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#rockbox log for 2016-12-28

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05:14:09Bilgusanyway to pull the current volume level with a lua script?
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13:09:36lebelliumpamaury: is it possible to extract the firmware 1.01 from my NWZ-A15?
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13:26:38pamaurylebellium: re A15: there is already a firmware upgrade available, no need to extract it (A15 = A10 series iiuc)
13:26:56lebelliumyes I have fw 1.10, 1.20 and 1.21
13:27:12lebelliumbut I would feel better if I had a backup of my current firmware 1.01 too \o/
13:28:32lebelliumand yes, NWZ-A15 means A10 16GB. A17 is 64 GB
13:29:23lebelliumnevermind, I also have the fw 1.01 I see
13:30:18lebelliumI forgot I also found it on the official website
13:31:59duo8do the As have micro sd?
13:32:27duo8oh neat
13:32:43duo8at this rate the sonys will have rb before jz
13:33:36lebelliumpamaury: ok, I'll install fw 1.21 to see the differences. If you want me to try something on device, just tell me
13:34:46pamauryok, I'm quite busy during the holidays so we'll see
13:35:13lebelliumno problem, let's see that next year if you prefer
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14:20:17parchdduo8: sounds like I made the wrong choice of player then :P
14:20:50duo8i couldn't afford a sony anw
14:21:46lebelliumjust do like me: ask for christmas
14:21:53parchdfor that matter, I don't know for certain whether I've got any player at all yet...
14:22:19lebelliumif you live in a country where even as an adult you're allowed to ask for christmas gifts
14:22:59parchdlebellium: I did ask for christmas - but price is an even bigger consideration when hoping someone else will get me something
14:23:54parchdand I haven't seen everyone yet, so no idea if I got any player at all. I'm hoping for a xDuoo x3.
14:24:15Bilgusthen you ask multiple people for giftcards to the proper retailer :D
14:25:04lebelliumyes, with several amazon giftwards you might even get the more expensive NWZ-A25 \o/
14:27:10parchdI'd just end up using them to get things I need, rather than things I want
14:27:31parchdbetter to ask for the thing I actually want
14:27:45parchdcan't feel buyers guilt that way
14:33:15duo8get the ZX2
14:34:55parchdduo8: I would if it was £1300 cheaper
14:35:23parchdthat is one expensive little player
14:35:36duo8i got the m2 for its dac feature and it doesn't even work
14:35:40duo8battery is ass
14:35:52duo8you couldn't do worse than me
14:36:08duo8unless you buy a shanling or fiio or xduoo
14:37:30parchdduo8: you really know how to say the things that hurt ;)
14:37:52duo8they're all the same
14:38:33parchdin terms of chipset you mean?
14:38:38parchdor in terms of something else?
14:38:42duo8more than just that
14:38:54duo8my m2 is like a modified X3
14:38:56BilgusI want to know if that AgpTek Rocker is real
14:39:13gevaertsWho knows?
14:39:29gevaertsSome of us have seen a lot of talking
14:40:02lebelliumit's real within 1 month
14:40:08BilgusI won't believe it till I feel the warm glow of the RB logo
14:40:09lebelliumbut he says that every month :D
14:40:14parchdthe X3 is cheap, and from what I've read sounds pretty good
14:40:28gevaertsBilgus: any specific reason to think it will actually run rockbox?
14:40:34parchdplus there is already unofficial rockbox, which is a nice plus
14:40:44lebelliumand from what I understood it first will run a proprietary OS before Rockbox
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14:40:56*gevaerts nods
14:41:17BilgusHope, it floats but so does shit :P
14:41:52gevaertsAs far as I can figure out the rockbox support mostly consists of attempts to make the specs high enough to run rockbox, and vague implied promises to provide enough documentation to allow a port
14:42:11lebelliumthe guy said several times he took several software requests into consideration like gapless etc... so I'm pretty sure they only work on their own OS at the moment
14:42:26Bilgusbetter than what we have atm
14:43:13duo8well yeah ofc
14:43:35BilgusI reaaly want a new small form DAP
14:43:36lebelliumgevaerts: I thought they considered porting rockbox themselves?
14:43:37duo8their os is bought from some company anw
14:43:43lebelliumdamn, the whole story is unclear
14:43:47duo8they may not even do any development
14:44:15duo8clip zip
14:44:20duo822h battery here
14:44:34duo8just crashes and skips often
14:46:26parchdsome weird backwards tv programme?
14:46:48lebelliumif you actually read the forum topic about the agptek player, you can notice that not a single reply from the company rep is clear. But I suspect it partly comes from the language barrier
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14:48:00Bilguswell the name is the first eventually verifiable intel he has spoken
14:49:03Bilgus^ChaosCommunicationCongress -> 33c3
14:49:28lebelliumand possibily they chose "rocker" because of rockbox \o/
14:51:00duo8watch as it's another atj
14:51:08gevaertsIt could be a genuine attempt to make a rockbox-compatible player with some language issues that make things unclear, or it could be cynical marketing trying to use the rockbox name to sell players without any intention to ever do anything real to support rockbox
14:51:13duo8even sandisk gave up
14:51:19duo8no good player SoC left
14:51:32duo8well sony manages somehow but w/e
14:52:09duo8gevaerts just having the hw is "support"
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14:53:18gevaertsduo8: by that logic, Apple supports rockbox
14:54:06duo8you never know if a guy on the design team secretly supports rb
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14:54:26duo8what SoC do they use anw? is the lockdown heavy?
14:57:10gevaertsApple? Yes, they're fairly locked down these days
14:57:42gevaertsAsk other people for details :)
14:59:17duo8i mean the ipod
14:59:23duo8nanos and suffles
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15:05:23duo8free software song lol
15:07:45BilgusRichard Stallman is getting freaking old, that song is terrible though
15:11:54gevaertsIt's weird, but compared to some of the stuff that's popular these days it's not *that* bad!
15:12:51BilgusDoesn't change the statement just makes it more sadder ;(
15:14:25gevaertsMarketing people will tell you that a distinctive song is good :)
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17:55:47lebelliumpamaury: newest Sony players finally have a more recent linux kernel
18:00:25lebelliumwhy do you post that link?
18:01:39Senjii find it funny
18:02:08lebelliumyes, but you're on #rockbox, not #rockbox-community
18:02:49lebelliumthis channel is logged so you must avoid posting off-topic content
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18:20:37freesoftwarewow alsa confirmed hi-res
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18:27:17VarrokHello, everyone :) Is this thing working?
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18:32:09lebelliumpamaury: "I have no idea why some players are named NW and some NWZ, there does not seem to be anyt pattern here." => NW support ATRAC format while NWZ don't. That's why NW are mostly (but not exclusively) Japanese models
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18:38:24SenjiCan you use rockbox as a usb connected DAC?
18:41:43lebelliumNo. There is some preliminary work here
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