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#rockbox log for 2017-01-12

00:00:42lebelliumlooks stable for now. I need to try a bit more I think to be really sure. I'll tell you the next days
00:05:11lebelliumthank you and good night!
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00:06:06pamaurygreat :) the A15 it looks nice
00:06:16pamaurywe just need to fix sound really
00:06:40lebelliumwell, it's not that important on a DAP
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00:06:43lebelliumwe don't buy them for sound
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00:13:30__builtinyeah, who needs sound? ;)
00:13:48__builtinthe only thing sound does is annoy me when it doesn't work in a plugin... grr
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01:07:21chrisjjBilgus, re ZEN lua fail, no I wasn't using an old release. I was using the recent dev build simulator from Rasher.
01:08:52BilgusI assumed you had been since we had that discussion a few days earlier, So IDK pamaury says it is exported and it works in my sim SOO..????
01:10:45chrisjjI saw pamaury say 'Bilgus: maybe you could export the rb table to a file to see if it is indeed exported'
01:11:24BilgusThere'd be no point in me doing it
01:11:51chrisjjWhat's your ZEN sim version?
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01:12:52Bilgus -> API
01:12:52BilgusThe plugin API and some Rockbox C functions are directly exposed in the rb table. Have a look at the source code for more info (like plugin.h and others).
01:12:53BilgusTo generate a /rb.txt file containing the keys of the rb object, you can run this code:
01:13:06Bilgusmy sim iswhatever head is at
01:14:09chrisjjMy sim is ZEN 2016-12-18 04:08 CET Build 3ee7972 at">
01:14:34chrisjjWhy code shall I run?
01:15:56chrisjjSoory. What code shall I run?
01:16:57Bilgusits at that page under the header API
01:21:28chrisjjOK, BTW, on a real ZEN, that .lua,24605.msg238642.html#msg238642 when run makes the device non-responsive for about 6s, with no screen activity.
01:21:40chrisjjBut at least no error msg! :-)
01:23:46chrisjjHere's the code output:
01:25:01Bilguswell it sure isn't there could you also run it on the actual device too?
01:27:00chrisjjFrom real device:
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01:28:50BilgusHuh it is in the list on the actual device I'm gonna say its a wonky sim.. you can download an ubuntu VM on to allow you to compile your own everything
01:31:42chrisjjWonky sim?? I wonder how that's possible.
01:31:57chrisjjIs your sim Windows?
01:32:42__builtinchrisjj: the best bet would be to compile your own
01:32:58chrisjjNot if I want the same binary as others :-)
01:34:17chrisjjYour sim is different from rashers, and I don't want to add a third variant!
01:34:28chrisjjIs your sim Windows?
01:34:53chrisjjs/Your sim/Bilgus' sim/
01:36:45__builtinchrisjj: as long as two sims are built from the same source functionality ought to be identical
01:38:31chrisjjIndeed, so there's no advantage in me rebuilding rashers.
01:38:35__builtinand plus, you can apply patches without bugging devs for them ;)
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01:39:06chrisjjWhen have you ever known me to bug a dev for a patch? :-)
01:39:53__builtinrather frequently, actually...
01:42:45chrisjjOh, you mean a non-existent patch?
01:43:40__builtinno, I mean builds or build assistance
01:44:49chrisjjNot me, chum. The only builds I've asked for is those pamaury wants me to test. I've never asked for build assistance. I don't build. I have enough builds to run without adding my own! :-)
01:45:17__builtin[19:18:16] <chrisjj> __builtin: Can you help me find this past ZEN cd8b33327c9 build on
01:48:04chrisjjThat's asking where to find an existing build. How can I compile my own while I don't have that source?
01:49:00__builtinit's trivial to search for a commit by hash, if you knew how to build and use git
01:50:09chrisjjNo doubt.
01:50:45chrisjjAnd how is someone who doesn't build find this existing build?
01:51:59__builtinmy whole point here is that you /should/ build your own builds instead of relying on someone else to provide them to you because it alleviates the burden on said person
01:56:20chrisjjWhat alleviates the burden on said person pamaury is me testing his ZEN builds. Me testing my builds doesn't help at all, esp since these ZEN commits aren't yet in the master.
01:59:21chrisjjcd8b33327c9 is a special case in that (until I find it) I don't actually know whether it reached the master.
02:10:28Bilgusthere are patches as well which are pretty trivial to apply and pretty cool
02:24:18chrisjjThe patches I'd like are ones to fix bugs and out-of-date documentation. I don't see many of those outside the master :-)
02:25:14chrisjjWhat would you say is coolest patch?
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05:51:58*man_in_shack waves
05:52:27man_in_shacklooking for a player with bluetooth and microsd. any suggestions? :)
05:55:00man_in_shackso far the creative zen x-fi3 looks like an option, but rockbox site doesn't mention anything about bluetooth
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06:30:43comradekinguman_in_shack: dragonbox pyra
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06:50:56BilgusI'm pretty sure RB doesn't do bluetooth Yet
06:54:16BilgusThat archos player is a weird little bugger I guess that is what you get with a 17 year old device, Are there any still surviving??
