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#rockbox log for 2017-01-20

00:00:19pamauryah, that means a lot of nesting potentially
00:01:35jhMikeSup to 10
00:02:13*furrywolf isn't familiar enough with the architecture or the systems in question to be of any help
00:02:46jhMikeSams v2 blew up whenever GPIO wasn't at the top (never really knew why)
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00:05:54jhMikeSI didn't try expanding the service stack though.
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00:07:08pamaurythat's worth a try I think
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00:09:23hoshipamaury: how nwz ports are going? is there a ipod nano 5g exploit?
00:09:49chrisjjfurrywolf, re your USB plug/unplug crash related possibly to playlist, you might want to try on a clear install of .rockbox before you do any playback. 'Cos
00:10:17jhMikeSpamaury: The IRQ stack, which irq_handler initially uses, is adequate. worst case: 400 bytes because entry saves 10 words
00:11:14furrywolfchrisjj: I've been though several clear installs, including a complete reformat of the internal storage.
00:12:19chrisjjBut did you try USB before any playback?
00:12:31pamaurychrisjj: we've already ruled out and narrowed down the problem, please don't add any more confusion
00:13:11pamauryhoshi: not much problem, I didn't have time to work on it in the past week
00:13:26chrisjjIf you've ruled out any sensitivity to playlists, I missed that. Sorry.
00:13:32jhMikeSbilgus: btw, you do get keyclicks in USB mode. You could have voice left operating too.
00:13:41hoshiEhh, I wish Nano 5g could be hacked
00:13:52furrywolfchrisjj: yep. it even crashes with no playlist in existence, off a fresh install.
00:14:05chrisjjfuttywolf, if you feel my suggestion of one simple test adds confusion, please do ignore it! ;-)
00:14:13chrisjjAh, got you. Oh well.
00:16:29chrisjjfurrywolf, re your statement that it tries to reload the playlist each time, how do you know it is trying to load the playlist?
00:16:48furrywolfchrisjj: because it says "loading" and a percentage that counts upwards
00:16:49pamauryhoshi: I think it's unlikely anyone is trying to find an exploit on the nano 5g
00:17:04hoshiYeah I know, maybe someday...
00:17:16chrisjjSays Loading... . Doesn't say Loading playlist...
00:17:17hoshiIt's shame that they released 4g exploit so early.
00:17:28jhMikeShaha, presentation mode!
00:17:54furrywolfno, no it doesn't. is it loading something else, that takes longer as the playlist is larger?
00:18:26*pamaury think there is approximatelly -1% chance the problem is related to playlist
00:19:09hoshipamaury: Forums don't works?
00:19:15furrywolfI think something is leaking, possibly the playlist, but it is only showing up due to the unrelated usb issue. which is what I've said all along. :)
00:19:41pamauryhoshi: the server hosting forums has a problem, it's random up and down
00:19:49hoshiOk, thanks
00:20:04bilgusMihail are we doing a revert?
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00:20:36Mihailfurrywolf: try
00:21:15Mihailbilgus: you mean are we break amsv2 usb again? :)
00:21:23bilgusyeah :/
00:22:11pamauryThe old had at least the benefit of being (as far as we know) correct wrt to i2c, we "just" need to find its problem on amsv2
00:22:58pamauryis the clip+ or zip broken if we revert ? I may try it on mine this week-end to see if I can find anything
00:23:12chrisjjfurrywolf, I like that answer much better :-)
00:24:32bilgusno clue on the zip
00:24:36Mihailpamaury: we don't have datasheet for i2c on amsv2 so ...
00:25:02bilgusthe clip+ takes a very long time to enumerate if it ever does
00:28:07pamauryMihail: I mean it's not lock a mutex in an interrupt ;)
00:28:33bilgusI guess thats the 3543v2
00:29:20pamauryat least this i2c code doesn't look too complicated
00:29:23*pamaury goes to bed
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00:34:01furrywolfMihail: sorry for the delay, installing now.
00:35:43furrywolfMihail: doesn't work. freezes at main screen, doesn't enumerate.
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00:49:00*chrisjj wonders if anyone has got recent builds to run on Fuze.
00:49:24furrywolfchrisjj: Mihail made one for me that works.
00:53:43furrywolfdoesn't work
00:53:59furrywolfwhat do you keep changing between this?
00:55:33MihailI try disable interrupts before read and write. So it not problem with mutex but something else
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00:56:00furrywolfso far only the -0 one has worked
00:56:38furrywolfand continues to work - just put it back on
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01:13:35chrisjjfurrywolf, sorry, I meant if anyone has got recent official recent builds to work on Sansa Fuze.
01:14:07MihailIt even more strange as saratoga check it on fuze v1 before:
01:16:19bilgusI bet it is tied with another change then
01:16:44 Join alexweissman [0] (~alexweiss@2001:18e8:2:28b6:cc71:e024:72e9:7fad)
01:16:53bilguswhen you gave hime the v_0 one where did you get base from?
01:16:55Mihailno, as reverting help
01:17:08bilgusoh ok you reverted
01:17:50bilgusis your head current when you did the reversion?
