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#rockbox log for 2017-01-18

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00:09:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 822 seconds.
00:09:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 6103d4d result: 5 errors 1 warnings
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00:13:21BilgusVOICE_MILLION, /* 0x801f */ ??
00:13:40__builtinBilgus: there are some weird build clients that do weird stuff
00:13:57__builtinso don't worry about that
00:14:20Bilgusthe worrysome thing is that lang is a giant list of stuff
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00:15:17__builtindid you touch that file?
00:15:36__builtinthen yeah, it's a build client issue
00:15:41Bilgusbut it is auto generated IIRC
00:15:45Bilgusah ok
00:16:19*gevaerts wishes someone would hunt down that archos player sim warning when building the sim on ARM :)
00:16:38BilgusOHHH the builds are farmed out
00:16:42__builtinyeah ;)
00:16:50BilgusI just got that
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00:22:19Bilgusso is the voice file auto generated as well?
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00:24:07brickHello, maybe some can help me with what i think is bricked sansa clip?
00:24:34saratogaany chance we can get the ipod6g bootloader committed too?
00:24:50saratogabrick: explain your problem and youll find out if someone can help you
00:26:14brickWell, player just suddenly died. It was working yesterday just fine, but today when i tried turning it on, nothing happened. Tried reset with power button - nothing happens too.
00:27:59saratogausually holding power for a long time will reboot it
00:28:03brickAfter couple of tries player somehow connected to windows, but it shows just 30.6 mb of unformatted space, and i can't format to FAT32 because FAT32 needs atleast ~32mb of space..So now i don't know what can i do next.
00:28:07Bilgusif the battery is very low I've seen that happen
00:28:19BilgusOHHH in that case
00:28:47brickAny ideas?
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00:29:36saratogaI think 32 MB means the flash chip failed
00:30:58brickMemory failed or maybe some sort of failure in soldering joints?
00:31:40saratogaeither, but the latter is probably unlikely
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00:34:08bricksucks, was a good player
00:34:29BilgusNO, not atm someone was experimenting with changing the flash chips but he hasn't updated on his progress dongs perhaps?
00:38:58__builtinBilgus: and yes, it seems like it is autogenerated
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00:54:31brickokay, thanks for the help guys
00:54:39brickill probably try to fix it too
00:55:01brickif i succeed, ill report here, lol
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01:14:04zoidHas anyone used Rockbox on the sixth gen iPod Classic?
01:14:27__builtinzoid: I do
01:14:31__builtinand so do many others, I assume
01:14:35zoidIs it stable-ish?
01:14:58__builtinthe whole stable/unstable system isn't to be relied upon
01:15:27__builtinbasically the only thing that makes the ipod6g "unusable" at the moment is lack of support from Rockbox Utility
01:15:36__builtin(as far as I know)
01:16:31zoidis there a way to install rockbox on the 6g on linux? the only instructions I've found were for windows.
01:16:40__builtinthere is, yes.
01:17:49__builtinlet me look
01:18:05user890104unfortunately, it's still undocumented but working
01:18:22user890104also on mac os i think
01:18:22__builtinzoid: are you comfortable with building from source?
01:18:49__builtinif not I should be able to provide binaries
01:19:04zoidI've only built from source a few times.
01:19:38__builtinwhat's your CPU architecture?
01:21:15zoidIntel x86_64
01:21:18__builtinok, good
01:22:02__builtinI believe it's just two files, let me upload them
01:25:05__builtinok, you should be able to download the files at
01:25:39__builtinafter that, you should be able to use the instructions on user890104/bootloader-ipodclassic-v8-designware/README.mk6gboot.txt"> under "Command line install"
01:25:58user890104__builtin: if you can provide a summary of the installation on linux, i'll add it to the instructions page
01:25:59zoidthanks __builtin!
