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#rockbox log for 2017-01-07

00:03:12Mihailwodz was here today? I have g#1469 for him :)
00:03:14fs-bluebotGerrit review #1469 at : sd-as3525v2: simplify logic and cleanup by Mihail Zenkov
00:06:31saratogaMihail: i googled a bit and I think that is a mistake, last one should be as3543
00:06:54saratogai have that from AMS, but they've since disclosed it anyway
00:08:48Mihailpossible you right
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00:17:00lebelliumpamaury_: are you sure about the command? The result seems to be the list of devices
00:17:34lebelliumis that what you wanted?
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00:19:58pamaury_lebellium: sorry, there is a typo, it's nw-wm1
00:20:00pamaury_and not nwz-wm1
00:20:12lebelliumI could have seen it myself
00:20:29pamaury_and the tool print an error message saying this model does not exists...
00:20:59lebelliumand when you wrote "sdc" you meant sdX as usual?
00:23:44lebelliumthere is no error message with the typo
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00:28:36pamaury_I have one:
00:28:36pamaury_User forced series, auto-detection disabled
00:28:36pamaury_Unrecognized series 'nwz-wm1'
00:28:36DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury_
00:28:36pamaury_Series list:
00:29:39lebelliumoh sorry
00:29:50lebelliumdidn't see what was on top of the list
00:30:22pamaury_anyway, I'm going to bed
00:31:28lebelliumread the logs for the model ID
00:31:44lebelliumif the user replies still today
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00:45:09lebelliumfinally got the ZX100 service manual! revision 1.3, that was a tough one
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00:56:37lebelliumpamaury_ WM1A mid
00:56:40lebellium07 00 00 20 31 32 38 47 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ... 128G........
00:56:42lebellium00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
00:56:43lebellium00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
00:56:45lebellium00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ............
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04:21:27fulonhave you ever heard of a mp4 player that responds to usb raw scsi commands such as "f5 41 50 49 58 b3 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00"? This is f5 (opcode) APIX (ascii in hex) [command]
04:23:58[Saint]by 'mp4' player, you mean digital audio players in genreal presumably?
04:24:11fulonits an Ali Corp m7101a, sorry
04:26:05[Saint]Oh. I see. One of those cheap Chinese generic whitelabel reference desgn things.
04:26:12fulonits totally bricked, the usb firmware tool cant format the NAND and I dont have a backup firmware, but I got curious about this weird firmware update protocol.
04:26:14saratogagoogle says that chip is a power management controller
04:26:16fulonyes :)
04:26:48[Saint]You probably want or so I would think. This thing hasn't even close to the resources to run Rockbox.
04:26:58[Saint]Or is your question more general?
04:27:12fulonI know it cant, I am trying to mess with its MCU
04:27:38fulonsaratoga: look for ali m5661, its previous version
04:27:39saratogai don't think that ALI chip is the MCU
04:27:51fulonthere is anothe ci m7101 for power management, but this one isnt
04:28:54fulonsaratoga: here you can find the firmware tools, and they all refer to it as m7101 or m710x
04:29:29[Saint]presumably you've poked at it with MPtool also?
04:29:54fulonyes, and pressed the wrong button, erasing the broken corrupted original firmware
04:30:02saratogafunny that a company would reuse an IC name
04:30:04fulonthis mp4 never worked for real. I used it as pendrive
04:30:53[Saint]man it's been a long time since i played with these horrid little s1mp3 whitelable things.
04:31:02fulonI was just wondering how awesome this is. I had it on my drawer. Its a z80 with screen, nand flash and buttons, almos a retro computing gadget.
04:31:04[Saint]seems like nothing has changed in the community at all.
04:31:12[Saint]mildly depressing, and also very cute.
04:32:37fulonI am not a electrical engineer, but I decided to learn firmware hacking and electronics through whitelabel weird hardware that people abandon here
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11:58:29lebelliumpamaury_: got the mid for WM1? I found a A35 user who apparently has a Japanese version. He wants to switch to english UI :)
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12:06:04pamaury_lebellium: yes
12:06:31pamaury_you could ask the A35 user to get the kas and mid ?
12:07:39lebelliumyes, but I think the 1st challenge for him will be getting a Rockbox environment :P
12:08:00lebelliumthe windows version of the tool will definitely help when ready
12:09:05pamaury_lebellium: it's almost ready :)
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12:12:39lebelliumwhen you start the wiki page for scsitool, I'll probably try to make a spreadsheet with all possible destinations, their meaning and differences (volume, language, FM range)
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12:24:26pamaury_the problem with windows is that I don't know how to reliably switch to MSC and not mtp
12:25:44lebelliumE580 and A10 connect to MSC
12:25:51lebelliumno MTP anymore on recent NWZ
12:26:58pamaury_my E460 connects in MTP though
12:30:12lebelliumwanted to check on my E360 but even from OF, you get the Rockbox bootloader when plugging the USB cable
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12:32:01pamaury_lebellium: you need to hold back when plugging usb
12:32:54lebelliumah yes
12:32:56lebelliumand it's MSC
12:33:23lebelliumbut maybe because back to the time I made the change in the devices manager
12:33:41lebelliumIIRC on the older NWZ you could easily switch from MTP to MSC driver in the devices manager
12:34:19funmanI also think AS3534 was a typo
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13:06:56funmani remember 2 datasheets, as3531 which was absolutely unrelated to the amsv2, and as3543 which as an evolution of as3514
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13:21:45pamaury_I hate the sony mtp/msc automagic, it messes up when running windows in a VM
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13:31:36pamaurylebellium: E580 is detected as MTP on my windows
13:32:54pamaurybut the trick to update the driver works
13:34:05lebelliumis it possible that if you do it once for a device, it works for all the Sony player you connect alter?
