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#rockbox log for 2016-11-29

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06:38:37cohokiller673i tried to install rockbox v8-designware and i get a message that rockbox.ipod is missing and it just says entering bootloader usb mode. what should I do next?
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07:09:15BilgusTorC, johnb2: I've changed the menus to what we discussed and optimized the code more plus added the option to block 'buttons locked' notifications on softlock
07:11:15Bilgus^ Selective Backlight/Softlock Clip+,Clipzip, FuzeV2, Fuze+, Cowon D2
07:12:22Bilguscohokiller673: that means you don't have the firmware file are you using the rockbox installer?
07:13:50BilgusYou can manually download the firmware and copy it to the root of the device
07:14:11Bilgus(the whole .rockbox folder)
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07:16:19Bilgusjohnb2 just in time just uploaded some new firmware files, have you found anything bug wise? also I increased the timeout after a filtered action and that seems to have removed the volume problem you spoke of on your clip+
07:17:34BilgusNow mind you unmapped buttons will still turn on the backlight but the increased timeout makes it more of a intended button press instead of the ocassional unintended ones
07:20:07johnb2Bilgus: I only downloaded the files last night, but didn't get to testing yet. So now I will download again your latest version and will test during the day. I hope to have some feedback in 14 hours or so ...
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08:29:17wodzpamaury: (log) atj hwstub compiled with clang 3.9 works. However interrupt specific part is in asm so no special __attribute__() things. Other then this everything seems to work correctly.
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09:41:40pamaurywodz: good to know :)
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09:46:35wodzpamaury: I don't have any arm target in working condition to test hwstub or rockbox compiled with clang
09:47:38pamauryI'll try hwstub on stmp tonight with clang
09:48:02wodzpamaury: AFAIK it worked before
09:59:18pamauryI was thinking trying to add interrupts in hwstub and see if it works
09:59:29pamaurysince it's smaller and more contained
10:04:58wodzpamaury: would be nice to rule this out on small sample
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10:20:37wodzpamaury: Actually you could add interrupt not related to functioning of hwstub (like timer) and check some counter incremented in ISR to see if it is working.
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10:48:50cohokiller673anyone know how to get musicbee to recognize my rockbox'd ipod classic as a removable drive and not an ipod? it keeps syncing the music to ipod_control and changing the file names
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11:00:20wodzcohokiller673: That is because rockbox reuse VID:PID of the ipod. You could ask [Saint] if he has rockbox version witch changed VID:PID otherwise you'd need to patch and recompile rockbox yourself
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11:15:34cohokiller673im hoping the maker of musicbee adds support for rockbox, you would think he'd want to
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11:42:44wodzcohokiller673: The point is from the musicbee POV this is just ipod as VID:PID matches
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12:01:11ChristWHi, I have a couple of files that almost 100% reliably crash Rockbox on an iPod 6G (I know, I know...). I was wondering if I could give a hand in debugging this. Can I gdb it somehow?
12:09:50pamauryChristW: no there is no way to gdb. Do they crash rockbox on other players? And can you be more precise about the nature of the crash
12:10:35ChristWpamaury: I have no other players :-( Too bad about GDB. I was just trying to reproduce a crash screebn, but, of course, couldn't get any crashes at the moment :-)
12:10:46ChristWI recompiled Rockbox last night, so it's fresh.
12:11:41wodzChristW: Does it crash in sim too?
12:12:36ChristWHaven't tried. I get Data Error (IIRC) #F7
12:13:16ChristWGot one!
12:13:42wodzChristW: you can gdb sim (a bit tricky but possible)
12:15:20ChristW"Data abort at 08007CC8 \n FSR #F7 \n (domain 15, fault 7) \n address 0xAB730D94 \n pc:08007CC8 sp:080BF2A0
12:25:35ChristWI _guess_ it has to do with large album (front cover) picture information in the file.
12:29:57ChristWHum, 20.5kB, 300x299 pixels. Not exactly large...
