a direct interface to write to the nand and nothing else
18:39:58pamaurydevsnd: recovery mode is in fact just an interface to run code
18:40:16pamauryyou can use it to write to the nand, but you can also use it for anything else
18:40:37pamaury(so long as you have the key and the code)
18:40:46 Join toli [0] (~toli@
18:41:36devsndso the recovery mode code needs to be encrypted using the same key as is used for the firmware?
18:42:17devsndwell, seems like a chicken and egg problem to me.
18:43:04devsndso you wanted to bypass the encryption by directly writing to the eMMC, if it had existed. But now that it's nand, it's harder?
18:43:08[Saint]If the man you're talking to wasn't a ninja I might be tempted to agree.
18:43:32[Saint]He is, though. So you have a fighting chance.
18:45:15*devsnd puts the katana back in the sheath
18:45:50 Join Miles [0] (63fe171e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:46:12pamaurydevsnd: that's because there is a bug in the recovery mode
18:46:23BilgusSelective BL/SL Clip+, Clipzip Fuze+
18:46:37pamauryactually emmc/nand just makes a difference if you want to permanently write the firmware
18:49:42devsndfor my purpose it does not make any difference, if I use the thing as a display I can just write a udev rule that writes the correct code on the device once it's connected
18:50:34pamauryyes that's the idea, ok so I have a firmware for you to try, I will upload it
18:50:46devsndwow, great :)
18:51:10pamauryin the mean time, run 'make' in the following directories:
18:51:10DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
18:51:10pamauryyou might need to install a few dev packages
18:51:17devsndI've got the device in recovery mode, it's detected as HID device
18:51:37pamauryyeah that's correct
18:52:15devsndrockbox/utils/hwstub/tools does not compile :(
18:52:15devsnd‘lua_pushunsigned’ was not declared in this scope
18:52:58devsndall the other Makefiles ran through no problems
18:53:15pamaurydevsnd: you probably have an old version of lua, you need lua 4.3 iirc
18:53:27pamauryor lua 4.2 (look at the makefile, there is the version somewhere)
18:54:01pamauryerr 5.2
18:54:04devsndI've got lua 5.3.3
18:54:38pamaurylet me check, in the mean time: download the file
18:54:43devsndmom, I'll check if the lua package for arch also contains all the headers or if theres another package
18:55:01 Quit Galois (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
18:55:14pamaurythen run
18:55:15pamaurysudo /path/to/sbtools/sbloader /path/to/
18:55:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:55:36pamauryif it worked, your device should renumerate using usb IDs fee1:dead
18:55:41pamauryyou can check with lsusb
18:56:20 Quit froggyman (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
18:56:22pamaurydevsnd: apparently lua_pushunsigned got removed
18:56:53pamauryyou can sed 's/lua_pushunsigned/lua_pushinteger/' I think
18:57:03pamaury(in hwstub/tools/hwstub_shell.cpp)
18:57:35devsndaight, there seem to be more of those: luaL_checkunsigned, lua_tounsigned
18:57:38 Join froggyman [0] (~frogs@unaffiliated/froggyman)
18:57:49devsndso I guess they all have changed to integer
18:57:51pamauryah damn, yeah it applies to all of them :-/
18:58:10pamauryok it does not matter for now, try to run sbloader and see if it works
18:58:16pamaurywe can care about the lua after that
18:59:55MilesHi. Does someone have a moment?
19:00:40pamauryMiles: ask your question, someone will answer if he knows
19:01:37MilesI'm experiencing this bug:
19:01:51MilesI tested the solution of turning up the CPU boost counter, and that works.
19:02:02MilesSo I'm just wondering if there's a permanent way to do that now.
19:02:54Miles(the one in the System -> Debug -> CPU Frequency menu)
19:02:55devsndpamaury, the sbloader says "Status: Passed" then the device shuts down. Then it boots up normally. Should I keep the vol-up pressed so it stays in recovery, or does it mean that it crashed and rebooted?
19:03:20pamaurydevsnd: if it reboots, it means that it somehow crashed and that I failed somewhere
19:03:23__builtindo codecs control cpu boost?
