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#rockbox log for 2017-01-09

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00:19:00[Saint]I really wish that .gitconfig and/or .gitmessage could contain variables.
00:19:16[Saint]But it just plain isn't parsed as such. .gitmessage isn't parsed at all.
00:19:19[Saint]it sucks.
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13:19:59wodzpamaury: What is the problem with sound output on sony?
13:20:24pamaurywodz: I don't know, on the E460 sound is garbage and on the E580 I have no sound at all
13:20:42pamauryyesterday I updatded the gerrit task and it's now much easier to install rockbox
13:20:58pamauryI'll send you the instructions tonight, or I'll create a wiki page
13:22:27wodzpamaury: Maybe I'll have a bit of free time this week to play with my e47x
13:22:48pamauryok :)
13:23:07pamauryI need to investigate this a bit more. Tonight I plan to try playing sound using aplay
13:23:10pamaurywhich is on the device
13:23:18pamaurymaybe it's a problem with the rockbox alsa driver
13:24:37wodzYou'd need to test aplay from device and aplay linked against rockbox's alsa
13:25:00pamauryI'm using the alsa shared library from rockbox
13:25:09pamaury*from Sony
13:25:34pamauryI recompile alsa only to get the symbol file basically
13:25:47pamauryso I don't think it's a problem with the library but I can double check this
13:26:00wodzI don't understand your statement
13:27:01pamauryI compile alsa as a shared library but I don't use the obtained .so, I only use the .a for the symbols
13:27:13pamaurythus rockbox is using the system
13:28:22wodzYou link rockbox dynamically against libalsa or staticaly (thats for .a is, no?)
13:29:12wodzits AFAIK
13:29:25pamauryyeah, dynamically
13:29:46wodzso you should need only .h files
13:30:39pamauryyou still need something to link against, otherwise the linker complains about undefined symbols
13:31:10pamauryin theory I could take the .so from the device and link against that
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13:32:39wodzpamaury: What for is the content of rootfs/devel/lib/omf ? The names suggest some decoding libraries
13:32:59pamauryno idea, I haven't looked into this much
13:33:09pamaurybut yeah it looks like some decoding lib
13:33:12pamaurymaybe using the dsp ?
13:33:57wodzheh, there is ncurses present :-)
13:34:12pamauryyeah, I really wonder why ^^
13:34:35pamauryor maybe for some magic terminal-over-something
13:39:07wodzpamaury: Did you see rootfs/devel/usr/local/test dir? beep_test for example
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13:40:17pamauryyes there are several test utilities
13:40:57pamaurybut there is some magic involved because for example mptapp (the service menu that has tests) has a bash script to start/stop/play audio and it toogles the CODEC power switch with amixer
13:41:41pamauryI've tried on the E460, without it you cannot even open the pcm device, but with it the audio is completely distorted
13:43:54pamaurybut so far I haven't play with audio too much anyway
13:48:49pamauryI was distracted by the destination tool for NWZ that was quite a success
13:49:08wodzyeah, I saw. Compliments!
13:49:25pamauryBut now let's do better and have rockbox ;)
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13:56:37wodzpamaury: Your tool still may be useful with rockbox. v4l2 radio driver reads some nvp nodes to set something. I guess it sets freq limits based on region
13:57:16pamaurya lot of things read nvp nodes :( Apparently the destination setting is used in a lot of places
13:57:29pamaurycan you tell which node it reads ?
13:57:43pamauryit should call icx_nvp_read(node, buf, size)
13:58:13wodzI don't have disasm here. I'll try to check tonight
13:59:05 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
14:07:19wodzwhoa, thumb2 introduces movt+movw sequence which are exact equivalents of mips lui+ori which where widely criticized by arm people :-)
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14:22:19pamaurywodz: people critisize when they are jealous ;) Or just good ideas in general
14:23:02gevaertslui+ori? That's just crazy!
14:23:12*gevaerts goes to look what those are :)
14:23:40wodzload upper immediate (top half of 32bit reg) + or immediate (lower half)
14:23:57wodzso effectively you load 32bit value in two instructions
14:24:02pamaurycan movt and movw rotate stuff around as well or not ?
14:24:53pamaurycan't thumb2 do pc-related load ? That only requires one instruction + 4 bytes
14:25:10wodzpamaury: Don't know. I spotted it in objdump used purely for loading 32bit immediates. I don't know thumb2 much.
14:26:21 Join holyheels [0] (~holyheels@
14:26:25wodzpamaury: You trade 2 instructions with 16bit immediates vs 1 instruction with pc relative load + 4byte constant. Its the same except for maybe easier work for cache and mem prefetch in case of two consecutive instructions
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17:00:55Yogurthoy hoy
17:01:09Yogurtquestion on the new sony ports
17:01:33Yogurthas anyone done a blog post on them explaining the differences? Are there any preferences between them?
17:01:49YogurtI see the E360 70 and 80 are now stable
17:05:21__builtinyou should probably wait around for pamaury or lebellium, but neither of them are here at this moment
17:06:44Yogurtah ok
17:06:53Yogurtis there a better time to come back?
