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#rockbox log for 2016-11-25

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00:41:04[Saint]Oh, wow.
00:41:12[Saint]The NWZ-E585 really is hideous.
00:42:06[Saint] that a proprietary cable jack I spy?
00:42:11[Saint]Colour me surprised.
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02:13:44TorCIf anyone is interested, back when I had a working git, I got the patch at from it. This corrects the manual for text viewer to reflect the correct locations of its config/bookmark files.
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03:10:58[Saint]TorC: are you already present in our credits as a contributor?
03:11:18[Saint]If not, how do you feel about our Real Name requirement?
03:15:54[Saint](and, yes, it is important)
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04:55:19mark__can the sandisk clip+ use a 200 gb micro sd card? tried searching but haven't found a definitive answer yet
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05:19:16TorC[Saint]: I don't think I'm listed yet, but I already go by first name/last initial here. The complete name you need is Tor Chantara.
05:21:32[Saint]TorC: OK, thanks mate. If I get some time this evening I'll add it is a proper Gerrit task set and make sure correct attribution is retained, and add you to the credits.
05:21:33[Saint]TorC: I can't promise it will be this evening though, I've kinda screwed myself by dumping a lot of work in my own lap fighting with a couple of other projects.
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05:21:43[Saint]The contribution is appreciated regardless.
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05:24:07[Saint]In semi-related news: libretro is a dirty dirty whore.
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05:26:37TorC[Saint]: Your welcome. Maybe at some point I'll get my git up again and figure out how to use it.
05:28:23[Saint]it's not as convoluted to manipulate Gerrit as one may think.
05:28:27[Saint]But, don't feel obliged to.
05:35:34TorCI have that up in my browser. It's still the time to figure it out.
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05:36:54TorCAt some point, I'll probably do it. Another bug I'd like to squash is the issue with the Clip Zip bookmarking clashing with the non-working pairs on Zip. That will involve a change for the other platforms, unless there is a way to separate the Zip from the rest of the Clip series.
05:37:17TorC*non-working button pairs
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05:43:52SaratogaTorc: could ifdef it in the plugin if needed
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05:51:34TorCWell, looks like the key configs for TV are already done as a series of elifs, but all the clip series is there as a single config under SANSA_CLIP_PAD
05:52:18TorCIf they can be separated, that would probably be ideal, since it would avoid disturbing users of the Clip series that do work as is.
05:54:14TorCThat might require research on my part to understand enough to manage.
06:00:56TorCHmmm... near as I can tell, all the Clip series uses the same keymap. Guess the ifdef option checking for zip target would be the best option, but I think that's exceeding my (approximately zero) understanding of C.
06:02:07TorCI've got just enough understanding of programming in general that I can manage a few very minor changes.
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06:33:41[Saint]TorC: it's pretty easy to single out the Zip.
06:33:48[Saint]Something like, ummmm...hmmm.
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06:35:37[Saint]#elif SANSA_CLIPZIP
06:36:35[Saint]But, looking at tv_button.h you would want to create a small nest within:
06:37:51[Saint]or do a separate #elif block for "CONFIG_KEYPAD == SANSA_CLIP_PAD || SANSA_CLIPZIP"
06:38:29[Saint]I thought you might be able to single out the SoC, but...nope, this is shared, and it turned out that I forgot about the unique target identifiers, which is much more elegant.
06:40:35[Saint]wait...that wouldn't work.
06:40:39[Saint]lol, fuck I'm drunk.
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06:45:00[Saint]eh, you get the idea. checking for just SANSA_CLIPZIP would be sufficient.
06:45:28[Saint]eh, no.
06:49:27[Saint] could you do it.
06:50:25[Saint]there we go.
06:50:30[Saint]that'll be unique.
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06:55:22[Saint]It really doesn't help that tv_button.h is one gigantic if; elif; elif; elif; elif; elif .... else mess.
06:55:40[Saint]that could be structured a hell of a lot better, and shoiuld bw.
