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#rockbox log for 2016-12-10

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00:02:31__builtingevaerts: so should I try pushing a commit to add myself to COMMITTERS?
00:03:16gevaertsMy personal opinion is that we should maintain COMMITTERS :)
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00:05:04*gevaerts is confused
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00:05:45*gevaerts is less confused
00:06:23gevaertsOK, so docs/COMMITTERS misses four names
00:06:46gevaertsI wonder if I should just add them in one go
00:08:41gevaertsOf course the annoying thing is that "new" committers don't have svn usernames, so the file format doesn't really work...
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00:16:56__builtinit's essentially IRC nicks
00:17:34gevaertsWell, often, yes
00:18:15__builtinalso in the irc logs committers have to be identified somehow
00:18:27gevaertsBut they *are* different things really, and I don't know if picking the irc nick is the right thing to do for anyone other than the committer
00:18:42gevaertsi.e. I'm not sure *I* should be picking those nicks
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00:25:59__builtinnvm, looks like the irc list is in www/irc/committers.txt
00:26:53gevaertsWhich is probably even more out of date :)
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00:29:00__builtinwhat I'm trying to do is make myself a committer
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00:55:09prg318i submitted some patches like a decade ago
00:55:31prg318but they were trivial
00:56:56prg318is there a rockbox gitweb?
00:57:39prg318derpty derp; thanks
00:59:31prg318i wrote a patch for rockbox doom that allowed you (on ipod port) to use scrollwheel for look and track left/ track right to strafe
01:00:19prg318turns out its damn near impossible to play doom that way though; but it was a good experience
01:00:55prg318probably the first time i ever used a cross compiler
01:01:51prg318submitted some simple patches for auto pause when you flipped the "hold" switch for a couple of the games
01:02:36__builtinhmm, you seem like the kind of guy that wouldn't mind testing a game or too ;)
01:02:37prg318little did i know that doing dumb stuff like that instead of doing the other dumb stuff you could do as a teenager would be baby steps to valuable career experience
01:03:03prg318once I fix my ipod and get rockbox rolling on it - sure!
01:03:16__builtinI can supply you with a build
01:03:22__builtinwhat ipod is it?
01:03:27prg3185.5G 80GB
01:03:47__builtinRAM size?
01:03:57prg318i actually have no idea
01:04:29__builtinmaybe it's not that one that has a variable ram size
01:04:41prg318it says 32 or 64 but i'm not sure what ihave
01:05:28prg318i'd imagine they'd put 64Mb in the 80GB and 32MB in the 30GB
01:06:24prg318but maybe apple is "thinking different"
01:06:54__builtinI'll just build it and see
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01:07:37prg318i'm about to install rockbox on it because i cba to deal with gtkpod or some app to do ipod sync
01:08:49__builtinI expect it to be a while, so stick around
01:16:47__builtinoh crap, broke something
01:20:41prg318oh man.. i could put a mSATA in my ipod 5gen??
01:25:32__builtinprg318: try
01:25:33fs-bluebotGerrit review #318 at : Support technically invalid image/jpg mimetype in tags. by Frank Gevaerts
01:31:50prg318i might just try going msata on my ipod; it's $90 for a 128GB CF card vs $90 for a 250GB mSata
01:33:42prg318oh wow - usb keypad mode just freaked me out.. pressed pause on my ipod and my entire stereo paused (passed xf86pause which hit my binding to my mpc command to pause mpd which is hooked up to my stereo). very cool feature; i don't remember that
01:34:01__builtinhave you installed the build?
01:34:16prg318yeah i just installed; i'm rebooting
01:34:43__builtinok, run puzzles.rock
01:37:00prg318any way to back out of a puzzle?
01:37:44prg318i loaded keen and i want to go back to the list; is there a way to go back with the ipod input?
01:37:59prg318oh i see; menu+select
01:38:15prg318my select is kinda stuck-ish which made it harder for me to figure that out
01:38:25__builtinhow fast does it run?