17:08:25__builtinyou could just stick around for a while
17:10:14Yogurtya, but I could also head home and get food on the way :)
17:10:18Yogurtand then come back
17:11:58__builtinyour best bet then would be Europe's evening then
17:12:27comradekinguwhich is coming right up
17:12:32Yogurtwhich is now
17:12:35*Yogurt is in europe
17:12:57Yogurtanyway, I'll be back
17:13:25comradekingutime is: nigh
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17:29:55__builtinis there an easy way to get anti-aliased lines on rockbox?
17:32:17gevaertsYes, code an anti-aliased line function :)
17:33:19 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:137:1e32:8111:3fc6)
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17:34:19__builtintime to reinvent the wheel
17:34:58gevaertsCan you make it green?
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18:02:14Yogurtanyone home?
18:10:51 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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18:23:56Yogurthey pamaury
18:23:59Yogurtyou here?
18:24:21pamauryhere but busy, give me 10/15 min
18:25:04Yogurtsure thing
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18:47:00pamauryYogurt: yes ?
18:47:17Yogurtso have there been any write ups on the new sony ports yet?
18:47:31YogurtI found what I think is a compatibility page
18:47:52Yogurtbut are there any real differences between the different devices?
18:48:16Yogurtreal as in end user noticeable
18:49:51pamaurynot yet. This file (series.txt) is a list of all Sony players that use linux, but some of them won't be supported.
18:49:51pamauryI plan to update with the complete list and it should better reflect what is/will be supported and what won't.
18:49:51pamauryNot all players are the same, some have touch screen, some better audio hardware (at least in theory), different screen also.
18:50:21Yogurtso.. cpu wise no real differences?
18:50:30Yogurtat least among the supported players
18:50:44YogurtI'm looking at the e585 and a15
18:51:05Yogurtthe A15 being one of the fancy high res players
18:51:49pamaurythe list will give the cpu of each player but basically there are only three kinds of supported cpus: imx233 (for E360, E370, E380), mp200 (E460 for example) and emxx (E580, A15). Honestly the cpu doesn't make a difference, the mp200 is already a beast and the emxx even more. If you are afraid about not being able to decode some format, that's not going to be a problem
18:52:17pamauryIdeally I'd like to gather more info on each player like the audio DAC because Sony's marketing is very fancy
18:52:27Yogurtok that's good to hear
18:52:41pamauryAlso some have bluetooth I think, some don't
18:52:53pamaury(bluetooth is supported by rockbox in any case for now)
18:52:56pamaury*is NOT
18:53:02Yogurtthe e585 and a15 really grab me because of the case actually
18:53:09Yogurtthey're clean and flat
18:53:16Yogurtwhere the others all seem a bit lumpy
18:53:29pamauryE580 is quick slick
18:53:45pamauryWhen lebellium comes, you can ask him, he owns a lot of NWZ players, including the A15
18:54:48Yogurtya the difference between that and the a15 is 10€ hence the quention
18:55:22pamauryTo be honest, if you have the money, I would say buy the A15, Sony's players and operating system are quite good. You can install rockbox if/when it is supported
18:55:47pamaurybut ask lebellium before see wat he thinks about it
18:56:44Yogurtright on
18:56:46Yogurtmany thanks
18:56:55Yogurti'll hang and idle for a bit
19:10:20 Join lebellium [0] (
19:13:52Yogurthey lelellium
19:13:58Yogurtmind fielding a question?
19:14:58lebelliumI read the logs :)
19:15:07Yogurtah ok
19:15:13Yogurtso... e585 vs a15
19:15:56lebelliumI think the E580 form factor is perfect, the A10 is already a bit too big for me. But the A10 has an SD slot which makes it future-proof
19:16:36Yogurtboth are expected to support rockbox at some point?
19:17:03lebelliumI hope among the first ones :)
19:17:38Yogurtso it comes down to sd card vs thin-ness
19:18:30lebelliumI would say that. Regarding the SQ you'd probably ask on some audiophile forums.
19:18:42Yogurtyou haven't found any pcb pics of either have you?
19:18:53YogurtI use a clip+ right now
19:19:07Yogurtsounds quality can't be worse than that and I'm pretty ok with the clip+
19:19:16lebelliumby default the E580 is a bit more bassy because Sony put Bass Gain +1,5dB but if you put 0,0dB in the test mode, I think it sounds more or less like the A10
19:21:08lebelliumYogurt: if you have some bluetooth devices, note that the A10 support aptX and even LDAC (not in Rockbox thouth)
19:21:21Yogurtjust headphones
19:21:33Yogurtthe e585 claims more battery life
19:21:42Yogurtthat's probably by not having bluetooth though
19:23:15lebelliumboth have a very good battery life
19:23:21lebelliumcoming from a clip+ that will be a change
19:23:35Yogurthard choices >_<
19:23:46lebelliumthe E580 has Noise Cancelling
19:23:59lebelliumbut the shipped NC earphones are not so good
19:24:31Yogurtdoes the noise cancelling work on any headphones?