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08:25:08TorC[Saint]: I've saved that to look at and play with later. If I can manage it, I need to first get git working, then figure out compiling so I can test, and then, finally, I can start making a mess of things :)
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08:56:59TorC[Saint]: Well, I did a little looking up of syntax, and if I'm not mistaken, the easiest (or perhaps laziest) method (of fixing Zip bookmarking) would be to add a "(CONFIG_KEYPAD == SANSA_CLIP_PAD) && (CONFIG_LCD == LCD_CLIPZIP)" block before the existing Clip block
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11:23:35axx_hi everyone… I've started getting a nasty error on my Rockbox enables Sansa Clip: panic dc_writeback_callback () could not write sector (error -2)
11:24:36axx_I see someone else had a similar error (but -1) a year or so ago, on a D2
11:25:21axx_pamaury: sorry to pounce on you, but as you were the one that helped out that person… ;)
11:26:11gevaertsIgnore the D2 for that error. It has a read-only internal flash driver, which means it's "normal" there
11:26:48gevaertsI'd say you either have filesystem corruption or the flash chip is going bad
11:36:39pamauryaxx_: I concur with gevaerts, the case of the D2 is very different. Check your filesystem, but it might be that the flash chip is dying
11:36:56axx_I'm affraid it might be that, as it started happening very suddenly
11:37:26gevaertsyou can of course make a patched build that doesn't panic, but silently ignoring write errors doesn't seem *that* smart to me
11:37:27TorCHmmm... Any chance of the useful parts of ebook2cw (a C program to start with) being converted to a RB plugin?
11:37:44axx_does downgrading to the latest stable sounds like a reasonable way to check if it's a software error?
11:37:59axx_I'm on the latest version for my device (can check which version that is, if you want)
11:38:17gevaerts3.13 doesn't panic on write errors, so you won't get that crash :)
11:38:24TorCI'd be thinking towards settings set by the plugin, and then allow text files to be "played" as "audio" files.
11:38:34axx_gevaerts: ah ha, yes but we go back to the not that smart solution then ;)
11:39:09TorCBookmarking would have to be line/char rather than time, otherwise changing settings would mess up all the bookmarks.
11:39:11axx_(I tried starting without the micro SD card, I still get the error, so it's not the SD card that's dying apparently)
11:40:08gevaertsaxx_: one other thing you could try would be to run a bad sector test on it and map out the bad sectors. I suspect that's useless though, because flash remaps sectors all the time internally so the bad sectors tend to "move around"
11:40:53axx_gevaerts: I dd'd the entire card the other day, and got no read errors. Of course, I've now realised it's a write error, so that test tells me nothing…
11:41:15TorCaxx_: If you can get in at all, you might try formatting the player. Beware of formatting with outside tools - I think the clip series uses a filesystem without a partition table, which is not what most tools want to produce.
11:41:32axx_thanks for the warning TorC
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11:42:34gevaertsIIRC the firmware actually doesn't care and works even with a partition table, but I might be wrong
11:42:39axx_trying to start it with the default firmware…
11:42:49axx_ahh, good old "refreshing your media", forever
11:42:53*gevaerts thinks "formatting" is one of the most abused words in tech, really
11:43:30pamaurygevaerts: in doubt, reformat ;)
11:43:30wodzpamaury: Maybe sony is good excuse to try clang as crosscompiler?
11:43:37gevaertsParitioning, creating a filesystem, and formatting used to be three entirely separate things. Why do people want to use the same word for all of them?
11:44:20gevaertspamaury: I can't! I have no decent API to write sector markers!
11:45:51pamaurywodz: I'll have a try, although I'd like to have a working gcc cross compiler, at least as a reference. Did you retry clang on arm for bare-metal recently with rockbox?
11:46:02axx_ok gotta go for now
11:46:06pamauryI think there was a problem with interrupts last time
11:46:07axx_thanks for the help, I'll be back later :)
11:46:40TorCHmmm.. realized I never verified how it is set up. According to GParted, the partition table type is "loop"
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11:46:49wodzpamaury: no, I didn't try rb with clang lately
11:47:23TorCIn any case, mounting is done by mounting the bare device, as in /dev/sdx, not /dev/sdXN
11:47:52pamaurygevaerts: people don't understand what a partition or a filesystem is :-p I guess 'restore' would be a much better word though
11:48:14TorC*that's on clip zip, clip+ is probably the same, given my experience. Never handled a true clip
11:50:43TorCfdisk thinks there are four partitions on a clip zip (and clip+), but none of them are mountable.
11:51:21gevaertsWell yes, but fdisk is a tool to deal with partition tables, so you shouldn't even be asking its opinion if there is no partition table!
11:51:42gevaertsSame with gparted
11:52:22TorCTrue that. I usually use it to find out which device my system has decided to call my player. It can (almost always) do that just fine.
11:52:43TorCOnly once can I recall fdisk failing to find it when it was there and mountable.
11:53:05*gevaerts just uses /proc/partitions and dmesg
11:53:12TorC^fdisk that is.
11:53:56 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
11:54:03TorCProbably slightly faster. I've just gotten into the habit of using fdisk, so my fingers know that command well.
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12:02:50TorCAny chance someone could readily assess how much work it would be to implement ebook2cw as a "codec" operating on plain text files in RB? There would need to be a "codec options" settings menu, so adjustments could be made within RB. Bookmarking would want to operate on line/char.
