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#rockbox log for 2016-12-15

00:00:04chrisjjI'd guess like many a race bug, this generally rare but sensitive to variable(s) that can suddenly make it 100%. Other users have reported it 100%.
00:00:11pamauryI doubt it, the root of this was never fixed afaik, though some random timing is involved so you might never get the message in a 100 times and then get it twice in a raw
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00:00:45chrisjjDoubt what?
00:00:56pamaurythat 131121 fixed it
00:01:06chrisjjDoubt my [22:58], or [22:59]?
00:01:12chrisjjAh, got you.
00:01:35pamaury__builtin: good question, it would make sense, although you need to study the build server code to make sure
00:01:52pamauryand possibly add a comment to document that if that's the case
00:01:59CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:01:59*__builtin is being extra careful to avoid breaking the whole build cluster...
00:02:27chrisjjWell, if you mean you doubt 131121 fixed it intentionally and permanently, I do too! :)
00:03:07chrisjjIt certainly solved the issue at the time. But now it is back, though only about 2%, not 100%, so no real problem.
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00:20:52__builtinit appears that references a "rbmaster.conf" file, but I can't seem to find that in the www repo
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00:25:23pamaury__builtin: look on the wiki, I expected it's just a configuration file specific to the server
00:26:18__builtinahh, zagor/rockbuild">
00:27:32__builtinso it appears that that file needs to be updated in order to have it send out auto-updates
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00:28:40__builtinproblem is, I can't access or change that file on the server
00:30:10pamaurycontact zagor
00:30:44pamauryemails works better
00:31:12__builtinbjorn, right?
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00:48:50chrisjjpamaury: "chrisjj: which theme are you using?" cabbieV2 and Bilgus' cabbieV2 edited.
00:49:43chrisjjBTW, re your "2) I would need to check (or rather ask someone who knows about it) but theme engine affects pretty much everything I think", I have confirmed theme can alter everything on the USB screen except the plug drawing.
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01:25:25Bilgusthe edited part is replacement of the volume icon btw
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03:34:05*__builtin is going to try and make puzzles configurable to allow building either a modularized or monolithic version
03:36:29__builtinit involves some build hackery, can anyone give me an idea of it should be implemented in the makefile?
03:38:34__builtinI need to build a bunch of plugins with some shared source files and one file which should vary between them, how should I do this?
03:38:45__builtinrepeating some code is fine, disk is cheap
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05:08:41fishbulbI got a topping nx2
05:08:57fishbulbit's surprisingly alright for the price
05:09:49fishbulbit has a usb dac, I'm wondering how I'd use that with an iriver h300
05:10:19fishbulblike could you take something off the "mother" board and pipe it into this dac?
05:10:54fishbulbsomething that probably has only a few wires, are there people here who have a working knowledge of the electronics of players?
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05:14:21fishbulbhow does an external dac usually work
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11:29:37pamauryfishbulb (log): you can't easily plug a usb dac except by usb, and we don't have support for that
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12:29:33duo8usb interface -> digital stream to DAC chip -> analog output -> possibly an amp
12:30:41duo8iirc it feeds the dac chip a pcm stream, so if you can take it from the player then maybe you can wire it to the DAC
12:31:17duo8btw i was about ready to open the shanling m2 for some shots
12:31:42duo8but it turns out it has onw torx screw smaller than anything i have
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13:19:52pamauryduo8: I don't see any easy way to bypass the usb interface, unless you are going to do some crazy soldering
13:20:47pamauryIf the h300 has a digital audio output, that seems like the way to go
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13:46:05pamaury_bluebrother: ping
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13:57:21bluebrotherpamaury_: pong
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13:57:34pamaury_did you see my problem yesterday?
13:57:59pamaury_I want to compile a c++ file in mknwzboot but apparently libtools.make only supports C file and I don't see an easy way to add c++
13:58:31bluebrotherI've had a short look in libtools.make this morning. Some things could be simplified in general. I was considering in giving it a look to add c++ support.
13:59:19bluebrothershouldn't be that hard actually −− just need to call g++ instead of gcc for *.cpp
14:00:16bluebrotherplus, I have some stuff for Rockbox Utility I should finally get finished.
14:01:56pamaury_ok, I tried but I didn't see how to call g++ because the makefile first creates the dependency rules and then has a generic C rule where the source is not available for match, how do you make the difference between .c and .cpp with this approach?
14:05:31bluebrotherthat dependency file generation can be simplified. Then you just need two rules: one for .c and one for .cpp
14:07:25pamaury_ok that would be cool
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15:21:26shrizzaHi. I've got a Sansa Clip Zip with RB 3.13 (stable) and it's been working great for like 3 years now but it's recently been having trouble fully booting up it seems.
15:21:40shrizzaAnd it's random.
15:22:00shrizzaIt will randomly get stuck on "Boot 4.0".
