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#rockbox log for 2017-01-03

00:06:24BilgusI assume you use that function elsewhere?
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00:06:57__builtinit's actually only called once in the entire program
00:07:06Bilgusthen define it static
00:07:30__builtinso I'm just going to rename it and make it static
00:08:06Bilgusstatic bcopy, should work its just snagging on an extern
00:10:32__builtinlet me make sure it doesn't break anything and I'll push
00:11:20BilgusSorry ChrisJJ: I nearly forgot
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00:15:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d7770a1, 255 builds, 15 clients.
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00:20:28chrisjjBilgus: "does the play and pause buttoin not work in the creative zen sim??" It does. The problems with master ZEN are confined to the build for device. Build for sim works fine.
00:21:10Bilgusit was my own doing, I was in the middle of making the fade out in core and it conflicted with the plugin
00:21:19chrisjjBilgus: "Sorry ChrisJJ: I nearly forgot" Fails here:
00:21:29chrisjjI don't have Linux.
00:21:51Bilgusit isn't compiled for the sim
00:22:11BilgusI'm not sure It will be compatible if I do but we can try
00:25:35chrisjj"it isn't compiled for the sim". Oh, sorry, trying on device...
00:26:37fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 668 seconds.
00:26:38fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision d7770a1 result: All green
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01:03:44[Saint]gevaerts: Oh, right - I see what you were referring to now.
01:03:44[Saint]I thought you guys meant the weird blanket ban on export of US-created 'strong encryption' sources that no one really takes seriously at all.
01:09:48[Saint]It is really annoying that the only aspect of openssl that conflicts with the gpl is the truly obnoxious clause regarding attribution.
01:12:14[Saint]The obvious solution for this as I understand it, and one that doesn't conflict with either of the stated cases (be it licensing or silly bans on distribution of encryption technologies to a subset of locales) is to just link against a host provided instance, no?
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01:18:09[Saint]GPLv3 would make it a lot easier, but I understand that's not happening.
01:19:05[Saint]Though historically it doesn't appear that the FSF is particularly fussed about people adding additional restrictions to the vanilla GPL.
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03:29:09chrisjjBilgus: "" Fails here on Windows 7:
03:30:35chrisjjPS I installed in rocks\apps
03:43:59Bilguschrisjj: It is apparently dependent on the OS and I have no way to compile it for windows for you, did the one for the actual device work?
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03:52:51BilgusI'll gladly give you the source if you want to compile it yourself
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04:17:29chrisjjBilgus: "did the one for the actual device work?" Yup. In that when I ran it the first time, it faded down to zero, and on the second time, faded up to 100%. Each fade was about 6s after a delay of about 1s.
04:18:07chrisjjThe volume setting was respected. I found no settings for fade or delay time.
04:18:37Bilgusyou can set all those settings by pressing any button after you start the plugin (after ~1 second it starts the delay manually)
04:19:30Bilgusif you choose continue after exit (yes) a new menu option will show 'Continue' and then it will run in the background
04:20:33Bilgusif you choose 'save' it will use those settings each time you run it
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04:29:41chrisjj"you can set all those settings by pressing any button after you start the plugin" I think many users will miss this. Can you use the Context menu instead?
04:31:52chrisjj"if you choose continue after exit (yes)..." Neat. That wokred, but when I next returned to the plug-in I got *PANIC*.
04:31:59Bilguslike I said going into core so NBD but ill keep it in mind for the fade to sleep plugin
04:32:39chrisjjOff to bed now.
04:32:56Bilgushmm not sure why that is although your device is kinda screwy
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04:38:38Acou_Basseey folks, would this be the right spot to ask about hardware issues? my old faithful Fuze power switch doesn't seem to work at all ( only switches on by plugging it in, and only switches off by auto shutdown) and yet pulling it down to lock works... any suggestions on how/if i could fix that?
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10:07:10gevaerts[Saint]: there is no host-provided instance on all supported OSes
10:08:04[Saint]Well, there's no _singular_ host provided instance on all supported OSes.
10:09:07gevaertsYou're assuming that Qt supports more than just openssl...
10:10:03[Saint]No I'm not. You're just /not/ assuming the silly lengths I've been known to go to to wrap things to appear as the thing another thing wants it to be.
10:10:14gevaertsAh, right
10:10:41gevaertsAre those actually realistic options?
10:10:42[Saint]I don't see any reason barring silliness and complexity to prevent the use of a wrapper around another TLS instance.
10:10:54[Saint]It's not hugely unrealistic.