13:34:25lebelliumbecause I didn't update the driver for E580 or A10
13:35:18lebelliumBut I did it for sure for E360 or S540 or S610
13:35:39Mihailfunman: as3531 looks like as3525 + power management as in as3543 + some more multimedia blocks, so as3531 more close to AMSv2 then just as3525
13:36:23pamaurylebellium: no idea
13:37:14lebelliumI can check. I have my E360 currently connected as MSC. I'll switch it to MTP. And see what happens when I connect the E580 later
13:39:08pamaurysince they use different usb ids, I would be surprised that they interact
13:40:20pamauryfor me it doesn't work, I have to reinstall each of them
13:46:32 Join skapazzo [0] (~skapazzo@
13:47:07lebelliumyou're right. I switched back my S610 to MTP but the E580 still connects to MSC
13:47:34lebelliumbut I swear I didn't do anything to get MSC on E580, it was like that right out the box
13:47:45lebelliumI use Windows 7 natively (no VM)
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16:15:31pamaurylebellium: I have scsitool working on windows
16:15:39pamauryI will push it to gerrit and upload the binary
16:18:30pamauryI will try to add this to the wiki
16:24:13lebelliumdoes it include the relaxed mode?
16:26:23lebelliumis it possible to make some versioning? Because I already have a windows binary dated 2013 and if you still update it in the future...
16:29:06pamauryhum, the problem with versions is that it's very easy to forgot to update them. You want just the tool to be able to print a version number (like Version 2) that increases over time ?
16:29:24pamauryor a version number for the dropbox upload ?
16:29:58lebelliumif you can add a version number or date to the file name/download link
16:34:30lebelliumpamaury: I don't know if you noticed but the mid given by the user is exactly what is written in the service manual page 8
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16:40:27 Join CraftyClown [0] (516de8be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:40:59pamauryno, I didn't know the service manuals listed the Model ID
16:42:07lebelliumso now you have the modelID for both WM1A and WM1Z :)
16:42:46pamaurybecause I think most service manuals don't list it
16:42:52funmanMihail: iirc the registers locations did not match, but perhaps they could've used as3531 with as3525 register locations?
16:44:28CraftyClownHi all, I'm a seeking a little help on a quest to remove the volume limitations on a European Sony Walkman. I have found some instructions on a French forum and I have managed to get a Dev version of Rockbox running in a Windows virtual machine, but now I am a little stuck :) Any advice or a suggestion as to who I can speak to?
16:45:17pamauryCraftyClown: ah, you will be our new victim to try the tool I just released :-p It is supposed to work on windows actually
16:45:40lebelliumCraftyClown: is that your nickname on TN?
16:46:01CraftyClownNo, I've come from Head-Fi :D
16:46:18CraftyClownMore than happy to be a guinea pig :)
16:46:53pamauryCraftyClown: download
16:46:56pamaury(in windows)
16:48:18CraftyClownOk, it's downloaded
16:48:49pamauryok, now you need to run an administrator shell, do you know how to do that ?
16:49:35pamauryif not: click on the start button, start typing "cmd", it should show "Command Prompt", right-click on it and select "Run as Admin"
16:49:36CraftyClownYes, I think so. Command prompt as admin?
16:50:21pamaurynow you must use the "cd" command to move to the directory where you downloaded the tool
16:51:11CraftyClownOk I'm in there
16:51:20pamauryfor example if you download the tool to "C:\users\blabla\Downloads", then type "cd C:\users\blabla\Downloads"
16:51:33pamauryok great, then plug your device and make sure it is in *mass storage* mode
16:52:12pamauryok, assuming the drive letter is F: run:
16:52:12pamauryscsitool_nwz_v2.exe F: dest_tool get
16:52:44pamauryah sorry,
16:52:44pamauryscsitool-nwz-v2.exe F: dest_tool get
16:53:25lebelliumworking for me :)
16:53:41lebelliumtoo easy
16:53:59CraftyClownI got your device is not supported
16:54:06pamauryCraftyClown: what is your device ?
16:54:36pamauryah, I haven't added the ID to the list, then you can run this command:
16:54:53pamauryscsitool-nwz-v2.exe -s nw-wm1 F: dest_tool get
16:55:15lebelliumhe doesn't need relaxed mode as well?
