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#rockbox log for 2016-11-21

00:02:36__builtinI guess I can copy portions of lcd_framebuffer[]
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00:19:01__builtinin what context are timer callbacks called?
00:19:17__builtinand is it synchronous, or not?
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00:50:31__builtinalright, got some input going here
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03:05:10__builtindang it, why is lcd_clear_display() giving me the cabbie background instead of a blank screen?
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07:01:41TorCBilgus: Bad news. There is a bug in the BL patch on the Zip. When active, USB seems to enumerate correctly on my computer, but when I try to mount either player or uSD it says "no medium found on /dev/sd$disk"
07:02:05TorCI also once got a panic when I plugging in USB with player off, which I recorded.
07:02:10BilgusI already fixed that earlier today
07:02:48TorCAh. Good. Then the fb45a3d I have is outdated?
07:04:00BilgusI have other issues though namely scroll wheels post events from outside button.c so i'm probably going to have to switch to peeking at the button queue :/
07:08:02Bilgusthat will remove that usb issue as well assumin i can read the queue fast enough
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07:54:46BilgusTorC nope not going to work either and there are 28 some places where things are added to the queue bypassing button.c I'm starting to like the old way :/ I'm going to have to think about this for a few days like maybe a hook of some sort or a redef of queue post
07:59:34Bilgusalthough I now have a way to get contexts ahead of action.c so maybe I can post the actions to my own queue but idk yet
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08:40:46TorCBilgus: OK. I'm willing to test any time. My player contents are stable enough that it isn't a huge issue, and it won't really matter after USB is fixed, but it might be nice if after turning sel BL off, when reactivated it would remember the last used settings.
08:42:20TorCThe recent versions with quick-response backlight have been very nice to work with on that front.
08:42:40Bilguscurrently it uses those settings to tell when it is on or off but I did leave the first bit open to enable/disable I just have to get the actual mechanism right before I can expand
08:43:11TorCAh. Makes sense.
08:43:55TorCJudging by the apparent need to turn the player off to get USB working, I'm guessing you can't just deactivate sel BL for USB?
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09:08:29Bilgusit was actually far easier than that just had to ack the usb message
09:08:59BilgusI think I have something that will work figured out but i'll have to get to it tomorrow thx
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11:16:37pamaury__builtin: timers are called from IRQ, screen is not refreshed until lcd_update{_rect}. I am pretty lcd_clear_display clears the screen
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11:18:44pamaury__builtin: actually clear_display most probably clears the current viewport
11:19:07pamaurybut it clears it using the background color I think
11:19:27pamauryie lcd_set_background()
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12:04:55wodzForum down? Or it is just me?
12:07:58pamaury_wodz: I concur
12:08:58pamaury_wodz: by the way, I'm creating the nwz toolchain and I am thinking about update the mips toolchain (or creating a new one). Do you think it would be wise to update it to a much more recent toolchain (like binutil 2.25 and gcc 4.9.x) rather than gcc 4.4.x ?
12:11:30wodzpamaury_: - this was tested on atj. There are some parameters removed however so I needed to tweak makefiles.
12:12:31wodzpamaury_: Anyway I'd say upgrade to the most recent you can (or the most recent stable branch)
12:13:10pamaury_wodz: yeah I know, but I'm wondering if 4.6.3 isn't a bit old? I don't know, just a though
12:14:06wodzpamaury_: btw. At the time of this I tried to contact someone with jz to test and failed. So I'd treat jz as dead. If someone emerge complaining we can fix it
12:15:40wodzpamaury: and at the time 4.6.3 *was* the last stable from gcc branch
12:15:42pamaury_ok so current jz is broken, that's what you are saying?
12:16:01pamaury_wodz: oh ok, I think they have 4.9.x stable branch now, but I'll double check
12:16:47pamaury_I need to go for lunch, be back later
12:17:44wodzpamaury_: I am saying we don't know if it is broken, and we will not know if compiler switch will break it.
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12:56:30lebellium_z3cpamaury: just got my E585, so excited :)
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13:19:45pamaurylebellium_z3c: cool :)
13:20:58lebellium_z3cI'll try out the embedded noise canceling in public transportation
13:21:24lebellium_z3cI should be available tonight for some tests on A850 or E580
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13:23:01pamaurydoes it use proprietary headphones?
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13:30:42lebellium_z3cpamaury: yes, MDR-NC31 but the NC function is managed by the player, not the headphones. So I don't need extra batteries just for the headphones
13:31:40lebellium_z3cIf you plug normal earphones, NC is automatically disabled
13:32:22pamaurydoes it use a special jack? Like a jack with four pins?
13:33:55pamauryI guess the four pins is the microphone then
13:35:44lebellium_z3cYeah probably. I should try a usual hands-free set to see what happens
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15:56:16TheSeven[Saint]: so did you download the files?
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20:10:42lebelliumpamaury: you here?
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20:15:58pamaurylebellium: busy, can you wait 30min?
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20:36:16pamaurylebellium: I have just rebuilt my toolchain, I am checking that it actually works, did we run anything on the A850 yet?