19:24:40lebelliumand I assume NC wouldn't/can't be supported in Rockbox anyway (pamaury ?)
19:25:06lebelliumno, you need special earphones with a microphone on it
19:25:11Yogurtah, well I'd prefer to have rockbox on the thing
19:25:18Yogurtso perhaps that's a non-feature
19:25:28pamaurylebellium: I don't know, I have no idea how it is handled
19:25:36pamaurythat will need some investigation
19:25:41pamauryalso I don't have the NC headphones
19:26:33Yogurtthat might be a nice feature on a plane or something
19:26:34lebelliumbut you bought your E580 so cheap, you can't have everything :P
19:26:48Yogurtbut then... sd card
19:27:24lebelliumregarding bluetooth, there is some preliminary work here, I don't know if that helps pamaury #g1121
19:27:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #1121 at : WIP: early stage bluetooth support by Lorenzo Miori
19:28:53pamauryyeah but that's very very far from done
19:28:57Yogurthow would you rate the build quality of each?
19:29:38pamauryalso bluetooth is vague, some devices will be easy to support, some will require a lot of work. Find the right framework to handle all cases is tricky
19:29:42lebelliumyes quite comparable. Only the "back" and "option" buttons feel a bit cheap on the A10
19:30:02Yogurtare they metal or just plastic?
19:30:09Yogurtcan't really tell from the pics
19:33:20lebelliumI guess front case in metal, back in plastic
19:33:56lebelliummaybe all metal for the E580.
19:35:06lebelliumwell, actually the build quality of the E580 is a bit better now that I look closely
19:36:16Yogurtseems like e585 is the way to go
19:37:12lebelliumif you're enough with 16GB, that would be my choice. But I always want more storage :D
19:37:17Yogurtthanks for letting me think out loud
19:37:20Yogurtnah 16 is fine
19:37:25Yogurtkeeps me from being messy :)
19:38:21lebelliumotherwise you can take a E460. Somehow pamaury likes it better than the E580, I don't know why :D
19:39:22Yogurtya.... it's ugly
19:39:23pamauryI like the form factor better
19:39:31pamauryle E580 is too slick for me
19:39:52lebelliumpamaury definitely needs a WM1
19:40:05lebelliuma good old brick in modern style
19:40:06Yogurtwell... that's like your opinion man
19:42:04Yogurtalso many thanks to you guys for keeping rockbox going
19:42:31Yogurtbeen using it for years and I'm glad there's finally some new devices to use
19:43:01lebelliumI think we're all glad that pamaury moved from Creative to Sony :D
19:43:16Yogurtoh, is that what happened?
19:43:26pamauryWell creative stopped doing players :-p
19:43:31lebelliumHe got bored porting to shitty devices
19:43:35lebelliumso he started to look at Sony
19:43:49Yogurtcreative players were always crap anyway
19:43:56pamauryalso this is not how it happened :-p
19:44:15pamauryI started working on the fuze+ and then on all devices that used the same processor, that included most of the Creative
19:45:09Yogurtwell thank you for the work :)
19:45:30 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
19:51:57lebelliumpamaury: do you have download stats on dropbox?
19:57:03pamauryno, I don't think
19:57:09pamaurylet me see
20:05:22pamaurylebellium: interested in trying rockbox on your players tonight ?
20:06:01pamaurySound is not working but at least you can check if it's running ;)
20:06:12lebelliumsure. Can only be better than the TV guide
20:06:38 Quit mutnai (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:07:19pamaurydid you install the arm-rockbox-linux-gnueabi toolchain ?
20:07:37lebelliumhow can I check it?
20:07:56pamauryopen a terminal and type
20:07:56pamaury arm-rockbox-linux-gnueabi -gcc
20:08:17pamaury(assuming it's in your path)
20:09:34 Join Senji_ [0] (~Senji@
20:09:40pamauryi kind of remember forcing you to install it but I'm unsure :-p
20:10:56lebelliumI have a "arm-sony-linux-gnueabi" directory
20:11:20lebelliumbut typing "arm-sony-linux-gnueabi -gcc" is not found
20:12:17 Quit Senji (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:13:05pamaurywhere is this directory ?
20:13:24lebellium /home/ubuntu
20:14:10pamaurywhat is the result of
20:14:10pamauryecho $PATH
20:14:55lebellium /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/home/ubuntu/mingw32-sdl/bin/
20:15:02lebelliumlooks strange
20:15:22Yogurtthat is a funky path
20:15:36pamauryok so open the file
20:15:41Yogurtmingw on linux?
20:16:04pamauryYogurt: sure, you can cross compile
20:16:17Yogurtisn't it just gcc anyway though?
