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#rockbox log for 2016-12-05

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00:48:48*__builtin needs a way to get sub-HZ timing
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01:00:17__builtinwould it be a good idea to just calibrate a busy loop for 10 milliseconds and then do intervals of that?
01:06:24pamaury__builtin: what do you need sub-HZ timing for ?
01:09:02pamaurymany targets have udelay for precise delays
01:09:14pamauryudelay(int microseconds);
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01:28:59*__builtin is trying to make it easier to press buttons simultaneously
01:30:17__builtinso essentially button_get(true); usleep(5000); button = button_status();
01:32:03__builtinsleep(0) mostly works but it's unreliable
01:32:11__builtinand sleep(1) is too slow
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01:56:08Bilgus__builtin: what context are you wanting to do this in?
01:56:17__builtinso no udelay()
01:57:08BilgusI've been all over the get action code the last few weeks do you know what buttons you want to use?
02:04:09Bilgusproblem with button get is that you are going to be fighting with button_try_post, it waits till the queue is empty before posting another key even unless it is a release event
02:04:55Bilgusso you would need to already have popped the last key from the queue before you would get the next
02:06:30Bilgususing action.c get_custom_action() you could define your own custom keymap that would allow you to do what you want
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03:14:48fishbulbanyone here use a portable amp?
03:15:22fishbulband I'm wondering how to compare the components of an iriver h300 to newer players
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03:15:29fishbulblike what are the main ones to look at
03:16:29fishbulbcan I upgrade some output caps or something like that to tide me over until I can actually afford something relatively first or second tier in terms of players
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03:46:53Bilgusthat seems like a fools errand you've more of a chance of destroying your player than anything, what exactly are you trying to achieve?
03:47:30[Saint]The numbers, Mason!
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03:49:22[Saint]In all fairness, I say go for it...I need some spares for my h3**.
03:49:57[Saint]I don't need a mainboard, but I would love a spare LCD and case.
03:51:13Bilguslol, I'm not sure what the options are in terms of upgraded SMD components or how exactly you would go about quantifying that
03:52:02[Saint]fishbulb: TL;DR: there's absolutely nothing you can replace that will make any meaningful difference that won't;
03:52:02[Saint]A - Require major re-routing of the mainboard, and/or
03:52:02[Saint]B - Require a major software re-write.
03:52:13Bilgusas for a portable amp I think that is just one more thing to carry around I'd throw my money into a better set of headphones
03:52:50BilgusLower impedance the better
03:53:21[Saint]Bilgus: a lot of people tend to forget about impedance matching their monitors, and making sure there's enough output to actually drive them.
03:53:42[Saint]just "get better monitors" almost always also means getting a portable active or discrete amp.
03:53:43Bilgusfigure an amp is just going to amplify whatever you don't like in the original signal GIGO
03:54:14fishbulbor you have cans that the thing can't really drive properly
03:54:41fishbulblike literally anything with a "form factor"
03:55:04[Saint]I use the FiiO Mont Blanc personally.
03:55:25[Saint]Nothing quite like the feeling of carrying around a small explosive device close to your genitals to make you feel alive.
03:56:07Bilgushmm you and I we have different definitions of feeling alive :p
03:56:33[Saint]I have a bit of a wank everyday setup.
03:56:44[Saint]SSD converted iPod Classic 6G w/ extended battery, FiiO Mont Blanc, and UE 18 Pro full custom monitors.
03:56:46fishbulbthat one is pretty expensive
03:56:54[Saint]It is. Yes.
03:57:00fishbulbthe fiio
03:57:25[Saint]I wouldn't look at the cost of my monitors then...
03:57:33fishbulbI just use reference headphones
03:57:39fishbulbsennheisers are good
03:57:54fishbulbanything used in studios are good
03:58:14[Saint]sennheisers /can/ be good.
03:58:21[Saint]very far from "are" good though.
03:58:27[Saint]they really make some absolute shit.
03:58:37[Saint]there's a few rare gems in there though.
03:58:44fishbulbok their studio headphones and some others are good
03:59:00fishbulbanything upwards of those aren't shitty
03:59:16fishbulbnot anything, but anything people rate
03:59:30[Saint]spending the ludicrous monies for lifetime guaranteed full replacement warranty custom molded monitors was the best audio descision I ever made I think.
