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#rockbox log for 2016-12-17

00:01:53Bilgus__builtin: it's fixed thanks
00:12:49__builtinalright, I'll test the new one and see
00:16:32__builtinout of curiosity, what was the bug?
00:18:33chrisjjBilgus: How about "Don't wake backlight upon...". Or "Stay backlight upon..." though that use of stay (verb transitive) may be unfamiliar to non-native speakers.
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00:29:59__builtinBilgus: the prompt to "save changes" seems unnatural and does not mesh well with the rest of rockbox
00:30:16__builtinalso it can be accidentally skipped on the ipod with the scroll wheel by accident
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00:32:27chrisjj__builtin: Re the puzzles DA, I've restored the installation but cannot reproduce.
00:32:45__builtinchrisjj: that is very odd
00:34:10__builtinBilgus: the backlight still turns on when I have "Volume" enabled, selective backlight enabled and then scroll on the WPS screen to change the volume
00:36:05chrisjjProcedure was: Plugins>Games>puzzles>Untangled. Press various buttons to no effect, until pressed Home showed Puzzles menu. Pressed unknown key/selected unknown menu entry. Got Data Abort.
00:36:18__builtincan you play the games though?
00:36:42chrisjjUntangle responds to no other buttons. "Extensive Help" says nothing.
00:36:55__builtinuntangle is known not to work due to control issues and "Extensive Help" hasn't been written yet
00:38:12__builtindoes Untangle work with the "Solve" option, though?
00:38:23__builtini.e. choose "Solve" after pausing untangle
00:40:57chrisjjMines mvoe #1 gave Fatal Error.
00:41:33__builtinI'm aware of that one, does Cube crash if you set it to "Icosahedron" under "Game Type"?
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00:47:34chrisjjFATAL ERROR
00:47:58chrisjjGame list is reverse lexicographic.
00:48:48__builtinWhat "game list?" The "Game Type" menu?
00:49:20chrisjj"Choose game" Select game 'Undefined instruction' ... and the backlight went out before I could read more.
00:49:39chrisjjI can find no button to wake the backlight.
00:50:22__builtinI'll see if I can debug it locally
00:50:26chrisjjNot even reset + power-on!
00:50:48__builtinis there a hard reset on the ZEN apart from that?
00:52:01chrisjjThere's the one reset (pinhole). No response.
00:52:33__builtinremove the battery?
00:52:55chrisjjRequires surgery :-)
00:55:26chrisjjConnecting charger does show the usual charging LED pulse, but not the usual LCD icon.
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00:56:27chrisjj"What "game list?"" The list of games starting with Untangled at top.
00:59:34__builtinthat is very strange
00:59:39__builtinit ought to be alphabetical
01:00:17chrisjjIt is - just in reverse :-)
01:02:10chrisjjFTR, this is device is 8Gb, unit "G"
01:02:33chrisjjNow back from the dead. Plugging USB to PC woke it.
01:03:28chrisjjNever seen RB "Undefined instruction" before. Hopes to never see it again :-)
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01:06:15chrisjj__builtin: Does that White Screen of Crash terminate all execution? Or can some wayward process proceed to e.g. hang the LCD?
01:06:31__builtinyeah, it halts the CPU afaik
01:08:55chrisjjIs that what "bt end" means?
01:16:23[Saint]That is stating that it reached the end of the backtrace it printed when it shit the bed.
01:17:55chrisjjPuzzles; another crash. On 'Choose game' menu, unplugged charger, "Prefetch abort at FFFFFF844".
01:18:31__builtinthat's even weirder... the menu code is rockbox core code
01:19:11__builtinit smells like a stack overflow to me
01:19:56__builtinI also have no idea how it could possibly be displaying the menu in reverse order
01:21:20chrisjjAnother: On "Choose game", unplugged and plugged charger, pressed Home, got "Undefined instruction pc:6838DC88"
01:21:55chrisjjI should say this device has been problem free on both OF and Rockbox non-puzzles.