20:16:55pamaurynot exactly, mingw is gcc with different default/target + windows crt + windows headers + windows tools
20:17:04pamauryjust the compiler is not enough
20:17:12Yogurthuh ok
20:17:16Yogurtgood to know
20:17:28pamaurylebellium: once you opened that file (which should exists), add this at the end:
20:17:28pamauryexport PATH="/home/ubuntu/arm-rockbox-linux-gnueabi/bin:$PATH"
20:17:35pamaurythen close your terminal and open a new one
20:17:44pamaurynow arm-rockbox-linux-gnueabi-gcc should work
20:18:40lebelliumbashrc: line 107: syntax error: unexpected end of file
20:18:51lebelliumThat's the end of the file
20:18:57lebelliumexport PATH="/home/ubuntu/arm-rockbox-linux-gnueabi/bin:$PATH
20:19:15lebelliumor, " is missing
20:19:24pamaurya yeah I missed a "
20:19:32pamauryor not
20:19:38lebelliumI , not you
20:19:41pamauryok :)
20:20:37lebelliumhum command still not found
20:21:26 Quit Yogurt (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 50.1.0/20161208153507])
20:22:21lebelliumI'm a bit confused with linux/sony/rockbox in the command
20:26:03pamaurylebellium: echo $PATH in the new terminal
20:26:19pamauryah ok I understand
20:26:23pamauryyou have the old toolchain
20:26:35lebelliumthe "sony" one
20:26:49pamauryyou'll need to build a new one if you want to compile yourself
20:27:04 Join girafe [0] (
20:27:05lebelliumarf. It tooks hours last time ;D
20:27:52pamauryah, really ? :-/
20:28:09pamaurywell I can try to zip mine and upload it
20:28:15pamauryI think recent toolchain can be moved
20:28:51pamauryis the VM 64-bit ?
20:29:24lebelliumit's the rockbox image from the wiki
20:29:27lebelliumquite old
20:29:56pamauryok, so for now I'll send you files
20:30:09pamaurybut in time you'll need to build it
20:30:32__builtingevaerts: got it working now :)
20:30:44lebelliumI can start building it now so that it's done
20:31:34__builtinI'll probably add antialiased circles, and move it all into xlcd
20:32:17pamaurylebellium: ok
20:32:39lebelliumpamaury: how do I remove the old toolchain. Simply delete the directory?
20:33:06pamaurythen grab g#1481
20:33:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #1481 at : Initial commit for the Sony NWZ linux port and NWZ-E460 (WIP) by Amaury Pouly
20:33:11pamaurygo to tools/
20:33:54pamauryand run:
20:34:05pamauryand select r
20:37:53lebelliumubuntu@ubuntu-VirtualBox:~/rockbox/tools$ RBDEV_PREFIX=/home/ubuntu/arm-rockbox-linux-gnueabi command not found
20:38:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:39:02pamauryin tools/ directory of rockbox
20:39:09pamauryI thought you'd now better now :-p
20:40:44lebelliumI thought so but it looks like Linux is just not made for me ahah
20:40:50lebelliumor process started
20:41:24lebelliumI should write the instructions somewhere
20:41:29lebelliumso that I don't ask you every time
20:43:22pamaurywell it's simple, on linux if you type a command without path:
20:43:22pamaurythen it will look in all directories of the path to see if bla is in there. But if you type an qualified path, then it just looks there:
20:43:22DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
20:43:24pamauryHere . means "the current directory"
20:43:39funmanI can write the instructions for you: "1. ask pamaury"
20:44:59lebelliumI would prefer he progress on the port instead of losing time with explaining some basic things
20:46:49__builtinhey, does someone have a PP5022 device around to test something?
20:47:07__builtin(with a color display)
20:48:00lebelliumI have a C200 is you consider its shitty display as a color display
20:48:48__builtinwhich version?
20:49:45__builtinshould be slow enough ;)
20:50:04lebelliumI didn't know a C200 could be fast, whatever the version
20:50:20__builtinv2 has a 248MHz core, v1 75
20:51:03__builtingive me a couple minutes to build
20:51:14__builtinI'm trying to see how slow my antialiasing is
20:51:36lebelliumI try to find the USB cable meanwhile
20:52:25__builtintake your time, this will take likely a very long time :P
20:52:55lebelliumI surprisingly already found it! Among the 100 cables of all my players
20:55:56CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:55:56*lebellium guess he has all time to eat while the toolchain is building
20:56:22__builtinalmost done here
20:59:34__builtinscp is acting weirdly
21:00:10__builtinok, should be at
21:00:39__builtinwhen you install it try playing sgt-cube
21:01:09__builtintell me if the movement seems excessively choppy
21:01:14chrisjjpamaury, any ETA on ZEN be68b6a7b?
21:10:03pamaurychrisjj: did you finish test with mem dfs ?
21:10:53chrisjjNot yet. Each run so far has failed within 2hrs max.
21:11:09chrisjjI'm interested to see if be68b6a7b does better.
21:11:19chrisjjOn all runs (four), ZEN be68b6a7b+memDFS went black-screen and non-responsive after between 30mins and 3hrs. Then power button press does a power-on suggesting this state is power-off rather than hang. Also, that power-on often fails - shows the RB logo but then enters the same state.
21:15:00__builtinahh, I remember how crappy the c200's screen was now
21:15:32__builtinlebellium: try to enable debug mode (click "Quick Help" 5 times in a row) and turn the slowmo factor to 15
21:16:08lebellium1st time someone says I'm a developer!