12:05:47TorCThe compiled audio files aren't that big (by modern standards, almost absurdly small (<10MB/hr), but being able to change any settings without recourse to a computer would be really cool.
12:17:42wodzTorC: What actually ebook2cw does?
12:18:09TorCMakes Morse code "audiobooks"
12:18:49wodzoh, hell, what good it is for John Average?
12:19:17wodzI'd say viewer plugin would be more appropriate
12:19:21TorCDoes JA even care about RB?
12:20:03TorCBut viewer plugin requires one to stare at the screen. That does someone exactly zero good when, for example, driving.
12:21:37wodzviewer plugin in rb context means you long select on a file, then open with and this 'with' does something. In this case it would produce morse code based on input file
12:22:29TorCAh. Could be done that way.
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12:24:14wodzYou don't need 'encoding' part you would push raw pcm samples to hw.
12:25:11TorCYep, thats what I figured.
12:27:44wodzI'd say doable but amount of work strongly depends on how it is implemented in ebook2cw. Mainly how does it use malloc/free and how well particular steps are separated.
12:28:36TorCThe other option I could see, is if it operates, not on file type .txt, but on .cw. That would keep people who don't want it from triggering it unwittingly if it were a codec.
12:29:15TorCI think there are already quite a few codecs most people never use.
12:29:53TorCAt least I think .cw is a nearly unused extension.
12:29:57wodzcodec could be problematic as it brings all odds of buffering and WPS and friends
12:31:15TorCTrue, and I don't know enough of the internals to know that yet. WPS integration would be nice, though, which is why I kind of hoped for codec type implementation.
12:34:59wodzTorC: I don't think it could evaluate time until whole file is processed which is the only adventage I could see with wps
12:35:29wodza bit of floating point in sources probably easy to remove
12:36:30TorCTrue time would be approximate at best. Though percentage through the file would be pretty close.
12:36:55TorCBut even that might not be available converted to time.
12:37:41TorCSince settings might have been changed, which would completely change the play time of the file.
12:40:06wodzSource is reasonably trivial that porting should be easy
12:42:25TorCI figured with ~100KB total source that it likely wouldn't be too bad, but I've only ever done any real work in python and bash, and not enough to get fluent.
12:44:07TorCThe author of ebook2cw is back to listening again, so I'll pose the question to him as well.
12:46:16TorCThanks for the help, wodz
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14:27:06wodzpamaury: glibc doesn't compile with clang so it would need to be hybrid approach anyway :-/
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14:35:43pamaury_wodz: really?? did you try it or is that a well-known fact?
14:37:19pamaury_Ah, the usual gcc only extensions, seriously why do people use that?
14:37:35gevaertsShared g prefix :)
14:39:10pamaury_haha, that explain a lot of things :D
14:41:57pamaury_it's quite incredible the amount of undocumentation about how to build toolchains
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18:37:53__builtingevaerts: how should I implement a help/documentation system inside puzzles?
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18:49:07gevaertsI don't know!
18:50:45__builtincan I load plugins from inside a plugin?
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18:57:44pamaury___builtin: I think you can using overlay
18:57:55pamaury_we have several plugins doing that
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18:58:03pamaury_like the image viewer I think
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19:29:07__builtinthe issue is that this plugin is already an overlay
19:29:13__builtinso... inception?
19:35:07gevaerts__builtin: is it currently a single plugin with all games?
19:38:44__builtina massive one
19:39:28*__builtin was thinking of building a separate "help" plugin
19:43:58gevaertsWouldn't building separate plugins be more useful and maybe easier?
19:44:24gevaertsI mean, what's the point of a commit that doesn't double the number of game plugins in one go? :)
19:46:05gevaertsHmm, did you commit everything? I'm missing xlcd_fillcircle and xlcd_drawcircle according to the linker
19:47:22 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
19:47:36gevaertsAh, I see...
19:48:52lebelliumwhy would some people remove a theme downloaded 3000 times
19:49:03lebelliummaybe it was ugly `\o/
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20:03:35__builtingevaerts: sorry, connection dropped out
20:05:05__builtinthe puzzles share a lot of common code so making separate plugins out of them doesn't really doesn't make sense
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20:09:09__builtinthough now that I think about it, making a ton of plugins sounds like fun :)
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20:51:25gevaerts__builtin: binsize of .o files is 10 to 25k each, so assuming say an average of 15k, and 29 puzzles, you save 420k per plugin, which should un-overlay the thing for most targets
20:51:51gevaertsThat means you might suddenly have room for the help system
20:52:54gevaertsWe might want to consider excluding puzzles if we already have them in some other implementation, but I'm not sure
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