15:22:02pamauryshrizza: it might be a dying internal storage, very common problem on the Sansas
15:22:52shrizzaHm, nothing that would make fsck.vfat complain then?
15:25:34shrizzaAnd I'm assuming it's a non-trivial hardware replacement?
15:32:09pamaury_Well I encourqge you to try fsck.vfat of course, it might be that the issue is elsewhere but if you haven't changed anything and start seeing problem with storage, that might be the reason why. Yeah pretty impossible unless you can desolder a bga chip
15:32:57shrizzaHm, thanks for that info.
15:33:19 Quit wodz (Quit: Ex-Chat)
15:33:46gevaertsAnd even if you manage to replace that chip, I'm not at all convinced that then getting the necessary data on the new chip so it actually boots is going to be easy
15:34:39shrizzaWhen you say this is a common problem on Sansas, I get the feeling that these are not considered too durable.
15:34:58shrizzaIs there any player that is particularly recommended for durability?
15:36:10shrizza(sorry, I haven't really stayed up-to-date on the state of affairs here)
15:39:16shrizzaDurability or ease-of-maintenance I guess.
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15:56:23pamaury_I see a lot of people with iPods
15:57:01shrizzaBut recent iPods are not well-supported by rockbox right?
16:04:30pamaury_I'm no specialist of the iPods, I think we support up to ipod 6th or 7th gen
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20:08:54pamaurybluebrother: ping
20:11:36 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
20:16:15bluebrotherpamaury: pong
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20:17:54pamaurybluebrother: sorry to bother you again, you mentioned one can simplify libtools.make, do you have a prototype already? This is just to know if I should expect a quick fix or workaround it in the mean time just for me
20:19:03pamauryor I can try to do it if you have a hint ;)
20:19:16bluebrotherno, not yet. I've been looking into it a bit and some things look a bit more complicated than necessary. I need to spend some more time on that
20:20:40bluebrotherright now the problem is that we generate the dependencies needed to determine how to build an object. That's fine by itself but needs some attention if we need to distinguish between c and c++ code
20:27:05bluebrotherif you just want to build things you can try to simply set CC=g++.
20:27:24bluebrotherI'll try to spend some time on the Makefile the next couple of days
20:27:28pamauryI tried but then I have the problem that std=gnu99 is invalid ;)
20:27:51bluebrotherthen use std=c++11 ;-)
20:27:51pamauryI could just remove it I guess
20:27:55pamauryah yeah
20:28:08bluebrotheror remove it. I guess that gcc defaults to gnu99 these days anyway
20:28:52bluebrotherthe handling for libucl we have in there is somewhat annoying as well :/
20:30:21pamauryah yeah gcc defaults to gnu99 since GCC 5 or 6 I think
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20:32:23bluebrotherstill makes sense to have the option in git, but if it's just for local development ...
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21:43:02lebelliumpamaury: is the problem you faced on E580 easy to solve?
21:50:59pamauryI managed to solve the problem, I now have a working bootloader on the E580. But now I'm stuck when writing mknwzboot (a tool to automatise the creation of a firmware upgrade to install rockbox), because of some stupid makefile ;) bluebrother is working on it. In the mean time I'm trying to understand why playback doesn't work correctly
21:52:37lebelliumthe playback issue is common with E460 right?
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22:48:38__builtinthis is weird, why is make not using ccache?
22:48:57__builtinMakefile even says, "CC = /usr/bin/ccache /usr/local/bin/arm-elf-eabi-gcc"
22:51:34 Quit robertd1 (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
22:51:35__builtinoh, now it works
22:51:52__builtinhad to reconfigure... ?
22:59:18 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
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23:18:32__builtinhmm, strange thing is that even while it's using ccache there are no hits at all, only "preprocessor error" increases during a build
23:18:46 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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23:20:58chrisjjIs "Error accessing playlist control file" known associated with a *PANIC* ?
23:24:28__builtinshouldn't be
23:25:47 Join alexweissman [0] (
23:26:26chrisjjThanks. Getting lots of both on USB unplug on the trial Creative ZEN build.
23:27:11chrisjjOn at 32Gb unit. Ona 2Gb unit, I get the error and no PANIC
23:29:33 Quit ender` (Quit: It's nice to know that my launch to orbit won't have any pesky back-up systems weighing me down. — Andy Weir: The Martian)
23:29:51chrisjjAh. It follows the failure of USB unplug to be detected.
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23:32:00chrisjjWhose the RB USB expert?
23:35:17chrisjjWhat is a *PANIC*? An assertion failure?
23:36:47 Join cc___ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
23:40:48chrisjjOK, that *PANIC* it is now 100% reproducable on my 32Gb ZEN.
23:46:54 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:49:16chrisjj*PANIC* usb_storage_initconnection(): OOM pc:6006CDC0 sp:600EC6B8 A: 6006AF38 A: 6006B50C A: 6004E43C bt end
23:55:18 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)

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