01:38:27prg318which i hope i can fix when i open this thing up
01:39:08prg318runs smoothly although i don't know what i'm doing with the puzzles yet
01:39:24__builtinthere is a "Quick Help" option on the pause menu
01:40:07prg318oh man i really need to fix my select button
01:41:22prg318oh apparently one guys ipod button got stuck from battery swelling
01:41:45prg318so maybe my select button will get fixed when i replace the battery
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01:42:51__builtincan you test "cube", "inertia", "map", and "mines"?
01:43:03__builtinI'm pretty sure mines will crash
01:43:41__builtinalso try cube on the "icosahedron" setting
01:45:32prg318mines didn't crash for me
01:45:43prg318but actually it is kinda tough to test because my select button is such shit atm
01:45:56prg318i'm about to buy a new battery which should alleviate my select button issue
01:47:10__builtinit won't crash immediately
01:47:21__builtindoes it start with a weird board, a bunch of flags already there?
01:47:35prg318its all flags
01:47:44__builtinok, that's the problem
01:48:35prg318oh and i OOM'd when i plugged in USB
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01:49:48__builtinhow does it OOM?
01:49:58__builtinis it a panic screen?
01:50:02prg318i got a *PANIC* when i plugged in yeah
01:50:09__builtinwhat does it say?
01:50:20prg318usb_storage_init_connection() : OOM
01:50:31__builtinoh, that's a known bug
01:50:38prg318oh is it? what's the bug
01:50:52__builtin(I think)
01:51:14prg318i'm actually having trouble restarting this after the panic; is there a trick?
01:51:29__builtinhold menu+select
01:52:10prg318no dice but it could potentially be my shitty select button
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01:52:54__builtinI had something weird happen to my 6G yesterday, holding it for much longer than usual worked
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01:54:17prg318hmm well; the battery will die shortly lol
01:54:55prg318ebay says i'll have my new battery monday; i feel like i'll be able to fix the buttons while i'm replacing the battery
01:55:07prg318really stoked about this msata idea
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02:01:41__builtinoh no, the version I gave you might have a horrible bug
02:01:54__builtindid animation take forever?
02:09:30prg318didn't seem like it
02:23:37__builtinI didn't initialize the slowmo factor so it could have been any value
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02:25:28prg318holy crap people are buying 5.5G ipods on ebay for $300
02:25:40prg318i didn't know my ipod was special
02:25:53prg318apparently it was the last one with the wolfson chipset
02:25:58prg318for the DAC
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03:32:22__builtin[Saint]: how should/should I at all sort my nick in COMMITTERS?
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04:46:44[Saint]__builtin: append
04:49:39Topic"Please read before speaking: | Please stay! You may need to wait some time to get your answer, DON'T leave after a few minutes because you think nobody is there! | If you can't stay and wait, please post your question to the mailing list | This channel is logged at | Congratulations to our newest direct contributor __bu" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
04:50:29Topic"Please read before speaking: | Please stay! You may need to wait some time to get your answer, DON'T leave after a few minutes because you think nobody is there! | If you can't stay and wait, please post your question to the mailing list | This channel is logged at" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
04:52:39prg318forums down?
04:53:06prg318was wondering if anyone managed to get rockbox working on the rpi
04:53:31[Saint]Well...probably not in the sense you're thinking of.
04:53:45prg318what do you mean
04:54:39[Saint]A bare metal build on the Raspberry Pi is impractical and bordering impossible with GPU binary sources unavailable (though reverse engineering has been making steady headway for a while now).
04:54:58prg318i forgot about the blob bit
04:55:05[Saint]But we have had, and the Raspi can run, a hosted platform build for a long long time.
04:55:30[Saint]We don't distribute the SDL_APP binaries though.
04:55:38[Saint]So one would need to self compile.
04:55:40prg318but they can be compiled?