03:59:33fishbulb"things that other people say are good are usually good"
04:00:11fishbulbI just got some memory foam/pleather cushions
04:00:26fishbulbthose work better than the stock ones
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04:01:26Bilguscool thing about in ear is how much less power you need to destroy your hearing
04:01:28fishbulbthat fiio e12 analogue is too expensive compared to other ones, there's a couple of chinese things that are ok
04:01:42fishbulbI got tired of in ear because so much wax built up
04:02:08fishbulband in australian summer it's sweaty as hell, they fall out a bit
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04:02:17[Saint]I dunno man...I mean, reviewers /loved/ the IE80s.
04:02:26[Saint]WHich are, IMO, the worst purchase I ever made.
04:02:53[Saint]Stupid bass-heavy pieces of shit, even when you tune them to their minimal bass output.
04:02:55fishbulbsites like head-fi trashed the objective amp and have some really biased reviews so they'll get given more shit
04:03:11[Saint]God I really wanted to like the IE80s for what I paid for them.
04:03:17[Saint]They really are trash though.
04:03:45[Saint]If you google 'em you'll probably immediately go "ooooohhhhh, those ones - yeah"
04:04:17fishbulbI've only seen them
04:04:28fishbulbI had cx500 as my last in ear
04:05:34[Saint]I got the EU16 Pros and then at some point was upgraded for cost+shipping to the EU18 Pros when I needed to send them in for a slight readjustment against new molds.
04:05:36fishbulbthey were pretty good but that sweat issue
04:06:02fishbulbanything that makes my ears more gross is sort of bad
04:06:31[Saint]One thing I find mildly annoying about the EU18s in the custom fitting is that they are almost, dare I say it, /too/ isolating.
04:06:34[Saint]Pretty easy to wander out into traffic, etc.
04:06:48fishbulboh yeah I was almost hit by a couple of busses
04:06:58fishbulbthose guys do not stop, trams are easier to see coming
04:07:15fishbulbalso cyclists can come out of nowhere
04:07:37fishbulbI've caused a couple of accidents and near accidents with nothing in or on my ears
04:08:10[Saint]probably the best thing you can do for your h300 is sell it and rebuild an iPod 5.5G or 6G as solid state+large battery.
04:08:16fishbulbwith arrogant spandex dudes assuming I'd hear or see them coming up at 50km/h on a dead silent bike
04:08:32fishbulbno they don't sound that much better
04:08:48fishbulbwhy would you say ditch the h300 for an ipod?
04:08:53[Saint]I guess you like your output a bit more colourful than I do.
04:08:58[Saint]I like mine to be flat.
04:09:02fishbulbcolourful how
04:09:15Bilgusas in not the intended reproduction
04:09:21[Saint]^ that
04:09:26fishbulbI'm probably just used to it, I always had a large battery and I did an ssd
04:09:32fishbulbyeah but where are you getting your information?
04:09:50fishbulbcan I see?
04:10:19[Saint]errrrr, sec. I might have a comparison set local.
04:10:36fishbulbthese "studio headphones" are reasonably flat, not linear
04:10:42fishbulbeven my studio monitors are flattish
04:10:51fishbulband those cost a lot
04:11:36fishbulbpretty flat actually, surprising what can come out of things the size of a shoebox
04:11:52fishbulbkrk used to make some good speakers
04:12:34fishbulbat some point they turned chinese and grey/silver
04:12:48fishbulbbefore that they were chinese for like one or two models
04:13:33[Saint]Hmmmmm, fuck. I can't find my RMAA sets offhand. I do have them somewhere around.
04:13:33[Saint]What I recall was the h300 had a really bad 'hiss' that the iPod 6g doesn't, and the iPods and h300 both had a pretty sharp roll off in the high frequencies but in the h300 it actually started in the audible spectrum.
04:14:00[Saint]But I understand this is subjective. If I can't find loaded and unloded results I'll attempt to reproduce them and see if they stack up.