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20:40:14 Join Sveklan [0] (d960fe1e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:40:40lebelliumpamaury: not yet
20:41:03SveklanHi! Where can i get Rockbox Theme Editor, because link here is down: ?
20:41:22SveklanI mean Windows build of it
20:47:38pamaurymaybe [Saint] knows
20:48:00lebelliumit hasn't been updated for years
20:48:07lebelliumnot sure it's a good idea to make a theme with it
20:50:26pamauryah great, my new toolchain fails because it wants but the device only has
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20:52:01devsndHi everbody
20:52:11pamaurydevsnd: hi
20:53:29devsndpamaury: nice to see you again
20:54:54pamaurylebellium: I am afraid this will have to wait, I broke my toolchain this week-end and apparently something went wrong when I recreated it
20:55:19devsndpamaury, do you have any datasheets for the sigmatel STMP3780?
20:55:35devsndnevermind, I just found it
20:55:39pamaurydevsnd: search of imx233 product datasheet
20:55:40pamaurydevsnd: I had a very quick glimpse at the backlight code for your target and I believe backlight is control by pin P1B28
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20:56:11lebelliumpamaury: you'll oblige me to play video games, that's not cool :D
20:56:20pamaurylebellium: I'm so sorry for you ;)
20:57:14devsndpamaury, allright, I'll get the hwstub_shell g
20:57:22devsnd*going and will try it out
20:57:59 Quit krabador (Quit: Leaving)
20:58:58pamaurydevsnd: something like this I would say: download pamaury/49f21d06cab61b85fa874f560449780b">
20:58:58pamauryput the file in hwstub/tools/lua/sa3ara.lua
20:59:28pamaurythen run;
20:59:47pamaury./hwstub_shell -f lua/sa3ara.lua -e "SA3ARA.init()"
21:02:46devsndpamaury, it worked, the backlight went on!
21:03:13devsndwhere in the rom did you find it, I would like to understand how you found the right pin
21:04:11pamauryit's a long story, this firmware is very similar to other I spent a *long* time reverse engineering, basically I knew exactly where to look
21:05:28pamauryI can give you the address in the firmware if you want (for the english one at least) (in one specific part of the firmware) or maybe it's just simpler if I send you my IDA pro file, which version do you have?
21:06:19devsndI just downloaded the demo, its 6.95
21:06:47devsndI don't know if I'll be able to open the full version file, we'll see
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21:25:11pamauryah crap, Sony used the softfp ABI and I used hardfp, no wonder it didn't work
21:25:24CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:25:24*pamaury goes for another toolchain recompilation
22:31:55__builtinhmm, a bit of a signpost problem with viewports: if the viewport is 10 pixels wide, if I draw at (x + 10) pixels while the viewport is on will it work?
22:45:50pamaury__builtin: isn't that going to be outside of the viewport?
22:46:27__builtinso, the boundary is not inclusive then?
22:46:51pamaurywell if it's 10 pixels wide, you can draw pixels from 0 to 9 usually
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23:15:58__builtinalright, got it
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23:35:50[Saint]__builtin: for things like that is is best to not use fixed x,y coordinate addressing.
23:35:50[Saint]__builtin: this also helps for defining coordinates across multiple resolutions.
23:36:35[Saint]So, for instance, instead of defining +10 pixels on the left hand side, for instance, you define -10 pixels from the right hand side.
23:36:57[Saint]This means you can always align from a fixed point regardless of the resolution of the screen.
23:37:22[Saint]This is one of many theme aspects that virtually no one uses.
23:38:34gevaerts[Saint]: does that really work outside the theme engine?
23:39:59[Saint]gevaerts: I believe that being able to define negative coordinates for drawing is not limited to the theme engine solely.
23:40:25[Saint]I am not 100% confident it works for all our drawing mechanisms though.
23:41:27gevaertsBah, now I have to go and find where that's handled!
23:43:37__builtinhmm, where is text drawing handled?
23:43:42__builtinnothing in firmware/
23:43:59*__builtin is trying to have it not draw the background
23:44:26[Saint]hahaha - I'm having the same problem with figuring out where all our draw magic is handled.
23:44:32[Saint]It's kinda erratic.
23:45:01*gevaerts strongly believes the drawing code to be imaginary
23:46:03__builtinyeah what the heck
23:47:00__builtinoh, looks like there's a LCDFN macro that wraps it in lcd_
23:48:08gevaerts[Saint]: actually, what exactly can you put at negative coordinates to make it right-aligned?
23:48:53gevaertsViewports, or their contents?
23:50:35gevaertsAh, according to CustomWPS viewports
23:50:43[Saint]for the theme engine specifically, anything that accepts an x,y coordinate.
23:50:55[Saint]any values can be negative.
23:51:42[Saint]it's not restricted to viewports alone, per se, and it even extends to children of viewports.
23:52:10__builtinwait... viewports can have children!?
23:53:37 Quit toli (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
23:53:52*gevaerts is looking at fillrect specifically, and he can't find any code that handles this...
23:54:05gevaertsBut then we're probably back to the drawing code being imaginary
23:58:18[Saint]__builtin: yup.

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