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#rockbox log for 2016-12-13

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00:58:47prg318ugh so i ripped the click wheel button contact off the board of my ipod 5g while trying to fix it :X it was pretty fucked
00:59:07prg318i see this replacement but not sure exactly how i would get it to stay on the board...
01:00:18MrBusiness2Whew, nevermind, I was able to answer my own question. For those curious, if you're running RockBox 3.13 off of a SanDisk Sansa Clip and it has some kind of kernel panic where the screen starts flashing, the method of rebooting appears to be this: simultaneously hold down the power button and the center button on the device for roughly 8-12 seconds and the thing should shut off. Holding down the center button might
01:00:19MrBusiness2not even be necessary, but the power button alone didn't seem to be doing it for me. Maybe I should have waited longer? Either way, the fix I recommended does work, and quite well.
01:00:25MrBusiness2Sorry for that huge text stream.
01:00:38MrBusiness2Hm, if it's running 3.13 I might need to try updating it.
01:01:46MrBusiness2Oh, turns out it's a SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip
01:02:16MrBusiness2Anyway, hopefully this will be of help to someone in the future who winds up with a similar problem and checks the IRC logs.
01:02:19prg318p sure i'll be able to hack something together; it should kinda fit together and hopefully stay
01:03:04MrBusiness2I've had weird luck with RockBox and old iPods. Certain button combos seemed to restore the iPod firmware. I recall installing it on the first iPod I ever owned.
01:03:30MrBusiness2These days what I'd really like to get is an mp3 player with easily replaced batteries.
01:03:58MrBusiness2or better yet an ogg player. I should see what else RockBox supports. Maybe they've got my dream machine.
01:05:17prg318MrBusiness2: i was sort of in the market for an ogg/flac/mp3 player w/ removable storage that wasn't shit and ended up circling back to my ipod 5.5G that i'm replacing the battery and drive in
01:05:39MrBusiness2I had mixed luck getting one from ThinkPenguin
01:05:47MrBusiness2the first one they sold me wouldn't hold a charge
01:05:53MrBusiness2this current one actually seems to work pretty well
01:06:06MrBusiness2naw, it's a SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip
01:06:17prg318yeah i had saw those; how do you like it?
01:06:27MrBusiness2it's nice now that it holds a charge
01:07:01MrBusiness2my only complaint is that since it uses a 32-bit CPU, one has to use 32GB SDCards to hold the music outside of the built-in NAND
01:07:33MrBusiness2I could be mistaken. Newer versions of RockBox might support some kind of PAE (physical address extension)
01:07:55MrBusiness2I haven't tried it with my 128 GB MicroSD card yet, but I get the feeling it won't work.
01:08:50MrBusiness2Still, it is very nice. MicroSD slot, microUSB charging port (so practically any Android charger will charge it), and it seems to work pretty well in general
01:09:28MrBusiness2ThinkPenguin advertised it as an ogg vorbis player, which I do intend to convert my music collection to at some point, but it seems to be able to play a lot of the common formats. It certainly plays mp3s.
01:10:22MrBusiness2I was just getting mine out to test a new mini-amplifier that I received recently.
01:10:41prg318sounds pretty nice
01:10:44prg31832GB max is kinda lame tho
01:11:09MrBusiness2eh, I figure it just means you have to segment your library for export carefully or write a script to do it
01:11:14MrBusiness2which is no small feat.
01:11:26MrBusiness2I'll double check to see if that limitation is true though.
01:11:46MrBusiness2If RockBox runs a FOSS kernel, then there's always the possibility that a newer version could use PAE
01:12:11MrBusiness2hell, I'll just go ahead and give it a shot. Got a 128GB guy sitting right here.
01:12:25MrBusiness2Though I feel as if I ought to try to update the device first.
01:12:38prg318i'm just waiting on two parts to finish my ipod restoration; just replaced the battery; have the cf adapter/sd card just need the button contact to fix the button and the zif->cf adatper to replace the hdd
01:12:50prg318let me know how it makes out with larger storage
01:13:20MrBusiness2I shall. And good luck to you; you're a far braver man than I, trying to bust open and fix an iPod.
01:13:55prg318the only reason i'm not so scared is because it's in really bad shape now (screen has dead pixels; hdd is noisy; battery was near dead)
01:14:04prg318and the middle button was almost broken
01:14:24prg318but i'm going to do some work on my sisters which is in pretty good condition so i will need to be more careful for that
01:14:28MrBusiness2I've always wondered if iPods, iPhones, etc have some sort of frequency they can broadcast over wirelessly. Sort of an AppleTalk meets Sprint Whispernet (which you may recall as the villain from the 1984 deletion scandal on the Amazon Kindle).