06:54:40BilgusBetter yet is there anyone still using these?
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08:25:59pixelmaBilgus: I use my Ondio from time to time: it's small has a good sound quality and since I can exchange the batteries it doesn't have the problem that my c200 with an aged lithium battery has
08:28:37pixelmaI haven't updated the Rockbox version on it for quite some time though... :\
08:29:27pixelmaactually... that is true for my other two targets as well
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11:27:13pamauryman_in_shack: bluetooth is not supported at the moment, so if you really want bluetooth to work right now, xfi3 might not be your best option (unless you use the original firmware)
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11:52:53*man_in_shack flails
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12:26:40wodzpamaury: I did quick look at SpiderApp yesterday and I don't see private v4l2 ioctls to be used. I might miss something however
12:28:36pamauryprobably the OF is using the v4l2 standard interface then
12:30:29wodzThat would be good.
12:30:56wodzI am not sure how rds is handled by standard v4l2
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12:45:57pamauryAccording to V4L2 specifications, raw data from RDS decoders is read from the radio device. Data consists of blocks where each block is 3 bytes long. All decoding has to be done in user space.
12:49:43wodzhmm, need to check what sony's drivers do on read()
12:52:36dongspamaury: 4/8gb flash shipping to me tomorrow, will have it sometime next week.
12:53:06pamaurydongs: ok :)
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12:59:07chrisjjman_in_shack: On ZEN X-Fi 3, I really suggest try before you buy. For me the UI is unendurably bad. Compared to ZEN classic, the left-right and shortcut buttons are gone, those that remains are manky touch type rather than clicky, and the screen is diminished.
13:00:03chrisjjAccurately negative review here:
13:03:07pamauryyeah the buttons of that thing are really confusing
13:29:21chrisjjSo sad that Creative totally dropped the ball after the X-Fi #1. At least one good result of them pulling out of DAPs is that they'll be shipping no more rubbish to tarnish the memory of the awesomely good ZEN classic! :-)
13:38:11man_in_shackguess we need to design our own rockbox player hardware
13:38:15man_in_shackwith blackjack, and hookers
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13:43:14ungaliAnd a 2 week battery life
13:49:31chrisjjpamaury: I'm interested to know the reason for your 'right after power down' (before 'start battery_bench again') .
13:50:01chrisjjI thought the powered-down ZEN (and I guess other models) is totally inert, so I can't see what influence a delay could have.
13:52:34pamaurychrisjj: that was an obvious mistake, I meant after power up
13:54:55wodzman_in_shack: You are welcome to do so
14:00:25wodzdo we actually use tuner_dbg_info() somewhere (by tuner I mean si4700, tea, etc.)
14:00:52pamaurywodz: in debug menu ?
14:01:23wodzah, yest in debug_menu.c
14:01:37pamaurychrisjj: I think Creative went the wrong way, they focused on the touch (X-Fi2, touch 2, X-Fi3) and that was not a good idea
14:06:05chrisjjRe battery_bench, thanks - I updated
14:06:28chrisjjRe Creative, agreed 100%.
14:11:40chrisjjRe battery_bench '[right after power [up]] start battery_bench again' ...
14:13:02chrisjj... I'm unsure what power-up you are expecting. Charging an empty ZEN shows the /OF/ charging image.
14:13:32chrisjjRB doesn't launch.
14:14:27chrisjjSome time must pass in the OF before a power key press will launch RB, and the user can't tell except by trying.
14:14:50pamauryas you as you can run RB basically
14:15:05pamaury*as soon as
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14:18:54chrisjjOK, got you. Shame there's no direct way of discovering when this is. Plus that battery_bench.txt doesn't record it.
14:23:49chrisjjIt is normal for a RB port to use the OF for from-empty charging?
14:35:45pamaurywe don't control it
14:36:18pamaurysome creative codes executes before out bootloader, if it decides to stop and charge, rockbox is not even ran
14:37:01*pamaury is mis-spelling everything today
14:37:07pamauryhopefully you got the idea
14:38:25pamauryit's actually a common reference of the sigmatel/freescale SDK: very early at boot the code stop to charge when battery is super low. Some just stack with a dark screen, so display a nice screen
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14:47:56chrisjjOK, thanks. I hadn't realised the RB bootloader is unable to get in first.
15:04:31chrisjjpamaury: know anything about the suggestion that ZEN model may have one of two different LCDs?
15:05:47chrisjjI have a unit that is fine on OF but on RB crashes or overlays a scatter of coloured dots, and wonder if you might find it useful for debugging.
15:07:54pamauryafaik, the ZEN only has one LCD model, at least the code only knows about one model only
15:08:34pamauryso either it's another problem, or Creative introduced a second LCD with a different firmware and I REd the firmware that didn't have support for both
15:10:40chrisjjYou read the firmware that didn't have support for both... when reverse engineering LCD drive??
