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#rockbox log for 2016-12-02

00:02:06pamauryah we are slowly getting somewhere
00:03:07pamaurysomething corrupts the root menu in the data section
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00:05:25pamaury[Saint]: can a theme change the root menu?
00:14:27pamaurycorruption happens in settings_apply_skins(), this looks dangerous
00:15:21pamauryI think it's safer to go to bed before I loose my sanity in the skin engine
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01:04:31__builtin[Saint]: well there's no easy way of loading a font of a specific size, so I was thinking of rendering it to a bitmap and scaling it
01:08:22__builtinthen I could hardcode in a few fonts which I hope exist and scale them on demand
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02:08:15[Saint]__builtin: you don't want to go for this approach, I assure you.
02:09:11[Saint]__builtin: scaling fonts dynamically just plain does not work if you want to retain legibility.
02:09:32[Saint]This will at best work "OK...ish" for Latin glyphs only.
02:10:05[Saint]Any Eastern or Asian glyphs will be rendered into little indistinguishable shit-blobs.
02:10:53__builtinwell all I ever need are plain latin glyphs
02:11:24[Saint]__builtin: ...what was wrong with the approach I offered?
02:11:24[Saint]I think this is both the most obvious approach, and the one that has the least impact on the myriad of end users who almost certainly aren't going to use this.
02:11:51[Saint]And....really? These aren't localized, at all?
02:11:51[Saint]That sounds like something to fix.
02:12:54__builtinthe back-end games themselves are not
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02:20:20__builtinand honestly there's not much in the way of actual words, just numbers mainly
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02:41:48__builtinanother question, can I have viewports inside of viewports?
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02:52:38[Saint]Technically, yes. But not in the way you're thinking.
02:53:20[Saint]There's the default, fullscreen viewport. And additionally defined viewports, which are technically children of the fullscreen viewport.
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02:59:42__builtinso no chaining defined viewports then?
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09:47:41wodzpamaury: I remember running sdl app build on arm debian running in qemu. Maybe thats the way to more efficiently debug?
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10:02:45pamaurywodz: thanks for the suggestion, I might do that if I can't find it. I have the feeling I'm getting closer to a skin engine bug
10:03:07wodzwhoa, that would be quantum leap
10:05:10wodzpamaury: anyway my idea with g_serial + gdbserver still holds. Judging from sony's kernel source they implemented gadget udc controller using regular linux framework so retrofit g_serial module should be possible
10:05:12pamaurybecause the biggest problem in debugging that is that the point of the crash is irrelevant, the corruption happens much before that silently
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10:12:28funmandid you try building a sim with address sanitizer?
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11:51:20pamaury_ah, so the problem was that I declared a 0 byte plugin buffer in config.h and the skin parser steals the plugin buffer for parsing
11:52:39pamaury_and plugin_get_buffer() expects a non-zero buffer size
11:52:46pamaury_what a waste of time...
12:00:27Bilgusdid you put a warning in for the next guy?
12:00:54pamaury_I will
12:01:31pamaury_I'm unsure between plugin_get_buffer() that returns NULL if PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE is 0, or a warning in config.h
12:04:17wodzpamaury_: I'd expect more places silently stealing buffers for a while
12:05:07Bilguscould there be a instance where someone woul want a 0 buffer after startup where the null would throw up
12:07:15Bilguswodz: isn't the whole buffer area a case of things stealing buffers IIUC anything free gets allocated to the playback buffer?
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12:09:46wodzBilgus: eee, parsing failure
12:10:28pamaury_I think #error is safer, since skin parsing will fail with an empty plugin buffer
12:10:35pamaury_I think
12:11:07wodzBigger question is why it actually uses plugin buffer at all?
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12:12:36Bilgusrobbing peter to pay paul would be my guess, how many plugins will be running at init
12:12:45pamaury_wodz: my guess is that when you first load the skin on boot, it saves an allocation
12:13:06pamaury_since not plugin is running at that point
12:13:17pamaury_but yeah I don't like this buffer stealing stuff
12:14:36wodzok, but this is asking for troubles. Does it work the same on dynamic skin change?