19:04:02pamauryMiles: __builtin: I *think* buffering is supposed to boost on low watermark, so I would expect it to boost automatically
19:04:12pamaurymaybe saratoga knows something about it
19:04:15 Quit Moarc (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:04:16MilesOh and this is on a Sansa Clip+.
19:04:55Bilgusis it any opus file?
19:05:02pamaurydevsnd: give me some time to think about it, I need to understand what I may have done wrong
19:05:10Bilgusand only opus files?
19:05:26devsndpamaury, sure, tell me if there's anything I could help you with
19:06:03MilesWith the nightly build. Just opus files. Seemingly any folder containing a dozen or more of them will do it.
19:06:06pamaurydevsnd: well the problem with that kind of hacking is that it's a bit of a trial and error, when it fails you are left with no clue...
19:06:18 Quit johnb2 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:06:19Miles90 kbps, was using libopus 1.1.3 before, now same thing with 1.2 alpha.
19:06:33 Join Moarc [0] (
19:07:45MilesIt keeps playing but after a certain point it begins to ignore all button presses.
19:10:47devsndpamaury, if you want to keep trying, I could hook the thing up to a raspberry pi, tape the vol-up button in pushed mode and give you root access... But I don't know if all the rockbox tools will compile on arm
19:11:35__builtindevsnd: IIRC they should
19:11:40__builtinsomeone runs a rpi build node
19:13:16pamaurydevsnd: not sure it's going to help, also not sure about compiling on arm
19:15:04pamauryI wonder if Philips could be sneaky enough to use different keys for different languages
19:15:26pamaury(I took the eng version of the firmware)
19:17:27pamauryI have another idea of patching, stay tuned
19:18:18devsndwill do
19:23:00Bilgusgive me a few miles
19:23:59MilesThanks Bilgus.
19:26:01__builtinis the plugin buffer size on the sim differnet from the actual target?
19:27:55gevaertsI have a very vague recollection about the plugin code not being in the plugin buffer in the sim
19:28:04devsndAs a side project I am writing an audio meta data parser. Is anyone familiar with mp3?
19:28:06gevaertsVague enough that it might easily be wrong
19:28:57Bilgusbuiltin- I'm pretty sure any buffer in the sim is
19:32:46 Join johnb2 [0] (
19:37:02 Quit cc___ (Quit: WeeChat 1.6)
19:39:08__builtinoh great, now tlsf crashes
19:40:06BilgusMiles I haven't been able to reproduce it as of yet is the problem that key presses are un responsive? you say it keeps playing, does it skip/stutter? does the progress bar continue to move?
19:40:29pamaurydevsnd: can you try this file:
19:42:17devsndit crashed again, sorry
19:42:25 Join cc___ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
19:43:11johnb2Bilgus: Stack usage: 6: B 20 20 5% sel backlight
19:43:21johnb210 lines in total
19:43:37Bilgushow many have −−-
19:44:12johnb2now its up at 67%
19:44:27johnb211 to 15 have −−-
19:44:42BilgusI assume the usb still isn't working.. is while the usb is plugged?
19:45:01__builtinok, nice, puzzles now doesn't crash
19:45:58johnb2Right, still not working. When plugged it get the USB logo, but w/o the HID lines, just the logo. So I have unplug to be able to navigate the menu.
19:46:30devsndpamaury, what is it you do exactly? I'm curious, but I'm not a hardware guy. I really would like to help you solve that puzzle
19:46:37johnb2Is percentage the cpu usage?
19:46:43MilesBilgus IIRC the progress bar and title scrolling stop until the next song.
19:47:31MilesAnd it can take several uninterrupted songs for the problem to show up.
19:48:19Bilgusok i'm gonna throw you a firmware together for the clip+ with a longer cpu boost and we will see if that helps
19:48:27MilesBilgus in case the files actually do have something to do with it I can upload some that I've mostly tested this on.
19:48:51MilesBut I'll try that firmware first, thanks a bunch.