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15:12:35pamaurychrisjj: in the firmware that I reverse engineered, there was code for only one LCD.
15:12:49chrisjjOK, got it. Know which version?
15:14:20 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
15:16:03pamauryhum, actually the init is done in the creative bootloader. I can't find the file for the ZEN, I have the IDA file for the ZEN X-Fi firmware ZENXFI_PCFW_L22_1_04_08e.exe
15:17:33pamaurychrisjj: what is the latest ZEN firmware ?
15:17:47chrisjjAh, not easy to say for sure, but...
15:18:00pamauryOn my computer I have
15:18:27pamaury(just want to know cause if I'm going to have a peek at the ZEN bootloader again, better do it on the latest version)
15:19:05chrisjj... probably ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03.exe (US) or the European variant ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e.exe .
15:21:16chrisjjThese are the latest I have seen, and the current on the Creative site. There's only a small chance that the report I saw of a higher version number is just an error in the number.
15:21:56pamauryok let me see
15:23:10chrisjjUS is preferred, since it output 6dB more than the European one.
15:23:48chrisjjOops, correction: There's only a small chance that the report I saw of a higher version number is NOT just an error in the number.
15:32:24pamaurychrisjj: on first sign, the code is exactly the same, only one LCD supported
15:32:38pamauryI'll double check if the init sequence is really the same
15:32:40pamaurybut later
15:32:46chrisjjWhich version?
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15:34:33dongshm creative zen eh
15:34:39dongsi got a bunch of those too
15:34:40dongsare tehy any good?
15:34:59dongsthey were kinda big for my purposes
15:37:58chrisjjOK, I suggest instead use ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03.exe , the US version. AFAIK this is identical except for the higher output level, but given the 03e's level is lower that many would like and people can and do reflash to 03, then 03 will be bar far the better choice if your embed it in the RB .nk.
15:39:34pamaurydoes your mysterious ZEN with funny lcd works with the 03e version ?
15:40:05chrisjjI never tried. I can do.
15:42:39chrisjjHere's that preferred ZEN firmware for you:
15:45:28 Join robertd1 [0] (
15:47:06chrisjjBefore I revert the mysterious ZEN (Unit N) to the OF, is the data abort info any use in your debugger? This 100% reproducible on 45697a0bf-161212 (the first otherwise successful LCD fix) and who knows could perhaps pinpoint an edge case for you.
15:47:46pamauryprobably not, unless you have a procedure to reproduce it that works on my ZEN X-Fi
15:47:58pamauryok does it only happen on this unit ?
15:50:28 Quit ungali (Quit: ungali)
15:51:54chrisjjI have a procedure to send the unit to you in the post ;)
15:53:23chrisjjYes, this unit is the only ZEN<any> of the many I have tested to show this or similar data abort (and the only one to show the dotty overlay).
15:54:23chrisjjBut I doubt it is faulty since it runs all tested functions of the OF fine i.e. identically with test units that don't abort/dottify on RB.
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15:56:12 Join TorC [0] (~TorC@fsf/member/TorC)
16:02:44 Join ungali [0] (ungali@unaffiliated/ungali)
16:02:55chrisjjHere's a sample of the aborts:
16:05:52chrisjjBTW, even the data abort screen shots the colours dots.
16:06:03*chrisjj leaves for work
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22:51:41__builtinhmm... this is a very weird "bug"
22:52:13__builtinis there any reason why playback would stop upon entering a plugin apart from it asking for the audio buffer?
22:52:13 Quit fs-bluebot (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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22:57:15pamaury__builtin: I'm not sure, I don't remember if entering a plugin always stops playback or not
22:57:30__builtinit shouldn't, by default at least
22:58:00 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
23:02:52[Saint]No, it shouldn't, you're right.
23:04:55__builtinthe weirdest part is that it doesn't stop in the simulator
23:06:39[Saint]well, I tend to think that the simulator is absolutely useless in many regard for debugging playback and buffer related things.
23:07:35gevaertsIf you can get it working, running the sim in valgrind might be helpful
23:07:39[Saint]SDL hosted builds with a buffer and resolution set to match the target you're comparing against would likely be more useful in this regard.
23:08:22__builtingevaerts: if only :/
23:08:23[Saint]IIUC playback and buffering have some pretty fundamental differences in the simulator.
23:09:03gevaertsAlso check for a stray rb->audio_stop() inside #ifndef SIMULATOR
23:09:15 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
23:10:14__builtinthe only thing that /might/ stop playback is a call to plugin_get_audio_buffer() in the malloc OOM handler
23:10:39__builtinbut that has splash()es all around it and it's definitely not that
23:12:28__builtinalright, looks like something is putting Q_AUDIO_STOP in the playback queue
23:14:31__builtingood thing is there's only 3 places in the code that do that
23:14:47[Saint]time for some LOGF sprinkling.
23:15:21gevaertsI might go for panic sprinkling, hoping to be on a target that has stack dump on panic code
23:15:37__builtinARM doesn't, right?

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