16:55:26CraftyClownUser forced series, auto-detection disabled Model: Unknown Series: NW-WM1 Series Device didn't send the expected amount of data
16:56:06pamauryah yes you need relaxed mode:
16:56:06pamauryscsitool-nwz-v2.exe -r -s nw-wm1 F: dest_tool get
16:56:45CraftyClownUser forced series, auto-detection disabled Model: Unknown Series: NW-WM1 Series Destination: CEW2 (103) Sound pressure: 0 (off)
16:57:22pamauryok, so CEW2 is the destination code. Apparently if you switch to another one, you can get an extra High Gain setting
16:57:29pamaurylebellium: which destination was that ?
16:57:49lebelliumit was CN (China) but the high gain setting may be included in other codes as well
16:58:22pamaurylebellium: do you know the different between CEW and CEW2 ?
16:59:25pamauryCraftyClown: to change it, run:
16:59:26pamauryscsitool-nwz-v2.exe -r -s nw-wm1 F: dest_tool set XXXXXX off
16:59:26pamaurywhere XXXX is the destination. You can get the list by running:
16:59:26DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
16:59:26pamauryscsitool-nwz-v2.exe -r -s nw-wm1 F: dest_tool
16:59:26pamaurybut I copy it for you:
16:59:27***Alert Mode level 1
16:59:27pamauryJ U U2 U3 CA CEV CE7 CEW CEW2 CN KR E MX E2 MX3 TW
16:59:34lebelliumaccording to the service manuals there is only one CEW (European (Including UK), East European and Korean models)
17:00:06CraftyClownso I use CEW instead of xxxxx?
17:00:12pamaurywell the destination code are a bit messy, I extracted them from a Sony tool but even Sony doesn't seem to agree on the names
17:00:30lebelliumCraftyClown: no, CEW won't give you the high gain setting
17:00:31pamauryCraftyClown: after a destination change, you might need to reset all settings
17:00:49pamaurymaybe U2 ?
17:01:11lebelliumI use E2 on my E580 and A10
17:01:25lebelliumwell, it's just a matter of trying :)
17:01:34CraftyClownSo that would be scsitool-nwz-v2.exe -r -s nw-wm1 F: dest_tool set E2 off
17:02:28CraftyClownSo does that single line of code add the gain and remove the volume cap?
17:02:31lebelliumvolume should be higher with high gain off and even higher with high gain on
17:03:12lebelliumif standard volume is not higher or you don't get the high gain setting, try CN instead, that's what the user on the french forum used
17:04:00CraftyClownI got this with E2 User forced series, auto-detection disabled Model: Unknown Series: NW-WM1 Series
17:04:32pamaurythen you are good to go, unplug usb, reset all setting and see if you now have the magic High Gain option
17:04:55CraftyClownA factory reset?
17:05:32lebelliumyes, you need to reset the settings
17:05:51CraftyClownI'll give it a go now :D
17:08:46pamaurylebellium: I'm creating
17:09:13pamaurymostly empty for now but if you can help me fill it / read it after I've written most of it that would be helpful
17:09:21pamaurywe need to document the destination codes
17:09:28***Alert Mode OFF
17:09:31lebelliumpamaury: sure, I'll help
17:10:59lebelliumI just need to find out how to insert a table into the wiki
17:13:03CraftyClownJust waiting for my device to finish rebooting, but in the meantime guys, is this basically a region code we are changing to fool the deive into thinking it's in a non capped device?
17:14:14pamaurylebellium: there is some help when you edit a topic. Basically like this:
17:14:14pamaury| col1 line1 | col2 line 2 |
17:14:14pamaury| col1 line2 | col2 line2 |
17:15:06pamauryCraftyClown: in the past, Sony uses the second setting (SPS, sounds pressure) to decide whether to cap or not. But apparently the more recent device don't use SPS anymore and do *something* depending on the destination code.
17:15:45pamauryit's unclear to me if there is a general rule and how does that work, lebellium might now more, I just wrote the tool that can change it
17:16:58CraftyClownI see, so my previous destination code was CEW and that had the limitations, however hopefully this new code of E2 will not
17:17:10 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:19:45pamaurylebellium: regarding instructions for windows, do you think users will know how to open a command prompt and switch to the directory ? Or maybe we should link to a .bat file that runs it ?
17:19:51CraftyClownWooo Hoooo. We are uncapped :D
17:20:22CraftyClownPamaury and Lebellium, thank you so much :D
17:20:56lebelliumCraftyClown: great :)
17:21:01pamaurygreat :)
17:21:17pamauryCraftyClown: so what is different exactly ?
17:21:38pamaurydo you have a wider volume range or is volume just higher or/and do you have an extra option ?
17:21:38CraftyClownI have the High gain option that was not there before
17:21:58lebelliumpamaury: on the french forum I'm currently writing the instructions and explaining how to open the terminal in admin mode and how to switch to the directory. If it's well explained no problem. If you want to save lines, then maybe a .bat :P
17:22:38pamaurylebellium: can you write it on the wiki page ?
17:22:55CraftyClownGuys are you ok for me to start spreading the news on Head-Fi? I'm happy to explain it there
17:23:00pamauryCreate a section called Windows
17:23:15pamauryand write the text, I'll move text around if needed
17:23:34lebelliumCraftyClown: you can also wait and just link to the rockbox wiki when it's ready, as you want :)
17:23:54pamauryCraftyClown: please wait until we have some instructions written :)
17:24:57CraftyClownNo problem. I'll give you time to get the page up.
