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#rockbox log for 2017-01-23

00:06:09pamauryjhMikeS: why is the cbdata affectation in ascodec_async_init conditional ?
00:06:46jhMikeSto short out setting it if there's no callback since it does nothing then
00:07:05jhMikeSthe inlining should optimize it out
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00:13:56Bilgus_dongs you were trying to verify the pinout of the NAND -> the datasheet furrywolf posted has it on pg 72
00:13:57fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #72 at : correct a typo by Wieland Hoffmann
00:14:21semitonesOk, if after a few days, the clip+ still doesn't do anything when plugged into usb −− does that mean the NAND is dead, and the hardware is no good anymore?
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00:14:45Bilgus_probably not
00:15:04semitoneswhat does it mean then?
00:15:07furrywolfwhen I connected my fuze to my shop stereo today, it made a number of annoyingly loud pops before it started playing. Can the headphones amp be kept powered off until the unit is fully ready to play?
00:15:33Bilgus_furrywolf that is a ground loop
00:15:58Bilgus_or do you mena when you were plugging it?
00:17:01furrywolfI mean from the time I pressed the power button until the time it loaded the playlist and played the track it resumed on
00:17:04Bilgus_semitones how long has the device been unplugged?
00:17:09semitonesActually I get a windows message that the USB drive malfunctioned and windows cannot recognize it...
00:17:18semitonesBilgus_, for 3+ days
00:17:23furrywolfthere's no ground loop on a device with no ground, as it was running off battery
00:17:37furrywolfand ground loops tend to cause 60hz hum, not loud pops.
00:18:30TorCfurrywolf: I get similar from my zip. It buzzes during boot, and makes a couple clicks. Maybe that has to do in part with the volume set.
00:18:37*jhMikeS adds a comment about that conditional then
00:18:48TorC*on the speaker, that is
00:19:26Bilgus_Idk mine does pop when plugged in but you are correct on battery no ground loop
00:20:09Bilgus_semitones try a different port on the pc and hold down the volume + button when you plug it
00:20:17furrywolfthe normal solution is to keep the audio output disconnected until everything is powered up and the buffer is full... keeping the amp powered off is probably the fuze equivalent.
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00:22:11Bilgus_my player the fuze+ pops when plugged in to stereo
00:22:30Bilgus_well when on charger and plugged to stereo
00:22:54furrywolfthis wasn't on charger. running off battery, powered up with the 3.5mm cable connected.
00:23:23Bilgus_<Bilgus_> Idk mine does pop when plugged in but you are correct on battery no ground loop /quote
00:24:04semitonesBilgus_, something happened that time - windows asked to format the drive, and it appears to be 0 bytes...?
00:24:29*pamaury spots fuze+ and slowly disappears so no one can blame him for anything
00:25:03Bilgus_hey the fuze+ is pretty awesome now, esp with that selective keylock
00:25:39Bilgus_compared to the OF it is perfect
00:26:27Bilgus_semitones It usually shows up as a raw partition but not 0bytes
00:28:12semitoneswhat does the vol up button do? Bilgus_
00:28:24Bilgus_makes it load into OF
00:28:50semitonesah kk. Maybe I should give up on this then, it does not seem to cooperate
00:29:29Bilgus_Idk the fact that holding the button up made it boot gives me some hope that the Bootloader is there
00:30:24semitonesok! although I unplugged it and tried again, and now it isn't working. Maybe the battery has to run out a little again
00:30:36Bilgus_un-plug and hold the power button and try re-plugging without holding anything and see if it fails to enumerate again
00:30:52semitonesok, holidng power for 30 s
00:31:07Bilgus_the RB bootloader will not work if the battery is real low
00:31:47semitonesBilgus_, that did the trick
00:31:54Bilgus_(or non existent)
00:31:59semitonesit is asking me to format again, lets see what properties say
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00:32:38furrywolfblah, fat doesn't allow "?" in filenames, does it?
00:32:51semitonesproperties still says 0 bytes. At this point, what should I do? Should I see if rockbox utility sees it?
00:33:02pamauryfurrywolf: probably not
00:33:06Bilgus_NO the rb utility won't
00:33:53furrywolfshould I change the filename of some of my tracks to not match the actual album name, or try to figure out how to force the kernel to write non-valid filenames? :)
00:33:57Bilgus_ok so this time you didn't hold any buttons and when plugged it shows 0 bytes?