04:14:33fishbulbI notice a hiss compared to some other sources
04:14:54fishbulbI thought it was components getting crappier because it's twelve years old now
04:15:12[Saint]AFAIR it's just an inherent quality of the H300.
04:15:35fishbulbI was thinking of the xduoo x3
04:15:40fishbulband an amp
04:15:46Bilgusbah imo that 12 years old probably means better components in the first place
04:15:59fishbulbit does, these things are bricks
04:16:14[Saint]The YP-R* are weird little devices.
04:16:24fishbulbthe what?
04:16:35[Saint]Well made, I think I'm the only person in history who's bricked one.
04:17:04fishbulbI mean anything slim like phones clip at low volumes
04:17:22[Saint]One of our hosted platforms. re: YP-RO/YP-R1
04:17:24fishbulbI've never heard a good phone or anything that isn't a dedicated player
04:17:33fishbulbhow much are they?
04:18:02[Saint]Not sure. I got mine at cost+shipping, which ended up at just over $150 NZD.
04:18:26[Saint]Which isn't a useful value to anyone who can't get the same deal.
04:18:38fishbulbI was looking at the xduoo x3 because for about 150aud it's 256gb of storage and 24bit with decent stuff
04:19:07[Saint]You're thinking Rockbox, yes? I mean, the original FW is trash.
04:19:28[Saint]You should know that anything higher than 16bit is just useless fluff that'll be internally downsampled.
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04:19:42fishbulbI wouldn't get a player that couldn't do rockbox
04:19:42[Saint]So, don't target those magic numbers deliberately.
04:19:58[Saint]I mean, honestly, there's really no fucking point in anything higher than 16bit anyway.
04:20:02fishbulbyes but the dac does... stuff
04:20:04 Join atsampson [0] (
04:20:18Bilguslike burns power and cash? yes :p
04:20:27[Saint]the DAC does what it is told.
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04:20:55fishbulb100usd for 256gb of storage and 10 hours of playback that is neutral and supposedly good is a good price
04:21:02fishbulbfor a metal thing
04:21:32[Saint]Anyway, my point is, if you go in targeting things like 96KHz+, or 24bit+, you're playing a fools game.
04:21:35 Join Strife1989 [0] (
04:21:41[Saint]because we do 16/48 max.
04:21:46fishbulbmost reviews are good
04:22:14[Saint]there's no good reason to have greater than 16/48 in consumer reproduction audio anyway.
04:22:24fishbulbcouldn't hurt
04:22:28[Saint]you're not dynamically live mixing the soundstage out and about.
04:22:35[Saint]and, yes, actually it can hurt.
04:22:54fishbulbplugging things into good speakers is pretty common
04:23:13[Saint]and 24/96+ is meaningless in that context.
04:23:19[Saint]like, absolutely so.
04:23:48a_personThe themes and forums subdomains are unreachable (by me). I'm guessing that the folks who ought to know already know but it has been a while so I figured I'd just wave the flag just in case it was unnoticed.
04:24:10fishbulbwell it can't record and I'm positive my ears are more damaged from gigs than would be necessary to notice it, so this is a theoretical argument
04:24:14[Saint]none of the hardware in the world is going to change /your/ hardware, and your ears aren't ever going to be capable of perceiving anything that can't be duplicated in 16bits.
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04:24:38fishbulbI know this
04:24:45fishbulbbut if the hardware can do it, good
04:24:52fishbulbit's got good dacs and amps
04:25:36fishbulbI'm short on cash and it looks like an alright price, I can't change anything about my iriver
04:26:26Bilgusa_persion afaik it it known and will be fixed when they get a chance, works about 10hrs out of each day
04:26:47[Saint]it'll work intermittently, or it won't.
04:26:50[Saint]the issue is known.
04:27:03[Saint]it's suffering a non-targeted DDOS on and off.
04:27:48[Saint]Bah. Force of habit. Added another D.
04:27:48[Saint](heh...the D)
04:27:49fishbulbwhy would someone bother
04:28:02[Saint]see "non-targeted", fishbulb.
04:28:14[Saint]no one is bothering.
04:28:30fishbulbdo you do SDR stuff too, I've seen you somewhere else
04:29:02fishbulbmultirotors? rtlsdr?