01:23:57chrisjjAnd I should say I am seeing subtle differences w.r.t. Amaury's zen_lcd fix build, so... does this build have that fix?
01:24:13__builtinI don't believe so
01:24:25__builtinit's from a rather old base
01:25:47chrisjjOK, then probably this build is not ZEN-safe, puzzles aside.
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01:26:25chrisjjAnd indeed I just got a Prefetch abort pc:FFFFFB44 outside puzzles.
01:27:16__builtinwell, looks like it's not a puzzles bug specifically
01:28:32__builtinI'll fix some things, rebase it, and then build another one
01:28:57chrisjjpamaury: did you commit your ZEN lcd fix?
01:29:21__builtinI believe it's committed but the build I gave you is not up-to-date
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01:31:24chrisjjI'd send you a screenshot of the reversed list ... except teh screenshot trigger causes a crash.
01:32:10chrisjjI don't believe a ZEN LCD fault can reverse a list. The characters are not inverted! :-)
01:40:34chrisjj__builtin: I could see little sense in the navigation. I think a regular menu structure would be much better.
01:40:45__builtinwhat do you mean?
01:41:54chrisjj'puzzles' would show a sub-menu of games, ideally with "Recent game: xxx" at top. On and In any game, Submenu would operate.
01:42:22chrisjjAnd every game would start by showing the Quick Help. Currently without this the player doesn't know the game objective.
01:43:48chrisjjAnd when in a game, Home would return to whence it game. Currently it goes to the game's sub-menu!
01:44:29__builtinwell, that kind of makes sense, how else are you suggesting it should work?
01:45:28chrisjj"how else"? I don't understand. I'm suggesting the navigation works not as currently, but as I suggested.
01:45:51chrisjjYou mean What other aspects do I suggest be changed?
01:45:53__builtinI'm not sure what you mean by "return to whence it game"
01:46:48chrisjjIn a normal menu tree, some back/up/return/exit/close function does a Return i.e. puts you to the place you came from.
01:47:21__builtinwell that wouldn't work, because after choosing a game from the initial menu you could never go to the game menu
01:47:36chrisjjI think this should be what each game's Exit command does.
01:47:51chrisjjI think the best virtual key for this is RB Home.
01:48:16chrisjjRB Home currently goes down a level - into game options - not up in to the game list.
01:48:45chrisjjHaving gone down, you have to choose Quit, which goes up two levels.
01:48:48__builtinto go back to the game list you need to choose "Select Another Game"
01:50:06chrisjjLike MS Word having a command to Select Another Application.
01:50:20__builtinthere's simply no other way
01:51:17chrisjjHow about Home returns to the menu of games? And only Submenu goes down to the submenu of options.
01:51:40__builtinthe issue is that my keymaps only have one button that is designed to be used as a "back" or "pause" button
01:52:46Bilgus__builtin: Ill do some more testing, thats why I need more targets
01:54:26Bilguswhat do you suggest instead of the save prompt?
01:54:33chrisjjOK, and the reason it does not go back from"Puzzles menu" is... ??
01:54:45__builtinBilgus: well, just returning ought to save it
01:55:01Bilguseasy enough
01:55:22__builtinBilgus: I understand the motivation for adding it, but it wouldn't be consistent with the other settings
01:56:29Bilgusonly problem there is I then need to use a static var to allow user to cancel I'll work on it in the next day or two and let you know
02:01:32Bilgus__builtin: if you select 'Disable unknown' does the scroll wheel still activate the backlight?
02:04:09__builtinlet me check
02:05:22__builtin(my builds are really slow)
02:05:35[Saint]candidate for most convoluted rockbox 'client' ever.
02:05:35[Saint]raspberry pi, pifm, warble/librockbox, existing FM stereo hardware - lol
02:06:14[Saint]might pave the way for the first 'ladies and gentlemen mail' that involves getting sound on someone else's hardware by force.

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