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#rockbox log for 2016-11-24

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00:09:49ulmutul[Saint]: (re: mouse pointer for ballerburg) This solution is so bluntly obvious, that I completely overlooked it :D
00:10:42*ulmutul thought of red blinking rectangles as cursor, that can be switched between the cannons
00:12:35ulmutulHowever the mouse emulation may be annoying, if you have to go over distances on the screen frequently.
00:12:57__builtinquadratic movement over time
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00:13:12__builtinfirst second: 10 pixels/second
00:13:19__builtinsecond second: 20 pixels/second
00:14:09ulmutul...and then you have to go back, because it's so fast that you miss your target :P
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00:44:11__builtinhow do I get a gui_synclist to have a themed background as opposed to the default black screen?
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04:57:59BilgusBuilt_in looks to me like you use set_viewport to load your struct into the parent of the list ... see test_viewports.c and line 114 of list.c
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05:09:17__builtinargh dang it
05:09:23__builtinlooks like I have a stack overflow of some sort
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06:37:25[Saint]The good news is you can probably post about your stack overflow on stack overflow so that the people on stack overflow can help you fix your stack overflow.
06:37:28[Saint]...stack overflow.
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10:15:03TorCBilgus: I haven't gotten much time to test, but I realize there seems to be one very minor bug in sel BL/SL.
10:22:15TorCWhen setting the actions, after confirming save, it returns correctly to the menu, but my status bar at the top of the screen disappears until either a new menu level demands screen redraw, or something changes in the status bar to redraw it.
10:22:47TorCMaybe you already fixed this, and I'm running an old version.
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11:40:29dima_hey guys, i have a little problem. i think something might be wrong with my charging port on both my ipod 5.5gs, and i cannot get any pc to recognize that its plugged in (it chirps, but it doesnt show up in drives, and after 30 seconds it disconnects, and then itunes tells me it discovered it.)
11:41:08dima_so i was wondering, is there a way to install rockbox software on an empty CF card through an adapter to my pc, and then mount the CF card in my ipod?
11:44:07wodzdima_: Ask [Saint] - he will know
11:44:56dima_thanks, ill try that
11:46:17gevaertsOn PP ipods that's possible, yes
11:46:43gevaertsWell, I'm not sure how hard our tools try to prevent you doing that, actually :)
11:47:15dima_what's a PP ipod
11:47:33dima_sorry, i'm pretty new to all of this. this would be my second attempt to even use an ipod.
11:47:43gevaertsOne with a PortalPlayer chip in it, which means up to 5.5G, nano 1G, or the minis
11:48:06gevaertsMaybe it's also possible on the later ones, but I don't know those very well
11:48:20dima_i have two 5.5g ipods
11:48:56dima_is that a chip i have to buy and solder on?
11:49:23gevaertsIt's basically the CPU the ipod is designed around
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11:51:35dima_ah. mine says PP3021C-TDF
11:51:42dima_so im assuming thats it then
11:52:19gevaertsHmm, no. That's a coincidence :)
11:53:11dima_which one's the CPU then? i really should know this, we're learning about them in my electrical engineering class now :/
11:53:31gevaertsOr maybe it is?
11:53:33*gevaerts isn't sure!
11:53:41gevaertsIpods (well, the ones I know/care about) come in three main generations hardware-wise. There's the 1g to 3g that have a PortalPlayer 5002 chip in them, there's the minis, the nano1g, and te 4G (all variants) to 5.5G that have a PP5020 or PP5022 in them, and the classic and nano2g and up that have a Samsung S5Lsomething in them
11:54:10dima_well, i'm pretty sure that they are 5.5gs so we're good there
11:54:19gevaertsActually, maybe? Are you sure about the 3? If it says PP5021 that makes perfect sense
11:54:21dima_they all had the search feature when the hard drives still worked
11:54:59dima_5021c my bad
11:55:05gevaertsI forgot the 21. The actual variants I'm aware of there are 5020, 5021, 5022 and 5024
11:55:08dima_hard to tell, its a little scratched up
11:55:10gevaertsThey're all very similar
11:57:43dima_so i've got it hooked up to a 2000 mah battery and using a tarkan adapter. it worked before when i had the hard drives but something failed on both of them at the same time. might have been a surge, the usb cable i had at the time was ancient and the wall connector was one of them 5 volt ipad ones. it sparked a bit and smelled burning, but was fine after a while
11:58:08gevaertsYou'd have to start by following to get the CF card in a "normal" state, then I suspect you have to do a manual installation (i.e. using ipodpatcher, not using rockbox utility) due to it not being in an actual ipod
11:58:55dima_guess ill have to figure out how to install linux then
11:59:56gevaertsAll of that should work from a live CD as well, possibly in a VM
11:59:56dima_how do i tell what my byte sectors are?