01:14:57MrBusiness2Ah. Well, definitely best of luck to you.
01:15:11MrBusiness2Also, does RockBox let one watch movies in .mvk or .mp4 format?
01:15:11prg318i don't think the old ipods have a way to generate a frequency like that; no transmitter
01:15:22MrBusiness2Yeah, the only ones probably not.
01:15:41prg318i think there's a plugin for videos on rockbox but i've never tried
01:16:03MrBusiness2I just noted that I have an old Mac Mini that I don't connect to the Internet on account of the fact that I'm pretty much done with Apples forever and this Mac Mini is probably too old by now to be of any service.
01:16:22MrBusiness2But I noted that it would seem to come out of sleep anytime an iPhone got near it.
01:16:30prg318that's pretty creepy
01:18:30MrBusiness2Yeah. Macs are creepy.
01:18:42MrBusiness2I could tell some stories, but then you'd think I was a total nutjob.
01:21:03MrBusiness2Suffice to say, I have a Macbook Air I bought in Q3 of 2012 that got locked down by remote (perhaps irrevocably, unless I can find a way to grab the necessary files to run John the Ripper and see what the hell the main admin password got changed to) and a Toshiba Z835 that had a 1-50 char BIOS password set on it via a /dev/3g connection (apparently the laptop can accept a 3G sim and a data plan. I never ordered one,
01:21:03MrBusiness2but it didn't stop someone from waltzing in and locking it down)
01:21:41MrBusiness2I'll probably have to have a hakshop USB rubber ducky attack the Toshiba with a brute force algorithm of some kind and then somehow detect and log a successful login.
01:22:19MrBusiness2But most folks I talk to think the story of how those computers came to be locked down is a bunch of bunkum, so I will expound no further.
01:23:34MrBusiness2But it has been about 2 years since that happened, and around this time of year I always remember that strange chain of events and the devastation it laid in its wake.
01:25:17MrBusiness2After those two machines got killed, I tried hooking up some old IBM laptops. Alas, when setting the BIOS passwords on them, I failed to note what those passwords were, so I kind of screwed myself on those machines. Nevertheless, their parts might be useful for adding a keyboard and LCD to my Novena laptop case, if I decide to actually go to the trouble of trying to build that weird mistake instead of just selling it
01:25:17MrBusiness2on EBay.
01:27:01MrBusiness2Since the Novena was apparently more of a hobbyist project machine for the hardcore DIY laptop enthusiast. It requires its own GNU/Linux fork of Debian to run, so I have a suspicion it may be best to just leave that hardware to rest for a bit until I can think of some use for it.
01:28:57MrBusiness2 I guess I could see if it'll play ball with this. That would be like a dream come true to have a nice eInk machine running some kind of *nix distro intended for low-power consumption.
01:29:42MrBusiness2Big problem I have with the Novena is that I bought the battery as well as the holder, but apparently missed the boat on some board called a Senoko that one must have in order to actually USE the batteries.
01:30:27MrBusiness2However, since the batteries are just RC car rechargeable batteries, I wonder to myself if a similar controller couldn't be yanked from an RC car.
01:30:40MrBusiness2or otherwise found at a hobby shop.
01:30:54MrBusiness2Oh well, I'm too off-topic here. Apologies for that.
01:31:18MrBusiness2Let's see about testing my SanDisk Clip Zip and my Leo together
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01:49:57MrBusiness2but first, as always, I gotta put down a piece of tpae on the AC adapter so I can actually read the power characteristics without straining my eyeballs under a super bright light
01:50:32MrBusiness2should probably use something better than masking tape, but it seems to have worked for most of my AC adapters thus far.
01:50:47MrBusiness2And knowing that electrical info is usually critical for a device such as this.
01:52:13MrBusiness2Or this ridiculous laptop, for that matter, which needs a 19.5V charger. Only managed to find two laptop chargers that can accomplish that. One is the Asus Republic of Gamers AC adapter that this laptop uses and the other was just a stroke of luck generic supply that I found online that does even higher voltages than 19.5
01:52:26MrBusiness2don't remember its brand name, but I'd definitely purchase again.
01:53:20MrBusiness2Ah, here we go, the Zozo 90W
01:53:49MrBusiness2Output voltages vary considerably, so it appears to be rather versatile
01:54:31MrBusiness215-16-18.5-19-19.5-20V, 4.9-6 amperes
01:55:00MrBusiness2seems a bit weak in the amps department, but it does run this old Lenovo Yoga 14 I'm trying to fix up.