04:29:21fishbulba vaping channel?
04:29:28[Saint]I have been known to, but I mostly do JEOS Kodi stuffs, and a bunch of Android stuffs.
04:29:48fishbulbI'm looking at a cat s60
04:30:01fishbulbI can't find any better phone, milspec and with a thermal camera
04:30:13fishbulbif you know of phones that have cooler shit than that I'm all ears
04:30:18fishbulbmy phone is from last decade
04:31:30[Saint]S7 in an otterbox extreme.
04:31:31[Saint]you'll use the thermal cam like...once.
04:31:32fishbulbI ran out of corpses to rebuild this phone, it's on it's last regeneration
04:31:43fishbulbno I'll use it a bit, I have a touring muscle car
04:32:00[Saint]then you should get a real, dedicated thermal cam.
04:32:02fishbulbI built it, I already have sensors everywhere
04:32:33fishbulbno I'd use this phone, I wouldn't afford or use a dedicated thermal camera for how useful it is
04:32:50 Quit Harbec (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
04:32:57fishbulbmore than the sensors that are in place and common sense when it comes to driving high output cars hard
04:33:06 Part a_person
04:33:13[Saint]the problem with those cat phones is they just can't resist shitting over the software for no good reason, there's no third party development paths for them, and the hardware they shipped with was already ~18 months outdated at launch.
04:33:19[Saint]and they're fucking expensive.
04:33:40[Saint]may as well get a flagship device and an extreme reggedized case.
04:33:44fishbulbhow do you know those are problems, the android has barely been messed with
04:33:58fishbulbit's already milspec and has a thermal camera, and decent enough specs
04:34:09fishbulbdoes the s7 still explode?
04:34:20[Saint]It never did. Way to bias.
04:34:35fishbulbI went on some flights recently and they banned them from the aircraft
04:34:41[Saint]No they didn't.
04:34:53fishbulbyes, they did
04:35:08[Saint]No. You're very clearly mistaking and conflating S and Note series devices.
04:35:15fishbulbthey banned them outright from the aircraft and you had to mail them back
04:35:22fishbulboh the note 7
04:35:35fishbulbgalaxy note 7 then
04:35:41fishbulbI really don't care about phones
04:35:44[Saint]And also more iPhones have "exploded" than Note 7s, period.
04:35:52[Saint]Samsung just handled it better.
04:36:11BilgusLithium ions are awesome :D
04:36:12fishbulbobviously samsung telling the aircraft made them as illegal as drugs
04:38:11[Saint]Eh. Not really. That was more a vitriolic reaction from the concern trolls of the public sector and a really well executed smear campaign.
04:38:36[Saint]Samsung did the right fucking thing and got slammed for it, because fair competition in the mobile sector isn't a thing.
04:38:57[Saint]ANd now it's "the phone that explodes", and there's so much bias around people can't even get the damn model right.
04:39:11BilgusI had a gps unit go all melt down on my dash a few years ago, Luckily it just suffered a mangled case as I took it apart and ripped the battery from it
04:39:12fishbulbno they got banned from aircraft
04:39:26[Saint]I realize you didn;t do that intentionally but it really helps validate my point, so I'll own it.
04:39:36fishbulbI'm sure if I went into a store they wouldn't say "oh do you want the pre recall model or the one that never has caught on fire"
04:39:48fishbulb"do you want a burnt one or a normal one"
04:40:15Bilgusif the price was right I'd gladly take the 'burnt' ones
04:40:48[Saint]I dunno man. You might be surprised how far this even innocent biases travel.
04:40:48[Saint]For a while, perhaps even still, Google autosuggestion for "I want a phone that..."
04:40:54[Saint]was "doesn't explode".
04:40:59Bilgusbc I don't subject my devices to such extremes
04:41:24Bilgusever read the warnings in your phones manual?
04:41:28[Saint]Bilgus: me too. Honestly, I've got better odds of being hit by lightning, or eaten by a shark.
04:41:31fishbulbif I see "if you have any narcotics or a samsung s7 you'll probably be put in prison" AT AN AIRPORT
04:41:33[Saint]And I live 4km inland.