04:56:39[Saint]Just select the 'SDL' target from configure.
04:56:56prg318it would take some engineering but you could run a rpi with a dac, screen, mSATA drive, linux OS w/ rockbox on it for a pretty neat DIY project
04:57:30prg318and some switches for input
04:57:58prg318but i'm going to stick to refurbing my 5.5G ipod for now
04:58:05[Saint]The problem at that point is that by then you've spent at least $250 and may as well have purchased a significantly better engineered consumer ready product.
04:58:14prg318is there though
04:58:20prg318if you want a ton of disk space
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04:58:30prg318like what?
04:58:42prg318128GB ipod touch? lol
04:58:54[Saint]A: not supported
04:58:54[Saint]B: lol
04:58:56prg318most of the high end ones are 64GB
04:59:07prg318oh i was talking about in general: not rockbox specifically
04:59:16[Saint]You can put a terrabyte of sdcard in an iPod Classic.
04:59:24[Saint]I presume 1024GB is enough for you?
04:59:34prg318they don't sell the classic anymore
04:59:37prg318sure i can buy one used
04:59:41prg318but they don't sell it
04:59:48[Saint]They are still widely available.
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05:01:12[Saint]You can use the same adapter with any device that accepts a 1.8" 50pin ATA drive.
05:01:42[Saint]I mean, sure, it assumes you're going to spend some serious money on four 256GB uSD cards, but - hey, live large.
05:02:25prg318how does the classic compare to the 5g? i've never used anything past the 5.5G
05:03:01[Saint]It is basically everything the 5.5G should've been, but let down with suicidal disk firmware.
05:04:08[Saint]internally, it is closer to the nano2g than anything else.
05:04:08[Saint]it is in many ways the bastard son of an incestuous relationship between an iPod Video and an iPod Nano 2G
05:06:22[Saint]The only real caveats are a USB driver under Rockbox that still has some occasional weird kinks (almost always with Windows operating systems), and the fact that if you exceed 128GB or 256GB respectively for the 80~120GB and 160GB models the storage will implode every time you try and boot the original firmware.
05:07:39[Saint]But I have some idea to work around that. Just looking for a willing victim with the iFlash Dual or iFlash Quad adapter(s), an iPod Classic w/ the current testbuild bootloader, and a big chunk of sdcards to throw at it.
05:08:49[Saint]I'll probably end up buying the iFlash Quad myself. I only have the original iFlash adapters. I had an iFlash dual but the cat screwed it up while it was hot on my reflow plate.
05:10:46[Saint]The problem with the Apple original firmware is it refuses to address volumes larger than 128GB for the 80~120GB variants and (IIRC) 256GB for the 160GB CE-ATA variant.
05:11:49[Saint]But Rockbox has the ability to address multiple volumes and multiple partitions, so I'm thinking some creative partitioning and a custom build (which I can provide if need be) might allow for the best of both worlds, so to speak.
05:12:01prg318that would be sick
05:12:39[Saint]last time you checked, if you even follow the Classic development, we probably didn't even have dualboot available.
05:12:57[Saint]And installation was reaaaaally fucky.
05:13:07prg318i haven't followed the classic at all even just as a product
05:13:15prg318i've never seen one irl
05:13:16[Saint]Now there's dualboot and a guided RbUtil based install just like the other iPods.
05:13:40prg318that's pretty cool.. makes it kinda tempting for me
05:13:52prg318but i want to see how well i can get my 5.5G situated first
05:14:11[Saint]Personally, I wouldn't seek one out from an online vendor or refurbished, etc.
05:14:21[Saint]I do have two words for you though:
05:14:26[Saint]"Pawn shops".
05:14:36prg318oh i have a 5.5G
05:14:42prg318i just need to fix it
05:14:54[Saint]If you've got any pawn shops in your locality they can often be iPod goldmines.