19:49:03johnb2Bilgus: I meant 10 lines in total with text, 5 more with −−-
19:49:25saratogaif its just boost, then probably the codec isn't yielding enough
19:50:11pamaurydevsnd: well I can show you: I go to the directory where there is, then I run:
19:50:11pamaurymkdir updater
19:50:11pamaury/path/to/sbtoelf -z -o updater/
19:50:11pamaurythen I modify make.db into this: pamaury/01248109753a122de5842ff5d5244266">
19:50:11pamauryI copy hwstub.bin from the build result of createing hwstub binary for stmp (ie cd /path/utils/hwstub/stub/stmp; make; cp build/hwstub.bin ....)
19:51:33pamaurythen it gets tricky: I want to recreate the updater but I cannot because I am missing the key. So I create an invalid updater and then patch its header using the original one:
19:51:54pamaury~/project/rockbox/myrockbox/utils/imxtools/sbtools/elftosb -d -c make_fake.db -o −−real-key "78D87B95BF94252E4CD85E7E1B9FAC11" −−crypto-iv "820F744BF35546571D55B513C8371D3C" -zz
19:51:54pamaurydd if=../ bs=1 count=208 conv=notrunc
19:52:08Bilgusjohnb2: this is on the clip+ correct?
19:52:26johnb2Yes.Does it make sense to try on a different device?
19:52:41pamauryif you have 10/15 to spare I can explain you why it (should) works ;)
19:53:12johnb2I have several clip+, i.e. both AMS variant 0 and 1
19:55:11devsndpamaury, yeah, please tell me. I do not get how mashing another key and IV ontop of this firmware should work; Theoretically the chances for it to work are as great as brute forcing the correct key, no?
19:56:42Bilgusjohnb2 if you turn off selective BL and then replug does it work then?
19:57:17Bilgusjohnb2 % is how full the stack is
19:57:40[7][Saint]: tell me once you've got them
19:57:44BilgusI shurnk the stack by 3/4 because it wasquite empty
19:58:13johnb2Bilgus: Nope, same behaviour.
19:58:42Bilgusok turn off the selective BL and softlock turn the player off power it back on and then try
19:59:20pamaurydevsnd: so, the sb file format (I'm simplifying) consist in three parts: the header, the key store and the code/data
20:01:00pamaurythe header is not encrypted and gives information about the file (size, number of sections, number of keys, version, etc).
20:01:27pamauryNow the thing is, the code/data is not encrypted using the device key, it is encrypted using what I can the real key. It is chosen at random when the file is created
20:01:29Bilgusjohnb2: my clip+ does this even with the dev build so i'm not sure..
20:01:34johnb2Good point, before I hadn't turned off the player. Following your instructions, it now mounts correctly!
20:02:17Bilgusok now unplug turn selbl on do a few buttons and then replug
20:02:24devsndokay, but how does the device then decrypt it?
20:02:39pamaurydevsnd: so the key store serves two purposed: authenticate the file and give the device the real key
20:03:22devsndso the real key is "signed" by being encrypted using the device key?
20:03:34pamauryto do that, for each key, the tool packs together the CBC-MAC of the of the header using the key, and the encrypted real key (using the key)
20:04:01pamauryalso it's quite important to understand that with this, you can one file that works for several keys
20:04:16johnb2Again just the drive letters, no content.
20:04:36pamaurybecause the device will just compute the CBC-MAC of the header using its key, and compare it to the key store: if one entry matches, it then decrypts the real key and uses that for the rest of the file
20:04:46Bilgusok give me a few
20:05:22devsndallright, but still you need bazillion entries for the device to try then, don't you?
20:07:14pamaurywell that's the thing: contains two keys in the store: zero and the device key
20:07:28pamaurywhich means that sbtoelf can decrypts using the zero key
20:07:45pamaurybut it cannot create a valid file for the device, because we do not know the device key
20:08:36MilesBilgus thanks, file recieved. I'll try it out at work tonight.