21:17:50lebelliumaha terrible
21:18:20lebelliumit's so slow
21:18:41__builtinwell, yeah, it's "slowmo" :P
21:18:53lebelliumdo you want another video?
21:19:09__builtinno, that's too much of a burden
21:19:26__builtintry turning it to around 5 and tell me if the cube appears to "jump" in its rotation
21:20:59lebelliumI don't think so but I'm not sure what you mean either
21:21:36__builtinif it did it'd be really obvious, so it should be fine then
21:22:16__builtinoh, also see if sgt-untangle is playable
21:22:34__builtinI'm curious as to how bad it is on such a tiny screen
21:23:22lebelliumI first have to understand how to play it :P
21:23:50lebelliumoh okay
21:23:56chrisjjpamaury, thanks - running it now.
21:24:05lebelliumonly half left screen is used
21:24:19chrisjjAny idea how this 'crash to power-off' is even possible?
21:24:26__builtinyeah, it has to be square
21:24:58lebelliumwell it looks playable but I don't think I'm good at it :D
21:25:15__builtintry turning it to 6 points then
21:31:26*lebellium hates that game
21:32:58__builtinit's not my fault!
21:33:02*__builtin didn't write any of them :P
21:33:46__builtinbut it's likely that on your tiny screen that the circles take up a lot of room, no?
21:35:45 Join cpu_ [0] (bc92a3c1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:36:03__builtinhello cpu_
21:36:14cpu_I just found sony sound pressure tool
21:36:24cpu_trying to get this working on my NWZ-ZX100
21:36:44*__builtin looks at lebellium and pamaury
21:36:55cpu_but output gives me:
21:37:00cpu_C:\Users\Łukasz\Downloads\walkman>scsitool-nwz-v4.exe D: dest_tool set E2 off Model: NW-ZX100 Series: NW-ZX100 Series This device doesn't have node 'shp'
21:37:05lebellium__builtin: and I give up :P
21:38:17cpu_anyone can help or calrify if there's any chance to uncapp this player as it's biggest downside is output power
21:39:34pamaurycpu_: let me have a look
21:41:15pamauryah apparently that because of a typo of mine
21:41:32pamaurycan you try this, just to make sure:
21:41:47pamauryscsitool-nwz-v4.exe D: get_dnk_nvp 12
21:43:20cpu_Model: NW-ZX100 Series: NW-ZX100 Series Note: node size unknown, trying to read 4096 bytes 12 (node 12): 03 01 00 00 01 00 00 00 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ................ ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ................
21:43:45pamauryyeah that a typo, I will upload a new version of the tool, stay tuned
21:44:05cpu_wow waiting now
21:46:03lebelliumI'm surprised he's the 1st ZX100 user to try the tool
21:46:52cpu_just found info about that in head fi thread
21:47:12lebelliumI know
21:47:16lebelliumthat's why I say that
21:47:22lebelliumthere are so many users on head-fi
21:47:32cpu_I've got my ZX100 1 m from me so why not to try - I was thinking about buying Fiio X5III because of vol cap
21:48:26cpu_but this can change my mind as fiio also got some minuses
21:48:54cpu_big advantage was android so spotify can work but hopefully mighty offline spotify player will arrive soon
21:49:30lebelliumZX100 doesn't use Android, does it?
21:50:27cpu_nope - that's why it last around 45 hrs on one charge playing flac files and some DSD
21:50:45pamaurycpu_: try with this tool:
21:52:02cpu_C:\Users\Łukasz\Downloads\walkman>scsitool-nwz-v5.exe D: dest_tool get Model: NW-ZX100 Series: NW-ZX100 Series Destination: CEW2 (103) Sound pressure: 1 (on)
21:52:03[Saint]what is the implication there? working with the projects I do that's borderline offsensive.
21:52:24cpu_superb :-) lets try this now
21:52:58[Saint]the idea that that runtime comes solely from a lack of an Android operating system is...well.
21:53:08[Saint]there's words for it but I won't say them.
21:53:44lebelliumI don't think it was meant to hurt you
21:53:57[Saint]Nor do I.
21:54:06[Saint]Doesn't make it a valid statement though.
21:54:08cpu_haha well just admit that android will eat couple more % of batt
21:54:15cpu_anyway this is what I've got now:
21:54:27cpu_C:\Users\Łukasz\Downloads\walkman>scsitool-nwz-v4.exe D: dest_tool set CEW2 off Model: NW-ZX100 Series: NW-ZX100 Series This device doesn't have node 'shp'
21:54:41cpu_once sec typo
21:54:43lebelliumcpu_: typoe. v5
21:54:59fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 90284b6, 255 builds, 18 clients.
21:55:07cpu_C:\Users\Łukasz\Downloads\walkman>scsitool-nwz-v5.exe D: dest_tool get Model: NW-ZX100 Series: NW-ZX100 Series Destination: CEW2 (103) Sound pressure: 0 (off)
21:55:12cpu_to excited
21:55:19cpu_wow lets try to listen now
21:55:29lebelliumI suggest you try another destination code
21:55:33lebelliumas explained on the wiki
21:56:01[Saint]and reset settings. I've been seeing a lot of users bounce off that.