05:15:07prg318yeah you're probably right
05:15:35[Saint]You can get the parts you need for your 5.5G brand new from iFixit, but the cost is....well, you'll see.
05:16:16prg318..not so bad?
05:16:20[Saint]personally I would likely dump a CF card in it at the same time if I were you.
05:16:49[Saint]prg318: heh. if by 'not so bad' you mean 'pretty insane', then yes. :)
05:16:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #318 at : Support technically invalid image/jpg mimetype in tags. by Frank Gevaerts
05:17:08[Saint]Oh, that's cute. Your nick sets off our Gerrit bot.
05:17:26*[Saint] slaps fs-bluebot
05:17:26fs-bluebot[Saint]: ouch!
05:17:47[Saint]bluebrother: lol - found a weird edge case with your wee man bluebot.
05:17:50prg318$15 for battery; $30 for screen.. ? not too bad
05:18:37[Saint]plus shipping, and you need a disk as well.
05:18:47prg318yeah the cf is crazy expensive
05:18:52prg318or msata/adapter
05:19:05[Saint]add that up and you've spent over what a second hand 5.5G will cost you.
05:19:16[Saint]And the secondhand one comes with a bunch of other spares, so to speak.
05:19:51prg318yeah i will look for another one because there are parts i would prob want to replace - this one is beat up
05:20:20prg318but the battery i'm getting regardless
05:20:29prg318i want something i can use for a while not a 10 year old battery or whatever
05:20:36prg318and this one is expanding
05:20:44[Saint]Don't get a CF card, per se. The high capacity CF cards all target foolishly expensive high end digital cameras and they favor bulk contiguous I/O.
05:20:56prg318what would you suggest?
05:21:30[Saint]There's no use case in Rockbox or the original FW where you'll end up needing or being able to use that disk speed.
05:21:41[Saint]Just chain together a uSD -> SD -> CF -> adapter plate
05:22:12[Saint]significantly cheaper per GB.
05:22:33prg318ah okay
05:22:50[Saint]I couldn;t be arsed typing a proper 'mu'
05:23:31[Saint]microSD is the cheapest fastest flash media available in this context.
05:23:46prg318or just SD; there is a 256GB SD for $99
05:23:55prg318unless there is anything wrong with SD?
05:24:48[Saint]No. It'll likely be slow-as-balls Class 4, and it'll be a microSD internally anyway (they stopped making 'real' sdcards ages ago, but it'll be fine.
05:25:16[Saint]Class 4 is still plenty fast enough for even the silliest of codecs we support.
05:26:00[Saint]You'll just be waiting slightly longer on bulk transfers that probably aren't going to happen very often anyway.
05:26:17[Saint](re: transferring media to the device)
05:26:43prg318yeah i'm fine with that
05:26:59prg318i would be so happy with 256GB on my ipod
05:27:18prg318and that beats the hell out of CF prices
05:27:48[Saint]I have a couple of solid state converted 5.5Gs, you'll enjoy it.
05:28:21[Saint]I have one CF->SD-uSD adapter chain thing, and one mSATA.
05:28:24prg318how much of a pain is to get into the ipod? should i try to do everything in one shot or is it easy to get into after the first time
05:28:41[Saint]It's not a pain at all for the Videos. Very trivial.
05:28:53prg318okay awesome
05:28:55[Saint]iFixit has detailed step-by-step opening guides for all the iPod models.
05:29:14[Saint]You should probably still aim to do it in a oneshot though.
05:29:17prg318i was trying to get my case off with a guitar pick but i'm just going to wait for proper tools
05:30:08prg318only because i wanted to manually unplug the battery because i'm stuck in a *PANIC* and can't select+menu
05:31:22[Saint]That's Not A Good Sign(TM).
05:31:48prg318haha yeah
05:32:27prg318but i mean i don't think anything is seriously wrong with this outside of the components i am replacing
05:32:42prg318it works fine-ish the majority of the time
05:32:43[Saint]On the iPods that should always work.