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02:31:04*__builtin debates whether or not to triple the number of game plugins in one go
02:35:18__builtinLCD_COLOR implies LCD_BITMAP, right?
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07:40:43fishbulbare there portable headphone amp nerds in here
07:40:59fishbulbI have a topping nx2 coming, wondering if anyone is familiar with this
07:42:58dongsa $35 headphone amp? i mean, it will work just fine
07:42:59dongsnice case.
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09:40:35pamaury__builtin: please don't go too crazy with plugins, we already have a lot of them ;)
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11:48:41wodzpamaury: what stops you from committing g#1395 ? It looks super usefull
11:48:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #1395 at : Make plugin/codecs/imgdec/overlay aware of compile flags that break API. by Amaury Pouly
11:52:23pamaury_wodz: I sent a mail to -dev but for no answer, then I forgot about it
11:52:47pamaury_but yeah it very useful I think, I just need someone to review it
11:53:52pamaury_I also want to find out why codecs are broken on DEBUG builds, at least on some targets
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12:08:01wodzpamaury_: Proposed solution looks very clean IMO
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12:43:16TorCMrBusiness2: The Clip series - at least the clip+ and zip to my certain knowledge, can use any available uSD card. I've got 64G cards in a couple. Only issue is you have to format them fat32 because RB doesn't have exfat drivers, and probably never will. Still, nothings out of line for fat32, so it works just fine.
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20:17:23lebelliumpamaury: should I get the latest version of your patch or wait?
20:18:30pamaurylebellium: wait, I did some changes to the upg packer, I need to double-check them on my device ;)
20:20:43pamaurylebellium: in the mean time, you compile a firmware and bootloader for E580
20:20:55pamauryI assume you are familar with the process now ?
20:24:10pamauryhum wait, apparently I screwed up in config.h for the E580
20:24:30lebelliumI can follow instructions here ?
20:28:41pamauryno it's completely different
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20:30:38lebelliumis the procedure written somewhere? we tried several times to build the toolchain but I don't remember I already did compile a firmware with bootloader for linux sony
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20:32:42pamauryno, because the procedure is changing all the time until I finish writing mknwzboot
20:34:11lebelliumok. So I hope it's OK if I'm not really familiar with it yet :P
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20:37:22pamauryok so best is you wait for about an hour so I finish dinner and test the new upg packer
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21:04:17edhelaspamaury: wow that's a lot of commits that you've done on gerrit, are they linked together or just lots of small fixes ?
21:08:23pamaurya bit of both but mostly small fixes and documentation
21:11:26edhelasok :) do you still have some plans for the usb stack on the short-mid term ?
21:16:23pamauryI always have plans ;) But short term definitely not, I'm working on some ports
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21:19:54pamaurylebellium: I just tried the bootloader on the E580 and I get a black screen on boot, apparently the E580 is slightly different from E460, I need to find out what
21:20:03edhelasokay, I'm really looking forward this part, especially the USB-audio feature :p
21:20:34lebelliumpamaury: of course it is different. That's due to NC \o/
21:20:53pamaurydoes it work well ?
21:22:35lebelliumI think IEM with good passive isolation is as efficient and sound better
21:22:42lebelliumbut that's funny to try out
21:27:08 Quit Bray90820_ ()
21:32:26*pamaury invented a new debugging tecnique
21:35:31 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
21:37:05lebelliumwhich is?
21:37:48 Quit alexweissman (Remote host closed the connection)
21:38:05pamauryit's called exit-ot-OF, you do something then execute the OF. If the OF executes then the something didn't crash
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21:48:19pamauryhum, apparently Sony how the user partition is handled slightly
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22:11:10bluebrotherpamaury: we don't really have a policy on external libs in Rockbox Utility. Obviously it should work on all platforms we support :)
22:11:32bluebrotherlibcrypto++ seems to just work, at least according to their website.
22:12:43bluebrotherplus the license is compatible (at least as far as I understand) so I don't see a problem using it
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22:15:24pamauryok cool
22:15:28 Join Senji [0] (~Senji@
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22:56:05pamaurythis bug is really weird...
22:57:13__builtinpamaury: I tried build a the yp-r0 toolchain on ARM today
22:58:49__builtinoh... looks like it failed to get the tarballs
23:00:11__builtin*casual whistle*
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23:04:22pamaury__builtin: the plan is to get rid of the yp-r0 toolchain and replace it by a commin linux app toolchain
23:05:10*__builtin is building toolchains for a build client
23:05:50pamauryno one managed to build the yp-r0 recently, we rely on a prebuilt one for many years ago
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23:06:35pamaurydammit this bug is insane, is it possible that it crashes in printf() ???