21:56:29lebelliumahaha. [Saint] knows the instructions by heart too now
21:57:11[Saint]I've just been reading the forums and seeing that it is about 50/50 distribution of those who bother reading the instructions correctly.
21:57:34[Saint]people get excited and stop reading as soon as they execute from the commandline.
21:57:45[Saint]then complain it doesn't work.
21:58:14pamaury[Saint]: lebellium: maybe we should add the "please reset settings" also BEFORE ?
21:58:31[Saint]pamaury: it wouldn't hurt.
21:58:45[Saint]actually, that order of operations make a lot more sense.
21:58:46cpu_OK so turned off, turned on played file - had to decrease vol as was too loud now, connected to PC again just to double check with tool and it's uncapped
21:59:36cpu_awesome work guys, didn't except that I'll be suprised that much by rockbox again since I was running it on my iRiver H320
22:00:04lebellium[Saint]: I don't think reseting the settings before makes more sense.
22:00:14pamaury[Saint]: done, what do you think ?
22:00:38[Saint]lebellium: I think it does, because at the first half of the instructions users are paying attention.
22:00:39pamaurylebellium: it's not resetting before, it's saying beforehand that one needs to reset them after the change
22:00:56[Saint]They lose focus as soon as they execute something on the commandline.
22:01:01lebelliumSo we just accept that people can't read :(
22:01:18[Saint]so mentioning it beforehand, IMO, is more likely to make an impact on users.
22:01:35pamaurylebellium: trust me, people can't read
22:02:02*[Saint] sees this with Freemyipod
22:02:03__builtinit'd be nice to have a giant flashing gif of it, too
22:02:32[Saint]we have a big "DO NOT STOP NOW, YOU ARE NOT FINISHED"
22:02:32[Saint]But people see Rockbox running, so..of course they're finished, right?
22:02:33pamaurypeople get too excited and jump to quickly to the "execute this" part
22:03:44lebelliumpamaury: isn't it possible to add that line in the "set" result?
22:03:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 528 seconds.
22:03:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 90284b6 result: All green
22:04:10 Quit michaelni (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:04:38pamaurylebellium: I don't see what you mean. You mean right after the set command ?
22:04:40[Saint]The other option, I think, is removing this from users entirely and just getting them to run a batch or shell script that forcibly resets settings.
22:04:49[Saint]though it greatly complicates things.
22:05:09[Saint]In my experience you just can't trust people to not be stupid.
22:05:15[Saint]So you remove the variables.
22:05:30lebelliumpamaury: when you make "set", you actually don't get a clear result. You only got the series and device name. Maybe add a line saying the set applied and add the thing about reseting the settings
22:06:18[Saint]I mean, if we can set the location via this mechanism - surely one can reset the other fields to their known defaults?
22:07:00pamaurylebellium: ah that's a good suggestion
22:07:06[Saint]happy to write a nice .sh/dialog based scriplet if I can get a list of values that need to be set.
22:07:11__builtinholy crap, head-fi has shit ton of users
22:07:23[Saint]I tend to not trust end users at all.
22:07:42[Saint]So I like to remove things like this from their control entirely and just assume they won't read.
22:07:53__builtin4000 users online *at a time*
22:07:59pamaury[Saint]: problem is, there is no way to reset the settings remotely
22:08:12pamauryso a script won't solve the problem I think
22:08:33pamaurybut maybe as lebellium suggests, having a tool write some text saying to reset the setting is useful
22:08:47[Saint]pamaury: IIUC, there's no way to do a single 'reset all to default', but the values could be set using this same mechanism could they not?
22:09:00[Saint]knowing the defaults for every given player would be difficult though.
22:09:54pamauryno it's not that, Sony keeps internal state in some files I think
22:09:58[Saint]at the end of the day these settings are just bits sitting somewhere, and you've got direct access.
22:10:08cpu_just FYI as I've got CEW2 version of ZX100 it gave my check volume warning at vol 14 but then went fine above this value
22:11:03lebelliumcpu_: so just with SPS off you get a huge volume difference?
22:11:12pamaurythe NVP is not used to store settings, it's there to store manufacturing-time parameters
22:11:31[Saint]When exactly was this legislation passed exactly?
22:11:39[Saint]regarding shitty enforced EU volume capping.
22:11:55 Join wodz [0] (
22:12:16lebellium[Saint]: very long ago I guess. What's funny is that on Samsung players it was only capped in FR region code and not in EU region code.
22:12:20[Saint]And, /why/ was it passed?
22:12:47cpu_labellium: I listened to same track just before doing modification and after
22:12:59cpu_and I had to lower volume after SPS off
22:13:15lebelliumwell the goal is understandable. Just that people who voted it don't know anything about impedance and sensitivity
22:13:36[Saint]cpu_: pro-tip, in every sane IRC client doing <first_letter_of_nick>+[Tab] will auto-complete nicks.
22:13:43lebelliumpamaury: ROCKBOXDEV: Done!
22:13:45*[Saint] just noticed you've been typing these manually
22:14:10[Saint]None of us are actually typing nicks out by hand. screw that.