17:27:36 Join fujisan [0] (~fujisan@unaffiliated/fujisan)
17:35:56lebelliumpamaury_ : I'm writing the instructions now
17:36:28lebelliumif there is some broken english, I'm sure someone will update it later :)
17:40:28CraftyClownI can help with any broken English if you like? The least I can do fellas :)
17:40:55pamaurylebellium: tell me when you are done so I can add more things about linux and download links
17:49:52 Join girafe [0] (
17:54:38lebelliumpamaury: done
17:54:54lebelliumit looks like a draft but I'll improve it
17:57:01pamaurylebellium: ok, don't touch it anymore, let me add stuff ;
17:58:08lebelliumf*ck it didn't keep my line breaks
17:58:16lebelliumit looks like shit for the moment :D
17:59:30lebelliumI'll make it cleaner when you're done
18:01:43CraftyClownIt reads nice and clear guys
18:02:47lebelliumwait before publishing it on head-fi, I f*cked up some copy & paste for WM1
18:03:19lebelliumah I understood now
18:03:32lebelliumthe wiki didn't like my < and >
18:03:55lebellium<dest> and <sps> are gone
18:04:56pamaurythat's because those are interpreted as HTML tags
18:05:16pamauryuse &lt; and &gt; (I think that's the name)
18:05:20pamaurybut wait until I'm done :-p
18:05:43lebelliumsure I'm waiting. I won't break it more than it's already
18:06:38CraftyClownNo problem Lebellium. I'll be keeping an eye on this channel until you fellas are totally finished ;)
18:18:42lebelliumI'm updating the destinations table meanwhile. But it's really a mess to understand since the destination codes of scsitool don't necessarily match with the ones in the service manuals (also differing from service manual to another)
18:20:30pamaurylebellium: beware that concurrent editing on the wiki is not very supported, I suggest that when you are done, copy paste *your table only*, reload the article, edit and paste your table. Also I've made a small change to the table header
18:20:32pamauryI'm almost done
18:21:44lebelliumpamaury: I don't edit as long as you're doing it, as I told you. If you get a warning saying I'm doing so, it's just because I clicked on "edit" to copy & paster my table and work it locally
18:23:49pamaurylebellium: done
18:23:59pamaurystill misses linux instructions but should be easy to
18:24:09pamaurytell me what you think about the new formatting
18:24:23pamauryah wait, small typo
18:24:26lebelliumoh you already got a v3!
18:24:43pamauryyes, I added wm1a/z IDs
18:24:57pamaury g#1471
18:24:59fs-bluebotGerrit review #1471 at : nwztools: add NW-WM1A/Z model IDs by Amaury Pouly
18:25:09pamaurylet me just make a small edit and then it's all yours :-p
18:25:35lebelliumso -r -s <model> is only needed for A30, not for WM1 anymore?
18:25:53pamauryyeah, in theory
18:26:08pamauryCraftyClown: could you download v3 and check if that works ?
18:26:27CraftyClownOf course. On it now
18:27:16pamauryjust check with dest_tool get and without the "-s nw-wm1"
18:27:29pamauryit should recognize your device as WM1A
18:28:02pamaurylebellium: done, you edit go wild and edit :-p
18:28:40pamauryregarding destination codes
18:28:42CraftyClownSo just this: scsitool-nwz-v2.exe -r F: dest_tool get Or can I drop the -r as well?
18:28:50pamauryyou need the -r
18:28:55pamaurybut you need the v3 of the tool :-p
18:28:55CraftyClownok cool
18:29:11CraftyClownsorry, yes I have v3, just atypo
18:29:32pamaurylebellium: dest code: my understanding is that CEW, CEW2 etc are the same region with variants
18:30:02lebelliumthe problem is finding what changes exactly
18:30:06pamaurySony seems to be inconsistent in its use of the variant, sometiems referring to CEW2 as CEW in manuals, maybe because each device is different
18:30:24pamauryit changes some default audio settings apparently
18:30:28pamaurylike equalizer
18:30:34CraftyClownLooks good: Model: NW-WM1A Series: NW-WM1 Series Destination: E2 (206) Sound pressure: 0 (off)
18:30:38pamaurygood :)
18:30:45pamaurylet me find a manual where it's "explained"
18:30:49lebelliumYes I read that in the E470 service manual
18:31:18lebelliumlike "EQ: None; SP : Ouput Optimiser offé
18:32:22pamaurylebellium: you could add some instructions on how to switch to MSC mode also ?
18:32:34lebelliumthe question is: is it safe to set a destination code not mentionned in the service manual
18:33:02lebelliumI would say yes since I got CEW2 on a Japanese device, which was for sure not written in a service manual
18:33:31pamauryI guess yes
18:33:45pamaurysince someone (you ?) managed to switch a japanese model to english :-p
18:33:51pamauryah yes you
18:34:33CraftyClownWhat would be the downside to using just the two known working destinations, ie J for Japanese only and E2 for multi language?