00:34:36semitonesIt also only shows one drive, even though there is a microSD plugged into the clip+ as well
00:34:48semitonesbut that's probably expected
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00:35:17Bilgus_oh first remove that sd card after you un-plug and hold the power button again
00:36:07Bilgus_I doubt it will make a difference TBH
00:36:20semitonesno stone unturned. What are we hoping for?
00:37:05semitonesIt shows 0 bytes still
00:37:42Bilgus_was hoping that it'd atleast show the RAW partition
00:38:14Bilgus_but I'd say something is dead and maybe your NAND is just completely dead whereas others were not
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00:39:41Bilgus_well hold on to it for now there may eventually be hope or someone to send it to to get it fixed
00:40:22semitonesOk for sure. Could I give my email address to someone who may eventually want to do something with it? The screen is still good for sure
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00:43:14Bilgus_Idk I'd just toss it in a drawer and check the forums or here next time you think about it
00:43:53Bilgus_I'll eventually have one to futz with
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00:44:55Bilgus_or put it on ebay as not working for parts i think you might get something out of it
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00:47:47furrywolfno, that's not how you use ebay. you put it on ebay as "Untested, as-is". Or at least that's how most sellers seem to list things they know are broken...
00:48:05Bilgus_I'm all for being honest
00:49:13furrywolfI am too, but I've gotten way too many "untested" things that were obviously know to be broken... now I just assume "untested" means "broken" and bid accordingly.
00:50:07Bilgus_agreed or stolen since they don't have a power cord
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03:26:19dongsBilgus_: yes, i got the chips few days ago. been busy. its in the queue of things to do!
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03:42:53Bilgus_has anyone disassembled the clip+ OF?
03:43:18dongspamaury had some ida files.
03:43:36dongsi briefly looked at disassembly while stepping through the romboot but not enough to care about what it was doing
03:54:47Bilgus_I was just wondering if there was anything we were missing when it came to handling the memory on these devices
03:55:51Bilgus_for instance ecc
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04:37:44Bilgus_INTERNAL_AS3525 0 /* embedded SD card */ why does this map to the base of the NAND_BASE_ADDRESS?
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04:44:21Bilgus_nm Advanced Peripheral Bus
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04:54:16Bilgus_So we are using the pl180 to access the NAND on the AS3525? what implications does this have on the actual NAND are we just using defaults then?
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05:00:48Bilgus_funman I see from the forums you have some insight into this
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05:42:50furrywolffor anyone who wants a laugh... the plugs on my usb3.0 adapter card. yes, they're completely symmetrical, with the contact plate perfectly centered. yes, plugs go in just as easily in either direction. no, it doesn't work very well with the shield shorts all four contacts on the card together...
06:00:53furrywolfbbl, wolfy bedtime
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06:11:08Bilgus_I guess they took their own approach to USB-C
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07:22:51johnb3BTW i have 2 fuze v2, one variant 0, one variant 1
07:24:08johnb3semitones: you have to rename it to clppa.bin when you put it on the internal drive.
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07:42:20Bilgus_i think he might be able to short the 'recovery' pins and do what he needs but idk
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09:22:48Hagen_Hallo, how can i get rockbox on my iPod Classic 6th Generation with my MacBook Pro?
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09:57:11funmanBilgus_: this is an empirical discovery
09:57:38funmanafaiu sandisk replaced the nand controller with an sd controller since they didn't have to pay any royalties on it
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12:18:23dongsfunman: thats ok i have working clips as well. tapping some of the nand signals and seeing if they look like, well, nand accesses is also on todo list.
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13:30:32wodzpamaury: How far are you with X1 port?
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13:41:26pamaury_I haven't touched it in a month, not enough time. I have the bootloader running last time I checked but no drivers so it's kind of useless right now
13:41:48pamaury_wodz: ^
13:42:22wodzpamaury_: Can I help with RE somehow?
13:42:40wodzpamaury_: or sony is the priority now?
