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#rockbox log for 2017-01-01

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01:36:07scorcheOh - I hadn't noticed that the forums actually had a proper database error now - lovely
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01:38:11scorcheSorry folks, but I just cant fix it at the moment - and probably wont for a bit longer... Family is over and we are prepping for the birth of the kid, so yay...
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01:39:08scorcheI won't be working for the next couple of months, so I will have time to completely re-do the server, but when I actually start that depends on how the kid sleeps and such, I guess.
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03:20:50fIorzwhat happened? :-)
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05:11:47dongsno just replying about the forum finally haveing a database error
05:12:36fIorzIC :-)
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05:40:07scorchewell, I fixed the database error at leastr
05:40:33scorchethe messages I mentioned earlier still stand for the "big fix" that needs to happen
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09:44:51Mihailscorche: forum down again :(
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10:52:24RetroFan90hello, what's up?
10:53:12RetroFan90i am having some issues with my iPod Nano 1st Gen 2 GB White.
10:55:20RetroFan90the error is kind hard to read because the screen is slightly damaged
10:55:26RetroFan90kind of *
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11:02:16RetroFan90hold on...
11:02:28RetroFan90i think i figured it out :(
11:03:28RetroFan90sorry for the trouble :)
11:03:44RetroFan90Happy New Year.
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12:42:52Mihailpamaury: I have strange problem with internal flash in clip zip: if I set low voltage (CVDD2) and than revert this voltage back to normal - internal flash stop working. If I try reinit it - it stop on ACMD41. External sd card work without problems. I change voltages when flash at idle state (all related clocks off). Have idea what can be wrong or w
12:42:52Mihailhat should I try?
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13:03:04pamauryMihail: hard to say, first one would need to know what CVDD2 controls and what voltage you set it to
13:05:37pamauryalso I don't remember wat spec says about voltage changes. You can change the data lines voltage if you issue the problem voltage change command but for the main voltage of the chip, I think you can only do that when the reset pin is active
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13:06:27pamaurydid you try to reset te chip ? cause if the voltage of the chip drops, it may crash it until you reset it
13:08:57MihailCVDD2 control all memory (RAM, SD, internal flash) and probably something else
13:09:19Mihailinternal memory freeze with voltages < 2V
13:10:26Mihailare you know how can I activate reset pin on AMS v2?
13:11:24pamauryI'm reading the spec right now for mmc (should mostly apply to sd). It says you can cange the voltage if you put the chip in sleep mode (there is a command for that I think, and then you need to wake it up)
13:11:48pamaurywhy do you need to turn CVDD2 low and high ?
13:12:17MihailI think it in sleep mode as all related clocks is down
13:12:31pamauryyou need a special command to sleep
13:13:07pamauryotherwise a chip is supposed to monitorr vcc and if voltage goes to low, it goes back to pre-init state and you need to redo a full init *in theory*
13:13:52MihailI want implement dynamically voltage scaling for CVDD2 and get less power consumption (more info on forum, but it down)
13:14:07pamaurytry puttting flash to sleep before changing the voltage I would say
13:16:10*pamaury checks the SD spec
13:16:46pamauryok my mistake, sleep might only exists in MMC and not SD
13:17:06pamauryalso thinking about it now, I have now idea how the sd -> nand layer handles that
13:19:00Mihailwe do CMD7 (SD_DESELECT_CARD) before down clocks
13:20:01pamaurythat might not be enough, it puts the card in inactive mode only
13:21:13MihailI try power off it, but both flash and sd still work :(
13:21:50pamaurypower off what ?
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13:22:33*pamaury thinks putting RAM, SD and internal flash on the same power rail is stupid
13:23:43MihailMCI_PWREN &= ~pwr_mask; /* power off all cards */
13:24:12pamauryhum, do you know what that does exactly ?
13:24:34pamaurythe internal storage seems like a hack with the sd to nand translation, that might explain the problem
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13:24:54Mihailmaybe I should try CMD0 before voltage changes?