10:11:06[Saint]It's ugly as hell though, sure.
10:11:47lebelliumpamaury: I got the A20 service manual which looks pretty nice and can apply to A10 too :)
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10:16:10[Saint]gevaerts: it actually looks like LibreSSL is a viable option without /too/ much screwing around.
10:16:40[Saint]And it's not encumbered with the same silliness.
10:16:56[Saint]But comes with different silliness.
10:18:28fIorz[Saint]: licence silliness?
10:19:21gevaertsDoes libressl have a different license?
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10:19:33fIorzbut it's an OpenSSL fork, so it can't really be any different?!
10:21:03[Saint]Ah, shit - yeah, you're right. I misread.
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12:43:23chrisjjBilgus: "hmm not sure why that is although your device is kinda screwy"
12:44:03chrisjjI don't see any screwyess on this device.
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13:29:14chrisjjBilgus: For in case it helps, the PANIC says: Stkov Play->Pause->Fade pc:600706DC sp:61EC5A80 A: 600BAC28 bt end
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13:33:26BilgusAs in your device has less functions in lua, didn't have malloc etc.. doesn't matter though I'm not doing anything else on that plugin
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13:53:39BilgusChrisjj: that says stack overflow In the thread stack btw so yes helpful still odd though if you get a chance go to System>Debug Menu> View OS Stacks > and tell me what the percentage is... should be something like T 20 20 xx% Play->Pause->Fade
13:54:05Bilguswhile it is running but before you return
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13:59:41pamaury_bluebrother: I want to switch mkimxboot to use crypto++, this is what I currently have: g#1452
13:59:42fs-bluebotGerrit review #1452 at : imxtools/sbtools: switch AES implementation to Crypto++ by Amaury Pouly
14:01:01pamaury_I get away with LDFLAGS += -lcrypto++ but I don't know if that will work for windows. I believe this can work out of box with mxe (assuming you install/compile libcrypto++) but not sure about compiling on windows
14:09:44chrisjj"As in your device has less functions in lua, didn't have malloc etc.. " News to me. The 'rb.pcm_is_playing()' fail appears on iPod Video sim too. I've seen no report of ZEN not having malloc().
14:13:01chrisjj"go to System>Debug Menu> View OS Stacks > and tell me what the percentage is... should be something like T 20 20 xx% Play->Pause->Fade" No entry for Play->Pause->Fade found.
14:14:31BilgusIt would be after you ran the plugin and set it up pressed continue so it ran in the background and before you selected it again
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14:18:10chrisjjAh, got it. It says 14%.
14:18:38Bilgusweird that should be plenty of room for what is in the stack
14:20:02BilgusIdk I'll keep it in mind when I make the Fade to Sleep Plugin but the fade on play and pause stuff is up on gerrit and in the forums now
14:21:03BilgusI'm guessing the rb.pcm_is_playing() error is our own special RB. Style of DLL hell wonder if the lua stuff has a versioning system
14:21:24 Join MrZeus_ [0] (~MrZeus@
14:22:53[Saint]Oh, hmmm. I errr. OK. You went that way with it.
14:23:40[Saint]with the fade on play/pause stuff
14:24:36BilgusNO Archos players though as they use a loop in the playback code directly, I'd then need a thread so it didn't block
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14:25:39BilgusI also noticed the Stop part doesn't work on any of the players with SWCODEC I tested on so its just Play/Pause Fade now
14:26:23Bilgus[Saint]: Wait, Which way? I did it in core
14:27:45[Saint]Splitting up the play/pause/stop functions was unexpected to me. I didn't see that coming.
14:28:10[Saint]My intention was just to add a time picker from 0 to N to that menu entry but I never got around to it.
14:32:15lebelliumpamaury_: I successfully changed destination and sound pressure on my NWZ-E580. There isn't much noticeable difference though^^. Is it possible to compile scsitool for Windows?
14:32:16[Saint]that was always in my todo basket along with 'consolidate values and ranges for various picker menus'.
14:33:30pamaury_lebellium: not currently, I'm working on that
14:37:34lebelliumI'll edit You made typo, it's sudo ./scsitool and not sudo ./scsitools
14:37:50[Saint]the massive block of talk_ids is interesting.
14:38:32Bilgusyeah I noticed all the wasted space in the time pickers I'll work on that as soon as I figure out just what is needed there.. what I see is we need from MS to Hours
14:38:43 Quit WakiMiko_ (Quit: WeeChat 1.6-rc2)
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14:39:34Bilgusand Negatives for backlight timeouts
14:40:50pamaury_lebellium: ok, but be aware that eventually I will create a single page for all NWZ, I don't want to spread the info in too many pages
14:40:56 Join aptzero [0] (
14:41:02[Saint]How the shit do we normally handle speaking numeric setting values?