13:43:10pamaury_at the moment not really, I just need to sit down and write the drivers. If you have timne to investigate the audio issue on Sony's that would helpful. Mostly try aplay
13:43:48pamaury_Ideally, I would like to fix the audio issue on Sony's very very soon, then commit the port, and then people/me can incrementally improve it
13:44:10pamaury_so I can work on the X1 ;)
13:45:30pamaury_strategically, it makes more sense right now to make the Sony port working to have some feedback/users, rather then two ports that are not finished :)
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13:46:02wodzpamaury_: I'd need to know how can I safely play with OF on sony
13:46:21pamaury_wodz: don't touch the bootloader and you'll be fine
13:46:50pamaury_if you wan to touch the bootloader, just don't touch mknwzboot and you'll be fine
13:47:38pamaury_I think with mknwzboot now, you can't brick it unless you change the install script in mknwzboot.
13:47:45wodzpamaury_: Suppose I have 'virgin' device - how do I run something on it (*safely*). Some script or something to explore it?
13:48:25pamaury_ah good question. I have some uncommited code to add this option to the debug menu of the bootloader: you get a choice between running the service menu or an arbitrary script at the root of the device
13:48:37pamaury_this should make it super easy to run arbitrary script
13:48:42pamaury_I'll push it tonight
13:49:12pamaury_(in any case you need to install the bootloader)
13:50:24wodzpamaury_: Ok, then I'll install bootloader once I find some free time.
13:51:26pamaury_wodz: wait until tonight, so I push this "run a script" option. And then yes, you install it once and you can play with it.
13:51:26pamaury_Otherwise there is another obvious option: just replace /.rockbox/ by your favorite script
13:51:42pamaury_but it has some non-obvious drawbacks so I don't recommend it
13:52:09wodzI won't have time tonight so no problem
13:52:18pamaury_ok :)
13:54:16*Bilgus_ wonders if we can enable ECC, if it would even make a difference, and HTH do we verify if it is??
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14:02:09Bilgus_hown the hell
14:03:53pamaury_enable ECC on what ?
14:04:10Bilgus_I assume the clip+ is still using that NAND controller even if we are accessing it by alternate means I'd like set up the controller
14:05:02wodzBilgus_: If you refer to raw nand and sandisk - we have no control over *any* low level feature of sd<->nand bridge. Anyway there is no f*** way to run nand flash without some sort of error correction on - be it BCH or Hamming. ECC is far to weak
14:06:06Bilgus_Ill have to get into it later bbl
14:12:13pamaury_I think this is kind of hopeless. Even if the SD controller somehow exposes vendor specific commands, we'll never find them. I think the best hope is you try the SCSI format command and hope that it completely recreates the FTL structure on the flash
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14:51:30 Join JanC_ [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
14:51:40wodzpamaury_: I am looking a bit on v4l2 radio interface. How rockbox scan actually? v4l2_radio_set() with RADIO_SCAN_FREQUENCY should return true if setting to such freq gives some signal or what? v4l2 uses VIDIOC_S_HW_FREQ_SEEK for that but it is higher level. You ask driver to star seeking up/down next station basically
14:52:39 Quit JanC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
14:52:45 Nick JanC_ is now known as JanC (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
14:53:22pamaurywodz: rockbox has two seeking more iirc: tuning ("set this frequency") and scanning ("start scanning all frequencies until you find a station")
14:54:20pamauryactually maybe not
14:54:22wodzpamaury: reading rockbox si4700.c I doubt that
14:55:06wodzpamaury: The difference seems to be that RADIO_SCAN_FREQUENCY returns bool if it succeeded to find station at requested frequency
14:55:09pamaurythere was some discussion about doing that because scanning is hardware dependent but actually scanning is now done by trying each frequency and asking the driver if it is tuned
14:56:14wodzwell this can be done as well with v4l2 - simply set freq and check RSSI
14:56:15pamauryI expect v4l2 supports tuning to a particular frequency and getting rssi ?
14:56:27pamaurygreat mind think the same at the same time ;)
14:56:51wodzIt should the question how we set the threshold. v4l2 rssi is 0-65535
14:57:24pamauryah, does that correctly to something physical ? Like 65535 encodes to high dB values and it's a linear scale ?
14:59:33wodzhigher = better
15:00:39wodzDocumentation doesn't impose any scale actually.
15:00:50wodzDo we pass frequency in HZ?