20:09:40pamaurythat's where the trick is: when we create a file for the device, the only thing we cannot create is the key store (because we don't know the device key). So what I do is that I tell elftosb to create a file but instead of using a random real key, I use the same the original I also ask elftosb to create a key store with two entries (twice the zero key). The resulting file is perfectly valid but the device won't accept it because the
20:09:40pamaury key store does not contains its key
20:09:48Bilgusjohnb2 turn off selbl exit the menu and then go back to debug menu and verify that the thread sel backlight is gone
20:09:52pamauryThen I patch the header of the file with the header of the original file
20:10:28pamaurynow what happens is that header and the key store are valid, and they describe a code/data encrypted using a real key. And I just so happened to use the same real key when I produce the file
20:11:05devsndah, now I get it
20:11:10pamauryso magically by patching the header, I get a file that that looks like it has been encrypted using the zero key and the device key, but in fact I did not
20:11:34 Join akaWolf [0] (~akaWolf@unaffiliated/akawolf)
20:11:43devsndthat really clever
20:12:28devsndso the problem is not getting any code to run, but that you are running the code completely blindly to fish out the real device key?
20:12:30pamaurythe devil is in the details after that: AES uses an IV, and the IV is obtained by CBC-MACing the header (I don't recall how to be honest). So when we create the fake file, we override the IV using a value that we know is wrong (thus the file produced is invalid), but when we patch the header, it suddenly works
20:14:06pamauryalso there is the issue that the header describes partly the content of the code/data and we are using a bug of the ROM that does not double check this information
20:14:25pamauryas for the code, I use hwstub which provides a usb interface to read/write any registers on the device
20:14:31pamauryso in theory, it should just work (TM)
20:14:35devsndso you use the IV from the original header, to create the fake file; But the IV of the fake file does not match its own CBC-MAC?
20:15:10pamauryno, not until you patch the header
20:16:24devsndalright, now I get it. So what exactly then keeps crashing the device?
20:18:48pamaurywell either the ROM (for some reason) finds out that the file is not valid and moves to do a real boot
20:18:57pamauryor for some reason, the hwstub code crashes
20:19:08pamaury(which would be surprising since it is well tested)
20:21:24pamaurymy guess is more on the first option but I cannot be sure of course
20:22:31pamauryI have an idea
20:22:41devsndSo I should be able to boot from recovery mode directly by sending the original ROM over the write?
20:22:49devsndI am all ears
20:22:52pamaurywe could simply recreate (ie no modification beside repacking and patching) to see if it crashs as well
20:23:10devsndthats what I thought :)
20:23:12pamaurydevsnd: yes and no
20:23:29CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:23:29*[7] wonders if [Saint] is still awake ;)
20:23:36pamauryit works as long as the original firmware does not expect any of its data to com from NAND
20:23:45pamaurywhich is unfortunately the case
20:24:35pamauryso you can boot but it's unlikely you will succeed in booting unless it is the same version (or very close) to the one already on the nand
20:25:04pamaurydevsnd: wait a minute, I'll send you another file, as I just suggested
20:26:47__builtinalright, now I need to figure out how to actually make it draw stuff
20:26:56johnb2Bilgus: yes, it is gone in the stack list
20:27:33Bilgusok I have a fix ill give you a compiled firmware to try
20:32:47pamaurybeware is has a different name (
20:34:15devsndit also crashed :(
20:35:42pamaurydevsnd: can you try the original
20:36:01*pamaury starts to wonder if there might be a mismatch between the firmware and the device
20:37:15devsndhm same same with the original, goes strait into MSC mode
20:38:36devsndthe model number is correct, there's a little sticker on the bottom that has the same number
20:38:54Bilguslet me know if that stops the problem
20:41:17pamaurydevsnd: well actually there is another possibility, I don't even know what is supposed to do, maybe it shows MSC mode
20:41:32pamaurywhich means there is no real way of knowing if executes or not
20:43:10devsndmaybe... I actually had the feeling that the MSC was booting more quickly using the original
20:43:44devsndMaybe in case of success it boots into MSC and in case of crash it does so as well, but takes longer to cold boot
20:43:47pamaurywhat about the
20:43:48devsndI'll time it
20:44:04devsndYeah, I'll time all 3 variants
20:46:00johnb2Bilgus: Great job. Now it mounts properly both with SelBl turned on and off!
