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#rockbox log for 2016-11-23

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00:24:30ulmutul__builtin: I've cobbled together a draw-filled-polygon algorithm. (I need it for my rockbox port of "ballerburg" :) Unfortunately I'm very short of time atm, so it's not tested very well)
00:24:54ulmutulIf you like, I can pastebin it, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
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00:31:20[Saint]If I'm not mistaken, Ballerburg could be recreated entirely with drawrect and fillrect?
00:31:33[Saint]Though, perhaps not trivially.
00:32:27ulmutulthe cannons are defined as polygon :)
00:32:46ulmutulAnd the roof of the castle is a triangle
00:34:23[Saint]you could do it by stacking rectangles.
00:34:39[Saint]though that would make for a bajillion draw objects.
00:36:36ulmutulThe whole castle is defined as a big polygon, it would be more complicated to strip it down to rectangles than to implement a simple scanline algorithm.
00:37:41[Saint]Oh, yes. Certainly. It would be a fair amount of work if you're doing a direct port, as you seem to be.
00:38:18[Saint]Making a clone/Ballerburg-alike however wouldn't be significantly difficult.
00:38:30[Saint]To do with drawrect/fillrect, I mean.
00:41:26ulmutulThe biggest problem of the port is to rewrite the mouse-pointer input logic to something that is rockbox-usable. I don't think the output will be the complicated part (perhaps on targets with 96x96 pixel :))
00:42:52ulmutulThe most-biggest problem however is the available time for rockboxing, that is incredible short atm :(
00:43:54ulmutulSo don't hold your breath for anything happening this year.
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01:08:30__builtinwell I have a makeshift algorithm that's "good enough" for convex polygons
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01:11:37__builtinit can pretty much be summed up as "draw triangles between random sets of points"
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01:15:36[Saint]Damn. He left.
01:16:06[Saint]ulmutul: (assuming you read logs) - Take a look at rockpaint.rock
01:16:16[Saint]re: mouse pointer logic
01:17:26[Saint]scorche`: since you're the founder here, I must ask, would you have a problem with me letting a bot out to play here in the near future?
01:17:39[Saint]essentially logbot on steroids.
01:18:14scorche|shas long as it doesnt become too oppressive, i dont see why not
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01:25:19*__builtin needs to figure out why circles are being drawn as quarter-circles... grrr
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01:48:32[Saint]scorche`: For the interim, it will be silent. I'll let you know at various stages including, but not limited to:
01:48:32[Saint] - deployment
01:48:32[Saint] - when interactions are enabled
01:49:31[Saint]It will be a 'speak when spoken to' type arrangement that only responds via /query|/privmsg
01:50:54[Saint]I'm just working on a function now to scrape search results from the forums and wiki.
01:51:37[Saint]also - thanks. I'm playing in my own sandbox for now until I'm confident it isn't going to overthrow us and attempt to Kill All Humans.
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02:48:00Bilguslol chan bots were so 90's :p
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03:06:44*[Saint] points to logbot and fs-bluebot
03:07:13[Saint]Say hi to Bilgus, fs-bluebot
03:07:13*[Saint] slaps fs-bluebot
03:07:13fs-bluebot[Saint]: ouch!
03:12:15[Saint]Bilgus: fs-bluebot is a fairly useful bot that people very rarely make use of.
03:12:26[Saint]and logbot just sits there doing his shit.
03:12:37*__builtin hasn't found much use for fs-bluebot beyond slapping it
03:12:49[Saint]you'll find him useful if you ever want to make use of the Rockbox IRC log cache.
03:13:21[Saint]__builtin: I find it useful if you're talking about a specific FS/Gerrit entry.
03:13:50[Saint]"something something, blah blah, check out g#123 rabble rabble, blah blah"
03:13:51fs-bluebotGerrit review #123 at : Add an alternative analogic touchpad sensitivity setting by Jean-Louis Biasini
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05:21:53scorche`[Saint]: meh - just ask for forgiveness rather than permission
05:21:56scorche`it isnt a big deal
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08:26:01CLIPPERPLUSi have followed sansaamsunbrick guide about clip+ unbrick. maybe i was rush but i have short the two red pins and the result was nada i have also notices there is two pins circled with blue circle should i short them too?
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08:33:38[Saint]CLIPPERPLUS: you dont.
08:34:25[Saint]The wiki states you should talk to us BEFORE you do any of this.