15:01:04wodzor kHz or something?
15:01:10wodzpamaury: ^
15:01:22pamauryI think Hz
15:05:13 Quit Moarc (Quit: i znowu NADMUCHAƁ BALONA)
15:05:39pamaurywodz: for RSSI, I see three possible hacks: 1) read driver code and see how RSSI is encoded 2) see if drivers exposes RSSI via /sysfs, 3) access tuner registers directly to get raw rssi
15:06:13 Quit mutnai (Quit: Page closed)
15:06:56 Join Moarc [0] (
15:07:59wodzpamaury: 2) and 3) are actually the same. 1) is hard as it seems __video_do_ictrl() called by sony's driver to take care of standard ioctls is compiled into kernel.
15:08:19 Join skapazzo [0] (~skapazzo@
15:09:43pamaurywell 2 can be more generic if Sony exposes a RSSI for all its tuners whereas 3 is tuner specific. But I don't even know how many different tuners Sony uses
15:10:22wodzI think the only way to find out is to experiment on device
15:17:00 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
15:18:54pamaurywodz (logs): looking at the /etc/rc.d/icx_driver file on A20 (so quite recent and I expect supports all possible configuration), the si470x is the only driver
15:19:36pamauryso I think we can safely assume for now that this is the only tuner used by Sony
15:31:49Bilgus_@wodz: so what you are telling me is everything dealing with the NAND is handled behind the scenes and we just have to write/read and forget?
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15:42:21pamaury_Bilgus_: on the amsv2 soc, there is only a SD interface for use by software (at least that's what rockbox uses). So if the soc is talking directly to a flashm there is some hidden sd<->flash bridge and rockbox has no control over it
15:46:41pamaury_I mean it's pretty much like the ZEN X-Fi3, which has a Phison bridge. Except in this case they seem to have embedded the bridge in the SOC
15:47:00pamaury_those bridge usually don't come with any documentation
15:48:49pamaury_Bilgus_: are you trying to change the flash of a clip+ ?
15:53:26Bilgus_well dongs is doing that AFAIK I was just trying to get up to speed on the mechinisms behind the scenes and wondering if there is anything we are doing that might be making these chips even less robust than they already are but that is an eventual goal yes.
15:54:05Bilgus_I'm sure this tree has already been barked up so to speak judging by the forums
15:56:32pamaury_I think there were plenty of bad flash reported with the OF ? That's what I've heard
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20:16:54edhelashello :)
20:29:20 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~root@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
20:30:20 Join rela_ [0] (
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20:44:46pamauryjhMikeS: here ?
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20:55:00edhelaspamaury: what is hwstub, I see that you're doing some work recently on it, does it also affect the iPod builts ?
20:58:10pamauryit's a piece of code that we usually load in hardware recovery mode to experiment, we script it using lua
21:01:02edhelasok thanks :)
21:25:34 Join rasferret [0] (
21:35:07pamauryany arm expert around ?
21:35:26*pamaury is confused by inconsistent arm documentation
21:41:07 Join mutnai [0] (6db91733@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:41:24jhMikeSpamaury: aye
21:41:31pamauryjhMikeS: ah the savior \o/
21:41:41*jhMikeS is confused
21:41:57pamauryjhMikeS: I have this instruction:
21:41:57pamaurystm r1, {...., pc}
21:42:29pamaurysome doc says it's ok, some says it's unpredictable, some it's implementation defined and pc can get instr pc + 8 or +12
21:43:04pamauryI've tried it on the fuze+ (arm926) and it seems to be PC+12
21:43:28pamauryI can handler +8 or +12 just fine, but I'd like to be sure this is not unpredictable
21:44:00jhMikeSwhat's it for?
21:45:00pamauryin hwstub, to catch data aborts in read/writes
21:45:18pamauryI have a mecanism that looks like setjmp/longjmp
21:47:43jhMikeSit looks like you probably don't want stm with pc in the list
21:49:12pamauryI would really prefer to have it though ;)
21:49:46pamauryand also by curiousity, I'd like to know what is the correct answer
21:52:01 Quit cc___ (Quit: WeeChat 1.6)
21:53:11 Quit girafe (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:55:45 Join petur [0] (
21:55:45 Quit petur (Changing host)
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22:01:10 Quit michaelni (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:01:38 Join michaelni [0] (
22:03:00*pamaury rewrites the code differently
22:03:21furrywolfthat's always better than rewriting it the same
22:07:42pamauryjhMikeS: so basically the only reliable way of getting PC is something like "mov r0, pc" or an add/sub ?