12:00:13dima_i have a vm software with xp on it, actually
12:00:15gevaertsGo for 512
12:00:16dima_ill try that
12:00:33dima_any distribution you recommend?
12:00:53dima_i've only had a chance to run a few commands on some obscure unix server at school, and mint from a live usb
12:00:57gevaerts2048 is really only actually needed on the original 80GB drive (because it has firmware bugs that prevent 512 byte sectors from working)
12:01:16dima_i see. well, this is a 32gb CF card so ill go with the 512
12:01:46gevaertsIf you've used mint before, there's no reason to change for this
12:02:10dima_great, ill boot it up now
12:02:17gevaertsYou need dd and maybe fdisk. Every linux system will have those
12:08:23dima_hmm. its telling me this kernel requires x86-64 cpu but detected i686
12:09:07dima_i know my cpu is a 64 though
12:14:34dima_using the 32 bit, and it's telling me requires the following features not present on the cpu: pae
12:15:28dima_really weird, seeing as it worked before on the same pc
12:16:22dima_well, ill try some other distributions and let you know
12:16:49[Saint]Wait...just so I'm clear, not reading this wall of text:
12:17:02[Saint]If you don't have our bootloader, its not happening.
12:17:06[Saint]Do you?
12:17:30[Saint]You can put the FW on the storage any which way you want.
12:17:36[Saint]Useless if you can boot it.
12:18:15dima_i'm not sure i follow.
12:18:27gevaertsdima_: don't worry, I'm not sure [Saint] follows :)
12:18:36gevaerts[Saint]: the bootloader sits on the disk
12:18:49dima_is the bootloader some software i need to download?
12:19:01dima_the CF card is completely empty and freshly formatted
12:19:23[Saint]gevaerts: eh...kinda.
12:19:33[Saint]This is a 7g, no?
12:20:23gevaertsdima_: the bootloader is installed by either ipodpatcher or rockbox utility. You don't have to download it separately
12:20:37dima_i see
12:20:53dima_im trying mint maya now. i think i remember using it a few years back
12:21:02 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:1d20:d98f:c4e7:f7fa)
12:22:02dima_looks promising
12:22:47dima_alright im in
12:23:52dima_switching to the other window
12:23:55 Quit dima_ (Quit: Page closed)
12:24:21 Join dima_ [0] (47ee5f61@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
12:25:13dima_don't think this vmware is actually reading my usb
12:26:47dima_sorry, you'll have to bear with me here
12:26:53dima_how do i actually find the drives
12:29:21 Join dima__ [0] (47ee5f61@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
12:29:24dima__i believe ive crashed my linux
12:33:15dima__yeah its not letting me open virtualbox anymore. failed to open session rpc_s_server_unavailible 0x800706ba. cant even interact with the error window or close it without task manager
12:33:34 Quit dima_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
12:33:47dima__oh, thats me
12:34:01dima__i may have fixed it
12:35:13 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
12:36:35dima__there we go. i can view the drive in mint
12:36:37dima__what a journey
12:38:03dima__so i just type this inter kernel right dd if=mbr-xxxx.bin of=/dev/sdX
12:38:58[Saint]Id you're aware the xxxx and X there are placeholders. Yes.
12:39:07 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
12:39:11dima__of course
12:39:35[Saint]Well, I needed to clarify. You did say type into kernel.
12:39:42[Saint]Stranger things have happened.
12:39:54dima__i meant konsole
12:40:20dima__sorry, i just tried to hack my DS, so the terminology got mixed up
12:42:27dima__actually, i'm not sure what goes for that second X
12:42:39dima__i assume its the drive letter but im not sure what linux assigned it to
12:46:12[Saint]'mount' will tell you.
12:47:34dima__ /dev/sdbl on /media/TRANSCEND
12:47:38dima__so sdbl?