12:33:30ChristWFirst let me try to crash to simulator, but if it's hard disk reading speed related (or something like that...) that's probably not going to work.
12:46:59ChristWbrb, lunch
12:47:06ChristW(no crashes in UI sim so far...)
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13:53:27[Saint]cohokiller673: what device is this again?
13:53:42[Saint]Video, or Classic?
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13:58:45ChristWIs there a way to relate the PC number I found (08007CC8) that crashed to a function?
13:59:24*gevaerts tries to remember :)
13:59:56gevaertsutils/analysis/ should help
14:00:05gevaertsOr read the map file by hand of course
14:00:25[Saint]one needs the actual mapfile, though. this assumes self compilation.
14:00:58gevaerts"I recompiled Rockbox last night, so it's fresh" was mentioned earlier
14:01:07[Saint]we strip the mapfile from the shipped builds for some ungodly reason.
14:01:12[Saint]and, ah. right, sorry.
14:01:47ChristWHey, that was over an hour ago, I don't blame you for not remembering everything I said earlier!
14:02:49[Saint]eh, I use a distributed core/client for IRC. I wasn't here, but I logged everything. No excuse for not reading backlog really.
14:05:30[Saint]cohokiller673: eh, it's 0200 here man. so, I'll just say that you're looking for:
14:05:30[Saint] /rockbox/firmware/export/config/$(your_device_goes_here).h
14:07:10[Saint]Then you'll need to edit:
14:07:10[Saint]#define USB_VENDOR_ID 0x****
14:07:10[Saint]#define USB_PRODUCT_ID 0x****
14:07:10***Alert Mode level 1
14:07:10[Saint]#define USB_VENDOR_ID 0x123a
14:07:15[Saint]#define USB_PRODUCT_ID 0x456b
14:07:45[Saint]These USB VID/PID combinations are reserved for example and guaranteed to be unused by any legitimate vendor.
14:10:39[Saint](Note: in the above VID/PID example, **** is a placeholder. For the iPods, the Vendor ID will always be 0x05AC for Apple Inc.)
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14:13:57[Saint]cohokiller673: I go into the above in more detail here:
14:14:20[Saint] Re: Problems with Rockboxed iPod classic (6g slim 160gb) with Mac
14:14:20[Saint]« Reply #8 on: September 26, 2013, 11:07:38 PM »
14:15:24[Saint](ignore the iPod Classic 6G and Mac bits, the premise is the same for any iPod model and a host that is being a dick)
14:17:11***Alert Mode OFF does not find my address, I guess :-( 0x09007cc8 ->
14:20:01ChristW0x8007cc8, of course...
14:21:46ChristWI assume I put in the PC there. If I put in the Address, it tells that that is 'plugin space' and I need to specify which plugin it is. But it isn't a plugin, it's just playing back a file.
14:21:57ChristWThe Address is different this time, the pc is the same.
14:22:53 Join ChristW1 [0] (~ubuntu@
14:23:03[Saint]you might not ever hit the address verbatim.
14:23:13[Saint]you'll often be looking for 'close enough'.
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14:23:27[Saint]which will usually at least tell you what code block it is in.
14:24:04ChristWRight now it doesn't tell me anything, not even near where the crash occured.
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14:26:28ChristWAlthough if I look in the .map file myself, I see this:
14:26:46ChristW 0x08007a9c 0x1ba8 /home/ubuntu/Desktop/rockbox/build/apps/bu
14:26:46ChristW 0x08007cf4 bufftell
14:27:03ChristWSo I guess that my code lies in buffering.o ...
14:31:03[Saint]this seems like a very reasonable assumption to derive from the stated information, indeed.
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14:32:12[Saint]ChristW: is this with a debug build? You may well get more verbosity/granularity there. In fact, you definitely will.
14:32:22[Saint](assuming it isn't currently)
14:33:46[Saint]If you can't nail it down to a sufficiently small section of code even then, you can make a DEBUG+LOGF build, and sprinkle a fucktonne of LOGF statements around the codeblock you believe to be failing.