22:30:19 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
22:31:13 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
22:31:34pamauryjhMikeS: are you going to push g#1522 or is there still some discussion on this ?
22:31:35fs-bluebotGerrit review #1522 at : AMS: Return ascodec to interrupt-based I2C2 driver by Michael Sevakis
22:33:10TheLemonManUpdating my clip zip to the latest git build yields a rather interesting "incorrect cpu mode in mutex_lock (0x13 != 0x1F)"
22:33:31furrywolfTheLemonMan: latest git does that on my fuze too
22:33:39lebelliumon my clip+ too
22:33:41pamauryyes we know
22:33:45lebelliumthat's it, everyone could complain
22:33:47furrywolfI mentioned it yesterday... I was told it was mihail's bug
22:34:08 Join amayer [0] (
22:34:24pamauryit is
22:34:46TheLemonManpitchforks hear no reasons
22:35:33furrywolfTheLemonMan: I downloaded the 1/20 build instead, for the testing I was doing.
22:37:13 Join girafe [0] (
22:37:44TheLemonManI wonder why it is in SWI mode though
22:38:48pamauryamsv2 runs IRQ in svc mode
22:39:12*pamaury realize that's a weird sentence
22:40:16pamauryimmediately after entering IRQ, it switches to SVC and re-enables interrupts (so that interrupts can be nested)
22:45:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:46:56__builtinaha, I figured out an annoying bug
22:47:15__builtinSDL_image doesn't actually decode the images... it just calls a library function to do it
22:50:21furrywolfany thoughts on the playlist navigation speed bug?
22:52:38pamaurywhat is this bug ?
22:53:25furrywolfI have around 3900 tracks on my playlist. the further down you are in the playlist, the slower it scrolls, until the last 10% or so is essentially inaccessible, as acceleration has stopped working, and it takes several seconds to scroll down each line.
22:54:34 Join Mihail [0] (25d4b85c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:54:54MihailjhMikeS: I don't have problems with g#1522. If you also don't have problems - commit it.
22:54:55fs-bluebotGerrit review #1522 at : AMS: Return ascodec to interrupt-based I2C2 driver by Michael Sevakis
22:55:31pamauryfurrywolf: sounds like some quadratic loop reading the playlist from the beginning every time
22:55:40furrywolfpamaury: quite possibly.
22:56:07*pamaury knows nothing about playlist
22:56:16*furrywolf knows even less
22:58:59 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:59:26pamaurya quick look at playlist_viewer.c suggests that: playlist_viewer_ex() calls gui_synclist_draw() that calls playlist_callback_name() to get the name of each item to display, that calls playlist_buffer_get_track() with the track numbe
22:59:37pamauryI suspect playlist_buffer_get_track() does a linear scan of the playlist file
23:00:50 Quit thomasjfox (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
23:01:31pamaurythere is this interesting comment:
23:01:31pamaury the name_buffer is probably too small to store enough
23:01:31pamaury titles to fill the screen, and preload data in the short
23:01:31DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
23:01:31pamaury direction.
23:01:49pamauryarg, irc ate the first line:
23:01:49pamauryThis really shouldn't happen. If this happens, then
23:02:11pamauryIf this happens then scrolling performance will probably
23:02:11pamaury be quite low, but it's better then having Data Abort errors
23:02:30 Join jhMikeS [0] (
23:03:43jhMikeSMihail: I tweaked it some more. 1) Locking cpu_boost correctly 2) alter the system init so it doesn't use threading stuff too early
23:03:58 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:05:18CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:05:18*jhMikeS wants to know if he should ditch core voltage readout or put it somewhere better than CPU Frequency
23:05:34furrywolfalso needs a patch not to pull more than 100ma until it either negotiates for 500ma or gives up and decides it's on a wall charger
23:06:30furrywolfsince I think that's why my player was annoying Mihail's code
23:06:43furrywolfnotably, it doesn't do it when connected to a 500ma port.