04:41:54fishbulbthen yeah I'm going to think "oh that must have been a bad thing"
04:42:01[Saint]Samsung just did the right thing for consumer safety by just going "nope, fuck it, we're taken' 'em all back".
04:42:09[Saint]which hilariously, caused even more concern.
04:42:28[Saint]The Apple or other OEM way of handling it is to quietly just pay the fuckers out to avoid a civil suit.
04:42:34fishbulbyou have to carry all lipos on carryon
04:43:07[Saint]fishbulb: which is the problem. They did the /right/ thing.
04:43:11[Saint]Not a bad thing.
04:43:17fishbulball lithium batteries that have insane capacities, which I take on planes, have to be carried on board
04:43:34fishbulbif you have any rechargeable li-ion or lipo in your checked baggage they'll take it out
04:43:39fishbulbon any plane
04:43:47fishbulbor, a phone that has been known to explode
04:43:51fishbulbpublically known to explode
04:44:13fishbulblike I said I don't give a fuck about any phones, other than the cat s60 and you didn't explain why that's a bad phone
04:44:24fishbulbthe android it comes with hasn't been fucked with
04:44:29Bilgushow do you regulate an explosive device in most consumers pockets no less a device that people would have a melt down without
04:44:33fishbulbfrom what I can see they've done everything right
04:45:12fishbulbbilgus an 18650 shorted will go off like a decent bomb
04:45:17fishbulba decent 18650
04:45:22fishbulbit'll cause havoc
04:45:33Bilgusall except they have a protection device built in
04:45:42fishbulbno they don't, none of the ones I do have
04:45:47fishbulbI said decent
04:45:56Bilgusoh yes they do its called venting
04:46:02fishbulbthese discharge rates can never have protection
04:46:10fishbulbhe meant protection as in circuits that pop
04:46:14fishbulband they don't vent
04:46:24fishbulbthey spray lava out
04:47:07[Saint]I did. You just didn't accept it. Which is usually the case when someone doesn't want an opinion, but is rather seeking validation of the descision they're already made:
04:47:07[Saint] - no clear commitment to update cycle
04:47:07[Saint] - shipped with ~18mo outdated hardware
04:47:07DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
04:47:07[Saint] - zero path for third party development when you're eventually left out in the cold
04:47:08fishbulbor they explode and then spray burning stuff out
04:47:23fishbulbthe cat phones? where dd you get that info?
04:47:40fishbulbcaterpillar aren't going to go broke any time soon
04:47:49[Saint]what do you think that means?
04:48:05[Saint]they're also not going to keep supporting it indefinitely.
04:48:15fishbulbmilitary spec anything is lucky to have 18mo old hardware at all
04:48:38Bilgusthat is the thing about most any consumer products they are outdated when you get them
04:48:54[Saint]which for a new mobile is a huge fucking problem, especially when that ingress protection can be added to almost any flagship with an external case.
04:49:09fishbulbwhat's some flagship devices then
04:49:29fishbulbwhat do any of them do that are at all useful like a thermal camera
04:49:34fishbulbthe FLIR external things are crap
04:49:52[Saint]My God, seriously? S7, Pixel/XL, N6P, V20...
04:50:02fishbulbI'd want audio, awesome gps and outdoors stuff, or... a dedicated qwerty keyboard
04:50:06[Saint]and the thing that is useful like a therman camera is a dedicated therman camera.
04:50:07fishbulbI don't give a fuck about photography
04:50:45[Saint]So, I refer back to my point of "you don't want opinions, you want validation".
04:50:55[Saint]And you won't get that from me.
04:52:04[Saint]I mean...who cares about a current OS and guaranteed security advisory patches, right? ....nah. No one. You're right.
04:52:09Bilgusgood luck getting an actual keyboard on phones :/
04:52:55[Saint]Bilgus: you're not aware of the blackberry clusterfuck then I take it.
04:53:15Bilgusthat is why there are touch screen devices in my kids pockets 3 around the house doing various things but a dumb phone in my pocket
04:53:29[Saint]Blackberry Priv.
04:53:39BilgusI can text and not have to look at the damn thing
04:53:41[Saint]I shit you not that's a thing that exists and was launched this sector.