08:35:01[Saint]There's a very good chance the device wasn't bricked at all, but probably is now.
08:35:11[Saint]Hence the warning.
08:35:29CLIPPERPLUSbut i didn't short cut the blue ones
08:35:47[Saint]My point is you probably didn't need to do any of this.
08:36:15CLIPPERPLUSwhat should i have do?
08:36:37[Saint]99 times out of 100 simply letting it discharge fully or manually disconnecting the battery is sufficient.
08:36:57[Saint]It's usually a hung device pretending to be bricked.
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08:37:11CLIPPERPLUSbeen there tried it on the two poor clip+(yes i have two broken)
08:38:20[Saint]Well, the red pins are what you're aiming for. If you can't get any storage volume to mount, and do get a storage volume to mount, but it isnt ~900mb, recovery isn't happening.
08:38:55CLIPPERPLUSi couldn't write so fast,but you have answred my next question, thank you
08:38:59[Saint]If you see 4mb, or 30mb, it's toast.
08:39:10[Saint]Or none.
08:39:12CLIPPERPLUSok,bye bye and thanks
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08:41:11[Saint]I really wonder if we could find some correlation between these AMS devices that implode their storage.
08:41:42[Saint]I wonder if there's any sequence or pattern to it, or if it is truly random.
08:42:16[Saint]I also wonder if Rockbox manages to trigger this somehow or if it is an artificial observational bias.
08:42:25*[Saint] shrugs
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10:03:00wodz[Saint]: It is known AMS gets in this weird state on its own wit OF as well
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11:13:14Bilgussolid state storage is a pretty flaky affair as it is behind the scenes at least
11:16:52TorCBilgus: Since I see you on just now, I got the new version installed on my primary player, but I've only had about 5 minutes using it. Actually scratch that. I don't think I've even gotten sel BL reactivated after upgrading to fix the USB bug. Long workday. Heading to bed now. Will check logs.
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13:30:48Bilgusany clue how to get talk to pause his cadence between two talk IDs?
13:32:19Bilguswell really slow it at the moment he is spelling out a work and then speaking yes or No its like this 'v o l u m e.yes' and I want 'v o l u m e yes'
13:37:41Bilgusnm talk_id(VOICE_BLANK, false);
13:48:37BilgusNope guess not :/ now he says Blank lol
14:11:11Bilgusok this worked talk_spell(" ", true); just had to enqueue everything
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22:34:05*__builtin_ is curious about why the set_*() functoins in apps/settings.c take a pointer to a const variable and then modify it
22:34:14__builtin_"it" being the supposedly const memory
22:34:21 Nick __builtin_ is now known as __builtin (~xray@unaffiliated/franklin)
22:37:21pamaury__builtin: you can't modify a const variable without ugly cast, are you sure of what you are saying?
22:38:49__builtinset_option() in apps/settings.c
22:39:06__builtindoesn't realy make sense
22:40:46 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
22:41:33pamauryindeed, peculiar design
22:41:54__builtinwhy would it be done in the first place?
22:44:45pamaurymaybe to prevent settings from being modified directly, except from the settings.c code
22:45:49__builtinwell it's confusing as heck
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23:15:23pamaury__builtin: apparently it dates back from d490f441126542f961d in 2007, commit saying "Make some more things 'const'.
23:21:04pamauryMy impression is that's related to:
23:21:04pamauryconst struct settings_list* get_settings_list(int*count);
23:21:26pamaurybecause if you return pointer to a const structure that itself has pointers, you loose const'ness
23:21:32pamauryso basically you are not const
23:22:29pamaurySo I guess everything settings_list was made const so that almost all the code in rockbox can only read them, at the cost of making setting.c cast away const
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23:37:07Bilgusjohnb2: I'm heading out newest code is up on Gerrit should be complete If you can test on clip+ and especially Fuzev2 since it has a scroll wheel
23:38:21 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:38:52Bilgusabandoned the thread and queue method and went back to the previous method but fixed the delayed backlight issue AFAIK it should be ready for prime time the menus even talk now
23:46:50johnb2Bilgus: I will go to bed now (midnight in Germany), but I can test it tomorrow evening after work.
23:47:58 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
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23:55:56ulmutul__builtin: maybe you can use some lines of it:
23:56:48ulmutul(draw filled polygons, featuring some kind of bitmap texture drawing!)
23:56:53__builtinulmutul: thanks

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