12:50:29dima__no such file or directory
12:51:58dima__going to try /media/sdbl
12:52:13dima__same thing
12:52:41dima__actually, i might have to move terminal to that location first. lets see if i remember the commands....
12:54:30 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~root@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
12:54:46dima__permission denied
12:57:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:57:30dima__oh, i might have done it
12:57:49dima__[Saint]: dd: opening '/media/TRANSCEND/': Is a directory
12:58:03dima__cant tell if thats an error code or a success
12:59:30[Saint]You really don't want to be doing this with dd unless you're confident. Failing to be root may have just saved your ass.
12:59:39[Saint]You're potentially a lucky boy.
12:59:45[Saint]Or girl. Whatevs.
13:00:00[Saint]You need to be root for this. That's why permissions bounced.
13:00:19[Saint]You need to be ABSOLUTELY sure what disk you're dealing with.
13:00:42dima__well, it's in a virtual environment
13:00:44[Saint]No one will help you stitch your PC that fails to boot if you fuck up back together.
13:01:25dima__i'm running windows 7 with virtualbox, and running linux mint 13 and doing the commands there
13:01:45dima__afaik i cant access windows 7 through mint, but i could be wrong
13:01:55dima__worse case i will just delete the vm and re install it
13:02:56dima__but here's a screenshot just to be sure
13:15:03[Saint]Yes. That's the one. But you don't want sdb1, you want sdb.
13:15:43dima__still permission denied
13:15:54[Saint]You also need to elevate permission as discussed above.
13:16:20dima__there's a $ there
13:16:46dima__mint@mint /media/TRANSCENT $ and then i can type
13:17:05[Saint]Yes. Which means you're just a normal old Joe User.
13:17:26dima__oh, its su isnt it
13:17:34dima__sorry, its been a while
13:17:41[Saint]You need to use sudo or work as root.
13:17:44[Saint]$ is just a part of a standard prompt.
13:18:34dima__alright i got it
13:18:37dima__heres what it says
13:18:51dima__1+0 records in
13:18:55dima__1+0 records out
13:19:15dima__512 bytes (512B) copied and some time info
13:20:25[Saint]If you're back at a prompt and nothing screamed at you or exploded, it finished without error.
13:20:37dima__but i get a error at the next step
13:20:45dima__re-reading partition table
13:21:05dima__BLKRRPART failed: device or resource busy
13:24:25dima__i'm going to reboot maybe it will fix it
13:24:29dima__thats what google says anyway
13:25:32[Saint]Did you forget to work as a privileged user again?
13:25:43dima__nope i did sudo
13:25:51dima__when i forgot to sudo it said permission denied
13:29:04dima__doesnt look like mint wants to read the card
13:29:22dima__it doesnt show up when i do mount
13:29:36[Saint]It was probably bitching about thinking sdb1 was still mounted.
13:30:57dima__windows says i need to format the disk
13:34:14dima__yeah, its just not reading that the drive is there
13:35:33 Join elensil [0] (~edhelas@2001:1c02:1903:d800:c32:7de5:6825:126e)
13:35:46dima__maybe ill just format it and try again
13:38:52dima__uh, so it just reduced the memory on the drive
13:39:16dima__it's a 32 but now its telling me its 27.8
13:40:13dima__i see, it split it into 3 partitions
13:41:12dima__but i can't remove the unallocated partitions
13:41:21dima__or do anything with them
13:43:10[Saint]gparted is a nice gui front end for parted for this type of work.
13:43:34[Saint]parted is a little cumbersome for the unfamiliar
13:45:32dima__i did it in windows cmd
13:45:37dima__should be working now
13:50:59dima__yeah, its giving me the same error
13:51:05dima__device or resource busy
13:52:39dima__should i just continue as if nothing went wrong?
13:52:43dima__couldnt hurt
13:53:31 Part robertd1
13:55:08dima__so gparted says it made 3 partitions, 2 unallocated and 1 that is sdb2
13:55:15[Saint]My guess is that this may be some quirk of virtualization guest additions to do storage passthrough
13:56:24dima__is it important, or is that just something to check if it did the job
13:57:25dongsjust beat rockbox solitaire
13:57:32dongson a clip+
13:57:40dongsfalling cards do not disappoint.