18:35:06pamaurywell there is the radio range as well
18:35:39pamaurywe need to have lebellium try all codes on all its devices ;)
18:35:56CraftyClownOh I see. Yes that makes sense
18:37:19 Join JanC_ [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
18:37:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:38:33 Nick JanC is now known as Guest36383 (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
18:38:33 Quit Guest36383 (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
18:38:33 Nick JanC_ is now known as JanC (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
18:38:48 Quit girafe (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:43:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ae84354, 255 builds, 17 clients.
18:47:29CraftyClownDoes the chart still need updating or are all but the Japanese FM frequecies the same?
18:48:25lebelliumI expect them to be all the same but I didn't check every destination code on my device yet :)
18:48:49pamaurylebellium: I think U is US
18:49:16pamaurysince U/U2/U3/CA is all US basically (CA is just "U4" technically)
18:49:28pamauryso I expected U2/U3 to be other US variants
18:49:31pamaurylike CEW and CEW2
18:50:23pamauryCEW uis UK and and "AEP" (?)
18:51:31pamauryI wonder if E2 is the same as EE, ie East Europe
18:51:52lebelliumwell in the A20 service manual there is CEW = European (Including UK), East European and Korean models
18:52:06lebelliumbut in the meantime there is "KR" which obviously means Korea
18:52:10lebelliumit's really a mess
18:52:36lebelliumand if EE is East Europe, why is East Europe included in CEW
18:52:38lebelliumI hate Sony
18:53:33CraftyClownGuys, the instructions still reference the original scsitool-nwz.exe rather than v3. You also have the -s in the code as well
18:53:51pamauryCEV is east european sometimes
18:54:13pamauryCraftyClown: it says to replace it with the name of the downloaded tool
18:54:18pamauryit's in RED!
18:54:25lebelliumpamaury intentionnaly wrote scsitool-nwz.exe. But maybe I should write scsitool-nwz-vX instead?
18:54:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 637 seconds.
18:54:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision ae84354 result: All green
18:54:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision be68b6a, 255 builds, 15 clients.
18:54:43pamauryif you think vX is clearer, go for it
18:54:49CraftyClownOh yes :D
18:54:58pamauryWe'll get questions from confused users in any case
18:55:13lebelliumand I'll let the -s in the code. Otherwise I need to write 3 variants (standard, wm1 and a30)
18:55:44lebelliumit doesn't hurt to let -s for wm1. That what I write only 2 instructions variants
18:55:49lebelliumthat way*
18:56:26pamaurylebellium: alternatively, you could either not mention -s at all, or put in an extra advanced section, or explain how to find what to put after -s
18:56:34pamaurysince the tool can give the list of models it knows about
18:56:53lebelliumIf I don't mention -s at all, we'll get all the poor A30 users coming here :D
18:56:54CraftyClownAh cool. I'm just anticipating the barrage of questions I will get on head-fi when I link to the page. Some people need spoon feeding :D
18:57:48pamaurylebellium: that's the goal
18:57:52pamauryto get the model IDs :D
18:58:21pamaurythat's why I prefer that you don't mention -s and say that if users get "You device is unknown/unsupported", they come and ask us
18:59:17pamauryCraftyClown: just try (I know they won't listen but try anyway) to make them *link* to this wiki page and create fancy bundles with instructions that will end up wrong or outdated
18:59:28pamaury*not create fancy
18:59:52lebelliumpamaury: got it
19:00:08pamaurybecause I'm usually quite aggresive about my dropbox links. If I publish v4, I will remove the v3 upload
19:00:29CraftyClownYes for sure, that makes sense
19:01:02pamaurylebellium: dest code are a complete mess indeed, they are completely inconsistent
19:02:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 467 seconds.
19:02:22fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision be68b6a result: All green
19:08:33lebelliumI still need to explain the MTP -> MSC switch and progressively fulfil the table
19:11:45pamaurylebellium: avoid blank lines or unindented, it breaks the indentation in the bullet point list
19:12:04pamauryfor example:
19:12:04pamauryIf you get an error message like "Device didn't send the expected amount of data", please come to the [[][#rockbox IRC channel]] to discuss it with developers.
19:12:04pamaury If you get an error message like "Device didn't send the expected amount of data", please come to the [[][#rockbox IRC channel]] to discuss it with developers.
19:12:18pamauryuse <br> if you want a new line
19:12:58pamauryalso you can replace the commit g#1471 in the table by be68b6a
19:12:59fs-bluebotGerrit review #1471 at : nwztools: add NW-WM1A/Z model IDs by Amaury Pouly
19:13:54 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@
19:18:12lebelliumpamaury: you mean I need to replace every blank line by <br> ?
19:18:31pamauryno, put <br> at the end of a line if you want to go to a new line
19:18:44pamauryFirst line<br>
19:18:44pamaurySecond line
19:19:04pamaurybut indent them if you want to keep at in the bullet list:
19:19:05pamaury First Line<br>
19:19:05pamaury Second Line
19:21:04lebelliumcan you check it now and fix what's left?
19:25:15 Quit PurlingNayuki (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:25:21 Join PurlingNayuki1 [0] (~Thunderbi@
19:26:34pamauryactually let me try something
19:27:23pamauryI've changed the instruction for -r and WM1, do you think it's better now ?
