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#rockbox log for 2016-12-03

00:01:41pamaurylike I want it in the middle of the screen horizontally
00:02:15pamauryI guess I can do it by computing the length with font_getstringsize but I hoped for something less low level
00:02:48__builtinwhy not just splash()?
00:03:09pamaurybecause it's in the bootloader
00:03:24pamauryand splash will not do, this is not a temporary message
00:04:03__builtinwell just LCD_WIDTH/2 - text_width/2
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00:05:03pamauryyeah so I need to compute the size, just a bit annoying
00:05:39pamauryhum also I only have the sysfont in bootloader, this one is really ugly
00:24:04pamauryyeah \o/ I have the bootloader working, except for the super ugly and small font
00:26:02[Saint]don't all our bootloaders just have sysfont?
00:27:07pamauryYes but in this case the bootloader displays a menu with big icons to select between OF and Rockbox. And the very small font just looks horrible in a big screen
00:27:19[Saint]I actually want to get rid of the concept of a single sysfont.
00:27:23[Saint]but, time, effort, motivation.
00:27:59[Saint]pamaury: is it localized? perhaps you might want to just go with bitmaps.
00:28:06[Saint]for the text, I mean.
00:29:08[Saint]Oh, of course it isn't localized...we can't guess the locale in the bootloader reliably.
00:29:36pamauryno it's not localized, but seems there case be error messages and all, maintaining a text bitmaps is not a great option
00:29:46[Saint]I mean, we could probably scrape from config.cfg, but...that's more trouble than it is worth and provides fail cases.
00:30:07pamauryI could install a font along the bootloader
00:30:38pamauryexcept I guess one needs to run a tool to compile tools?
00:31:19pamauryI cannot simply take a bdf file from fonts/ and load it with rockbox?
00:31:35[Saint]convbdf, in */tools
00:32:08[Saint]and, no - honestly, I wish we could.
00:32:18[Saint]native bdf and ttf font parsing instead of the proprietary FNT madness would be nice.
00:32:58[Saint]there's also convttf for antialiased fonts, but these can be substantially larger.
00:37:18*pamaury is confused by some makefile bitmap automatic that doesn't work
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00:45:44pamauryactually there is another solution: changing the sysfont for this bootloader for this build, but that doesn't sound great
00:46:20pamauryor embed a second font
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00:54:17[Saint][20161203111648] <pamaury> [Saint]: that's a waste of space
00:55:24[Saint]I think personally the "right" fix for this is abandoning the sysfont that, lets face it, doesn't fucking work on all but a tiny subset of devices.
00:55:34[Saint]sysfont should be actually usable.
00:56:13[Saint]Which means that it should be targeted for each resolution.
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00:59:58pamauryarg and of course, convdbf is hard-coded to emit sysfont names
01:00:09pamaurythus you cannot use it for anything else without resorting to ugly tricks
01:00:13pamauryor fixing the tool
01:02:57pamauryactually it might just be simpler to have the makefile compile the bootloader, convert a font to .fnt and tar them, calling the result the "bootloader"
01:03:12pamaurysince this will eventually be processed by a tool to create the final firmware image anyway
01:05:30[Saint]Hum, good point.
01:08:50pamauryah I love our headers, never ever any comments about what it does and return values on error
01:10:05[Saint]I particularly love it when you find a bunch of abandoned includes that no one has been brave enough to touch in a decade because it means auditing extremely fucked up code.
01:10:33[Saint]I see that in a lot of projects though.
01:10:45[Saint]"Fuck, maybe this still does something...better leave it"
01:11:48pamaurysigh... font.h claims font exists in bootloader but most of font.c is not compiled in bootloader
01:12:36pamauryactually it is hardcoded to sysfont...
01:13:00pamauryso currently there is litteraly no way to having another font in bootloader
01:14:04*pamaury tries the brutal "remove #ifdef and see if it works" approach
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01:15:10[Saint]pamaury: persumably at this stage you have a bulletproof recovery?
01:16:21pamaury[Saint]: at this stage I know what can brick the device or not. Basically the only dangerous part is when you do a firmware upgrade. The rest of the time, the root filesystem is mounted read-only so unless you remount it rw, you (mostly) can't brick the device
01:16:52pamaurybecause OF will go to USB mode even before loading the main app if cable is plugged
01:17:19[Saint]Are you using an overlayfs system?