22:14:12lebelliumtyping [Saint] is the most difficult to do
22:14:27lebelliumbecause of those brakets
22:14:31cpu_sorry I forgot how to use irc properly since last time I was using it 5 yrs+
22:15:44cpu_cheers for help with this I'm going to use ZX100 now as I have hard nut to crack if there's any reason to buy this fiio x5iii now...
22:16:37fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1d7f604, 255 builds, 18 clients.
22:17:31 Join michaelni [0] (
22:17:55lebelliumcpu_: great :)
22:20:22 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:20:49 Quit cpu_ (Quit: Page closed)
22:22:45pamaurywodz: indeed, 0xc is shp on e470, which contains destination, then modelid, I don't know why, sysinfo contains info on the hardware, I'll have a look. Node 0x5 if 'fmp'
22:22:53pamauryso now we know that fmp is fm tuning info
22:23:37pamaurywodz: can you read the fmp node on your E470 ?
22:23:45pamauryscsitool /dev/sdX get_dnk_nvp fmp
22:24:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 497 seconds.
22:24:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1d7f604 result: All green
22:25:49lebelliumpamaury: ready for your build instructions
22:26:38wodzpamaury: not now, but I'll try when I get a chance
22:28:20pamaurylebellium: ah good, so let's start with the E580 because I haven't add te A15 yet. so grab g#1481
22:28:22fs-bluebotGerrit review #1481 at : Initial commit for the Sony NWZ linux port and NWZ-E460 (WIP) by Amaury Pouly
22:29:21pamaurylebellium: then go to the root of the repository, run:
22:29:21pamaurymkdir build_nwze580_bl
22:29:21pamaurycd build_nwze580_bl
22:29:21pamaury=> select E580, type B(bootloader)
22:29:22***Alert Mode level 1
22:29:24pamaurythen poke me
22:29:43 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
22:30:37lebelliumpamaury: cannot merge
22:30:56lebelliumI guess you need to rebase ot
22:31:03pamaurylebellium: ah damn yes, wait 5 min
22:34:39pamaurylebellium: should be fixed
22:37:25lebelliumpamaury: Okay
22:37:32lebelliumI selected B
22:38:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:39:23***Alert Mode OFF
22:41:35pamaurytell me when make is done
22:42:30lebelliumIn file included from <command-line>:0:0:
22:42:32lebellium/home/ubuntu/rockbox/firmware/export/config.h:590:32: fatal error: config/sonynwze580.h: No such file or directory
22:42:33lebellium #include "config/sonynwze580.h"
22:42:38lebelliumwhat did I wrong again
22:42:55pamauryah, I most probably forgot to add a file
22:42:58pamaurywait a minute
22:44:18pamaurylebellium: I updated g#1481
22:44:19fs-bluebotGerrit review #1481 at : Initial commit for the Sony NWZ linux port and NWZ-E460 (WIP) by Amaury Pouly
22:44:23pamauryupdate and re-run make
22:46:08pamauryyeah, my third build client is back \o/
22:47:42lebelliummake done
22:50:59pamaurylebellium: good, now run: (still from within build_nwze580_bl)
22:50:59pamaurymake -C ../rbutil/mknwzboot/
22:50:59pamaury../rbutil/mknwzboot/mknwzboot -b -o NW_WM_FW.UPG
22:51:55lebelliumIf I didn't listen you and made E580/build_nwze580_bl I assume I should type ../../ at the beginning of each command?
22:52:03lebelliumlisten to*
22:53:29lebelliummake: Entering directory `/home/ubuntu/rockbox/rbutil/mknwzboot'
22:53:31lebelliummake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
22:53:56pamaurydamn it, I forgot yet another file :-/
22:54:39pamaurylebellium: I just updated the gerrit again
22:54:45pamauryupdate and re-run the last command
22:54:52pamaurysorry for that
22:59:02 Join jhMikeS [0] (
23:01:06pamauryhum, this is weird, looks like you don't have crypto++ I think. Did you build scsitool in this VM already or not ?
23:01:32lebelliumwell I used it before you released the windows version of the tool
23:01:49lebelliumbut I didn't update it
23:02:46pamaurylebellium: can you run:
23:02:46pamaurymake -C ../rbutil/mknwzboot/ clean
23:02:46pamaurymake -C ../rbutil/mknwzboot/ V=1
23:02:46pamauryand pastebin the entire result
23:05:14pamaurylebellium: can you run
23:05:15pamaurypkg-config −−libs libcrypto++
23:06:06lebelliumwithin the same directory? Just gave that
23:06:14lebelliumubuntu@ubuntu-VirtualBox:~/rockbox/E580/build_nwze580_bl$ pkg-config −−libs libcrypto++
23:06:40pamauryah damn, that sounds like a stupid ordering problem of the old gcc
23:08:29pamaurylebellium: just updated gerrit
23:08:31pamaurytry again
23:17:16lebelliumI don't have /home/ubuntu/rockbox/firmware/target/hosted/sonynwz/ anymore
23:20:08pamauryI must have done something very wrong then
23:21:44pamaurylebellium: updated, try again
23:21:49 Quit paulk-collins (Remote host closed the connection)
23:21:50pamauryWe'll get there, eventually
23:23:45pamaurythat must be a consequence of the screw up when I created a new task instead of updating the old one
23:25:22lebelliumIn file included from /home/ubuntu/rockbox/bootloader/common.c:23:0:
23:25:23lebellium/home/ubuntu/rockbox/firmware/export/font.h:36:21: fatal error: sysfont.h: No such file or directory
23:25:25lebellium #include "sysfont.h"
23:25:54__builtinthat happens to me a lot
23:26:01__builtintry a non-parallel build
23:26:43pamaury__builtin: really ? that never happens to me
23:26:53pamauryif it does, it means the makefile needs some fixing
23:30:07pamaurylebellium: does it work if you do a non-parallel build as __builtin suggests ?
