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#rockbox log for 2016-12-18

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00:14:28__builtinTorC: they've been intermittent at best the past couple weeks
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00:44:29TorC__builtin: I know. That's why I worded it the way I did.
00:48:06__builtingevaerts: regarding puzzles, should I just disable the games that we already have an implementation of?
00:48:37gevaertsProbably, I guess
00:48:54gevaertsAlthough it might be worth comparing features?
00:49:32__builtinwell, the convenient thing is that the reimplementations are the ones that have bugs or don't work :P
00:49:48__builtinso if I throw those out I don't have any bugs to fix
00:50:15__builtini.e. "mines"
00:50:19gevaertsThat's cheating! :)
00:50:46*gevaerts likes how the sgt-puzzles mines implementation is always solvable
00:50:47__builtinalso, should it be one plugin per game or one big plugin?
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00:50:57gevaertsNot sure if the rockbox one is
00:51:54gevaertsI imagine that if you use one big plugin you need overlays and enough RAM to stop playback
00:52:16gevaertsIs that also true for one plugin per game?
00:52:31gevaertsRight :)
00:52:43gevaertsSo what are the pros and cons?
00:53:03__builtinwell there's a metric crapton of puzzles
00:54:25*gevaerts nods
00:54:41__builtinbut making it monolithic isn't the best either
00:55:11__builtinstops playback, can't have simultaneous save games
00:55:43gevaertsok, I'd say that's enough reason for single-game plugins
00:56:01gevaertsPossibly called sgt-<game> to keep them together
00:56:21gevaertsThis sort of game is *much* better if playback can go on
00:57:09*gevaerts is one of those weird people who think of rockbox primarily as an audio player thing :)
00:57:31__builtinnever heard of that before, interesting ;)
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01:33:35__builtingevaerts: modular puzzles increase the size of the rocks/ directory by 3MB vs the monolithic 800K
01:37:53gevaertsThat's two minutes of mp3. probably
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01:39:14__builtinand they're somehow a total of 50+ MB when built for the simulator
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01:48:03gevaertsI'd still say usable playback trumps that
01:48:34*__builtin remembers to add a playback control menu
01:50:34__builtinhmm, also should I jump straight into a game or present a menu first?
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01:51:40*gevaerts doesn't know!
01:52:18__builtinit appears to be the convention to have a little menu first, so what the heck
01:54:07chrisjjMenu first!
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03:00:35chrisjj"Codec: not an encoder" says the sim. What's that about?
03:03:03__builtindoes anything break?
03:09:15chrisjjCrossfade is failing.
03:11:50__builtindoesn't sound related
03:12:07chrisjjThough that message appears with a new launch playing just one file:
03:13:14chrisjjAnd also with Crossfade off:
03:14:02chrisjjAnd on WAV also:
03:15:35chrisjjPerhaps related to now "stopped workign" :)
03:18:38chrisjjNow always:
03:18:48chrisjjAny idea how well tested is RB with WMA?
03:19:42__builtinusually a codec either works or doesn't
03:20:37__builtinalso, windows's "not working" or "not responding" dialogs are usually useless in diagnosing a bug
03:21:20chrisjjThey do sort of indicate a hang, no?
03:24:23chrisjjHang mystery solved. RB hangs on a zero-length WMA.
03:24:34__builtinsim only?
03:24:58chrisjjSo far.
03:25:30__builtinwindows "hangs" are usually just something falling behind in processing the event queue
03:25:38chrisjjBy zero-length WMA, I mean one of 0s duration, not zero bytes filesize of course.
03:26:14chrisjjHow far behind RB should fall when it has nothing to do? This is >10s.
03:26:32__builtinit's possible there's an edge case in the codec that causes it to spin forever
03:28:06chrisjjZero is always an edge case IME :)
03:29:43chrisjjHow can one get the simulator launch to automatically continue play?
03:30:40*__builtin doesn't know
03:35:11chrisjjOK, thanks.
03:35:38chrisjjKnow anything about Quick Screen? Is it on most players? I'm wondering why it is absent from the ZEN main menu.
03:41:54__builtinI bet our fine manual has something on it ;)
03:46:12chrisjjI find QS mentioned in the fine RB manuals I've found. There's no RB manual for Creative players, fine or otherwise! :)
03:48:02__builtinjust long-press your select button or equivalent
03:49:51chrisjjIt just does the short Home action.