13:25:07dongstwo things either 1) there's a enable/disable pin that turns off vcc to sd card(s) via fet/regulator or 2) puts card in poweroff mode
13:25:28pamaury the SD specs is a bit vague, the way I understand it, you need a true power down and then power up as soon as the voltage falls below 2.7V (or whatever the minimum operating voltage is). And true power down is <0.5V
13:26:00pamauryand after true power down you need to send a CMD0 to reset and then reinit
13:26:06dongsI heard sandisk approached rockbox about opensores and that ended super well
13:26:59pamaurybut the code already sends CMD0 on reinit, not sure if CMD0 before power down helps
13:27:56pamaurydongs: did they ? I think Austria Microsystems approached us back in 2007
13:28:24dongsand how well did that end?
13:29:16pamaurythey gave us the datasheets
13:29:56dongserr isnt the 3534 the one thats in clip+?
13:33:30pamauryI think AS3534 is an audio codec
13:34:43pamaurythe clip+ uses that, it's integrated into the amsv2 soc
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13:39:42Mihailpamaury: no success with CMD0. External sd work good even at 1.5V
13:39:57dongshuh is that evne in spec for SD
13:40:06dongsi'd expect them to work at like 1.8 or something but not less than that
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13:40:34Mihailand sd was in 3.3V mode :)
13:42:11Mihailpamaury: can you send to me AS3531 and AS3534 datasheets?
13:45:17dongsso I cant just install gcc-arm-embedded + make to build rockbox on windows?
13:45:31dongswhat other stuff does it need that requires cygwin+shit?
13:48:43dongsoh, perl heh
13:49:36dongspamaury: this
13:50:25__builtinpamaury: are the datasheets from AMS public now?
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13:58:12dongsoh look i found a clipzip i have
13:58:15dongsis that > or < than clip+
13:59:18pamauryMihail: I don't have them
14:00:01Mihailpamaury: maybe saratoga have?
14:00:10pamauryno idea, or funman
14:00:39pamaurybut I don't know if that's going to help, we miss a lot of information about amsv2
14:01:07dongshas anyone just tried emailing or calling them
14:01:12dongsand referencing old events
14:01:33dongsbla bla lunux bla bla opensores bla bla 2009 giev dox plz thx
14:02:58pamaurynow that you mentioned it, I think sandisk contacted us but then suddenly stopped responding
14:03:43Mihailpamaury: yes but datasheets for AS3525 and AS3543 already help a lot
14:05:01pamaurywell AS3531 is an audio codec
14:06:08pamauryah maybe not, in any case I don't have the datasheet I think
14:09:40pamauryMihail: funman is the one who editted the wiki to put this datasheet list
14:11:38pamauryMihail: I can send you the linux as352x and as353x patches that funman sent me
14:13:42pamauryMihail: I sent an email to funman
14:18:20Mihailthanks, it can be useful
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14:18:50rockbox_fanhey guys
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14:24:35dongsthat was fast.
14:26:33Mihailpamaury: Did you have idea how can I reset internal flash? I look at linux/drivers/mmc/host/dw_mmc.c and try use RST_N but no success.
14:27:10dongsif its really nand>sd translation in hardware, you probably cant
14:29:05funmangoogle as3543 gives a pdf as 1st link
14:30:00Mihaildongs: sd2nand controller should have way to reset?
14:30:22dongsMihail: well, nand has no r eset pin iirc.
14:30:27dongsit could have some sequence to internally reset I guess
14:30:47funmangoogle gives as3531 pdf as 2nd link
14:31:30MihailI think I should find way to reset sd2nand controller, not nand
14:31:50dongsMihail: that would probably be peripheral power registers that enable/disable clocks/reset them
14:31:56 Join johnb3 [0] (
14:32:17 Join aptzero [0] (
14:32:17dongs(that would probably reset both extenral sd and nand together tho)
14:32:18Mihailfunman: it just product brief
14:32:19johnb3Mihail: have you seen it has links to various docs
14:32:52dongshweh the arm9* ds's are particularly worthless
14:32:55dongssince its just the core
14:33:47johnb3but not for AS3531 and AS3534, sorry, wrote this too quick
14:36:30Mihaildongs: we disable all clocks already, power off just don't work (probably memory powered directly) and I don't know how reset cards
14:40:42Mihaildongs: BTW are you measure voltages on nand before desoldering it?
14:40:59dongsnope, but i have other clip+s i can try with
14:41:02dongsi got a drawer full of dead ones.
14:41:18dongswhich is why I'm super interested in making the shit work wiht nand flash I can acutally buy and resolder.