23:07:11Bilgus_furrywolf have you tried tweaking your scroll settings yet?
23:07:28pamauryfurrywolf: does your host report over current ?
23:07:32furrywolfno. it does not seem like the type of thing that would be a setting, but rather a bug or design issue.
23:07:49pamauryif it does not, it is unlikely to be the problem, in practice most USB hosts are very tolerant about the 100mA limit
23:08:36furrywolfpamaury: no, but watching the adc screen shows vbus dropping to 4.2 and chg_in dropping to 4.1, which is below the charger setpoint of 4.2, and probably why charge current is dropping low enough to generate endofch interrupts.
23:09:30furrywolfthe two places on this laptop that I connected it to were a usb 2 pcmcia card, which only officially has 100ma ports, and a bus-powered hub...
23:09:37pamaurysounds more like a poor charge pump on the host side
23:09:54MihailjhMikeS: probably better move get_cpu_voltage() to debug-as3525.c?
23:10:00pamauryprobably the usb port cannot sustain 100mA at 5V and thus the voltage drops
23:10:06Bilgus_Well if you would please change the settings in Settings >General Settings> Display> Scrolling and see if the behavior changes so I have at least a chance to narrow it down
23:10:21jhMikeSMihail: which screen in particular?
23:10:52chrisjjpamaury, re your "I don't know", then I'm puzzled by you saying you 'don't understand how all of a sudden the problem now appears'.
23:11:06Mihailon boost as now
23:11:09jhMikeSwhich thing that has HAVE_ADJUSTABLE_CPU_VOLTAGE is also a AMS v1?
23:11:38jhMikeSMihail: you're saying keep it there?
23:12:14furrywolfpamaury: yes and no... it might be able to sustain 100ma just fine, but the charger is fixed at 200ma, plus load of the system itself.
23:12:26furrywolfper usb spec, it shouldn't pull >100ma until negotiating for more
23:12:37furrywolfit's probably pulling 250ma or more
23:12:55jhMikeSfurrywolf: true, but you usually can't negotiate with a charger
23:12:58pamaurychrisjj: I don't see the problem
23:13:07furrywolfno, so if it doesn't enumerate, crank it up full. :)
23:13:08pamaurychrisjj: (I mean your problem)
23:13:13chrisjjpamaury: ISTM some change between the two versions has cause the problem. And the problem's appearance looks sudden only because none of the intermediate builds were tested on ZEN.
23:13:36pamauryfurrywolf: in practice, it means you have to wait until you are enumerated, and that happens very quickly
23:13:55MihailjhMikeS: keep on boost screen but move get_cpu_voltage() form system-as3525.c to debug-as3525.c
23:14:09jhMikeSMihail: ah, okay
23:14:13chrisjjMy problem is your recent builds suffer from BSoPO on ZEN.
23:14:17pamauryalso as soon at it will be enumerated, it will start to draw 250mA (or as much as it can)
23:14:47furrywolfBilgus_: which setting in there exactly? the first couple I poked at seem to be for scrolling long titles on the screen, not the user scrolling up and down on the playlist.
23:14:47chrisjjpamary: Is this ZEN BSoPO the problem you say you don't see?
23:16:43pamaurychrisjj: I'm puzzled because 1) I don't know what's causing the power down, and 2) you tested lcd_fix, claims it work, tested the parent of lcd_fix, claims it doesn't work, but lcd fix cannot be related to the problem, also I sent you a new build of lcd_fix and you claim it doesn't work
23:16:48pamaurythus that's puzzling
23:17:20chrisjjpamary: Is this ZEN BSoPO the problem you say you don't see?
23:17:36pamaurybut, with the finding that jhMikeS discovered about frequency scaling, that could change everything
23:18:20pamauryNo I don't see why you don't understand I find it puzzling :)
23:18:28chrisjjAh, got you.
23:18:45furrywolfhrmm, it did something different now. scrolling failed and became really slow around track 3700 (of 3903), but after letting it sit a bit, then it scrolled faster.
23:19:10MihailjhMikeS: are you sure that we really need mutex_lock in set_cpu_frequency()? AFAIK we shouldn't call set_cpu_frequency() directly, only though cpu_boost.