01:26:25__builtinzoid: no problem, let me know if something goes horribly wrong ;)
01:26:35zoidwell let's hope not lol
01:26:52zoidUnfortunately I have to wait until my iPod is charged, it's only at 1%.
01:27:05__builtinuser890104: I don't remember exactly how I built these binaries... :(
01:27:19__builtinI think prof_wolfff walked me through it a while ago
01:28:43__builtinah, I remember now
01:29:06__builtinyou need to use g#1221, patch set 8 to build both the actual bootloader and mk6gboot
01:29:07fs-bluebotGerrit review #1221 at : iPod Classic: dual bootloader (bundle) by Cástor Muñoz
01:31:18zoid__builtin, do I need anything other than those two binaries and those instructions?
01:31:40__builtinI don't think so
01:32:18__builtinjust make sure that your device is in DFU mode and follow the instructions
01:35:08__builtinoh yeah, and make sure you install rockbox too!
01:36:18__builtinpretty much just unzip a recent dev build to the root of your device before you install the bootloader
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01:59:54idonob_Can I convince anybody here to answer some questions about converting a 6G ipod classic to an MSATA SSD? Or is that more for the offtopic channel?
02:01:55zoid__builtin, do I need to wait until my iPod is fully charged?
02:02:12__builtinyou shouldn't have to
02:03:03idonob_Mostly I'm wondering if I should expect any weirdness from rockbox, or if there's a preferred manufacturer
02:05:21idonob_Considering using and to replace the ZIF HDD in a 160GB 6G ipod classic, hoping it works without problems
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02:28:19chrisjjFor anyone interested in fixing playback bugs, more detail on the MTS near Crossfade bug here:,51605.msg238874.html#msg238874
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02:29:49chrisjjs/MTS near Crossfade bug/MTS near Crossfade End bug/
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02:42:59Bilgus_phidonob: I think there is a list floating around somewhere
02:46:10idonob_Bilgus_ph: Happen to have any idea where that is or what keywords summon it to a search engine? Would be a mighty help to have
02:46:54idonob_I'm juggling between three other options based on power consumption, since 3.3V at 1A isn't the most battery friendly
02:47:04Bilgus_phno sorry not my forte
02:47:10idonob_fair enough
02:47:21Bilgus_ph3.3v @ 1a is 3.3 watts
02:47:35Bilgus_phP = IV
02:47:39idonob_I'm probably going to try a kingfast at 0.5A or a samsung at 0.65A
02:48:09Bilgus_phhell that sounds awesome
02:52:16idonob_Yeah, it's not too shabby
02:52:31idonob_Have to make up for the MSATA-ZIF40 adapter
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02:55:20idonob_I think the original HDD is like 3.3V .65A or something like that
02:55:33idonob_don't have it on hand to check right now
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05:18:23fishbulbunrelated to rockbox but does anyone have a source of panel mount 3.5mm jacks that are good? I have some jaycar ones, they are the worst rubbish
05:18:56fishbulbor just decent quality 3.5mm and I'll figure out how to mount them to a panel
05:19:19fishbulbso postage
05:19:38fishbulbor from the source really? what are the quality ones called
05:24:13Bilgusneutrik does some very robust connectors but you are probably looking for small ones
05:24:35Bilgustheirs are mostly panel mount but nice plugs!
05:26:15fishbulbI'm looking for those very small ones that are usually used inside quality players or amps
05:26:21BilgusI've been buying NOS for years from this surplus place but shipping to AU would surely be outrageous
05:26:41fishbulbnew old stock of what?