05:33:16prg318well my select button is fucked up because the battery is expanding
05:33:29prg318so its pretty much completely stuck
05:33:35prg318i could pull off clicks with it before
05:33:43prg318but idk if i ever managed to hold it down
05:33:48[Saint]Do you happen to have any other difficulties with button...
05:33:48[Saint]I see.
05:34:02prg318the other buttons are fine
05:34:11[Saint]right, that explains that.
05:34:35[Saint]the logic to govern that forcible reset is pretty much infallible. the only way it can not work is hardware failure.
05:34:44prg318oh i finally got it
05:34:49prg318i pushed down super duper hard
05:35:15[Saint] have.
05:36:15prg318haha exactly
05:37:21prg318i'm pretty sure its the battery swelling; there are a bunch of videos about other people's ipod select buttons getting stuck from swelling
05:38:11prg318and i remember the day that it starting getting funky and noticed the ipod getting bloated
05:38:20prg318but didn't use it enough at the time to care
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05:39:33[Saint]You might enjoy one of the concepts I used on my Adapter->CF->SD-uSD iPod 5.5G
05:40:52[Saint]The adapter plate had a fullsize USB-A female port on it, so I desoldered it, and broke it out to a microUSB female port, dremmeled a hole in the case backing, and now I can use regular old microUSB to address the storage.
05:41:33prg318ooh neat! do you have any pictures?
05:42:21[Saint]Not on me, but I can probably dig her out of storage this evening.
05:44:29[Saint]It's kinda disturbing that one can buy that convoluted chain of hardware for a significantly lower cost than an equivalent dedicated compact flash card.
05:44:58[Saint]But as mentioned high capacity CF media seems to pretty much exclusively target the photographic market.
05:46:06[Saint]So it kinda makes sense, but it still seems like a scam. UHS-II sd media and an overclocked/overvolted sdhost would provide comparable performance.
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15:00:11gevaerts__builtin [Saint]: umm, COMMITTERS is in alphabetical order...
15:17:10 Quit uwe_ (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
15:20:27 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@
15:21:28gevaertsWell, technically it's in ascii order
15:21:43gevaertsAlso, apart from the comment lines at the top :)
15:22:08gevaertsActually, not even that. # sorts before the rest anyway
15:22:52gevaertsThe comment lines themselves aren't nicely sorted :)
15:23:03pixelmaI'd thought that at least the single person list was in chronological order, but I haven't looked for ages
15:23:19gevaertsThat's CREDITS
15:23:56pixelmaah, that's what I was actually thinking about, indeed
15:24:01 Quit robertd1 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
15:24:12*pixelma should have read better
15:24:13gevaertsNow I don't think anything still relies on that sort of thing
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16:13:06johnb3[Saint]: Do you happen to know whether the "Itunes error 1434" which indicates a corrupt/dying disk AFAIK prevents me from installing RB if I want to replace it with flash anyway?
16:14:23johnb3"cannot be restored" is the text of that error message ...
16:15:02johnb3There are a couple of ipod classics 6th gen with that problem on ?bay.
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23:33:54__builtinhey scorche
23:34:10__builtincould you cloak me?
23:34:55scorchewhat as?
23:35:35scorchei mean developer/builtin or something?
23:35:54__builtinyeah, developer/builtin
23:36:12scorchesorry, i am a bit out of touch - do you have commit access?
23:36:31__builtinas of 1:40PM today, apparently
23:37:15scorcheoh - i guess i didnt know - are you Franklin?
23:39:28scorchei think i knew that somewhere
23:39:33*scorche shrugs
23:41:54__builtindo I have to accept the cloak or anything?
23:44:23scorche__builtin: there might be something lagging - reconnect
23:44:38 Quit __builtin (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.)
23:44:39 Quit edhelas1 (Quit: Leaving.)
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23:47:10__builtindoesn't seem to have worked

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