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14:35:38[Saint][20161130023105] <[Saint]> this seems like a very reasonable assumption to derive from the stated information, indeed.
14:35:38[Saint][20161130023205] <−− ChristW_ (~christ@ has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
14:35:38[Saint][20161130023213] <[Saint]> ChristW: is this with a debug build? You may well get more verbosity/granularity there. In fact, you definitely will.
14:35:38[Saint][20161130023224] <[Saint]> (assuming it isn't currently)
14:35:38[Saint][20161130023345] <[Saint]> If you can't nail it down to a sufficiently small section of code even then, you can make a DEBUG+LOGF build, and sprinkle a fucktonne of LOGF statements around the codeblock you believe to be failing.
14:35:45[Saint]ChristW: ^
14:36:00[Saint](you fell off the infowebz)
14:36:15ChristW1Yes, I know :-(
14:36:25ChristW1Thanks for the recap. This probably isn't a debug build.
14:37:13[Saint]OK, well, re-run configure, select the target as normal, then select advanced build, instead of normal build, and select debug.
14:37:42ChristW1Yeah, I just stumbeled into that, thanks! Looks like a handy tool, this 'configure'.
14:37:57[Saint]then run 'make veryclean' (or, run configure from a clean directory), and build as normal.
14:38:17[Saint]if you don't have ccache installed, you probably should, because you'll be compiling a lot.
14:38:47[Saint]and this will speed things up by an order of magnitude.
14:40:00ChristW1After I install ccache, will I need to re-configure or will this be picked up automatically by the build system?
14:40:23ChristW1And, do I need a cross-compile ccache? Ah, I like automagically happening things :-)
14:40:43[Saint]you'll see it in the make output 'found and using ccache', and, no.
14:41:32[Saint]whatever *nix distribution you're using will have ccache available with its regular package management system.
14:41:45ChristW1Yeah, apt install ccache did that just fine.
14:42:07ChristW1Oh, I;ll drop off the intarwebs soon again, I guess... family time!
14:42:35ChristW1Will re-extract, re-run, hopefully re-crash and re-find-addr some time from now...
14:42:48[Saint]this build just now will be just as long as normal, well, slightly longer even, because you'll be running 'make veryclean' before make to ensure that we're building from a clean slate.
14:43:09[Saint]builds after that will only need to compile C objects that actually changed, due to ccache.
14:43:17[Saint]this will speed things up immensely.
14:43:57[Saint]also, note that you can pass the -j * flag to make, where * is 'number of physical cores on the host, multipled by two'.
14:44:25[Saint]So, if you have a quad core machine, do 'make -j 8' to run 8 parallel build processes.
14:44:38[Saint]which will also speed things up a shittonne.
14:45:33[Saint]you can also just pass a raw -j flag to make, with no integer parameter, to say 'spawn as many damn processes as you can', but this is rarely, if ever, advisable.
14:45:55[Saint]'physical_cores X 2' is a good rule of thumb.
14:46:45[Saint]Anyhoo...have fun, I should wander off to bed myself. It's 0245 here. Yawn territory.
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15:36:34ChristW1Crash pc=0x08007cf8 this time. Still, doesn't find anything, but the map file tells me it's still buffering.o
15:37:15ChristW1 .text 0x08007acc 0x1bc0 /home/ubuntu/Desktop/rockbox/build/apps/buffering.o
15:37:15ChristW1 0x08007d24 bufftell
15:39:08ChristWHow does a LOGF build work? Can I use the serial port for that?
15:39:38ChristW(sorry, using my main system and Rockbox dev VM at the same time in this room, makes it noisy!)
15:42:02pamauryChristW: logf needs to be enabled in configure
15:42:18pamauryand each file must #define LOGF_ENABLE before #include "logf.h"
15:42:34pamauryyou can direct logf to usb serial in the debug menu
15:43:51pixelmaon an Ipod Video, IIUC?
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15:50:59[Saint]pixelma: hM?
