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#rockbox log for 2016-12-22

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09:25:33parchdHi all. I'm planning on getting an xDuoo X3. There is an unofficial rockbox port, and in the forums people have talked about contacting the dev about reintegrating with upstream, but there is no indication of whether anyone did so and whether he responded. Does anyone here know?
09:34:23duo8he will not maintain it
09:34:34duo8so an independent port is in progress
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09:40:24parchdI see. Is the status of the independent port publically visible online somewhere? I won't ask about why not just adopt the other guys code... sounds like politics ;)
09:42:31parchd(I've already tried searching on the git repo, but no mention of xduoo)
10:14:23duo8not xduoo
10:14:30duo8but jz4760b in general
10:15:03duo8as for not adopting iirc it's not very maintainable for doesn't follow rb's guidelines
10:15:08duo8or something
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10:50:38parchdduo8: thanks - I still can't find much about the port status, but I have a little bit more information now.
10:59:33wodzparchd: In its current form xduoo x3 port will not be merged. It is copy-paste-tweak work. Pamaury is working on clean port to jz4760b platform which would allow to rip device specific parts from this port and have a 'clean' version.
10:59:46wodzparchd: But pamaury is rather busy
11:04:21parchdwodz: thanks, understood :)
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11:08:15parchdI've been at a loss since my ipod broke
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11:13:44wodzparchd: Write to Santa for some free time for pamaury during Christmas :-)
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11:18:40parchdhaha, will do - part of me feels bad because it is a selfish wish from me, but I guess people contribute to projects like this because they enjoy doing so
11:19:15parchdregardless, I hope everyone here gets to relax during the holiday season, however they like to do their relaxing
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17:20:35RikuKawaiis recording implemented on ipod classic yet?
17:20:52RikuKawaiI have recording settings but no recording entry on the main menu
17:21:34RikuKawairunning the latest dev build as of yesterday at 2:30 PM EST
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17:22:58Bilgus_ph#g1444 can some one with any variety of clip player test this
17:23:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #1444 at : Fix Up and Down button actions for SANSA CLIP derivatives by William Wilgus
17:24:30Bilgus_phI should have put FMS In the description
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18:55:59johnb2Bilgus: do you happen to have a build for clip+ already? Otherwise I need to compile myself (later today).
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19:00:01Bilgus_phJohnb2 sorry i don't i can compile a few in +/- 6 hrs
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19:10:33johnb3OK, will compile myself ...
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20:03:25johnb3Just the binary. Bilgus: My understanding is that North and South long press no longer should change the volume in FMS, right?
20:03:31johnb3It still does.
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20:05:20yp-r0just been trying out the Puzzle Collection on my yp-r0, they are working well , but when you quit a game the player shuts down :-)
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20:22:16lebelliumhe already left
20:22:26lebelliumeasy solution: keep playing!
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20:31:24Bilgus_phJohnb2 no previous behaviour in FMS was short up does play/stop and short down does preset/scan while long press up did play/stop&vol up and long press down did preset/scan&vol down
20:33:07Bilgus_phBehaviour after patch should be short up and short down NO CHANGE and long up - volume up ONLY and long down - volume down ONLY
20:34:13Bilgus_phUP/DOWN NORTH/SOUTH respectively
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21:25:38johnb2Bilgus: ok, I hadn't completely realized the previous behaviour. I confirm, that this has changed with the patched version as you describe it.
21:26:21johnb2I was thinking the volume change was the faulty behaviour, because it is not listed in the manual.
21:26:28johnb2for FMS
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22:04:53Bilgusoh i don't know about that, perhaps it is and I should be disabling it ill have a look at a different player
22:07:38pixelmajohnb2, Bilgus: the Clip keypads do have dedicated volume buttons, don't they? If so I'd expect those to change volume only in the FMS (how's it done in the WPS?). I could imagine that the fact it did is because it's a relict of the port's first keymap (which might have reused a keymap file of a target without dedicated volume buttons)
22:08:44BilgusI'm not sure how many different players use that keymap but the clip, clip+ and clip zip all do
22:14:14Bilgussansaclip, clipplus, sansaclipv2, sansa clipzip all have that keymap only one i'm not sure of is the clipv2? whatever that is
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22:15:52Bilguspixelma all those have dedicated volume buttons should I disable volume on the keypad then
22:18:06johnb3I would vote for this. In WPS long Submenu shows current Playlist, long Play shows the pitch screen, if timestretch is enabled.
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