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#rockbox log for 2016-11-26

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02:07:20__builtinalright, looks like cube works now, under all settings :)
02:08:24__builtinsomething's up with sqrt() on target
02:12:20__builtinthankfully pdbox has replacements that probably actually work
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02:47:44__builtintwiddle has fixed rotation, too :)
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03:27:15__builtinhmm actually the icosahedron setting still breaks
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10:51:48johnb2Bilgus: Bad news. I now tested on my clip+ and Volume can turn on BL. Not a 100% reproducible, but I can trigger it in less then 30s like this:
10:52:55johnb2Click Vol- for 3-4 times, the Vol+ once or twice and BL turns on. After that sometimes a single Vol+ turns it on.
10:55:54johnb2I will go and try this on a different clip+ now.
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12:12:55dima_hey guys, any hardware people here? cant find any info on charging port conversion
12:13:45dima_basically, i'm getting an ipod 5g in the mail tomorrw and i'm going to try and make this thing less trash. i want to replace the 30-pin charging port with something a little more universal (who uses ancient tech like that anyway except for us lol)
12:14:40dima_i've got no problem housing a 30-pin to samsung cable inside the enclosure, as i will be modeling it and 3d-printing one soon, depending on the specs of the finished product
12:16:09dima_anyone have some more info on this? im basically stuck on 1) where to acquire such tech and 2) if this will even work
12:18:22dima_gevaerts: you know a thing or two about ipods, right?
12:41:13pamaurydima_: I think this might be relevant:
12:42:00pamaurymore generally I would google "apple connector pinout" or "30-pin apple connector pinout"
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12:50:37dima_pamaury: so after studying this (and referencing on my limited circuitry knowledge) ive deduced that i only need 23 of those pins
12:51:21dima_perhaps im doing it wrong. like, i could avoid half of those as long as i dont plug it into firewire right?
12:52:01dima_then again, i dont think i could get an IC chip manufactured specifically for this, so it'd have to be on a small protoboard, and that would take up WAY too much room
12:53:05dima_i suppose i could hook up half a usb cable and plug it in, bend it backwards and under, extend the case down half an inch and make it twice as thick and put the protoboard on the bottom and have the usb sticking out from the top but.... man
12:53:17dima_this is way too much effort you'd think this kind of product already exists
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13:02:28pamaurydima_: what are you trying to achieve exactly?
13:02:39pamaurymost pins are unsused unless you connect an accessary
13:02:43dima_something pretty dumb
13:02:53dima_basically i'm getting an ipod tomorrow
13:03:02pamauryso if you just want to charge, my guess is that you need V+/- and a resistor in the accessory ID pin or something
13:03:22dima_and i dont want to swap cables between my ipod, android, phone, backup usb battery, etc
13:04:00dima_and honestly, i just want to be able to plug something more universal into it
13:04:30dima_yeah, its basically going to just be for charging and data transfer
13:04:40dima_i'll plug it into my car and my pc
13:04:56dima_i figured if my android can do it on a 5-pin so can the ipod
13:10:40pamaurydima_: I'm sure some people looked into it, here are a few google hits:
13:10:48pamauryalso this page has more information on the pinout
13:11:34pamaurymy guess is that you need to connector V+/-, D+/- and probably a resistor on the accessetory indicator line
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13:12:58dima_thanks for that
13:13:03dima_reading now
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13:16:18pamaurydima_: I have a leaked apple specification for the ipod accessory, it has some information about the cable
13:27:08pamaurydima_: try this:
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13:27:45dima_got it, thanks
13:28:56pamauryit appears that if you wire the usb lines, and unless you put a very specific resistor on the accessory ID line, it will show up in UMS
13:30:55dima_it doesnt distinguish between the 5 and the 5g so im assuming nothing was changed between versions in the usb port
13:31:14dima_good news, because i can try it on my broken ipod.
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13:32:42dima_and i can completely remove all the firewire stuff
13:33:39pamauryyeah you litteraly only have to wire like 5 or 6 pins, of course
13:33:56dima_basically exactly what i was looking for
13:34:00pamauryapple was not crazy enough to require a full chip in every single cable
13:34:40dima_but i don't really have the expertise to try and design an IC chip. we're only now covering them in my engineering classes.