15:58:05pixelmasorry got mixed up with the Ipod Video and 6G users here...
15:59:31pixelmaat the same time I wanted to make sure if the last thing that was said about the logf directing was possible on the target ChristW had (sorry, I just don't know enough about these builds)
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16:58:52axx_oh wow, my Sansa Plus Clip's screen is now all of a sudden quite dark and a bit redish…
16:59:18axx_following the other day's write error messages that have started being thrown by Rockbox, this doesn't sound great
16:59:25[Saint]hardware, like humans, is mortal.
16:59:29axx_anyone have similar experience?
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17:00:07axx_(I think it keeps running out of battery too, which isn't helping… and this might be a manifestation of it)
17:00:12[Saint]it's years and years and years old, and likely seen hundreds of hours, if not thousands, of use.
17:00:19[Saint]it's not gonna live forever.
17:04:02[Saint]axx_: the battery is very unlikely to be the case of anything other than low runtimes.
17:04:49[Saint]all these symptoms are likely just the manifestations of old, inexpensive, mass produced hardware doing what it will always do eventually.
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17:33:10pamaury_I think the clip plus screen is oled, which has almost by construction a limited life
17:34:12 Join Senji [0] (~Senji@
17:35:07pamaury_recent amoled have made a lot of progress though
17:36:10Bilgusthe blue typically goes first so might be why it looks red
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17:38:00BilgusIIRC you can get replacement screens hardest part will be getting it open
17:38:38Bilgusdo the battery while you are there..
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18:53:40cohokiller673thank you [Saint]
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19:15:46Steve_____Evening :)
19:16:31Steve_____I have an iRiver hp120 and boot loader v6 - I am about to upgrade my hdd and battery and am a bit confused on how to upgrade the boot loader to v7, would anyone be able to help please?
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19:33:14Steve_____The instructions don't match what I have on my Rockbox installation so need some clarification.
19:35:47 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~root@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
19:38:35Steve_____hmmmm i have apparently executed roll .... waiting! hope haven't done anything stupid
19:38:47 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
19:39:57Steve_____seems to be taking a long time... :-S
19:40:02 Quit rela (Client Quit)
19:40:16 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
19:42:58 Part robertd1
19:48:07Steve_____It just says ROLO... Executing and is doing nothing! Anyone around to help please?
19:48:22Steve_____Think I might have made a mistake :(
19:49:46gevaertsI don't think very many people know the h1x0 these days...
19:50:24Steve_____hi, sure, I know it's an oldie
19:50:56pixelmaat least amiconn is still in this channel (but away currently, probably on his way home)
19:50:58Steve_____it's a good one though, I never meant to run the script, instructions said I would be given another menu so looked at it... and it just started
19:51:25pixelma(trying to get some attention)
19:51:33Steve_____now i can;t do a thing with it... it's completely frozen up! Oops!!
19:53:09Steve_____Might have to wait until the battery dies for it to come out of this ROLO mode
19:53:42johnb3Bilgus: Very nice!
19:54:43johnb3Clip+: I like the new menu structure. I can confirm that you really manage to filter my Vol+- problem ;-)
19:56:03 Join girafe [0] (
19:58:48johnb3One thing maybe someone else can check or nullify: I listen to lots of podcasts. Once I am done with all I downloaded from on source, I go to the file browser and do a "Delete directory". My impression is, that this is slower than with the dev build (all the screen updates during that deletion, too). I have not done measurements to confirm, because it doesn't really bother me.
19:59:24Steve_____OK, so I hit reset and the default firmware has been restored - so at least I have a working iRiver again!!
19:59:40johnb3Nothing else to report, it worked just fine.
20:00:12johnb3FuzeV2: no problems. Great job. Thank you.
20:13:35 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:14:47Steve_____Anyone any clues on how to upgrade the iRiver boot loader from v6 to v7 please?
20:16:58 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
20:24:22Steve_____Or perhaps how to remove the v6 boot loader and go back to the default iRiver software please?
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