20:46:33Bilguswell almost good job since that worked I have one more for you to try possibly two
20:47:00 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:47:20johnb2I will be around for another hour, then travelling for the next three days.
20:49:09devsndpamaury: there's no measurable difference between all the *.sb files
20:50:06Bilgussee if that one works too the last one just wiped out selective BL on USB plug my hope is this one won't
20:50:45__builtinladies and gentlemen, we have output!
20:51:57__builtingevaerts: ^
20:52:21saratogaMiles: opus works fine for most people, so if you've got some strange bug you need to give some instructions to reproduce it
20:54:01saratogatry deleting your config file to reset settings, then find the minimum set of files needed to trigger the problem, and then upload them
20:54:47devsndpamaury, I found another firmware that matches the model number
20:55:12johnb2Bilgus: this one works!
20:55:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:55:34pamauryI used to have a GoGear one which I tried this and it worked, so the question is, why is this not working
20:55:53Bilgusok it was my fault for not looking closely when the usb is plugged it expects an ACK
20:56:48[Saint][7]: he is.
20:56:55Bilgusill update the patch but not the fw files I upped earlier
20:57:25[Saint]We really fucked up with our gerrit build system integration.
20:57:33[Saint]I should look in to this and finally finish it.
20:57:58[Saint]It was always the intention to supply the ability to hook gerrit to the build system to do build proofs and testbuilds.
20:58:13[Saint]But people got so damn angry about git/gerrit in general it never happened.
20:58:24[Saint]We never really recovered from that mess.
20:59:07pamauryI don't know why people are so angry about git
20:59:16 Join nlogex [0] (
20:59:18[Saint]Funny to think of these days, if submitters asked themselves how much they gave a shit about subversion /now/, I suspect people would give zero fucks.
20:59:23[Saint]~10 years ago, however...
20:59:33 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
20:59:36devsndpamaury, when I search for the serial number "SA2ARA08K/02" I find images of similar looking players. They seem to have really strange model numberings
20:59:45saratogagit really frustrating to use unless you have a lot of experience with it
20:59:55[Saint]pamaury: it's hard to think about it with the mindset of now, compared to then.
21:00:08Bilgusonly one way to get experience..
21:00:38pamaurydevsnd: don't mention it, Philips numbering scheme is braindead
21:00:41[Saint]I *hate* it when a find a relic project still using subversion.
21:00:44pamaury[Saint]: I was there when we switched
21:00:56[Saint]pamaury: I'm aware.
21:01:06pamauryIt's true that git is not easy to master, but subversion is just bad
21:01:18pamauryunfortunately we lost a few devs in the switch
21:01:23[Saint]I'm saying it made sense to a lot of people /then/, but we're thinking about it /now/, and it makes less sense.
21:01:40pamauryyeah you are right
21:02:08pamauryIt's basically the cvs/svn story all over again I guess
21:02:32[Saint]or */mercurial, or mercurial/*
21:02:42[Saint]or */*, really.
21:02:48pamaurydevsnd: what is the sticker showing on your player exactly?
21:02:49 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~root@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
21:02:51[Saint]people just get passionate about version control.
21:03:10devsndpamaury: just to make sure I'm not braindead this is the version number on the device. It matches with the second URL to the firmware I sent you. Could you please retry with that one?
21:03:44pamaurydevsnd: wait, your devices show sa3ara (3 not 2)
21:03:59devsnddamn, I am officially a complete idiot
21:04:23pamauryI've done worse
21:05:00devsndsorry! I'll try to find the firmware...
21:05:05devsnd*guesses URLs
21:05:21 Join Galois [0] (
21:06:11pamauryalso Philips does not provide direct URLs which is super annoying
21:06:38devsndgot it!
21:06:40devsnd and it works
21:06:49pamaury seems to work
21:06:57pamauryok downloading
21:08:30Bilgusjohnb2: thanks for your help with that I'd have never figured it out as all my players use usb in the bootloader or have to go into the original firmware
21:12:00johnb2You are very welcome, thanks for digging into it! I will be off now.