13:34:47dima_so best i can do is with a protoboard
13:34:59dima_but, it'll be tiny, so that should be fine
13:36:21pamauryyou don't need one, that's the point
13:38:12dima_so am i going to try and solder those tiny ports with my primitive tools? i'm not sure i can without damaging it...
13:38:34dima_i mean, i guess i can borrow something from the lab, but this is expensive stuff. dont want to ruin it
13:38:43pamauryI think you need to get a 30-pin connector
13:39:21dima_and then wire the output from that thing to a board?
13:40:02pamaurythere used to be such boards:
13:40:09pamauryit might hard to find nowadays
13:40:28dima_that's exactly what i was looking for haha
13:40:46pamaurynot sure if it's really a gained compared to having the proper cable
13:40:53dima_in my mind, i thought i'd have to re-create one of those on one of them big protoboards
13:41:12dima_right, but throwing practicality out the window, this is the best option for me
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13:43:30dima_20 bucksw
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13:45:06dima_this is actually pretty interesting and might come in handy for my arduino thing in school
13:47:28dima_i suppose i'll need the 3v and the 5v ports
13:49:05dima_hey, thanks a ton for your help man. i'm definitely going to check this out. i'll stop by the lab in the morning and see if i can plan this out somehow.
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15:10:05Moarchi there
15:10:51Moarcwhat could be causing the Android version to crash immediately after running?
15:11:50pamauryMoarc: on newer android, there is an incompatiblity between our threading model and the JVM stack checks iirc
15:13:13pamaurysee g#1211
15:13:14fs-bluebotGerrit review #1211 at : Make rockbox for Android work on ART runtime by Marcin Bukat
15:15:47johnb2Bilgus: Never mind. After not being able to reproduce it on two other clips, resetting the config.cfg, restoring the one where I had seen the problem, I finally figured that last night in the dark I probably have not only hit Vol+, but Vol- together with it. Clicking both of them together seems to turn on the BL.
15:16:38Moarcoh, so there *is* ongoing activity :>
15:23:00pamaurynot that many people are interested in android though
15:24:37Moarcisn't it a great way of perpetuating the project as stand-alone players die out over the years?
15:27:23pamauryyou'll find plenty of threads about that on the forums
15:28:03pamaurypersonally I think focusing on audiophile players is the best strategy, there are plenty of music players on android already
15:28:53duo8android doesn't really need rockbox
15:29:00duo8not sure about the other way around
15:29:17Moarcit would be even more so the other way around
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16:25:42pamauryman is a mess
16:43:23__builtinfixed pretty much every game left in one line of code
16:44:07pamaurydamn, is supposed to be sh-compatible
16:44:18pamauryas if writing bash wasn't fun enough
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17:33:37pamaurygevaerts: any reason why doesn't do parallel builds? Is it too dangerous with old tools?
17:37:08__builtinpamaury: I think you can set MAKEFLAGS manually
17:38:51pamauryyeah sure, but you can X=Y pretty much anything, is that a good reason not to do it?
17:39:31*gevaerts has no idea!
17:52:12pamaurygevaerts: would you agree that it is a good idea to have redirect the output of configure and make to a log file instead of printing to the console?
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18:37:06pamauryah great, gcc up to a few months ago doesn't build with gcc-6.1
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19:09:31*pamaury hates that gcc makefile does not honor configure flags
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19:51:05__builtinulmutul (logs): I tried your polygon algorithm and it mostly works
19:51:37__builtinbut there's some weird artifacts with horizontal lines, any idea why?
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20:10:13__builtinthis minesweeper clone in puzzles is serious overkill
20:11:53__builtinit ensures a theoretically solvable board through some giant 600-line function
20:13:39pamaury__builtin: that's impressive, how does it check that?