12:15:25 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
12:17:31pamaury_I haven't read the code thoroughly, I think it refuses to load a skin if it cannot steal the plugin buffer. Actually it doesn't need all the plugin buffer, it only requires a part of it. And I think plugin_get_buffer() has a lock so in theory nothing bad can happen
12:19:23wodzIt probably predates buflib but IMO buflib is the right way to do that
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13:08:47pamaury_I will implement the button driver and when I confirm it works, I will push all my nwz work to gerrit
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13:37:11BilgusSelective Softlock and Backlight SANSA - Fuze+, FuzeV2, Clip+, Clip Zip; IPOD - Classic_6G, Video; CREATIVE zen; Cowon D2
13:38:01BilgusJohnb2, TorC the settings will need to be set again as some options have changed values again
14:21:29pamaury_yeah \o/ keys working on NWZ-E460
14:21:49wodzscreenshot would be in order :-)
14:22:15gevaertsA screenshot of working keys? :)
14:22:30wodzrockbox main menu on sony rather
14:31:13pamaury_unfortunately playback does not work, it crashes on an illegal instruction
14:31:53wodzin codec or somewhere else?
14:32:20pamaury_I haven't looked into that yet
14:46:24pamaury_ g#1424
14:46:26fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1424 at : Initial commit for the Sony NWZ linux port and NWZ-E460 (WIP) by Amaury Pouly
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15:12:24funmanSony LLC has not made this instruction legal in your country
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15:31:59pamauryfunman: care to explain what you mean ?
15:32:21gevaertsI suspect he means you should smile :)
15:32:39gevaerts"illegal instruction"
15:33:42pamauryhaha, I completely miss the reference
15:34:45gevaertsAh, a cache miss? You probably didn't set up the page table right!
15:35:33funmanpamaury: sorry for scaring you :)
15:36:13pamaurygevaerts: I had switched to work context
15:36:30gevaertspamaury: you shouldn't lose data on context switch!
15:36:47*gevaerts suspects this is also a symptom of the page tables being incorrect
15:38:46pamaurygevaerts: that's the fault of my supervisor, he is constantly messing with my schedule
15:39:43gevaertsDoes he preempt you?
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16:35:35johnb2Bilgus: What has changed respectively what should we look out for?
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17:22:30Bilgus_phJohnb2 there shouldn't be anything to look for specifically there is an error i introduced in the settings menu that will turn it off if only volume is set but ill fix that when I find something else to change
17:25:28Bilgus_phi moved all handling to a single function so there could be a gotcha I haven't noticed yet but I doubt it. There is now an option to disable touch on touch screen devices. a disable notify option that won't pop up buttons locked during softlock. both are for sel softlock btw
17:26:24Bilgus_phTHE mask for setting have changed so check them before you wonder why a button you had disabled is getting through
17:29:29Bilgus_phthe code should be much faster now READ more responsive And less resource intensive
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19:09:17lebelliumpamaury: congrats :)
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21:43:29b0hoonpamaury: nice job! i guess i should start to think how to redraw this DAP. :)
21:43:47pamauryb0hoon: yeah :)
21:44:38pamauryor plain draw it, I don't think it has an image
21:46:29lebelliumand draw the A840/850 and E580 too :D
21:46:44b0hoonit has and in very good quality
21:46:54b0hoono shit ;p
21:49:12pamauryb0hoon: I know it's a lot of work but if you could draw E380, E460, E450, A860 and E470 that would nice too :)
21:49:26pamaury"they all look the same" ;)
21:50:46 Quit robertd1 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:51:11b0hoonthese are good
21:52:49b0hoonok nwz-e380 is like e370 right?
21:54:19pamauryb0hoon: you would need to check the case but I think so, except for the color
21:54:49b0hoonaha ok
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22:59:47pamaurywhat would be the cleanest way to embed the rockbox *icon* into the bootloader? Currently it embed the *logo* but it's ugly for the purpose I have in mind. Possibilities I see: adding a custom rule to sonynwz.make and put the bitmap somewhere in firmware/host/sonynwz. Or adding an icon bitmap in apps/bitmap/native/ and editing SOURCES there with a special case of nwz
23:04:50b0hooni would choose 2
23:08:02b0hoondifferent sizes of icons for different players?