14:00:52[Saint]dima__: I'm saying the resource busy error may well be a quirk of this happening in virtualization
14:01:44dima__reading further, it says to put files onto the partitions
14:01:53dima__two of which are unallocated though
14:02:34dima__leads me to think that i messed up on the first step
14:07:17 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
14:09:11dima__error informing the kernel about modifications to aprtition /dev/sdb2 −− device or resource busy. this means linux wont know about changes you made to /dev/sdb2 until you reboot −− so you shouldnt mount it or use it in any way before rebooting
14:15:21dima__could it have anything to do with the "mbus base address uninitialized" error im getting whenever i boot the vm?
14:17:11[Saint]Possibly. Generally speaking I think it is pretty reckless to do low-level disk operations virtualized.
14:17:26[Saint]LiveUSB is your friend.
14:17:58dima__yeah, for some reason i can't get it to boot anymore. but thats a whole different can of worms
14:18:57dima__i know a guy that has linux on his laptop though, i might try that tomorrow if this reboot doesnt fix it
14:21:07dima__or re read the partition table
14:23:31dima__it formatted it, now its creating a new filesystem
14:24:09dima__im using gparted, how do i make sure its using 512-byte sectors? or does the command automatically do that
14:24:10fs-bluebotGerrit review #512 at : AMSv2 sd: restore switch sd into high-speed mode by Gunbuster
14:25:32 Join Bilgus [0] (41ba23be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:27:24BilgusTorC i've been able to reproduce that once now this morning with the latest commit kinda random and odd something with the menus I suppose. I'll see what I can do with it tomorrow maybe passing a screen redraw back from the menu
14:28:16dima__[Saint]: well, ive completed the last step, the mkfs part. do i just eject the drive, put the CF in, battery, and start the ipod?
14:28:33BilgusI only see it when going from NO > yes then exiting the menu and selecting don't save
14:30:24dima__and is it going to ask me to plug it in to a computer? because i just realized i don't have a usb cable for this thing. i could go to walmart and pick one up though.
14:30:46Bilgusok or yes do save so Its Sel BL off >on select setting and save or don't save Thanks TorC ill look into it
14:38:02 Quit Bilgus (Quit: Page closed)
14:46:52dima__[Saint]: alright, i got the usb
14:52:48dima__[Saint]: it did absolutely nothing new.
14:53:24dima__i put the CF card in, put the battery in, turned it on, and it didnt update the contents of its flash rom. it gave me a sad ipod
14:53:56[Saint]There's two possibilities there: 1. You goofed something. 2. Hardware is screwed up on a deeper level.
14:55:07dima__were the two other partitions aside from the main one supposed to be unallocated?
14:55:27dima__using dd on sdb1 (unallocated) ran the command just fine
14:57:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:58:35gevaertsThe first partition isn't unallocated. It has type 0
14:58:42gevaertsThat confuses some tools
14:58:49dima__well, its like this now
14:59:08gevaertsWhat does fdisk show?
14:59:18gevaertsparted is one of the tools that's a bit confused about this
14:59:53dima__let me figure out how this command works
15:01:10dima__fdisk sdb doesnt do anything
15:01:16dima__no such file or directory
15:01:52dima__it returns command (m for help)
15:03:00gevaertslooks OK to me. Not sure about the boot flag, but I don't think it matters
15:03:13dima__thats weird because there are supposed to be three partitions not two
15:03:29gevaertsI've never seen a third partition on a FAT formatted ipod
15:03:32dima__the other is 1.88gb
15:04:18gevaertsIf you mean there's a block of 1.88gb that's not allocated, then yes. That's not in a partition though
15:04:50dima__gparted said both were unallocated so i assumed.
15:05:00gevaertsYou should be able to resize /dev/sdb2 later on (possibly with parted) to make things fit, but I wouldn't do that until things actually work
15:06:07dima__should i just start over again then
15:06:15dima__should be a lot faster now that i know what to expect
15:08:00gevaertsWhat did you do so far? Put the MBR there (and look at it using parted and fdisk...), dd the firmware to /dev/sdb2?
15:08:14gevaertsAnything else that's more than looking or figuring out what didn't work?
15:08:29gevaertsSorry, dd the firmware to /dev/sdb1
15:08:38gevaertsDid you format /dev/sdb2 yet?