14:41:23[Saint]Do we just..not? And that looks weird to me because it just /isn't/ handled elsewhere?
14:41:34lebelliumpamaury_: sure, but if you copy and paste, better don't copy the typos :P
14:42:05lebelliumthat's why I'll fix it
14:42:17[Saint]because holy shit that massive block of talk_ids looks foreign.
14:44:22BilgusWell when you have MS and Seconds mixing I see no other way of doing it currently
14:44:51Bilgusanyways I'll bb in a few hours
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14:47:52[Saint]that's why we normally just so a scroll from 0 or 0.0/0.00 to N to N.N/N.NN dealy.
14:47:53[Saint]so 300ms becomes .3s
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14:48:21[Saint]it means in some settings you need to scroll around a bit, but it is pretty simple.
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14:50:24chrisjj"our own special RB" Ah, well that could sure explain why it doesn't work on standard RB :-)
15:05:28lebelliumpamaury_: I switched my Japanese A850 from J to CEW2: I now have worldwide FM range (87,5MHz - 108MHz) instead of Japanese FM range. UI is still in Japanese though. I switched back to J and then the FM tuner no longer works, the device crashed when entering the FM menu :D
15:17:27 Join MrZeus__ [0] (~MrZeus@
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15:38:49__builtinhas anyone heard back from zagor or bagder?
15:38:53__builtinpamaury: ^
15:40:12 Join madk [0] (~noneofyou@
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15:48:33pamaury__builtin: no
15:50:07__builtinwhy don't we just make the buildmaster connection be over HTTP then?
15:50:30lebelliumpamaury: is there a NVP node for FM radio that wouldn't be properly reseted when switching the destination code?
15:53:53pamaury_lebellium: there is a node called "fm parameter" but I don't know what it controls
15:54:01pamaury_did you try to reset all settings ?
15:55:22pamaury_lebellium: otherwise try changing back to CEW2 and try to change the frequency
15:55:50pamaury_it might be a problem with how the frequency is recorder, like when you change make sure you are on a frequency that is valid in both tuner modes
15:56:07lebelliumpamaury_: I'll try reseting all settings. In Test mode there is FM->RCVCHK which actually only checks several frequencies. I don't know if NVP nodes always match the test mode settings
15:56:34lebelliumactually the FM radio works in CEW2, but I'd like to get the original Japanese frequency range in J region code
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15:58:39lebelliumI reseted all settings and got the UI in english (CEW2)!!!
15:59:19lebelliumthat's incredible
15:59:38lebelliumI must be the 1st guy getting an english UI on a Japanese NW
16:05:27 Join treaki__ [0] (
16:06:50pamaury_amazing \o/
16:07:19pamaury_we should add that to the future SonyNWDestinationChange wiki page
16:09:10 Quit treaki_ (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
16:10:24gevaertslebellium: time to update :)
16:11:28lebelliumdepends if you consider this tool as rockbox
16:11:37lebelliumactually for the final user it's still the OF booting
16:11:59gevaertsAlso, "Multilingual Interface - 30 supported languages and counting" is already there
16:13:21lebelliumAFAIK Sony is the only brand still making mp3 players with no language setting in Japan
16:14:04pamaury_this tool is clearly not rockbox, I think it's best if we have a dedicated wiki page documenting this tool and how to use it so that we can refer people to it
16:20:27 Join Bilgus_ph [0] (~Bilgus_ph@
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16:31:10chrisjjAnyone got Screendump to work on a device recently? Here on ZEN (pamaury's lcd_fix build) it fails with a prefetch abort. On simulators, it works.
16:31:59__builtinlemme try it
16:32:44__builtinseems to work normally on ipod6g, might be a zen-specific thing
16:34:08 Part robertd1
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16:35:38*__builtin 's ipod6g is acting up
16:35:58__builtinthe screen backlight is flickering seemingly randomly
16:35:58pamaury_chrisjj: I haven't tried, I forgot. My theory is that it's a problem with 24-bit framebuffer
16:36:32__builtinnot on and off, but between different brightnesses
16:37:29chrisjjpamaury: Are there any non-ZEN Rockbox targets with 24-bit display?