19:27:48 Nick PurlingNayuki1 is now known as PurlingNayuki (~Thunderbi@
19:29:14lebelliumyes it's better
19:29:28lebelliumI sometimes make things complicated for nothing :P
19:29:47 Join chrisb [0] (
19:39:01CraftyClownI'm I good to share yet gentlemen?
19:40:14CraftyClown*am I*
19:41:22lebelliumstill editing and improving it but yes you can, it's good enough
19:42:11CraftyClownMagic. Thanks again for all of your hard work fellas :D
19:43:32lebelliumpamaury: I added a note about SPS
19:43:42lebelliumI guess we need more users feedback about it
19:43:54 Quit chrisb (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:45:57 Join chrisb [0] (
19:47:43 Quit megal0maniac (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
19:47:44 Join megal0maniac [0] (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
19:51:24pamaurychrisjj (logs): I just realized there is a small problem on the ZEN about the internal storage vs sd card. If I keep the current "state", which means look at internal storage first and sd card next, if you select "Format all" in creative recovery menu, it will not reformat it very cleanly and the drive might still look like a valid FAT system althoug it's not.
19:57:54 Quit PurlingNayuki (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:12:42 Quit Bilgus (Quit: Page closed)
20:22:59 Nick megal0maniac is now known as Guest20023 (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
20:22:59 Quit Guest20023 (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
20:23:00 Join megal0maniac [0] (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
20:37:29lebelliumCraftyClown: I read a bit the discussion on head-fi. FYI I still can play Atrac3 files on my NW-A850 with english UI
20:37:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:37:54lebelliumThe ability to play Atrac3 files doesn't seem to come from the destination code but directly from the firmware
20:38:19CraftyClownReally? That's awesome! I'll update my post now
20:39:05lebelliumI don't know for WM1 though since there is both a Japanese and EU/US version.
20:39:20lebelliumI don't know if they share the same firmware
20:39:33lebelliumfor sure my A850 doesn't share the same firmware as worldwide A840
20:40:53 Join Mihail [0] (252d7f81@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:41:21lebelliumthese are 2 different models
20:41:27lebelliumeven though they look the same
20:46:37 Quit chrisb (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:51:06 Quit parchd (Quit: food)
21:15:46 Quit bray ()
21:17:26lebelliumCraftyClown: I just switched my E580 to Japan code and it still can't see my Atrac files. I guess that confirms it comes from the firmware
21:17:53 Join Bray90820 [0] (
21:18:00 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~root@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
21:18:04lebelliumI once read somewhere that NW models can play Atrac while NWZ can't
21:18:11CraftyClownThanks for the confirmation. Guess that answers that
21:26:09 Join Malte__ [0] (c3f9597d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:32:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 2915370, 255 builds, 17 clients.
21:33:05__builtinok, this ought to make "Untangle" work
21:36:09Malte__Hello everyone, I just downloaded the destination and sound pressure tool for Sony Walkman products and want to turn off the volume-limit. (I own a ZX2) When I run cmd.exe as administrator and type in the code, I get the following error message: "The command "scsitool-nwz-v3.exe G" was not spelled correctly or could not be found". My command was: "scsitool-nwz-v3.exe G: dest_tool get" What a I doing wrong?
21:36:50pamauryMalte__: did you download the tool and change to the directory where you downloaded it ?
21:37:43lebelliumpamaury: is it supposed to work with ZX2 (Android) anyway?
21:37:54pamaurylebellium: good point, I don't know
21:38:34pamauryI don't have any model id for ZX2 but that's worth a try
21:38:45pamauryMalte__: where did you download the tool (which directory) ?
21:38:51Malte__The tool is on C
21:39:18Malte__It's currently on my desktop
21:40:06Malte__And I downloaded the version for windows.
21:40:14fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 438 seconds.
21:40:15fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 2915370 result: All green
21:40:53pamauryMalte__: which windows version are you using ?
21:43:21Malte__Windows 8.1, 64 bit
21:44:54pamauryMalte__: ok, so open an explorer window, and go to the directory where you downloaded the file. Next hold shift and right click in the folder, there should be an option (Open and command prompt): click it
21:47:43pamaury*Open a command prompt
21:48:03pamaurylebellium: actually I just realized that on my Win 10, I don't need admin privilege
21:48:16pamaurylebellium: can you confirm this or not on your computer ?
21:48:44lebelliumpamaury: on windows 7?
21:48:57pamauryactually this page:
21:49:07pamauryApplications do not require administrative privileges to send a pass-through request to a device, but they must have read/write access to the device.
21:49:47pamauryso we could simplify the instructions, because on Windows >= 7, opening a command prompt is as easy as shift+right click in explorer and select "open command prompt"
21:51:00lebelliumI confirm
21:51:15pamauryI will modify the wiki page then
21:51:30Malte__I think I got it.
21:55:00Malte__By which I mean that I have opened cmd.exe . Should I type in the code again?