21:12:37 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
21:13:23devsndBus 003 Device 036: ID fee1:dead
21:13:29pamauryah, good news :)
21:13:42pamauryok, so now I need to fix hwstub_shell.cpp
21:14:02pamaurygive me a minute to look into that
21:14:28devsndpamaury: I'll have help my wife cooking, I'll be back in 45min, will you be still there?
21:14:42devsndnice :)
21:14:49pamauryyou said you are using lua 5.3 right? so I can try to reproduce
21:19:04*__builtin uploads a 1MB patch
21:19:47__builtinit's going to be lots of fun to review, I'm sure
21:24:09 Join lebellium [0] (
21:28:38Milessaratoga: the Flyspray ticket has more info about reproducing it, but I'll come back with more information and a set of test files if things don't look better after I get around to thoroughly testing Bilgus' firmware later
21:28:56MilesHere it is again:
21:29:06saratogai checked the ticket and theres a 3 year old request to post sample files...which no one did
21:30:07saratogabug reports that can't be reproduced get ignored
21:30:19MilesFair enough. I do have some time now.
21:30:31Bilguslet us know either way and send us some sample files
21:30:35MilesI hope you like the Undertale OST cause that's where I first found the behaviour.
21:30:43saratogaanyway, i spent a few minutes looking at that problem and concluded that opus works fine
21:30:49saratogaif there is something new, let me know
21:31:00MilesGonna upload it...
21:31:23saratogaalso, i'd suggest trying to reproduce it with just 2 files if possible (use repeat)
21:31:31Bilgusalso for anyone that continues with this the FW I gave him was the latest dev all I did was move cpu boost timeout in action.c to 10 seconds instead of 1
21:31:48 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:33:45 Quit toli (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
21:34:44BilgusMiles it is a 2hr long file?
21:36:02Miles99MB zip, 100 tracks. Good thing Opus is efficient eh.
21:37:50Bilgusok so you have a folder with these 100 files and it craps out after a few or after 1 or randomly?
21:38:33MilesSo, Sansa Clip+, dev build, play the first file and don't touch the device. It may take half an hour before it locks but usually sooner.
21:38:54MilesDoesn't seem to actualyl matter which one you start with, or the order.
21:39:42 Join xorly [0] (
21:40:06MilesThis was just the largest folder of Opus files so it's impossible to get even a quarter way through it.
21:40:56 Join toli [0] (~toli@
21:41:44pamaurydevsnd: I pushed a fix for lua, when you are back, be sure to rebase to get the latest version
21:41:58Bilgusok gives me something to reproduce
21:42:36MilesNo problem. I wish reproduction were less random.
21:42:48MilesSo I appreciate the time.
21:44:54Bilgusso are you making a playlist of these files or database or just clicking on one in the folder?
21:45:19MilesJust selecting from the file browser.
21:45:37Bilgusok so using auto generated playlist
21:46:52MilesThe database exists but I'm only using it for playback statistics, if that matters.
21:47:53Bilgusit might.. I just want to try to have the conditions as close as possible
21:50:10MilesApart from that default settings should do it. I've formatted and reflashed a few times.
21:51:36MilesI wondered if maybe the size of my collection was a factor as well. I'm using a 128 GB micro SD and it's stuffed to the brim.
21:52:32MilesMostly 96kb/s Opus with some other assorted lossy files.
21:55:57Bilgusdoubtful but who knows yet lol
21:59:34*__builtin needs to get a polygon-drawing function going here
22:00:07__builtinmeh, I'll just trace its outline for now
22:00:52 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:02:07MilesGotta sign off for now, see you around tomorrow hopefully Bilgus.
22:02:22MilesI'll know if the modified firmware helped by then.
22:06:24 Quit Miles (Quit: Page closed)
22:06:47 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
22:09:01__builtindoes rockbox have a function to copy a rectangular section of the framebuffer to a buffer?