16:38:20__builtinAlso the Zen X-Fi
16:38:26__builtinand YP-R1
16:38:49pamaury_ZEN and ZEN X-Fi are identical except for the buttons
16:39:00pamaury_(and speaker)
16:43:34 Join treaki_ [0] (
16:44:31 Join mutnai [0] (6db91733@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:46:34__builtinis there no way in rockbox to print the value of a floating-point number?
16:47:21pamaury_I don't think it's implemented, at least on bare metal targets
16:47:32gevaertsIn proper rockbox philosophy you shouldn't even want to deal with floating-point numbers!
16:47:33pamaury_since almost none supports hardware floating points and we don't use floating points
16:47:43 Quit treaki__ (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
16:48:04__builtinwell, /me/ not wanting to doesn't make Simon G. Tatham not want to! :P
16:48:33 Join nlogex [0] (
16:48:47gevaertsTell him he's wrong!
16:49:08 Quit mutnai (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
16:49:50gevaertsIs this for debugging, or do you need it for real?
16:50:38*__builtin suspects that one of the floating-point math functions (acos specifically) isn't working properly on-target
16:50:48__builtinit works perfectly in the sim, obviously :/
16:51:58chrisjj"ZEN and ZEN X-Fi are identical except for the buttons (and speaker)" and some aspects immaterial to Rockbox e.g. battery capacity.
16:54:15pamaury_sure, I mean only Sony actually sells two different players with exactly the same hardware
16:57:35chrisjj"YP-R0" Thanks. Anyone know if Screendump works on that?
17:02:31__builtinholy crap wtf
17:02:37__builtinit works perfectly now
17:03:52__builtinwith no effective changes to the source?!
17:05:15__builtin... and now it doesn't
17:10:18__builtinthis is seriously weird
17:16:20__builtinand it's not a timing issue induced by the splash() calls, either
17:19:31 Join treaki__ [0] (
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18:08:54funmanpamaury: mihail: do you still need as3543 datasheet?
18:09:54 Join girafe [0] (
18:10:34funmanI have v1.10 but v1.11 is available on
18:17:07 Part robertd1
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18:40:15Mihailfunman: I already have it. I look for as3534. I read your as3531 - it have some useful information, so I want check it on AMSv2
18:41:28 Quit girafe (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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21:24:45pamauryMihail: look at the as353x linux patch I sent you, it contains valuable info
21:28:27 Join treaki_ [0] (
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21:35:50Mihailyes, thanks
21:42:17chrisjjAll, re the Buyer's Guide "Sansa Fuze v2, Sansa Clip+ = In production", I think this is no longer true. Anyone know different?
21:44:37lebelliumit's no longer true indeed
21:44:51lebelliumClip Zip neither
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21:58:18__builtinabout how much latency should I expect when recording from a microphone under rockbox?
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21:58:55*__builtin can tolerate around 1ms or so to do ANC
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23:32:08lebelliumpamaury: gemini file in dump_rootfs\rootfs\tmp\rootfs\etc\rc.d of my A850
23:32:22lebelliumflag_dst="1163154260"# 0x45545354DeSign Test mode
23:32:23lebelliumflag_mpt="1297371988"# 0x4d545354Mass Production Test mode(key)
23:32:25lebelliumflag_mpt_ui="1297371974"# 0x4d545346Mass Production Test mode(UI)
23:32:33lebelliumhas it to do anything with the test mode (service menu)?
23:33:00 Quit [Saint] (Quit: Quit.)
23:33:31pamauryyes, that's what controls which thing to boot. When you press the magic key combo, the OF changes this and reboot. And on boot it uses this setting to choose what to boot
23:33:53lebelliumand 1297371974 would be the 10 keys to press?
23:34:25lebelliumarf :( I was hoping the key combo to enter the test mode is written somewhere
23:35:05pamauryit's just a value:
23:35:06pamaury1297371974 = 0x4D545346='MTSF'
23:35:39pamauryit may be written somewhere but if it is, I don't know where
23:35:45pamaurythat seems unlikely though
23:36:13lebelliumhow can it know which is the key combo if it's written nowhere?
23:37:53 Join [Saint] [0] (~sinner@rockbox/staff/saint)
23:38:31pamauryyou don't :-p
23:39:09lebelliumI mean, the device! How does it know that you made the right combo
23:39:26 Quit paulk-collins (Remote host closed the connection)
23:39:45pamauryit's probably hardcoded in some binary
23:43:57lebelliumpfff :(
23:45:07lebelliumthanks for the info. Going to be now
23:45:46 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 50.1.0/20161208153507])
23:47:43*pamaury wonders why there is a fascination for the service menu...
23:55:27 Join treaki_ [0] (
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