20:15:22 Join ulmutul [0] (
20:16:24__builtinI don't even want to think about it
20:17:01ulmutul__builtin: remove "draw_filled_line(...)" inside the if (y1==y2) conditional
20:17:32__builtinulmutul: alright
20:18:06__builtinooh nice, it works :D
20:18:09__builtinthanks ulmutul
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20:19:32__builtinpamaury: just to give you an idea, the rockbox 'minesweeper' plugin is around 1000 or so lines
20:20:00ulmutulI added it some day and it has something to do with polygon parts consisting of a single line. As I wrote earlier, the code is not properly tested ;)
20:20:49pamauryDAMN IT gcc, it's seriously annoying to try configure options one by one and wait for 20min each time to see if it builds or not
20:20:58__builtinat least it works a lot better than my previous "algorithm", if you can call it that...
20:22:48ulmutulExpect problems with crossing lines, multiple defined corners, lines that go back on the same path than the previous line, etc. :P
20:25:53__builtinhmm, I may have run into one of those problems
20:26:09__builtintrying to draw a concave less than symbol: <
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20:41:04ulmutulcan you pastebin the coordinates?
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22:37:19[Saint]ulmutul: 27°22’50.10″N, 33°37’54.62″E
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22:59:12ulmutul[Saint]: Ah, Desert Breath! Looks nice though! :)
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23:35:38dima_trying to download an ipsw to restore with itunes at for my ipod 5g, there are two options
23:35:58dima_13/1.3 and 20/1.3 which one do i need?
23:36:24dima_i'd do it with itunes normally but for some reason its telling me the server could not be reached
23:36:32[Saint]if you have both itunes, and an internet connection, why not let iTunes do the downloading for you?
23:36:48dima_i can press shift and restore and it asks for an ipsw
23:36:56dima_yeah. and it isnt my hosts file either
23:37:17[Saint]are you using a really ancient iTunes?
23:37:22dima_yeah i am
23:37:28[Saint]there we go.
23:37:52dima_it won't let me install an update, always says instillation failed
23:38:39dima_but i've done this before, just with my ipod touch and my 2 5gs
23:39:01dima_by the way, i don't know if you were there or not but a few days ago when you helped me, i ended up destroying that ipod
23:39:05dima_i sent a screenshot
23:39:27[Saint]well, that wasn't very nice.
23:39:31dima_and it just wont boot now
23:39:38[Saint]20/1.3, btw.
23:39:42dima_yeah, im not sure what happened there
23:40:46dima_could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatable :/
23:41:07dima_it's just one issue after another with me....
23:41:07[Saint]are you certain it is a 5G?
23:41:18[Saint]you may have a 5.5G.
23:41:22dima_that's what amazon seller said, and it didnt have a search feature
23:41:50[Saint]most amazon sellers don't know shit and lump all the 5Gs together in one pile.
23:41:52dima_it has my CF card it in, maybe thats doing something
23:42:12dima_yeah, afaik you can tell the difference by the search feature
23:42:19dima_both my other ipods have it, this one doesnt
23:43:04[Saint]maybe you do want to 13/1.3 version and I'm misremembering.
23:43:20[Saint]I wouldn't think so, but stranger things have happened...
23:43:27dima_yep, thats it
23:43:48dima_i thought i'd horriby corrupt it if i tried the wrong ones
23:43:53dima_a bit of trial and error worked here though
23:44:10[Saint]Nah. It'll just bounce off.
23:44:32[Saint]These are indestructible, barring physical manual intervention and a LOT of dedication in software.
23:44:43dima_boots like a charm
23:44:53dima_i havent seen this in actually years
23:44:54[Saint]It's possible to break them with software, it just takes a shittonne of dedication.
23:44:57dima_brings me back
23:45:39dima_just to make sure i dont fuck it all up again, i run ipodpatcher before everything right
23:45:56dima_and then the utility
23:48:41dima_is rockbox site down for you?
23:49:01dima_can't use utility to search themes, and is down
23:49:53dima_hope the cache works
23:52:37dima_it worked last time i tried :/ man if it isnt one thing its another
23:52:45dima_i feel so technologically challenged
23:53:08pamaurythe forum website seems down, we've had regularly issue with it recently, it is a known problem
23:53:59dima_ah. sucks about that, but good to know its not just me
23:54:45dima_so my battery is huge, it just won't fit at all. do the fat backs of the bigger ipods fit, or do i need one specially made?

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