22:09:47 Quit krabador (Quit: Leaving)
22:12:48 Join xorly [0] (
22:14:01pamaury__builtin: I don't think so
22:19:31pamaurygevaerts: ping
22:22:53devsndpamaury: I'm back, just rebased your changes
22:24:23pamaurydevsnd: ok, now run ./hwstub_shell
22:24:31pamaury(you might need a udev rule or run as sudo)
22:25:09pamauryFYI, this is the udev rule I use: SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="fee1", ATTRS{idProduct}=="dead", GROUP="users", MODE="0666"
22:25:35devsndstill got compile errors :/
22:27:19Bilgus__builtin: V_CopyRect though it isn't in rockbox persay
22:27:31pamaurydevsnd: you don't have lua5.2 installed
22:27:59pamauryoption #1 is to install lua5.2, option #2 is to replace 5.2 by 5.3 in the Makefile
22:28:27devsndaight, downgrading might be hard, so I'll go with the makefile change...
22:28:38pamauryunfortunately there is no easy way around it because pkg configs for lua are always versioned
22:32:42devsndpamaury: hm, changing the version to 5.3 in the makefile did not help, maybe i need a lua-headers/dev/git/something package
22:33:33pamaurydevsnd: did you change it both in cflags and ldflags?
22:33:47pamauryyou need the -dev version
22:34:17pamauryyou need liblua5.3-dev
22:34:53TorCBilgus: Just tried the latest build you posted on my Zip (fb45a3d), and the failure to turn on BL with first button press after boot (if the BL is allowed to expire after boot) is fixed.
22:35:48devsndpamaury: it seems on arch lua is not versioned in the same way. I just s/lua5.2/lua/ and it worked
22:35:51TorCStill fails to reset the timer going from / to main menu using power button, but that's the only case of that bug I can find so far, so I would call that a "Won't fix".
22:35:55Bilguswhat about the one coming out of file menu with the power button?
22:36:05TorCSee ^
22:36:47devsndpamaury: I'm in.
22:37:27TorCI'll keep looking for other cases, but I haven't found any yet.
22:37:44pamaurydevsnd: ok, ah the weird of pkg-config...
22:37:59pamaurydevsnd: in the shell, type:
22:37:59pamauryfor i=0,3 do HW.DCP.DBGSELECT.INDEX.write(0x10+i); print(string.format("%08x",; end
22:38:08pamauryI hope it is correct
22:38:15DBUGEnqueued KICK devsnd
22:38:55 Quit ender` (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:39:11Bilgusthat one is pretty subtle I tried doing a backlight on call on context change unfortunately it has to wait till the next button press to see the change either that or read the context again but i'm reluctant to do that So agreed its a won't fix unless there becomes a reason to do so
22:39:13devsndis that the key?
22:39:54pamaurydevsnd: looks like it, give me a minute to check that
22:40:00 Join ender` [0] (
22:41:36TorCRealistically, I think no one is likely to be in the habit of using the power button for anything except "Stop" or to actually turn the player off, so I suspect it's only those testing it to destruction who will find that particular bug.
22:42:00pamaurydevsnd: yes, the key is c63737069dc9f29b1bfe481acae69311
22:42:27 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:43:08devsndnice, thanks a bunch pamaury, you really showed me a lot
22:43:14TorCHalf the time, I'm not particularly concerned about power and just let the auto-off handle things. The time I use the power button is mostly when I know I want the bookmark to be created to make sure I see it happen, or sometimes to turn the player off.
22:43:19pamaurydevsnd: to unpack, use
22:43:20pamaurysbtoelf -d -a c63737069dc9f29b1bfe481acae69311 -o directory/
22:44:01TorCI've just installed the latest BL patch version on the zip I use most. Great work, Bilgus. Thank you very much.
22:44:04pamaurydevsnd: however I warn you that reverse engineering might prove tricky. If you just want to have the screen working, I can have a look and try to provide you with a lua script
22:44:41 Join xorly [0] (
22:44:48devsndthat would be really great, yes
22:46:02pamaurydevsnd: I'll see what I do. You can use hwstub_shell to run some code but obviously it is very slow. I works to upload images to the screen but it will be horribly slow.