15:08:50dima__i did dd mbr.bin to dev/dsb
15:09:01dima__then i did hdparm -z dev sdb
15:09:15dima__that all worked after a lot of trial and error
15:09:34dima__then i did dd firmware to sdb1 (the 79mb partiton
15:09:42gevaertsok so far
15:09:59dima__finally, i formatted with gparted the big partition to fat32
15:10:24dima__then i went into bash and did sudo mkfs.vfat -F 32 /def/sdb2
15:10:27gevaertsThat should be enough to get the apple firmware to boot
15:10:45gevaertsThat last one should be exactly the same as what gparted did, but not an issue
15:11:17dima__this guide assumes that my ipod is plugged in
15:11:34dima__it's not. im doing this to a CF card directly
15:11:34gevaertsWhat exactly did you dd? IIRC the firmware you download is zipped and needs to be unpacked first. I can't remember if the wiki pages makes that clear
15:11:44dima__yes, i unpacked it
15:12:30dima__dd if=Firmware-25.6.3 of=/dev/sdb1
15:12:34dima__exactly like that
15:12:45gevaertshmm, that all looks OK to me
15:13:31dima__let's see what happens if i plug the ipod into my pc
15:14:43dima__actually i just rememberd that itunes wont install correctly
15:15:03gevaertsI wonder if the ipod still tries to use 2048 byte sectors somehow. If it does, it's going to be annoying because there's no easy way to access the disk with 2048 byte sectors unless it's in the ipod
15:15:26dima__the procedure entry point jscontextgetglobalobject could not be located in the dunamic link library webkit.dll
15:15:47dima__is there itunes for linux?
15:16:06*gevaerts doesn't think itunes is needed in any way for anything at all, ever :)
15:16:35dima__when it had a hard drive i just used disk mode with rockbox
15:17:31dima__let me reinstall itunes though
15:17:36dima__i might have figured it out
15:19:53dima__there's really no reason to install 4 seperate apple programs just to run itunes....
15:24:38dima__alright its running
15:27:32 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
15:27:36dima__well, windows ignores it but lets see what linux has to say
15:28:09dima__it unplugged itself before virtualbox could recognize it...
15:28:17dima__why does it unplug itself :/
15:30:10*gevaerts would try without itunes running at all
15:30:31dima__does the same thing
15:30:38gevaertsApart from that, who knows? Broken hardware, incompatible CF card, bad cable, ...?
15:30:39dima__after 30 seconds of disk mode it just turns off
15:31:39 Quit dfkt (Disconnected by services)
15:31:45dima__well, i just bought this cable a few hours ago, and all my other cables are the same thing. incompatable cf card could be the cause, but when i bought it, the guys at head-fi said it was fine. broken hardware might be it, but it's weird that both my ipods have the same story
15:31:47 Join dfkt_ [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
15:33:02dima__this is the exact card
15:33:23dima__and this is the adapter
15:33:37dima__i bought both of these a few years ago though
15:34:19gevaertsok, so it's probably not basic hardware or the cable
15:36:12dima__out of curiosity, how hard would it be to build a simple circuit that would play my music from this card and just have it sit in my car connected to the aux?
15:36:29dima__cant be harder than this is becoming :/
15:37:03dima__then again, i suppose i could just get a sterio that takes sd cards for cheaper
15:37:38dima__but thats not the point. what i really want is the ipod enclosure and have it play music
15:38:44dima__i was supposed to meet a guy on craigslist this morning and buy his ipod for 30 bucks, he said it worked just had a broken battery, which i have a replacement for. that would have given me a conclution on whether my ipod's hardwares were broken
15:38:52dima__but he bailed.
15:39:53dima__i wonder if there's a hardware test i can do on the ipod
15:41:33dima__oh there is
15:42:27dima__id=0x22fa05 on usb test
15:45:20 Join alexweissman [0] (
15:45:35 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
15:50:19 Join alexweissman [0] (
15:54:49dima__google is unhelpful as always
15:58:09dima__it wont turn on anymore
15:58:52dima__i tested the hd
15:59:08dima__it gave me this
15:59:43dima__i hit menu and it wont even show the apple logo
15:59:47dima__cant start it
16:01:06 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
16:08:14dima__gevaerts: i may have just fried my logic board.