14:42:08dongsits at 2.8V
14:42:11dongsjust like the rest of the system
14:42:34Mihailok, thanks!
14:43:06dongsjtag I/Ovoltage was also 2.8
14:43:20dongsmakes sense, since they don't have to care about buck/boost battery and can just step it down always
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15:46:24Mihailpossible I found which type of nand (or similar) we have in sansa players:
15:49:03dongsill call them next week. but I very much doubt it.
15:49:49dongsMihail: if it was really SD interface WHY have ~40 pins connected on clip+, and in same way you'd hookup regular nand.
15:52:15Mihailmaybe their etSD partially compatible with nand?
15:52:39dongsit doesnt really make sense. also did you see the die pic? all pins are actualyl connected
15:52:59dongsyou dont need 40 signals for SD in any way
15:53:03dongseven for 8bit sdio
15:53:44dongseMMC has like 150balls in bga but only ~12 are used for signal and a bunch more for power/gnd but thats it
15:55:10 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
15:55:35dongsanyway, from manufacturing/part sourcing point of view it doenst make sense
15:55:58dongs"lets put some strange flash in these so we always have to keep manufacturing it, and nobody else will want to buy from us cuz its non-standard"
15:56:36dongsi suppose i could tap a couple pins on a working sansa, that match into nand control pins like CE/WE/whatever and see if those are accessed during boot/operation
15:56:42dongswith timing that looks like something that would be nand-related.
15:57:02dongsalso tap those "NC" pins and see wtf is passing over those :)
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15:58:26Mihaildid you try connect nand from sansa as regular nand to some controller?
15:58:43dongsno, i have it in a socket but I need to find the matching board where i can plug it into. its omsewhere in my pile of shit
15:58:49dongsthat was my todo list for next week
15:58:55dongsto try and read out nand flash ID or something
16:02:39dongscool, found it
16:03:30dongswill write some quick test code when its not midnight. probly tomrorow.
16:03:52dongslooks like i have the code too
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16:19:02aptzerohello all, longtime rockbox user (iriver h320 and h120)…thanks for all devs efforts…wanted to post thanks and successful ssd install results on the forums but alas they are down again. will hit the donate button - happy new year!
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16:40:53dongshm so.
16:41:06dongsmy socket works, and reads flash ID from 512meg piece that I have
16:41:20dongsbuut, its not reading shit from sandisk one, but im not sure what timings it should be using etc.
16:43:07 Join lebellium [0] (
16:48:54dongsmy socket only does x8 nand tho, so if that snadisk thing only works in x16 the nit wont work either
16:54:08 Quit sparetire (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
16:54:49funmanMihail: you wanted the 3531 too?
16:56:10 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
16:57:21 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
16:57:24Mihailand 3534 if you have
16:57:58dongshm yeah so.. Mihail i can read "normal" nand ID, can't read sandisk, but donno about corect timings. if I cahnge timings, i get shit like FF/70/F0/20/ etc as IDs at random, so maybe something is happening but not sure. meh.
16:58:08dongs1am, not gonna spend more time on it tho. will do next week sometime
16:59:16funmanah 34 not 43
16:59:26funmanMihail: ?
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17:02:17funmanMihail: pamaury: sending 3531
17:02:47dongswhat is it, SoC?
17:03:37dongsthats more relevant to clip+/v2
17:06:12pamauryfunman: thanks
17:06:23 Quit skapazzo (Quit: Lost terminal)
17:06:37dongspamaury: now read SD controller part and see what it says about nand :)
17:06:50funmancan't find 3534 in my mailbox, i might have downloaded it from a while ago, need to look in old laptops
17:06:58dongswell, unless that bit was custom-added by sandisk
17:07:20funmandongs: what are you looking at?
17:07:23 Join johnb3 [0] (
17:07:33funmanclips don't have a nand controller
17:07:46dongswell, they sure don't, but why is the flash IC hooked up like its nand
17:07:51funmaniiuc sandisk replaces them with SD since they don't have to pay SD patents
17:08:04dongs how does this work then
17:08:29dongsif it was SD interface I dont see why they'd need all those pins, in same places wehre you'd find them on regular nand.
17:09:01funmanisn't there a SD controller between the nand and the cpu ?
17:09:11pamauryfunman: is the AS3531 the closest to amsv2 ?