21:57:05Malte__It says that my device is not supported
21:57:10pamauryMalte__: type this command:
21:57:29pamauryscsitool-nwz-v3 -r -s nwz-zx2 dest_tool get
21:57:48pamauryWe are not sure if the NWZ-ZX2 works or not, it's kind of a different device
21:57:58lebelliumshould be nw-zx2
21:58:45pamaurylebellium: no because there is a typo in the list :-p
21:58:54Malte__Neither works. "Cannot open device"
21:59:11pamauryMalte__: ah sorry, I forgot the drive
21:59:19pamauryscsitool-nwz-v3 -r -s nwz-zx2 H: dest_tool get
21:59:29pamaury(replace H: by the letter of your ZX2 drive)
21:59:33CraftyClownI would be surprised if the ZX2 works as it is android and all of the others and Sony's own os
21:59:54pamaurylebellium: can you check my new wording on how to open the command prompt on the wiki ?
22:00:22Malte__It seems to work
22:00:29pamauryMalte__: what does it print ?
22:01:00Malte__Model: Unknown
22:01:07Malte__Series: NWZX2
22:01:28Malte__Destination: Unknown (ffffffffff)
22:01:57Malte__Sound pressure: 4294.......(on)
22:02:14pamauryhum, that looks wrongs
22:03:02pamauryMalte__: can you run this command:
22:03:16pamauryscsitool-nwz-v3 -r -s nwz-zx2 H: get_dnk_nvp mid
22:04:10 Quit michaelni (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:05:25Malte__I can run it. "User forced series, auto-detection disabled"
22:05:34Malte__Model: Unknown
22:05:47Malte__Series: NW-ZX2
22:05:59lebelliumpamaury: I guess you have to make "shift + right click" on the folder and not in the folder
22:06:20Malte__and then there are many fs
22:06:26pamaurylebellium: well you have to right click in empty space basically.
22:06:49Malte__Under the section "mid", that is
22:06:56pamauryor right-click on the folder that contains the file
22:07:26pamaurybut on windows, it may not be obvious which directory is the parent of another one, since Microsoft is trying to hide the real paths
22:07:45pamauryMalte__: is there anything that is not ff ? especiallly at the beginning
22:07:56lebelliumI don't have "Open command window here" when I right click in empty space inside a folder. I do have it when doing it on a folder. Windows 7
22:08:35Malte__Nope, just ff ff ff ff ff ...
22:08:51pamauryMalte__: then the ZX2 is not supported, it must use a different mecanism
22:09:19Malte__Too bad, was really hoping to turn off the limit. Never mind. Thanks for your help, guys!
22:09:25pamaurylebellium: I suggest we remove ZX2 from the list then
22:09:41pamauryMalte__: there might be other ways, but you'll have to ask android people ;)
22:09:56lebelliumI don't know why it was in :P You said since the beginnng that Android devices are not supported
22:10:22pamaurylebellium: well strangely the Sony website as a kernel for it that has a NVP driver
22:10:34pamauryand it even responds ! It just returns 0xff all the time...
22:10:44 Quit Malte__ (Quit: Page closed)
22:11:39lebelliumbut do you have F800, ZX100 and ZX1 tooN
22:16:46 Join michaelni [0] (
22:18:04 Quit michaelni (Max SendQ exceeded)
22:18:27pamaurylebellium: no
22:18:28 Join michaelni [0] (
22:18:41pamaurywhy ?
22:18:58lebelliumbecause they are also Android-based
22:19:40pamauryactually it's strange because the nvp of the ZX2 has an entry not found on any other model
22:19:50pamauryI wonder why Sony went to such effort to just not use it
22:21:06lebelliumstrange indeed
22:21:33pamaurybut this one is actually easy to hack I think, the firmware upgrade is just a zip
22:22:31lebelliumanyway, what you wrote only work for Windows 8 and 10. For Windows 7 you necessarily need to click on the folder and not inside the folder. That would probably work for Win 8 and 10 too so I'd suggest to write instructions working for 3 OS instead of 2
22:23:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5a0a7b8, 255 builds, 17 clients.
22:23:32pamaurylebellium: ok, do you want to edit the wiki ?
22:25:02lebelliumI don't know, it's not easy to explain that you have to go to the directory containing the tool but not enter it either, just stop before and right click on it \o/
22:25:19pamauryyes, especially if you have it in a directory like Downloads
22:25:49lebelliumright click work in Downloads
22:25:58lebelliumwhat the hell
22:27:30lebelliumOkay so it won't work in "Library\Documents\Sony Walkman" but it will in "D:\Users\Ludo\Documents\Sony Walkman"
22:27:33lebelliumpfff -_-
22:29:21 Quit megal0maniac (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
22:29:23 Join megal0maniac [0] (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
22:31:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 492 seconds.
22:31:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 5a0a7b8 result: All green
22:31:46lebelliumI honestly don't know what is best to write. I got fooled by the Windows repath (Library) so other users will certainly be too
22:34:30pamaurylebellium: maybe it's best if we say "open a command prompt here" and use google to find out ?