23:08:24pamauryand the second problem I have is that I actually need to embed two icons: one for rockbox and one for "tools" (I have a bootloader menu with three choice)
23:08:52pamaurycurrently all the nwz players I have seen will use the same size but it may change for newer players if they have higher res screen
23:09:38b0hoonyeah i don't konow, second option seems to me more sane
23:09:54pamaurybut it only works for one icon though
23:10:15pamaurybecause the root makefile hardcodes one bitmap rule and the SOURCES just select the bmp file
23:10:25pamauryor maybe not
23:10:32pamauryI need to see that
23:10:44b0hooneeee why?
23:11:13pamauryscrap that, it already suppors several icons because of usblogo
23:13:37b0hoonspeaking of specific cases, is anyone against g1408?
23:13:39fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1408 at : YH-820: prohibit to change time/date on some hardware versions by Sebastian Leonhardt
23:14:53b0hooni know it's another target define in a tree but there is no other, cleaner way
23:14:55pamauryok let's try it
23:16:14pamauryb0hoon: what I don't like with this patch is it seems to be at the wrong level. I would do the test in the rtc driver and have time_menu.c handle failures in a model independent fashion
23:16:29[Saint]I always thought we should ship an oversized image for logo and usb and then scale it ondemand on the device.
23:16:43[Saint]the way we do it now with 'picking one that's about the right size' looks terrible.
23:16:46pamaury[Saint]: that's a waste of space
23:17:01pamauryalso resizing is much better done offline
23:17:15pamaury(since we produce the bitmap from the svg)
23:17:52b0hoonyeah i know it's some kind of ugly, but is it worth to do it for one target?
23:18:03[Saint]Our scaler is actually fucking fast and efficient.
23:18:28[Saint]and arguing against waste of space when we still ship plugins by default seems like shakey grounds.
23:19:09[Saint]I sincerely believe outside of viewers about three people use plugins.
23:20:01[Saint]the only time I ever hear of devs using plugins is __builtin creating them, or people bitching about them when creating keymaps for a new port.
23:20:02pamaury[Saint]: on targets with lowmem it can make a huge difference, because it is *in memory*
23:20:34[Saint]this could be cased out for lowmem trivially.
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23:20:51pamaurythen you can as well case it for a few sizes as we do...
23:20:51[Saint]the lowmem targets pretty much universally have shit screens that wouldn't benefit from this.
23:21:21[Saint]but then you end up with weird, shittily aligned USB screen logos like we have now.
23:21:28pamauryFor me the good question is more: why do we even embed them and not store them in a bitmap file to save *memory*
23:22:28pamauryI haven't noticed any particular problem with the USB logo
23:22:46[Saint]I realize aesthetics aren't a high priority, but to me on some targets the USB screen just looks cobbled together and weird.
23:23:07[Saint]because they used an image where the horizontal resolution was /close enough/, so the alignment is way off.
23:23:12pamaurywell I have to admit I never understood why the logo in horizontal and ugly
23:23:30pamaurywhen most targets have a more vertical screen
23:23:43[Saint]it would look better vertical and centrally aligned, yes.
23:24:59pamauryI guess we could rotate it on most targets
23:25:49 Join Bray90820 [0] (
23:26:02 Part b0hoon ("GTG... Bye.")
23:26:18pamauryTo be honest, I also always prefered the rockbox *icon* to the rockbox *logo*. It looks much better at low res in my opinion
23:26:42[Saint]Honestly, I agree.
23:26:43*pamaury thinks we need a Rockbox Design Group (RDG)
23:27:00[Saint]But I agree even in "high" resolution.
23:27:29[Saint]For us "high" res is 240x320-ish, and the text and subtext of the logo itself is just a blurred garbled mess.
23:27:31pamauryyeah me too, but at least in high res the logo makes more sense
23:27:39[Saint], kinda.
23:27:49pamaury240x320 isn't high res
23:27:58[Saint]most people don't even realize that there's text in the background as well.
23:27:58pamauryI mean it is for rockbox but not for the logo ;)
23:28:03 Quit Bray90820_ (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:28:23[Saint]and the 'open source jukebox player' text is usually renered totally unreadable.
23:29:10pamauryWell if you want to switch from logo to icon and rotate usb logo I will support you
23:29:33pamauryIt looks technically unchallenging for once :)
23:30:17pamauryunless you want to try to use ffmpeg to rotate the bitmaps in CLI
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