16:09:32dima__[Saint]: what do i do now?
16:25:17 Quit PurlingNayuki (Quit: PurlingNayuki)
16:27:46 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@
16:34:17 Part robertd1
16:39:54 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
16:55:37 Quit PurlingNayuki (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:55:43 Join PurlingNayuki1 [0] (~Thunderbi@2001:da8:215:4ff:1cc6:b380:e6a5:1bd1)
16:56:49 Quit toli (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
16:57:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:58:08 Nick PurlingNayuki1 is now known as PurlingNayuki (~Thunderbi@2001:da8:215:4ff:1cc6:b380:e6a5:1bd1)
17:01:46 Join girafe [0] (
17:12:02 Join nlogex [0] (
17:20:03 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
17:21:48 Quit duo8 (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
17:22:12 Join duo8 [0] (~ZNC-SRV-H@
17:25:23 Join toli [0] (
17:28:00 Join newbie38 [0] (
17:28:10 Quit smoke_fumus (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
17:32:31 Quit toli (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
17:35:09__builtindo viewports affect lcd_framebuffer[]?
17:44:12dima__[Saint]: well, thanks anyways guys. guess im giving up :(
17:44:17 Quit dima__ (Quit: Page closed)
17:48:48 Join johnb2 [0] (
17:50:38johnb2Bilgus: should I wait for any pending update or use now?
17:51:22johnb2Do I get this correctly: is not needed anymore?
18:23:34__builtinit's too much work to fix these memory leaks...
18:23:47*__builtin might as well just nuke the malloc state every new game
18:27:39 Join Bilgus [0] (4cf32773@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:28:04Bilgusjohnb2: they are combined now
18:28:28Bilgusgive me a sec and ill fix the bug torc pointed out
18:38:14Bilgusi'm not completely happy with how the selection menu works so that will probably get changed at some point but I haven't decided how i'll change it, I really don't like the idea of making the user unselect all their selected actions to disable and thats why it has the No-Yes prompt first Ive made it so if it is yes it goes directly to the action selection screen and then drops into the No-Yes menu after but that makes it difficult fo
18:40:54Bilgusthe main problem is I don't have access to the button presses from within menus I wish menu callbacks recieved button presses in addition
18:42:03gevaerts__builtin: nuking malloc state as often as possible will help a lot to avoid fragmentation as well
18:46:07__builtinit just doesn't seem like the "safest" choice
18:46:54gevaertsThings like audio codecs that do malloc nuke their heap on every track change
18:47:01__builtinunfreed data might be overwritten
18:47:34 Join toli [0] (
18:48:16gevaertsIs there such data?
18:48:42johnb2Bilgus: Ok, I start compiling. you do you want me to start with the FuzeV2, right?
18:49:04__builtinthere *shouldn't* be
18:49:09__builtinlet me check
18:49:23johnb2Compiling for me is slow (Virtualbox on a CoreDuo ...).
18:50:15__builtingevaerts: by the way, a bunch more games are working for me now
18:50:42__builtinturns out it's always my clipping code that's screwing up
18:50:46gevaerts__builtin: that may be bad news. The more games you have working, the less likely you are to actually work on the code! :)
18:51:05__builtinI've noticed
18:52:07__builtinby instrumenting the malloc and free functions, it seems that there are still a couple unfreed pointers when quitting a game
18:52:36__builtinbut the problem is I have no idea what they are
18:52:40gevaertsWell, yes, but are those pointers still reachable after the game?
18:52:45__builtinI have no idea
18:52:52__builtinvalgrind blows up with the sim
18:53:04__builtinso it's just a counter in smalloc()
18:53:05Bilgusup to you the fuzev2 is the one I'm really interested in since it has the scrool wheel
18:53:23gevaertsI'd assume those mallocs are game code, not UI code, so maybe valgrind on the linux version?
18:53:43*__builtin is betting he is the cause of the leaks
18:53:45 Quit johnb2 (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
18:55:54gevaertsHow much is actually left after a game? I'd assume it's just some main loop with a menu?
18:56:58__builtin3 allocs
18:57:02 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
18:57:22__builtinwell, it varies by game
18:57:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:58:11__builtinbut it seems to be always 2 or more
19:19:53 Join lebellium [0] (
19:22:50 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
19:26:56lebelliumpamaury: I assume you didn't have time to make progress on the toolchain?