04:54:24Bilgusthat is... AWESOME :)
04:54:28[Saint]SOme marketing team decided "yes, this is a thing that will work", and managed to get it all the way through production into sales before they remembered it was a shit idea all the other times anyone tried it.
04:55:05[Saint]including almost bankrupting themselves years ago be refusing to modernize.
04:55:21[Saint]they though they would claw their way back and have another go throwing money into the money pit.
04:55:26 Join JensB [0] (
04:56:45BilgusI'm just fine with my dumb phone tbh $35 every 3 years I can beat someone unconscious with it and then call 911 for them
04:58:03Bilguswhen I need a computer I use my tablet or my lappy
04:58:20Bilgusbut I'm weird
04:58:37[Saint]Modern handsets reflect the fact that tablets are deceased technology.
04:58:47 Quit JensB (Remote host closed the connection)
04:58:56Bilguswhy because they are so freaking large?
04:58:58[Saint]phones and tablets raised and lowered in size and stabilized on ~6"
04:59:20BilgusI knew there was a reason for those big pockets on jnco jeans
04:59:41[Saint]I would need some really compelling reasons to go back to a smaller device.
04:59:44Bilgusthey just happened to be 10 years early
05:00:10[Saint]me from ~2 years ago thought the Nexus 6 was a whale (the internal name is 'shamu' - lol).
05:00:17[Saint]'s just "a phone".
05:02:25 Join JensB [0] (
05:02:32 Quit PurlingNayuki (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
05:03:41Bilgusso on how many devices is the current dev build too big?
05:05:49fishbulbI want something milspec
05:06:18fishbulbtablets are still good
05:06:39fishbulbI have an android tablet which is why I don't give a fuck about phones unless they do something a tablet can't
05:06:45fishbulbwhich isn't much, tablets are large and powerful
05:07:21fishbulbthe size and power of a tablet is the good thing about them
05:07:26fishbulband battery life
05:07:42 Nick Strife1989 is now known as Strife89 (
05:08:03fishbulbmy laptop is a tablet too but linux isn't a good platform for battery life graphics or maps or... anything
05:08:35fishbulband if I'm going to give my phone number to android it's for a milspec phone or one that does something phenomenal
05:08:48fishbulbandroid and the dozen other companies that'll get all my info immediately
05:08:57fishbulband sync all that bullshit
05:09:19fishbulbtake all my information when I click "ok"
05:11:50fishbulb[Saint], where can I talk about phones?
05:12:26[Saint]In general, or somewhere where people aren't going to mock the shit out of you for that Cat monstrosity?
05:12:55fishbulbphones that are good
05:13:06fishbulbsomewhere people know phones
05:13:25[Saint]#android is the obvious choice - I'd keep the Cat thing to yourself though.
05:13:34fishbulbno, that's the only phone I like
05:13:45[Saint]Then, nowhere.
05:13:53[Saint]And, I would also wonder why.
05:13:59fishbulbwhy what
05:14:04[Saint]You just want a fucking echo chamber or self validation.
05:14:13fishbulbI'd prefer a milspec phone
05:14:43fishbulba slightly smaller screen, a bigger battery and military grade durability
05:15:18fishbulba flagship device is a thin fashionable piece of crap that will shatter like a faberge egg and cost just as much
05:16:05fishbulbif I want to break an android device that I actually want to use, I'd just throw my tablet at a wall
05:16:35[Saint]It is obvious you have some extreme biases, I have no want or desire to contribute to the fishbulb echo chamber of self validation and butthurt.
05:17:11fishbulbwhich channels have other people who keep up with phones?
05:17:52JensBI don't know anything about phones or tablets or android, so I can't help you finding a channel - except for: try google.
05:19:27[Saint]Last thing I'll say on the topic would be, again, #android. But this is not the place for you if you actually want objective reasoning.
05:19:49[Saint]It's not the CAT fanclub and the hardware will rightly be railed for obscurity.
05:20:39[Saint]sorry, s/if you/unless you/
05:21:27JensBA few hours ago, I succeeded in building a rbclient and tested builds with 3 architectures.
05:21:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:22:01JensBI executed, but I haven't seen any build reports.
05:22:09JensBIs there a way I can make sure it's working ?