01:19:58Mihailno, I just build:;a=commit;h=ce90c0481a6c7a5a455791e4e7366c589e52b68c
01:22:31*jhMikeS 's Fuze v2 refuses to not work no matter what
01:22:48bilgusso it works?
01:22:57jhMikeSI'm just using HEAD
01:23:53bilgusI assume you mean it doesn't work, Johnb has the fuzeV2 as well
01:23:55jhMikeSwhat do I have to try exactly?
01:24:20bilgususb plug to pc
01:24:39jhMikeScan browse files just fine
01:24:56bilgusas far as I know it is only affecting the Fuzev1
01:25:16bilgussame on my clip+ his patch actually fixed it
01:25:19jhMikeSmine says ams2 variant is "0"
01:25:39jhMikeSI have a clipv1
01:25:46*bilgus is amsv1
01:25:55bilgusthe clipv1 worked as well
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01:26:54bilgusbut Mihail is at 26beb30c155aebc5e6e50366f1cfa34300a8c63a so it isn't anything new
01:27:54bilgussorry AMSV2 var 1
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01:42:10prof_wolfffpamaury, furrywolf: i don't have fuzev1, anyway the designware driver should not affect AMSv1 targets, i could verify if there is something wrong and AMSv1 is affected but it seems better to verify if pre-designware builds shows the same issue on fuze-v1
01:43:08prof_wolfffthere are known OOM issues related to usb connect-disconnect when the playlist is being loaded
01:44:29furrywolfprof_wolfff: Mihail has identified the exact patch that keeps my fuze v1 from connecting, and is trying to figure out why now.
01:45:01prof_wolfffok, thanks, could not read the whole conversation yet
01:47:39furrywolf;a=commit;h=c7daef36c5c75b8541d38cec4793826ab085d5ad some part of that makes usb not work, as it handles the communications for detecting usb and charging.
01:57:58Mihailhave no new idea. I go to sleep. I'll try review it again tomorrow.
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02:03:54jhMikeSyou're locking mutexes in an ISR
02:06:41jhMikeSthis driver can't be non-interrupt based unless you're gonna constantly poll hardware (which is just a waste of cycles)
02:08:17furrywolfyeah, I don't like polling.
02:08:36jhMikeSand it's doing everything it isn't supposed to, like lockout out interrupts for a transfer, which causes audio dropout (even worse case for recording)
02:09:09jhMikeSthe dropouts were a reason for decreasing interrupt latency in the first place, which fixed them but now it's messed up again
02:10:02jhMikeSthat patch breaks a lot of stuff
02:11:56furrywolfunfortunately, that patch apparantly also fixes a bunch of stuff for some other players...
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02:13:56jhMikeSwasn't it just voltage scaling that caused issues? i seem to recall that being the motivation.
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02:19:55furrywolfI have no idea. My first exposure to rockbox was yesterday. :)
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02:54:22furrywolf ... wtf? why is that not $3?
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04:08:20bilgus22AWG Multi-Stranded Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper
04:08:20bilgusBlack Teflon-FEP Insulation
04:08:20bilgusGood Flexibility
04:08:20DBUGEnqueued KICK bilgus
04:08:20bilgusTightly Braided, provides mechanical damping and reduces EMI
04:08:20bilgus −−−−> THIS −−->Experience the impactful bass of copper with the crisps highs of silver
04:08:49furrywolfaudiophiles are often a source of amusement. :)
04:10:11bilgusthat looks like the connector for some very old nokias
04:10:20bilgusno nextel
04:10:54 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
04:10:59furrywolfthe best part is, being chinese, the copper is probably actually aluminum. :P
04:11:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:11:32*furrywolf has bought "oxygen free copper" wire made in china before, and discovered that not only was it oxygen-free, it was copper-free too.
04:12:46furrywolf that was sold as "100% solid oxygen free copper"
04:14:16bilgusI bet that was a bitch to solder w/o flux
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04:14:52furrywolfI haven't soldered it, or used it.
04:15:08furrywolfit might solder fine... there might be .01% or so of copper plating.
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04:40:38bilgusfrom the looks of your site we have pretty similar expertise minus the whole communist theme
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11:13:07duo8wow communism
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20:12:19chrisjjpamaury, ZEN nowdt builds are showing BSoPD on both units tried (unexpected), and occasionally freeze (expected).
20:13:21chrisjjFTR Units G and Q.
20:13:22chrisjjPower key is not being pressed, player is not going idle, power supply is not getting low (units are now on mains power) and there should be no watchdog timer enabled. What else could cause power down?
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20:38:48pamaurychrisjj: I'm a bit puzzled to be honest, you said that the original lcd_fix did not exhibit this problem, and cd8b33327_nowdt is the parent of lcd_fix + nowdt, so I don't understand how all of a sudden the problem now appears
20:39:23pamauryso when it crashes like this (without watchdog), does a power key reset boots the player or do you need to hit the reset button?
20:40:16pamaurys/reset boots/boots/
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