22:34:44pamauryor give a .bat that opens a command prompt? That must be fesaible
22:35:24 Quit krnlyng (Remote host closed the connection)
22:35:47lebelliumwell, what I wrote before "type cmd in the search bar" is quite easy. What is just boring is that you need to find the path of the directory and copy&paste it in the terminal
22:36:50lebelliumor even better, windows + R -> type cmd
22:36:56lebelliumand it runs it immediately
22:37:14lebelliumthat should work for any OS
22:37:30lebelliumI mean Windows version
22:37:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:38:12 Join krnlyng [0] (
22:38:31lebelliumwith a .bat, how do you get the scsitool location?
22:39:02lebelliumif it only opens the terminal, it's quite useless
22:39:03 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:39:18 Join jhMikeS [0] (
22:44:35 Join mutnai [0] (6db91733@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:48:18 Quit CraftyClown (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:48:22 Nick megal0maniac is now known as Guest55737 (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
22:48:22 Quit Guest55737 (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
22:48:23 Join megal0maniac [0] (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
22:49:05 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
22:49:34pamaurylebellium: find the location of the directory is very non-obvious in windows
22:50:01pamauryyou put the .bat in the same directory as the tool and run it
22:50:11pamauryand it opens a cmd *here*, at least that's the goal
22:50:25lebelliumsounds interesting
22:50:30lebelliummaybe that's the best thing to do indeed
22:51:17lebelliumbtw, I put the instructions for the MTP to MSC switch
22:52:23 Quit krnlyng (Remote host closed the connection)
22:52:53pamauryso let's see what we can do with a bat
22:53:55pamaurythis one claims that Libraries is special, it doesn't have the open comand prompt here indeed
22:56:34lebelliumpff I asked the A30 user to run get_dnk_nvp kas, get_dnk_nvp mid and get, he only gave me the get result..
22:56:42lebelliumI try again :P
22:57:46pamaurylebellium: can you try this in various folders:
22:57:46pamaurycreate a file name open_cmd_here.bat
22:57:46pamauryopen it (with text editor), and type:
22:57:46DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
22:57:46pamaurycall cmd
22:57:46pamauryclose it and try to double click on it, see if it indeed opens a command prompt in the directory where you put it
22:58:09pamauryit works in Win10
22:59:14 Quit megal0maniac (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
22:59:15 Join megal0maniac [0] (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
23:00:34lebelliumworks in Win 7 too
23:00:41lebelliumeasy and efficient
23:01:00lebelliumI'll try in Win XP too
23:04:27lebelliumWorks in Win XP
23:04:28 Quit megal0maniac (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
23:04:29 Join megal0maniac [0] (~megal0man@unaffiliated/megal0maniac)
23:06:26pamaurygreat :) can you create upload this .bat on the wiki and add the explanation ?
23:07:27 Join Senji_ [0] (~Senji@
23:09:34lebellium "Where do people find these service manuals so fast ?" I'm Lucky Luke \o/
23:10:10 Quit Senji (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:10:33 Join chrisjj [0] (5001d87b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:15:00TorCBTW, lebellium, it sounds like you've pretty much gone through the ones you know, but if you find another service manual link pattern to brute force, I'd be willing to try it/a part of it using wget and a script.
23:15:57TorCAs long as I add some waits to not hammer the site, I doubt Sony's servers will catch it.
23:16:57lebelliumpamaury: done
23:17:15lebelliumTorC: I used today
23:17:23lebelliumthis one can go up to 2500 urls at once
23:18:28lebelliumThe problem is that I'm still obliged to check every PDF and see if it's about NWZ
23:18:34TorCThat works. Much better than manually brute forcing.
23:19:03TorCI'm not sure there's a way around that. Hmmm... maybe a grep NWZ would help with that.
23:19:18lebelliumIdeally I would need a tool that check 200 vs 404, download the file and look for NWZ in it
23:19:43TorCMight still grab some random garbage, but with luck it would cut down the amount of garbage to go through.
23:21:14TorCIt might take me a bit of time because I don't do it all the time, but a short bash script ought to do the job. Maybe save the lot just in case it comes in handy, but sort them by containing the pattern or not.
23:21:59TorCIf you're on windows I'm not going to come up with anything to hand you, though. Not worth my time to figure it out.
23:22:10TorCFor that matter I don't even have a win VM set up
23:22:54lebelliumI use Windows indeed. I have Ubuntu in VM but I don't like it very much, I just it for Rockbox compiling
23:23:20 Join Senji [0] (~Senji@
23:23:45 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:24:21TorCGive it time, things might change:) I switched cold turkey back in early 2007.
23:25:01 Join krnlyng [0] (
23:25:04TorCReinstalled windows (kind of needed it anyway) to get around a bug I later could have dealt with other ways, and never got that installation working properly again.
23:25:32lebelliumthe most annoying thing is that I can't always rely on links ending with 1 (revision 1.0). When Sony publishes revision 1.1, 1.2 or even 1.3 of the service manuals, they usually remove the older revision and publish a new link ending with 2,3, 4 or more. That's still more links to check
23:26:24 Quit Senji_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:27:41TorCStill perfectly possible to check that with patterns. I'd have to check wget/curl to understand the return codes, but bash can generate those links on the fly.
23:28:59 Join Senji_ [0] (~Senji@
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23:58:17chrisjjWas there once a port to the Creative ZEN Vision (the existence of suggest so) and if so, why was it wothdrawn (it is not listed on

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