17:09:35funmaniirc it's still very like as3525
17:09:39funmanso like amsv1
17:10:37*funman git clones
17:11:00pamaurydongs thinks there could be a sd to nand converter in amsv2 since the flash part seems to be a raw nand
17:11:20funmanyes that's what i would think
17:11:30dongsit doenst make sense to route all that shit if it doesnt actually use all the signals
17:11:50funmandongs: you could try removing solder points and see if it still works?
17:12:35funmanif you think some unneeded things are connected try unsoldering them and see if internal flash still works? sorry i am not sure what you want to do exactly
17:12:50dongswell, i have (many) dead clip+'s with dead flash on them
17:13:00dongsi'd like to replace with standard 4/8gib nand if that makes it work.
17:13:12funmangood idea
17:13:21dongsi got one replaced with a 512meg part (thats all I could find on short notice), and it doenst work (obivosuly). i got it booting over jtag into bootloader + usb mode, it comes up as 1.3tb usb device
17:13:25dongsso clearly not working
17:13:35dongsi will get some 4/8gb parts sometime in coming weeks and try that as well
17:13:46 Quit sLite (Remote host closed the connection)
17:13:47pamauryone thing which we don't know for sure though is that the sd to nand controller may need some bootstrapping to work with some nand, either by preformating the raw nand or using a magic command
17:14:03funmanrockbox usb mode right?
17:14:04dongswhile waiting i will probably hookup a almost/nearly dying one and check the nand-specific signals to see if theyt're toggling while the flash is being accesses
17:14:12dongsfunman: well, bootloader USB mode
17:14:27funmanthere is some custom SD commands to get the flash size
17:14:33funmanbank switching
17:14:49funmanmaybe those could cause some weird size to be reported
17:15:47 Join sLite [0] (
17:16:00pamaurydid you find it by reverse engineering the OF ?
17:16:22dongsi would imagine this kinda stuff is either in ROM or in bootloader
17:16:28dongsearly on, shouldn't have any business in firmwarwe
17:16:33funmanpamaury: bank switching yes, it's proprietary commands
17:16:42funman seems to agree that amsv2 is still the old as3525
17:16:45johnb3I have a dead/bricked clip+. sudo fdisk -l reports it as for 4MB when connected to USB. Does it even make any sense to try the unbrick approach by shorting those two pins and dd'ing the firmware or is the flash completely broken? I had bought it as defective from *bay...
17:16:54funmanplus some custom devices and upgraded audio / pmu
17:17:11funmanjohnb3: nothing to lose i guess
17:17:50funmanhm maybe amsv2 doesn't do bank switching stuff though
17:18:06pamauryamsv2 has a different sd controller from amsv1 I think
17:18:10dongsjohnb3: mine c omes up as 32meg usb whether those pins are shorted or not
17:18:29pamauryand the sd-as3525v2.c driver doesn't do bank switching
17:19:57 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
17:20:02funmanah yep
17:20:35funmancapacity is given by csd
17:20:38pamauryI could try to have a look at clip+ ROM, see if it does anything fancy with SD, but it seems a bit unlikely that it would have a magic SD command to somehow reformat
17:20:43johnb3dongs: I have a second one that comes up as 32MB too. The reason why I ask is that says if AFTER shorting the pins it has 4MB, the nand is dead.
17:21:08dongsjohnb3: hm. its still 32 with new "512M" nand that I soldered on there
17:22:44dongsanywa,y writes to it fail/readback is zero
17:22:47dongsso thats obivously not working
17:23:17dongsoh right rom jumped straight to 0x800000D1C and i gave up trying to analyze it
17:23:24dongspamaury: where did y ou load the rom at, 0x80000000?
17:24:00 Join skapazzo [0] (~skapazzo@
17:24:40pamaurydongs: yes
17:25:02pamaurybut if you are going to REing it, I can send you my IDA file, which is based on funman's work
17:25:04johnb3As a side note, out of 10 I bought 4 have a dead screen, but could be recovered (installing a RB bootloader) otherwise.
17:25:29johnb3SO now I make use of the voice / talk feature ;-)
17:25:34pamauryat some point I tried to understand the usb protocol of the ROM but gave up
17:26:41johnb3so it's not always the nand that kills it for people.