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01:21:29pamaury[Saint]: no, there is a /tmp ramdisk and the user partition is mounted in /contents/
01:24:39pamauryso even if I compile font.c, font loading fails
01:24:46pamauryI suspect because of "lack of memory"
01:31:02pamauryah I was missing font_init()
01:31:07pamaurybut now it segfaults...
01:31:49pamauryin buflib
01:31:57pamauryIs buflib supposed to worked in bootloader?
01:33:08pamauryah I'm missing core_allocator_init();
01:33:15pamaurynow it's working \o/
01:48:43pamauryupdated g#1424
01:48:45fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1424 at : Initial commit for the Sony NWZ linux port and NWZ-E460 (WIP) by Amaury Pouly
01:48:45pamaurygoing to bed
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12:35:10user890104when playing a FLAC track, rockbox on ipod classic always crashes at the exact same place with "undefined instruction" or "data abort"
12:35:57user890104can someone provide me with a build of which there are debug symbols avalable, so i can reproduce it?
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13:06:16johnb2Is anyone working on the NWZ-E500 series, too, as libellium asked for a drawing?
13:17:20johnb2Can you help me on the numbering scheme of the NWZ-E series? First digit seems to be generation, the last flash memory size, but what is the second digit, e.g. in E474?
13:17:38lebelliumpamaury will probably be working on it after the E470
13:17:43lebelliumHe has the E580 too
13:18:22lebelliumcorrect for the numbering scheme
13:18:48lebelliumwell not exactly
13:19:12lebelliumE and 4 is the range
13:19:16lebellium7 is the generation
13:19:20lebellium4 is the memory size
13:19:57lebelliumE470 is higher range than E380
13:20:09lebelliumE470 is the generation after E460
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15:15:40johnb2Thanks for explanation.
15:18:16johnb2I just bought an Sony NWZ-E585 on Ebay from a guy in chicago: 252664040579. He is selling multiple very cheap, so I will have to see if it's fraud or not.
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16:45:34pamaurydoes someone know how USB_HANDLED_BY_OF works ? After some grepping I am wondering if it event does something. I thought we had a define to reboot on usb plug
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19:37:25 Join Bilgus [0] (ae6611d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:38:16BilgusI have a bunch of compiled test builds i'd like to add in the forum what do I need to do to add them or where should I add them?
19:46:15 Join soap [0] (~soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
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19:58:35johnb2Bilgus: the latest version works flawlessly for me, both Clip+ and FuzeV2.
20:01:02BilgusI've changed a bit more and added the option to disable backlight on with unknown buttons but the underlying stuff is still The same I think its ready for a wider audience.. thanks for your help
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20:19:35BilgusTopic for SelBl/Sl is here:,51589.0.html
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20:46:29__builtinhey looks like the new element names are here:
20:47:07__builtin g#1349 is good to go
20:47:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #1349 at : Add tentative new element names, IUPAC approval expected around November by Franklin Wei
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20:52:57wodzpamaury: IIRC pp ipods rebooted to disk mode on usb plug until rb usb driver was developed.
20:55:04 Join JanC_ [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
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21:11:58pamaurywodz: yeah but that feature does not seem to exists anymore. I've been making progress, got a proper lcd driver, backlight, adc, battery, power status
21:12:07pamaurytouchscreen (untested)
21:12:37pamauryI need to find out why playback crashes
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22:36:37pamauryhum, so plugins are working but codecs crash immediately
22:36:40pamaurysomething is not right
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23:08:15pamauryah dammit, that could be an instance of g#1390
23:08:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #1390 at : Fix DEBUG build codecs by Amaury Pouly
23:08:21pamaurywhich I should have pushed
23:12:13pamauryhum no, this does not apply in app builds
23:17:29 Quit paulk-aldrin (Quit: Leaving)
23:18:56pamauryhaha, it seems that it works on non-debug build
23:19:24pamauryat least it doesn't crash :) but there is no sounds, probably a problem with the codec and/or the audio amplifier and/or headphone gate
23:19:35pamaurystill why debug codec crash...
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23:42:07pamauryhum in fact I do get some sound but it seems to underflow all the time
23:47:05 Quit Bray90820 ()
23:51:44pamauryhum there is clearly something wrong with the CODEC, if I start to use the OF after rockbox, audio is completely messed up
23:58:33pamauryanyway updated g#1424
23:58:34fs-bluebotGerrit review #1424 at : Initial commit for the Sony NWZ linux port and NWZ-E460 (WIP) by Amaury Pouly
23:58:37pamaurygoing to bed

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