23:30:43lebelliumI'm afraid you'll have to make it clearer to me
23:32:02pamaurymake clean
23:32:19pamauryyou are in build_nwze580_bl ?
23:32:48pamaurymake clean
23:33:22__builtinpamaury: only on a clean build, and even then it's not 100%
23:35:00lebelliumdamn, it's building a build instead of the bootloader
23:35:32*pamaury is confused about what lebellium did
23:35:39pamauryokay let's start again
23:36:05pamauryin build_nwze580_bl, run:
23:36:05pamauryselect E580 then B
23:36:05pamaurymake clean
23:36:17lebelliumI did (A)vanced. Just press enter to quit it and then "make clean" and "make"
23:36:43pamauryYou want (B)ootloader for the bootloader
23:36:58lebelliumI know
23:37:07lebelliumbut I was looking for what is a non-parallel build!
23:37:44pamauryparallel builds are controller by the -j flag to make
23:37:44pamaurymake -j3 => build 3 in paralle
23:37:44pamaurymake => not parallel
23:38:08lebelliumah! I usually type "make - j" to compile but this time used "make" as you suggested
23:38:59lebelliummake done
23:39:17*__builtin should probably figure that problem out
23:40:07lebellium[INFO] Bootloader file for Sony NWZ-E580 Series
23:40:08lebelliumResult: 0
23:40:23lebelliumI got the UPG!
23:40:27pamaurylebellium: make -j is not great because it causes make to spawns as make instances as it wants, sometimes it's counter-productive
23:40:32pamaurylebellium: good
23:40:43pamaurynow, copy the UPG to the root of your device
23:41:12__builtinusually you should do make -j "number of CPU cores" + 1
23:41:20pamauryand using scsitool to do a firmware upgrade:
23:41:20pamauryscsitool F: do_fw_upgrade (windows)
23:41:20pamauryscsitool /dev/sdX do_fw_upgrade (linux)
23:41:56 Quit Bilgus (Quit: Leaving)
23:41:59lebelliumno one here ever told me I shouldn't use "make -j" :(
23:42:18 Join Bilgus [0] (
23:42:22__builtinnow you know ;)
23:45:52lebelliumI trusted the wiki
23:46:02lebelliumIf you have a multicore processor, you might want to use it to its full potential to build faster :
23:46:03lebellium $ make -j
23:47:07__builtinhmm, someone should fix that
23:47:43lebelliumpamaury: awesome! I just need to compile a RB build now :)
23:47:46 Quit ender` (Quit: Engineers think that equations approximate the real world. Scientists think that the real world approximates equations. Mathematicians are unable to make the connection.)
23:48:25pamauryso same process:
23:48:25pamaurymkdir build_nwze580
23:48:25pamaurycd build_nwze580
23:48:25pamauryselect E580, (N)ormal
23:48:27pamaurymake fullzip
23:48:29pamauryand then unzip it on your device
23:49:05lebelliumthat I know
23:49:08lebelliumat least :P
23:51:24lebelliumpamaury: I'm surprised the boot screen comes after the "checking the library". I though this was part of the OF only
23:52:22pamaurylebellium: no, library is handled by the system manager, there is no way around it
23:52:36lebelliumthis one is strange
23:52:37pamaurylebellium: do you confirm the keys work in the bootloader (ie you can select OF/RB/debug)
23:52:40lebelliumCC lib/rbcodec/codecs/vorbis.c
23:52:41lebellium/home/ubuntu/rockbox/lib/rbcodec/codecs/vorbis.c: In function ‘codec_run’:
23:52:43lebellium/home/ubuntu/rockbox/lib/rbcodec/codecs/vorbis.c:125:9: warning: variable ‘error’ might be clobbered by ‘longjmp’ or ‘vfork’ [-Wclobbered]
23:52:44lebellium int error = CODEC_ERROR;
23:52:46lebellium ^
23:52:51pamauryyeah ignore that
23:52:54lebelliumpamaury: yes I can confirm that
23:53:10lebelliumalready tried the 3 options
23:54:00pamauryhum, for some reason the bootloader works on my E460 and E580 but on the E450 there is something wrong
23:57:12lebelliumhum it freezes when I select Rockbox
23:58:21 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)

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