19:27:25 Join johnb2 [0] (
19:27:33johnb2Bilgus: Responsiveness for BL is good. In FMS Volume (Scroll Wheel) turns screen on despite its selectin in the menu. This doesn't happen with WPS.
19:27:51pamaurylebellium: no didn't have time today, but i'll work onit tonight
19:28:08pamauryi received the broken e585 btw
19:28:12lebelliumah nice
19:28:48lebelliumpamaury: you got it shipped to germany?
19:29:06pamauryi live in france ;)
19:29:25lebelliumI thought you studied/worked in the UK then Germany
19:29:36pamauryi do
19:29:59pamaurybut saarbrucken is at the border
19:30:29Bilgushmm that is strange, can you try waiting a little longer after BL turns off before you try the volume and see if it makes a difference in FMS
19:32:24johnb2BL timer is set to 5s, Volume after 30s still turns the screen on
19:32:28Bilgusi see what the problem is
19:32:45Bilgusthe fuze keymap doesn't have a volume setting
19:33:11Bilgusit probably depends of fall through to context_std
19:33:22Bilgusthese corner case are killing me
19:36:52Bilgusactually it doesn't even have the action in Context_standard which is very odd IMO I guess they only cared about it in Context_wps
19:37:53*__builtin is having a weird crash in tlsf
19:38:42__builtinthe first allocation I do crashes when freed
19:42:25__builtingevaerts: I'd like to have a self-documentation feature available
19:43:58BilgusHmm I'll have to think about how to go through with this, either I go through and add the actions to all the keymaps where people excluded them or make the lookup go through Context_wps' lookup table if an action isn't found.. I find that incredulous but perhaps it has to do with the scroll wheel adding the button code from outside of Button.c
19:44:44BilgusThanks JohnB2 this is exactly why I wanted a real fuzev2 :)
19:45:37__builtingevaerts: since the actual games are monstrous already (puzzles.ovl is over 800K on target)
19:45:39Bilguswhen I get home tomorrow I'll ahve go through the sim and see if get_action ever returns a real action on the FMS
19:45:45*__builtin was thinking of having a separate "help" plugin
19:45:52johnb2My pleasure.
19:48:18__builtinso how do I load a plugin and then return from it to another plugin?
19:49:14BilgusI think i'll probably add something to fallthrough to Context_WPS' lookup on Action_unknown in FMS, I think that might also be why Pamaury + others had to use ACTION_SETTINGS_INC for their volume actions
19:51:59 Quit edhelas (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:54:10 Quit toli (Quit: ZNC -
19:54:52 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
19:56:54 Join toli [0] (
20:00:44 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
20:01:57 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
20:02:41 Quit toli (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
20:03:04pamauryBilgus: the use of ACTION_SETTINGS_INC in FMS is because the FMS action code uses ACTION_SETTINGS_INC to change volume, nothing more
20:03:35pamauryif you map volume+ to WPS_VOL_UP, in FMS it will have no effect
20:05:07pamaury(you should check that of course, I'm saying this out of memory)
20:05:28pamaurylebellium: the E585 looks really unimpressive, cheap even ^^
20:05:41lebelliumhum I disagree here
20:06:03lebelliumI think it as a nice alu body
20:06:08lebelliumand a perfect form factor
20:06:17lebelliumwith dedicated volume keys and real buttons
20:06:25lebelliumI haven't seen such a good player since YP-R0
20:06:57 Quit newbie38 (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
20:08:04pamaurysomehow I prefer my E463
20:08:24 Join toli [0] (
20:08:28pamauryanyway, I need to figure out what is wrong with it
20:09:15pamauryah damn, what kind of weird screws is that?
20:09:41lebelliumit's just usual screws
20:09:45pamaurythere are really tiny
20:10:29lebelliumask the rockbox fund for a good screwdriver \o/
20:11:21pamauryI don't understand why people still use Philips screws for tiny things
20:11:28pamauryTorx is just way better
20:11:28lebelliumhopefully not everything is gluded inside
20:11:49pamauryyes, let's hope
20:12:27lebelliumtorx is less common, isn't it?