05:26:48Bilgus3.5 mm jacks
05:26:49fishbulbthe ones I'm thinking of used to be blue
05:27:38fishbulbthat was their signature, those aren't panel mount, what is the stock you buy? I'm doing a project to re-house an h300 in an alloy case with better connectors bigger battery and some other stuff
05:28:26Bilgusoh hell couldn't begin to tell ya they have bins of shit there but do have mail order
05:29:21fishbulbthat sounds like a really great find
05:30:09Bilguslook similar to these which is another place I frequent but have brass machined housings−−090-317
05:31:02fishbulbthose are the jaycar sort
05:31:25Bilgusand the surplus place has a website but it's like from the early 90's
05:31:31fishbulbthere are japanese ones that the signature look used to be powder blue, they're in certain products, there are black ones
05:32:18fishbulbthey seem to have limited stock :)
05:38:44zoidHowdy y'all, I'm looking for a small DAP to use for Podcasts/News. Any suggestions? (I'm asking here because I'd like it to run RockBox)
05:38:52Bilgusthe chinese have flooded the market I'm sure
05:50:27comradekinguzoid: clip+ ?
05:55:13zoidcomradekingu: you're the second person to mention that device.
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05:57:17comradekinguworks for me™
05:57:47BilgusIt is a nice little device but discontinued. read expensive compared to when it was for sale from manufacturer, and used IDK how much you can trust that
05:59:54Bilgusclip zip might be better choice
06:00:12BilgusI think TorC has one
06:00:15zoidI really want a Sansa Fuze V2 but they're so expensive used.
06:01:55Bilgusthat is quite a bit bigger than the clip+
06:02:32Bilgusthe fuze+ can be had for $50 in the US but its touch buttons leave something to be desired
06:03:24BilgusIt isn't terrible but you have to lock it anytime it goes in a pocket
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07:51:07zoidBilgus: I was referring to the V2 with the physical scroll wheel, they're just impossible to find under $70.
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09:04:32fishbulbhey are there any stock screenshots of CM
09:04:49fishbulblike with a nano or pico opengapps install
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12:23:07TorCzoid: I've got a few of the Zips. They seem to have been discontinued at right about the same time as the Clip+. They run a little more expensive than the Clip+, and I like them a bit better.
12:24:02TorCThe screen is a bit squarer on the Zip, it has a colour screen, and the button layout is physically a little different.
12:25:32TorCOn mine, I still have it set one colour on black, but a colour I like. Colours are a bit inconsistent player to player, and not very good to begin with. Button layout is six to one, half dozen the other. Screen format is preference again.
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13:47:08fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 15e1f59, 255 builds, 14 clients.
13:53:37wodzpamaury: (log) page 28 means that when running from unmapped address only alignment faults are detected :/
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14:03:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1008 seconds.
14:03:57fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 15e1f59 result: All green
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14:17:23pamaurywodz: thanks for the reference
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18:43:09duo8i found uart on my m2
18:43:19duo8unfortunately can't solder
18:47:50duo8it's like 30% empty space inside
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19:03:11duo8to anyone owning a m2 with a broken wheel: have fun, it's practically bonded to the pcb
19:05:22 Join orest [0] (~orest@2a02:c7f:7025:ed00:f05f:c94c:c60c:77)
19:05:49duo8unknown screen, bonded to front glass
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19:21:34natanelhoso, the forums are down again?
19:21:42natanelhowhats happening?
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22:56:46semitonesHello :) I have a Sansa Clip v2 that I think may be hung or bricked, and would like to know the best chance to get it working again. I've read the wiki pages that describe the unhang procedure, and wonder if letting the battery run out is my best option. I'd also like to know how it hung...?
22:56:59semitonesI was listening to music, and sometimes the music would stop and the player would freeze
22:57:13semitonesI would turn it off and on, and sometimes the Rockbox logo would hang
22:58:03semitonesSometimes it would ask to insert usb
22:58:12semitonesSometimes it would show *Panic*
22:58:17semitonesThe "reset" hold power button for 30 sec, then turn it back on, usually worked until the player hung again, but then that stopped working too and I have a black screen
22:58:46 Join Senji_ [0] (~Senji@
22:59:02TorCsemitones: What size is the volume reported when plugged into USB?
22:59:06 Quit Senji_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:59:09semitonesMy question is: should I wait for the battery to run out completely, by leaving it for a few days, and then charge it again. Or is this the sign of something else?