03:53:07chrisjjIs this a Quick Screen?
03:54:18*__builtin really doesn't know, I've barely touched anythinig remotely playback-related
03:55:40chrisjjYou don't use RB for audio play?
04:04:30chrisjjBye for now
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10:00:57johnb2The log of seems to be corrupted: Ends for me at 02:06 with a statement of [Saint] on 'ladies and gentlemen mail'
10:13:03Bilgusnp ciao
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10:45:06johnb2Bilgus: clip+: volume and play selected, sometime BL gets activated when using vol and play/pause sequences. I tried this on two different devices. Disable unknown is not active, but even the Play button turned BL, so it's not related to my Vol+/- clumsiness ;-)
10:53:44johnb2On SL Play also activates BL every once in a while.
10:56:01johnb2I like the new menu naming and behaviour.
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11:35:17johnb2FuzeV2: BL: same thing for Play, Vol+-. My impression is that more often BL turns on quick resume than pause.
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11:54:26johnb2*turns on on
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15:30:07chrisjj"The log of seems to be corrupted: Ends for me at 02:06 with a statement of [Saint] on 'ladies and gentlemen mail'" Confrimed.
15:32:45chrisjj"<Bilgus> johnb2:" FTR at
15:42:54chrisjjForums still down from here.
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15:57:32chrisjjDoes the UI let me make a shortcut to a command such as a plugin?
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16:53:33__builtinchrisjj: there is a patch in gerrit that claims to fix that, IIRC
16:54:05__builtinre: panic on usb_storage_init_connection
17:00:40 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
17:02:13chrisjj__builtin: Could be
17:03:04__builtinyeah, just modify it to suit your needs (add your CPU architecture to the list)
17:04:12chrisjjModify what, exactly?
17:04:35__builtinthe #if macro to include your device's cpu
17:05:53chrisjjThanks, but I'd rather work towards a fix for everyone, and patch a custom build only as a last resort.
17:07:13robertd1hi pamaury, is the new sony toolchain ready for download?
17:07:32chrisjjAlso I see a subsequent close-related FS entry was closed as Out Of Date
17:07:49pamauryrobertd1: if by download you meand download the script and run it, then yes. But not a prebuilt one if that's the question
17:07:54chrisjj"New USB stack was committed, closing bug reports on the old one."
17:08:43robertd1thanks pamaury
17:13:18chrisjjpamaury: Is your ZEN lcd_fix using the New USB Stack of ?
17:13:47chrisjjClarification Is your ZEN lcd_fix /build/ (released for test) using the New USB Stack of ?
17:18:15pamaurynot sure what this is referring to, the usb stack hasn't changed in years
17:18:48pamaurymaybe this is referring to the new usb *driver* for some devices (ipods and amsv2) but then it's irrelevant to the ZEN
17:19:22pamauryI think the comment is wrong, saratoga meant the new usb driver
17:20:13chrisjj" the usb stack hasn't changed in years" I wondered too.
17:21:03chrisjjHow do I add a comment to a FS entry without reopening?
17:21:36pamauryI guess you must reopen to add a comment, by definition
17:21:41__builtinI don't believe you can
17:24:28chrisjjOK, requested reopen to add the comment
17:25:43chrisjjThen when pamaury commits ZEN lcd_fix, if my USB panic persists, I'll file a new FS referencing .
17:25:45 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
17:26:59chrisjjpamaury: The recharge part of my ZEN battery_bench run could not complete because the device never reached topoff. Which is odd, since it had before.
17:28:00gevaertsYou're requesting a reopen to correct a slight mistake in the close message?
17:29:01pamaurychrisjj: send me the logs anyway if you have them
17:29:02chrisjjNo, I'm requesting reopen to add valuable new info that related to probably still extant issue, at least on ZEN.
17:29:21chrisjjCan you confirm topoff detection is 100% done by hardware i.e. is not in any part an interpretation by RB?
17:29:53 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
17:31:48chrisjj(That reopen comment here FTR:
17:32:36gevaertsYes, that's what I'm referring to
17:33:54pamaurychrisjj: yes topoff is when the hardware reports the end of charge
17:59:43__builtingevaerts: why don't I just go ahead and commit the games that work?