17:27:07pamaurydongs: one interesting thing though, is that iirc the ROM implements the SCSI FORMAT_UNIT command, so if you can reach the ROM usb protocol, you could try that see if that helps, on my side I can look at how it's implemented
17:27:59dongspamaury: remember ROM doens't do much here. when I try to run rockbox bootloader, i connect under reset, set that memory controller to remap ram @ 0 and then jump directly to it
17:28:03dongsit never loads any rom code.
17:28:57dongs0xC80C03FC etc are peripehrals?
17:29:26pamaurydongs: I know but nothing prevents you from running the ROM code
17:29:41dongsit just dies shortly after boot.
17:29:43pamaurydongs: there are plenty of peripherals
17:30:14pamaurythe SD spec has an ERASE command
17:30:21pamaurymaybe it's worth a try on the 512MB flash ?
17:34:11 Join fujisan [0] (~fujisan@unaffiliated/fujisan)
17:34:20dongshm.i think ill try tapping signals on a non-dead sansa first and see if its talking like a nand or not
17:39:34 Join parchd__ [0] (
17:40:53parchd__as hoped, I got an xDuoo X3 for christmas, so whenever things get so far I'm more than happy to help with testing of an official rockbox build
17:42:08parchd__pamaury: I believe you're doing the work on that chipset - I'll probably be hanging about here after the holidays, but if you send a call for testers out to the list I'll see it when you get to that point
17:43:00parchd__in the mean time, does anyone know of a reason why I shouldn't use the unofficial rockbox build that already exists?
17:43:49pamauryparchd__: ok thanks, right now I am working on some sony players but that chip is on my soon-todo-list. You can use the unofficial one, I think some people have stability issues but I aven't followed closely
17:43:52 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
17:44:38parchd__pamaury: thanks. Thats cool - I knew from hanging around here in the last couple of weeks that you were focussing on the sony players at the moment
17:46:53funmandongs: 3FC sounds like gpio
17:47:24funman#define GPIOB_BASE 0xC80C0000
17:49:14dongspamaury: how useful is the ida one, does it have peripherals segments and stuff mapped as structs etc
17:49:28 Join sparetire [0] (~sparetire@unaffiliated/sparetire)
17:49:33pamaurydongs: yes, I mean some of it at least
17:54:07 Join Senji [0] (~Senji@
17:54:14dongswill take a look later. too many things to do at once :)
17:55:59 Quit Senji_ (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
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18:34:58 Quit parchd__ (Quit: Lost terminal)
19:40:12 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
19:42:56 Join diox [0] (
19:45:42 Join larsd [0] (5491a09e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:47:44larsdGood evening, can someone tell me how I can change the button-combination used for the dual-boot in the source? I got a XDuoo X3 but the people that ported the device apparently set the dual-boot on power + lock, which is very bad, as it completely makes the lock button useles... :P
19:48:34 Quit diox (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:49:10pamaurylarsd: the current Xduoo X3 port is unofficial so I can't tell you
19:52:18larsdpamaury, hm... it's not about Xduoo in particular I'd say... but I suppose that it should be possible to set the button-combination somewhere in the source code no? Before, I used a Sansa Fuze and it worked fine, when something broke I had to remap some buttons... That's why I am supposing I should be able to change it somehow...
19:53:12larsdThough I'm not sure how the booting of rockbox works... so yeah, I have no idea myself :P
19:53:12pamaurylarsd: dualboot is very device specific
19:53:21larsdAh, I see
19:53:34pamauryI can try to have a quick look at how the port is done, wait a minute
19:53:36__builtinlook for the bootloader source somewhere
19:53:56 Join diox [0] (
19:53:57larsdit's on github...
19:55:56larsdI was randomly looking at the firmware files of mips/jz47xx but seems like I haven't found what actually plays a role in booting...
19:57:08*__builtin can't finds bootloader/xduoox3.c
19:57:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:57:37pamaurydualboot does not seem to be done in bootloaders/xduoox3c.c
19:57:55__builtinthat's the problem though
19:58:37__builtinout of curiosity, has anyone contacted this "Vortex" about merging their work into master?
19:59:51__builtinwhat was the result?