20:13:16lebelliumI thought some manufacturers deliberatively put torx screws on some devices to be sure only a few people can disassemble them
20:14:17pamaurythat was the case when they were first introduced I guess, but torx is just better
20:14:32pamauryhum, it doesn't seem to be glued but I'm struggling a bit to open the thing
20:15:31 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~root@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
20:16:47pamauryI'm inside :D
20:17:25lebelliumtake some pics for the science
20:22:41pamauryI am not sure how much I was to disassemble it though, the cpu on is on the hidden side of the board
20:22:51pamauryI can only see something that must the PMU
20:23:08 Join alexweissman [0] (
20:25:22pamauryvoltmeter shows battery is at 3.3V
20:25:33pamaurybut apparently when plugged it doesn't charge
20:26:47pamauryI can measure 5.9V at the battery terminal when plugged
20:28:27BilgusPamaury, some of the targets don't have any keys mapped to volume at all
20:28:37Bilgus(in FMS)
20:29:12pamauryBilgus: like?
20:29:56pamauryBilgus: it does
20:30:06pamauryradio falls back to settings
20:30:17pamauryand settings has ACTION_SETTING_INC
20:32:08Bilgusoh you are right I read that as Context_STD
20:33:46pamaurylebellium: something is not right, device seems to be charging randomly, like it charges for a few seconds and then stops charging
20:35:23pamauryI suspect the battery cables are a bit flaky
20:35:50pamauryeither that or the usb connector
20:37:47pamauryor bad usb cable
20:37:57pamauryI should have check that even before disassemling it
20:38:09lebelliumyou don't have another cable like this?
20:38:45pamauryI do, I just used the one the guy sent me, but maye its cable is just bad :)
20:39:08__builtin[Saint]: would you happen to know how to load a plugin from another plugin?
20:39:26lebelliumwell, disassembling is always exciting....
20:39:33lebellium... until you break the player :D
20:39:45pamauryI have never killed a player yet
20:39:59lebelliumI broke the Cowon C2 like that
20:40:08lebelliumthe screen connector
20:40:24pamauryworst I've done is broken plastic clips, thus the player wouldn't stick really well after tat
20:40:35[Saint]__builtin: No idea.
20:41:10pamaurylebellium: apparently it's just the cable :D
20:41:20pamaurythat wa easy
20:41:35lebelliumI paid €50 for a working cable :D
20:41:51BilgusPamaury do you see any harm in adding the ACTION_SETTINGS_INC ...etc to the players that don't have them in the radio contexts?
20:41:51lebelliumwell done
20:42:27pamauryBilgus: you mean adding it explicitely to radio context instead of relying on fallback?
20:43:06Bilgusyes, otherwise I have to work around all the weird fall throughs on buttons without Button_rel
20:43:56pamauryf**** the super tiny screw is somewhere on the floor
20:44:03pamauryand it doesn't have gps to be found
20:46:17[Saint]high density magnet?
20:46:29[Saint]that's the lazy/blind engineer's best friend.
20:46:52[Saint]but knowing your luck it'll by some non-ferrous alloy.
20:48:31pamauryclever :)
20:50:12pamaurydamn, putting the player back is tricky
20:50:33[Saint]ever since I mangled my wrist up and needed to switch from left to right handedness, I pretty much always keep a high density magnet on an extend-able pole thing withing reach when doing work like this.
20:50:52[Saint]I am forever dropping tiny, and not so tiny, screws.
20:51:07[Saint]gotta get 'em before the cat eats them.
20:51:11 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
20:55:46pamaurydamn it, the case of this thing is super super tight
20:55:53*pamaury curves evil engineers
20:57:32lebelliumdifficult to imagine how hard it is to put it back
20:57:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:57:38lebelliumfrom the outside it looks well designed :D
20:58:58pamauryah finally back to one piece :)
21:06:43 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:08:25 Quit toli (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
21:08:57 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
21:43:38Bilguspamaury I think I can just filter out actions from Context_Std and have it work properly
21:44:43BilgusI was just returning actions only from the specified context list (prior to fallthrough)
21:49:45 Quit Bilgus (Quit: Page closed)
21:56:17 Quit krabador (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:57:06 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
22:16:47 Join Miles [0] (63fe171e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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22:55:44 Quit paulk-collins (Quit: Leaving)
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23:16:52 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 50.0/20161104212021])
23:19:42 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
23:20:14 Part robertd1
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