18:00:50gevaertsHmm, why not indeed?
18:09:01 Join nlogex [0] (
18:12:02chrisjjpamaury: Thanks. This player ("P") now doesn't show topoff on OF either. I'll restart on a newer player that does ("Q").
18:12:11gevaertsThe nice thing about new plugins is that they can't break anything
18:12:18__builtinyeah, exactly :D
18:13:36fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1a6a8b5, 255 builds, 17 clients.
18:13:50__builtinlet's see what happens...
18:14:00gevaertsWell, they *can* break the build :)
18:15:07__builtinit's also a test of my build client...
18:16:03 Join belinda [0] (
18:17:29__builtinwhy is it not showing up on the builds cgi page?
18:17:55chrisjj"The nice thing about new plugins is that they can't break anything" ... permanently "it smells like a stack overflow to me"
18:18:46chrisjj+ "I can find no button to wake the backlight." "Not even reset + power-on!"
18:20:59 Quit belinda (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
18:21:53fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 496 seconds.
18:21:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1a6a8b5 result: 152 errors 0 warnings
18:22:40 Join webguest462 [0] (
18:24:43fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c6996ab, 255 builds, 17 clients.
18:24:51__builtinthis one should fix it
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18:32:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 466 seconds.
18:32:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision c6996ab result: 2870 errors 0 warnings
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18:35:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 90f1370, 255 builds, 17 clients.
18:36:28__builtinor not...
18:37:18gevaerts__builtin: nice effort :)
18:38:34__builtinthis one had better work
18:43:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 427 seconds.
18:43:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 90f1370 result: 15 errors 0 warnings
18:45:09__builtinlooks like it's still too big to fit in some targets' plugin buffers
18:45:57gevaertsc200v2 is a bit marginal, yes
18:46:44__builtinlooks like it's just the "pearl" game though
18:46:51__builtinI'll just disable that on the c200v2
18:46:57*gevaerts nods
18:46:59 Quit fs-bluebot (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:47:03 Quit bluebrother (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:47:18gevaertsThat memswap one looks a bit annoying
18:47:49gevaertsThe easy fix would be to change int to size_t, but that's a file you ideally don't touch I think
18:48:03__builtinit's called once in the whole code, I'll just rename it
18:48:19gevaertsOr that :)
18:49:07__builtinthe issue is that on some targets some of the games might fit in the plugin buffer, but not have enough heap memory to actually run the game
18:50:15__builtinbut the good thing is that most of those games don't work anyway and I've disabled them already :D
18:51:17gevaertsWell, if you know in which cases that happens you can have them stop playback and use the "big" heap
18:52:40gevaertsThey all use this smalloc() wrapper?
18:52:44 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
18:53:43gevaertsOne way might be to detect a failed malloc there, and only then stop playback and then start using the new pool
18:53:51gevaertsThere will be details of course :)
18:55:07gevaertsAs far as I can see, the "simple" way would be to reinitialise the allocator with the new pool, then ignore free() in the old pool and have realloc() detect the situation to add a memcpy()
18:55:38__builtincan't tlsf deal with multiple pools simultaneously?
18:55:41gevaertsNot sure if it's worth it though
18:55:49gevaertsAh, if it can do that, then that's the proper way
18:56:49__builtinif someone can test on the one of the lowmem targets and see that they don't crash, then it's good enough
18:56:56gevaertsOh, indeed. add_new_area() will do that
18:57:04 Part scorche
18:57:40__builtinthen I'd probably have to remove the playback control menu option, right?
18:58:31gevaertsWell, you can't control playback after getting the audio buffer
18:58:49*gevaerts isn't sure what the best thing to do would be
18:59:17__builtinremoving it dynamically is possible too
19:00:45gevaertsI'm not sure there are that many cases where doing that makes a lot of sense
19:02:46__builtinargh well it does complicate resetting tlsf...
19:03:05gevaertsI imagine some of the puzzles will work fine with minimal or default settings, but might fail when using e.g. large board sizes
19:03:32*__builtin nods
19:03:37gevaertsI also imagine some people wanting playback and being annoyed if playback suddenly stops without warning for some settings...
19:04:06gevaertsAnyway, that can be handled later I guess
19:04:08 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:04:30*__builtin slaps fs-bluebot
19:04:30fs-bluebot__builtin: ouch!