20:01:32pamaurybasically he doesn't want to maintain the code and I won't merge it as is because there is a bunch of copy paste from random ingenic code that is both super ugly and of dubious licence
20:04:30pamauryI think dualboot patching is done in the but I can't download it
20:05:55larsdah hm... indeed, for now, I used their "easy" install method... didn't try to compile the stuff myself, nor bootloader
20:06:33__builtinlarsd: do you have that file?
20:06:50larsdthough there is a rockbox.bin generated in my built of their git...
20:06:56larsdyes, I have...
20:07:44__builtinwait a second
20:09:05pamauryI didn't study how the xduoo x3 boot process works but the obvious solution is to dualboot in uboot
20:09:17pamaury(since the OF is linux based)
20:10:14*__builtin is downloading the other file from mega now
20:10:37__builtinbut it seems to have negative progress: 6% to 5% ?!
20:11:40larsdI can also upload it somehwere...
20:12:35__builtinlet me see if this works first
20:14:41larsdwell, in case it doesn't work
20:17:48__builtindarn, all binaries and no source
20:18:53pamauryone of the other reason I don't like it, there is doc about how he did things
20:18:59pamaury*no doc
20:19:02larsdMaybe I should ask for their kernel source and config?
20:19:36__builtinand winblows binaries, too :(
20:19:55pamaurywell I sent them an email without luck. Vortex (who did the port) said he managed to contact xduoo engineers
20:20:52__builtinso yeah, larsd, it seems unlikely that you'll be able to modify that behavior at the moment
20:21:06pamaurytry to contact him directly
20:21:16larsdI see, well, seems a bit intransparent then... as Rockbox works to me, I can live with it, just thought it would be sufficiently quick and easy...
20:21:47larsdThank you for your help though :) and for developing and maintaining Rockbox :)
20:28:10fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 985f6e6, 255 builds, 13 clients.
20:33:42 Quit diox (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:39:04 Join diox [0] (
20:40:37fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 748 seconds.
20:40:38fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 985f6e6 result: All green
21:00:26fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 6e5f287, 255 builds, 12 clients.
21:00:41__builtinthis should fix a little bug with puzzles rendering
21:00:51__builtinif it doesn't break anything...
21:01:23 Quit fujisan (Quit: Textual IRC Client:
21:03:43*__builtin isn't sure if he should keep all of the files that aren't specific to rockbox around in the source directory
21:07:47 Join idonob_ [0] (
21:10:48__builtinI mean, they don't do anything...
21:14:29fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 844 seconds.
21:14:30fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 6e5f287 result: All green
21:14:48__builtinwow the build cluster has been slow lately
21:23:38pamaurywell apparently I lost a build client
21:25:07pamauryalso petur's client disappeared
21:32:18pamauryis it me or gerrit is super slow
21:32:47__builtinnot just you
21:32:54__builtin(though everything's slow for me)
21:34:01__builtinbut yeah, it seems to be slower than normal
21:43:23 Join [Saint] [0] (~sinner@rockbox/staff/saint)
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21:58:07 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
22:03:39 Quit michaelni (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:07:34 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
22:16:21 Join michaelni [0] (
22:29:09 Join tracktheripper [0] (4d61f5e5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:31:53lebelliumpamaury: still busy?
22:33:27 Join edhelas [0] (~edhelas@
22:37:45pamaurylebellium: yes and no, depends for what ;) also soon to bed
22:40:20lebelliumif you have some things to try out on NWZ-A15 (like changing the region code/sound pressure or such)
22:40:36lebelliumI'm still on holidays tomorrow and the day after so I'll have some time
22:45:15pamaurysomeone successfully changed the sound pressure of a NW-A25
22:46:45lebelliumwas on the IRC? Didn't read that
22:55:03 Quit idonob_ (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
22:55:04pamauryno he sent me an email
22:55:30 Quit n3m9 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:05:32lebelliumwell it seems that there is no volume cap anymore on "recent" walkman
23:05:44lebelliumit's just a warning
23:06:36 Part TorC
23:07:05pamauryI don't know, to be honest I don't really care
23:07:36pamauryMy tool allows one to change the setting associated with it, what people do with that is not my problem ;)
23:11:52 Join idonob_ [0] (
23:30:33 Quit larsd (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:36:22 Join TorC [0] (~TorC@fsf/member/TorC)
23:41:56 Join Jinx [0] (Dojo@unaffiliated/jinx)
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