23:07:01__builtinstack overflow?
23:07:32pamaurycall is three level deep so clearly not
23:08:31pamaurythe only thing I can think about would be an ABI problem
23:09:11__builtinit looks like the HTTPS transition broke the build client scripts
23:09:22__builtinit's downloading the redirect HTML pages rather than the actual files
23:09:26*pamaury has a sudden horrible doubt
23:10:50 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@2001:da8:215:4ff:d9be:679d:5495:50ee)
23:11:01pamaury__builtin: when downloading which files?
23:11:16pamauryI don't know who maintains the build client script
23:11:22__builtinany file, it needs the -L parameter to curl
23:11:37pamaurybut which files does the client ever download?
23:11:44pamauryoh it downloads itself for the new version maybe
23:12:22pamaurywell then write a patch and post it on gerrit ;)
23:12:55__builtinI'll test it first ;)
23:13:16pamauryarg no, we redefine printf() in bootloader and this causes a horrible bug when printf() is used to debug when the lcd is not yet initialised...
23:13:37pamaurythat's the only possible explanation
23:14:23__builtinalright, my build client appears to work :)
23:14:55 Quit PurlingNayuki (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:16:58 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:17:58 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
23:21:09__builtinpamaury: does g#1430 look good?
23:22:37__builtinfs-bluebot: ping
23:24:45pamauryit looks ok, I don't much about curl but -L sounds like the good option
23:26:42gevaerts-L is definitely a good idea there
23:28:01*pamaury suspects Sony changed something in their lcd driver
23:28:40__builtinalso should I just go ahead and make all the http://s https:// to avoid an sslstrip attack?
23:32:12 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:32:26 Quit Senji (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
23:33:17 Join alexweissman [0] (
23:36:07__builtinthe system as it is now is easily vulnerable to a MITM attack...
23:36:54bluebrotherit has been since years ... :D
23:37:14pamaurywell the whole build system is quite vulnerable
23:37:23bluebrothergevaerts: btw, what to do about the Rockbox Utility ssl issue?
23:37:23 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 50.0.2/20161129173726])
23:37:30__builtinI guess it'd be somewhat mitigated by using TLS, at least the server would be authenticated
23:37:57bluebrotherI was thinking if linking dynamically would help but afaiu that won't fix the GPL license issue
23:39:39pamaurybluebrother: what is the problem again?
23:40:49bluebrotherQt uses openssl for ssl support. By default openssl is disabled, so we have to rebuild it. But then openssl has a weird license (basically it's some advertising clause afaiu) which imposes additional limitations the GPL forbids
23:41:10bluebrotherso we could either change the license to GPL + openssl exception or find another way. If there is one
23:41:36bluebrotherif openssl is a "OS library" (which we should be able to assume on Linux) it would work
23:42:10__builtinwell, maybe just the automatic updates would be authenticated because only those go over TLS, but that's an improvement
23:42:12bluebrotherbut then the major amount of users is on Windows, and on Windows that's not true. And shipping it as separate dll doesn't count as system library
23:42:34gevaertsbluebrother: there does seem to be some weird solution though
23:43:23gevaertsApparently you can link Qt differently so it uses dlopen for openssl if available, which some people claim avoids the issue
23:44:03bluebrotherhmm. Well, that would require us to either ship an openssl dll (windows) or assume it's present on the system.
23:44:09pamauryyeah, bootloader finally working on E580 \o/ now the keys don't work
23:44:17gevaertsI can't say I'm really convinced though if you bundle the openssl dll...
23:44:24bluebrotherthe latter would work on Linux. And on OS X we link dynamically anyway
23:45:08bluebrotherwe could also try to change the license. Though I'm not sure we'll be able to get a response from _all_ committers relevant to Rockbox Utility
23:45:20bluebrothersince we use some stuff from tools
23:45:21pamauryrelicencing will probably be hard
23:45:30bluebrotherwhich is ... _old_
23:47:03pamaurysome people disagree that linking openssl dynamically solves the issue though
23:49:03bluebrothertechnically that SO answer is clear but I'm not convinced that this solves the licensing issue
23:49:27bluebrotherand technically it wouldn't be hard to do that. Just a bit of work to get the setup going :)
23:50:09bluebrotherand Rockbox Utility won't be a single binary anymore on windows, but you'd need to extract the whole archive. But that's not really a big deal imo
23:53:15pamauryI think that would be a good compromise. At least it's the best effort we can do, and people who disagree can simply don't use it ;)
23:56:08pamauryhum the walkman logo looks a bit ugly on the E580, they changed it to add a gradient and now the 130x130 icon size cuts the gradient

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