05:22:17[Saint]There haven't been any commits.
05:22:27[Saint]So, this would be entirely normal.
05:23:06JensBI feel better already. :)
05:23:46JensBIs there a list of build-clients somewhere (rockbox is great at making statistics web-sites, btw).
05:26:07BilgusSo on how many devices is the current dev build too big?
05:30:15[Saint]None. But that's because we've had to get somewhat aggressive with ifdef'ing shit out.
05:30:53[Saint]If you were to blanket enable all optional features that /could/ build for every given target I think there's going to be at least 3 casualties.
05:40:54Bilguson the recorder error: firmware image is 327634 bytes while max size is 204800!
05:41:14BilgusI can't imagine my patch adds that much
05:41:33Bilgusam I doing something wrong?
05:43:25Bilgusmaybe i need to set the ram size instead of using default?
05:45:39 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@2001:da8:215:4ff:7cbe:2c03:50ca:cbbd)
05:49:39 Quit smoke_fumus (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
05:51:15[Saint]I really don't see any way possible you'll be able to cram it in there.
05:51:40[Saint]like, for those targets, it is virtually impossible to add any new features at all.
05:52:10[Saint]but overflowing it by such a huge amount does indeed suggest something went very weird.
05:52:48Bilgusso how can I conditionally define out my patch on unsupported builds?
05:53:50[Saint]for those it is pretty easy, just wrap it all in #ifdef PLAYER_PAD
05:54:15Bilguswell then I sure hope there aren't many
05:55:08fishbulbany hands on experience with topping nx2 ?
05:55:24[Saint]It really would be nice if Mr. Someone finished up with the Gerrit hooks for pushing builds to the build client on-demand.
05:56:27CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:56:27*[Saint] is pretty much religiously a bottom.
05:56:30[Saint]topping ain't my bag.
05:59:03fishbulbwhy not
05:59:11fishbulboh right
05:59:33fishbulbgay sex
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06:00:56 Join fishbulb [0] (~fishbulb@unaffiliated/fishbulb)
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06:01:13Bilgus[Saint]: So if for instance the archosplayer is there an actual def or do I need to check MODELNAME?
06:01:31[Saint]wait...hmmm, I can't kick myself?
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06:01:46Kick(#rockbox [Saint] :nope - i have to) by scorche!~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche
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06:02:10 Join [Saint] [0] (~sinner@rockbox/staff/saint)
06:02:49[Saint]For reference I tried to be diplomatic and kick myself with the message 'fair is fair' - but Chanserv seems to (rightly) assume no one is that retarded.
06:03:42scorchei'm pretty sure you didnt descend into homophobic crap
06:03:53[Saint]Bilgus: I referenced it. PLAYER_PAD is an easy way of referencing all the Archos Player variants.
06:04:29Bilguswell it seems to be okay with a few? wouldn't want to nuke them all
06:04:29fishbulbit was pro homo
06:04:40fishbulbhe started it
06:04:46[Saint]I did.
06:04:48fishbulbdoes anyone have experience with the topping nx2
06:05:34fishbulbit's a dac amp, has android support
06:06:24Bilgusarchosfmrecorder,archosrecorderv2,archosondiosp, archosondiofm
06:06:35Bilgusall compiled fine
06:07:24[Saint]Oh, right - then, you will need to be more specific.
06:07:57BilgusSo MODELNAME?
06:08:19[Saint]#ifndef MODEL_FOO || MODEL_BAR || MODEL_BAZ
06:08:19DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
06:09:03[Saint]Sadly, there's no "big 'ol list of target defines".
06:09:48[Saint]not in a single place I mean.