19:04:50__builtin... and now the bot is back
19:05:08gevaertsIt didn't want the world to know that you can do all green commits :)
19:06:05__builtinI don't believe I've ever had an all-green commit
19:33:37 Join Bilgus [0] (ae6611d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:51:29chrisjj"152 errors" You going for a record, __builtin? :)
19:52:18gevaertsThat's *very* far from being a record
19:53:33 Join cc___ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
19:53:46chrisjjOK, then a personal best :-)
19:55:18gevaertsThe score for that build was 28700 points. The record is 16075834
19:55:18*chrisjj considers proposing a bot to keep a build-errors high score table :-)
19:55:55chrisjjWow. Is that more than one error per line of .c? :)
19:59:16gevaerts;a=commit;h=04bd1a045fa77456cc8ae47c54ecb6cca59c8d1d is the fix for that one
20:10:20*__builtin hands chrisjj
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20:35:52 Part robertd1
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20:50:35 Join sLite [0] (
21:35:36Bilguswhat generally causes a commit to be red?
21:36:08__builtinbuild errors
21:36:16Bilgusjust build errors and warnings? like against a player you didn't plan on?
21:36:33__builtinyeah, if it doesn't build successfully
21:36:53__builtinbtw, this wiki page is spam:
21:37:43Bilgusah i see pamaury gave me a script to start on and I tweaked it to do builds for me although it takes about 2 hrs to build clean with 8 cores I can give it to you if you like
21:39:01Bilguswell i should say it builds every player I have a toolchain for and spits out firmware
21:39:46BilgusIf you just want to know if success or not that is much faster
21:42:34__builtinBilgus: I actually already have an similar script (also by pamaury) that I use to generate screenshots
21:43:16Bilgusnice so does it start a sim and take a screen shot of each of your puzzles?
21:43:44Bilgusthe wonders of scripting :p
21:44:10__builtinbut it relies on source changes to work
21:45:07__builtinI also don't have the fastest machine, so building every single build won't work for me
21:47:09Bilgusmine isn't the fastest in the world but when i do threads per core it makes everything stutter
21:47:43Bilgus\do threads / do two threads
21:47:52__builtindual-core pentium here... :(
21:49:54Bilgusyeah I imagine that would take awhile I wonder what that build server is running
21:50:04Bilgusspeaking of source changes I broke selective backlight according to johnb2 turns out that button_get returns sys_timeout and button_get_w_tmo returns button_none on timeout so I'll shortly post new fw for him to try out to see if re-setting ignore on sys_timeout helps
21:51:20Bilgusthe button code is all over the place I suppose its a side effect of crowd sourced code
21:51:43*__builtin tries to avoid it as much as possible
21:51:57__builtinI try to use PLA whenever possible to abstract out all the details
21:53:03BilgusYeah thats why I'm hesitant to change anything underlying at this point, I'd rather not break everything with unintended sideeffects
21:53:48Bilgus34 code commits later I might have it all worked out
21:56:32__builtinjust let me know when you think it's ready
21:59:09BilgusI'm just waiting on a few more testers at this point but will do
22:01:10BilgusI might have to dust off the Ipod nano and w/e else I have laying around
22:03:37 Quit michaelni (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:04:07Bilgusdo the 2nd and 6th gen nano run rb?
22:05:25Bilguswell I know 2g nano does but I haven't tried on the 6th
22:05:40__builtin6th does no
22:09:23Bilgusdamn that is one I really like as far as form factor goes
22:13:17BilgusJohnB2: I have fixed firmware up it is on gerrit and the forum as well
22:16:41 Join michaelni [0] (
22:21:05 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
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23:05:00BilgusJohnB2 ignore that it still turns on sometimes Ill finish fixing it later
23:05:25BilgusAs in don't bother installing that firmware
23:10:50 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 50.1.0/20161208153507])
23:11:20 Join [Saint] [0] (~sinner@rockbox/staff/saint)
23:11:39chrisjj__builtin: Thanks. Acheivments up to 2010 only. though :)
23:17:11chrisjj" the button code is all over the place" I have a question about that.
23:19:36 Join mutnai [0] (6db91733@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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23:21:03*[Saint] dies of suspense
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