22:59:13semitonesTorC: let me check
23:00:01 Join Senji [0] (~Senji@
23:00:11semitonesTorC: it doesn't register on the computer when I plug it in. And the device doesn't light up.
23:01:45TorCLetting the battery drain might work in this case. What OS do you use?
23:02:16 Quit Bray90820 (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:02:32semitonesI have windows 10 available right now, for the next month. Back home I have ubuntu
23:03:24 Join Bray90820 [0] (
23:03:29semitonesTorC: do you think a week would be a safe amount of time for it to drain completely? Runtime is 20 h, but idk what the runtime is when it's hanging
23:03:41TorCWin 10 I'm not familiar enough with to know if there are further commands of use.
23:04:56 Quit Senji (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:05:13TorCEven after a couple days you could try it. A moment plugged in won't make that much difference if it hasn't drained. I'm not sure about the Clip+, but IIRC, some (most?) devices need some FW alive and controlling charge to charge the battery.
23:06:02TorCOops... just realized you've got the Clip v2, not clip+. Misread it.
23:06:40TorCAnyone else around who actually knows the Clip v2?
23:07:17semitonesWait i think it is the clip+ v2, maybe not
23:07:28semitoneslet me look at the pictures again :)
23:08:13semitonesTorC: definitely the clip+
23:09:39semitonesSuch a good player −− I hope it survives this. Looks like you can't buy them new any more
23:09:50TorCAFAIK, the first step here is to try letting the battery drain.
23:10:04semitonesthanks −− I'll let that happen
23:10:15TorCNo, you can't, and they've almost doubled in price since they were discontinued.
23:10:35TorC*Actually, sometimes more.
23:11:42semitonesYeah - I know sandisk made something new in that space, but it doesn't look like Rockbox supports it.
23:12:22semitonesHard question to ask, but, is the rockbox project staying current, or are people moving on...?
23:12:28TorCFoolishly I didn't bookmark it, but there's a thread in the forum with a bootloader version that will boot from uSD if the internal flash is bad - and it could be that yours is failing.
23:12:55TorCThe new player in the clip series aren't and won't be supported due to insufficient HW.
23:13:17TorCThere is a whole new set of ports being actively worked on for most of the Sony NW/NWZ players.
23:13:18 Join Senji [0] (~Senji@
23:13:38 Quit Senji (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:13:39semitonesAlright that gives me hope! :)
23:14:03TorCDue to the way they are designed, doing one of them pretty much gives the entire rest of the set for free AIUI.
23:14:22semitonesThanks for your help TorC −− I'll search for that forum thread if it comes to that
23:14:26semitonesCheers :)
23:14:35TorCDo install right away if you can.
23:14:41 Join Senji [0] (~Senji@
23:14:55TorCThat bootloader has to be installed before the nand in the player dies, or you can't install it.
23:15:51semitonesTorC: ok −− so find the bootloader version, then wait 2 days for the battery to drain, then plug into USB and install bootloader with rockbox utility?
23:16:07TorCThere's some work being done on replacing the flash in the players with generic, but nothing conclusive yet.
23:16:52TorCI'm not as sure about the process of installing an updated bootloader. If you run into trouble, come back here and ask.
23:17:14TorCOtherwise, that procedure you outlined is about right.
23:18:17TorCBTW, dongs: What about just moving nand from clipXs with bad screens to players with bad nands? Or do you figure that the nand in players with bad screens is probably too close to dying anyway?
23:18:34semitonesThanks! I'll give it a shot
23:18:47 Quit semitones (Quit: Page closed)
23:19:39 Quit Senji (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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23:43:39__builtinhmm, I want to port SDLPoP
23:43:44__builtinit's a Prince of Persia clone
23:44:55__builtin... but it's GPLv3 :(
23:53:11 Join Senji [0] (~Senji@
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