22:46:23devsndhorribly slow would be enough for me, to be honest
22:46:31BilgusI think what is happening is probably another event in the queue masking the button release
22:46:46BilgusIll see what I can figure out
22:48:00devsndOne image every once in a while would be more than enough for me. I want to show the smart status of my RAID etc
22:48:39TorCCould be. Certainly if something is playing, the power button also calls stop - even when not on WPS, so there's one possible culprit right there - but all my tests that exhibited the problem were already in stop mode at the time.
22:50:01pamaurydevsnd: ok let me have a quick look, just to see if the code is similar to other targets I have RE'd
22:50:29TorCStill, with only that button known to be affected, and only rarely, it's still doubtful that normal users will find it. I only found it because I got lucky and triggered it with semi-random button presses.
22:50:58TorCThen, was lucky enough to remember the button that did it, so I could find it again more systematically.
22:51:42Bilgusessentially I have a blocking button get and another that times out if you press the power button and then another event takes the slot of the button release on the next call the blocking one gets the button release
22:52:18Bilgusso ill have to figure out a way around that
22:52:36pamaurydevsnd: apparently the firmware supports both nand and mmc, so it's not impossible your device has an mmc in a nand package
22:53:32TorCOr conclude it doesn't matter unless it is proven to be triggered by a sequence that is actually likely to occur in real usage. Which the only known cause is not.
22:54:06TorCBut, I know: Pride in workmanship.
22:54:30TorCIf you want to track it down, I'll gladly run tests for you.
22:55:25TorCI've got work to do away from the computer, so I'll check the logs later.
22:55:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:56:17Bilgusk i'll dig into it later on
22:56:26devsndis there a manual for hwstub_shell somewhere?
23:00:49pamaurydevsnd: not really, there is some builtin help but I don't think it's up to date
23:01:03pamaurybut there are lots of scripts in lua/ for the imx233 (the soc used in this device)
23:01:20pamauryand examples of scripts for various devices based on this soc
23:01:40pamaurybasically it's lua, with a table called HW that gives you access to all register
23:01:56pamaury(so you need the imx233 manual to understand what you are doing)
23:02:17devsndyeah, I've started speluncing around there, I'm trying to turn on the backlight ;)
23:02:48pamaurythe generic syntax being HW.block.reg.ACTION where ACTION can be read(), write(val), set(val), clear(val) or, field.write(val), etc
23:03:11pamauryfor backlight it's hard to tell without reverse engineering, it can be either a pin or more likely a pwm
23:05:01devsndIs it a bad idea just to try something? can I easily break something just wiggling some pins from the inside?
23:06:07pamauryI doubt it but just give me 5 min
23:06:22pamauryI have located the lcd init sequence, I should be able to figure out backlight
23:09:20 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:09:32devsndpamaury: what do you use to disassemble the code?
23:09:58pamauryIDA pro
23:11:31 Join xorly [0] (
23:16:15pamaurythe firmware seems to support 3 different types of lcd
23:21:13devsndDo you think that I could find the part number of the LCD if I disassembled the device some more?
23:22:09 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 50.0/20161104212021])
23:22:23pamauryprobably not, usually even if you find it's unhelpful because there is no datasheet
23:26:43devsndpamaury: It's late, I will go to bed. Thanks a lot for your help, you're a real wizzard!
23:26:56pamaurydevsnd: I have located backlight, I think uses one those weird chips where you toogle the line in a specific wait to tell the controll the intensity
23:27:14pamauryI also have to go to bed, see you
23:27:19devsndoh cool!
23:28:04devsndI will be back. I have downloaded IDA Pro and got the ARM instruction set as well. I'll try to follow along, but hardware is not at all my field
23:28:18devsndI hope that we can complete this together :)
23:28:24devsndhave a good night!
23:29:54 Quit devsnd (Remote host closed the connection)
23:30:11 Join devsnd [0] (
23:33:37 Quit devsnd (Client Quit)
23:39:12 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:40:58 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")

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