06:14:52Bilgushmm so maybe a better idea is to define something if I want to enable.. then I only have to have one place like this #if (defined(HAVE_BACKLIGHT) || !defined(HAS_BUTTON_HOLD)) && !(defined(ARCHOS_PLAYER) || defined(ARCHOS_RECORDER)) #define SELBL
06:15:10 Join Strife1989 [0] (
06:15:20Bilgusany clue where I could do that like SOURCES or something
06:18:39Bilgusalsoi I get a bunch of errors about the keymap being unsupported for iriverifp7xx
06:18:48 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
06:20:45BilgusI guess the better question is Where I should do it
06:23:27 Quit puckipedia (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
06:24:29 Join puckipedia [0] (
06:43:56 Quit [7] (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
06:44:51 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
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06:52:19 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@2001:da8:215:4ff:7cbe:2c03:50ca:cbbd)
07:14:05BilgusOk I guess the archos player is fine since the image gets compressed but the archosrecorder is still way over even after compression and this is with the current DEV build ie. Straight from the server
07:14:59Bilguserror: firmware image is 324306 bytes while max size is 204800! >>Compression >> error: firmware image is 217202 bytes while max size is 204800!
07:15:56 Quit PurlingNayuki (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
07:18:49 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@2001:da8:215:6905:2ce2:f3f6:d7c:ce6a)
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09:29:36 Nick shiftymike is now known as shifttymike (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
09:48:37 Quit girafe (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
10:09:05 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:15:35wodzpamaury: I successfully compiled nwz toolchain with from gerrit. Good work.
10:15:47pamaurygreat :)
10:17:00pamaury__builtin: button status is updatded once per tick (ie HZ rate)
10:18:44pamauryso there is no point in trying to read the button state faster than this
10:24:46pixelma[Saint]: there only is one Archos Player, no variants
10:25:54pixelmathat's the one with the charcell display
10:34:15 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:ecc7:527b:eee:b98c)
10:35:05 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
10:38:50pixelmaBilgus: the fact that this is broken is probably not your fault and the fact that these warnings don't show up on the site is that they were surpressed at the time when it was clear that without a real big change rombox which is the thing broken IIRC would not be possible anymore. The firmware itself gets build still and works but only in the "load from disk" form not the "load from ROM". If the "ajbrec.ajz" file gets built and put in the zip you
10:38:50pixelmashould be fine, I believe
10:41:56 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
10:44:24pixelmaone thing that comes to my mind without having checked your patch though - the backlight related part should be wrapped in an ifdef HAVE_BACKLIGHT or HAS... whatever is the correct term there as e.g. the stock Ondio does not have a backlight but softhold. There is the possibility for a backlight mod which then needs a custom firmware but I'd exclude it (in the correct way)
10:46:41pixelmaI mean excluding for the majority but depending on the feature so that whenever someone builds an advance build with backlight it is automagically included
10:48:27pixelmaadvanced too
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11:23:34 Part robertd1
11:23:39 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
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11:37:05 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
11:38:52JensBI think you guys might benefit from using lz4 compression - especially for graphics.
11:39:14 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
11:41:40 Quit robertd1 (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
11:42:17JensB... sorry correction to the github link ...
11:42:51 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
11:44:25JensB... eh and of course ...
11:45:27 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
11:49:30wodzJensB: Not really. Al in all you need to have *decompressed* version in memory anyway. Storage space is cheap while RAM is precious on this devices.
11:50:58JensBWell, you can of course compress the entire thing and load it into RAM and then decompress it into RAM - that is not worth anything.
11:51:20JensBBut if you compress each image used and store in Flash-memory, then you can decompress them when they need to be drawn.
11:51:37JensBThus you can sometimes have 400K on a 200K device.
11:51:52wodzlittle gain for MUCH complexity really
11:52:16JensBThat means your program must be reduced in size.
11:52:40JensBOtherwise it won't fit - because you can't expand the memory as the memory in the device is fixed. :)
11:53:33wodzJensB: I'll happily evaluate patch if you propose one but trust me the gain will be little and added complexity huge.
11:54:55 Quit robertd1 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:13:55 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:18:01 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
12:25:13wodzpamaury: Do you know any free tool which can statically evaluate stack usage? gcc has -fstack-usage but this is per function. In theory you could combine this with callgraph (-fdump-rtl-dfinish might be useful) BUT I can't find any working tool to do that
12:35:03 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
12:36:14pamaurywodz: no, I have never tried to evaluate stackusage
12:36:45 Join fIorz [0] (
12:39:00fIorzI just installed rockbox on a Sansa Clip that the original firmware kept rebooting on on track changes and fun stuff like that, no such problems with rockbox! :-)

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