23:20:18Bilgus_Paged scrolling
23:20:34furrywolfalso, I have some mp3s that won't play. is it worth trying to figure out why?
23:20:49chrisjjpamaury: Does this 'new build of lcd_fix' contain any other changes from the original?
23:20:59furrywolfthey get (ERR) prepended to the track name
23:21:08pamaurychrisjj: could you test the latest dev build ?
23:21:35chrisjjYes, but I'd first like to understand where we are.
23:21:36jhMikeSMihail: it does need serialization, yes. I moved it up a level in a new patch
23:22:09 Quit rasferret (Quit: Yaaic - Yet another Android IRC client -
23:22:22pamaurychrisjj: not that I am aware but evidence shows different apparently. Or the problem is more or less random
23:22:28jhMikeSMihail: so, cpu_boost needs the serialization. I reconciled that between portal player and AMS. I just haven't pushed the patch yet
23:22:34Bilgus_gui_sync_list holds around >10000 items in my testing and somewhere less than 60000 but I suspect it is either paged scrolling accelerated scrolling causing a problem
23:23:00pamaurychrisjj: we discovered a very problematic bug related to frequency scaling this week-end, I'd like to know if this explains the problem or not
23:23:05chrisjjSo the new lcd_fix was built from the exact same sources as the old?
23:23:27furrywolfthe scrolling issue is... odd. now it only does it the first time I scroll past a certain spot in the playlist, after a reboot.
23:23:34pamaurychrisjj: as far I know yes
23:23:50furrywolfif I wait 10 seconds after it starts doing it before I scroll down further, then it scrolls at normal speed.
23:24:30furrywolfif I keep trying to force it to scroll, then it keeps being slow.
23:24:36jhMikeSfurrywolf: are you playing music while doing this?
23:25:02chrisjjpamaury: the original lcd_fix was 45697a0bf-161212 . What was the new lcd_fix? You didn't ID any as such upon issue.
23:25:03furrywolfoh well, now that I figured out how to make it work, it's much less annoying.
23:25:06jhMikeShmmm...maybe PCM is getting low and prioritizing the codec thread?
23:25:13Bilgus_does it do better with paged scrolling enabled?
23:25:19pamaurychrisjj: so I think that we need to 1) try latest dev build, see if it fixes the problem, and if it does not, 2) go back to a much ealier commit, make 200% sure it's good and bisect
23:25:44furrywolfI'm not sure. paged scrolling was so bloody annoying than I turned it off. the worst part was the selection would be at a random spot on the screen after it scrolled.
23:25:55*furrywolf reboots and turns it on
23:26:03chrisjjSounds good. Still I'd like to know which two lcd_fix builds we're talking about. If only so I don't miss a flaw in the test setup.
23:26:48furrywolffeat req: parameters for scrolling long titles automatically, and parameters for scrolling long screens based on user input, should be separate submenus.
23:27:46furrywolfno, paged scrolling doesn't affect it. it still bogs down around track 3700. it's much faster overall, however.
23:27:50pamaurychrisjj: rockbox_zen_8e82839f_lcdfix == lcdfix if I've got my memory straight
23:28:18MihailjhMikeS: in this case - why not add muxet_lock directly to cpu_boost()?
23:28:56Bilgus_I was working on a sync list that allows piecemeal loading of lists but its a pain in the ass to make the scrollbar touch scrolling work properly so it is on a back burner
23:28:58chrisjjpamaury: OK, thanks - that fits. And which is 'the parent of lcd_fix'?
23:29:13pamaurychrisjj: 8e82839f as I recall
23:29:30jhMikeSMihail: that's what I did but in a way that different target choose their own method. PP uses a spinlock.
23:29:54furrywolfis there an option to eliminate the three spaces to the left of the index, to show more of the track title at once?
23:30:05Mihailah, ok
23:30:12 Join [Saint] [0] (~sinner@rockbox/staff/saint)
23:30:30 Quit mutnai (Quit: Page closed)
23:30:47chrisjjpamaury: 8e82839f is the same number you gave me for the new lcdfix. Surely the same build cannot be lcd_fix AND the parent of lcd_fix?
23:30:51Bilgus_furrywolf I suspect it is the algo for accelerated scrolling, did you say it still did it when not playing music as well?
23:31:16pamaurychrisjj: rockbox_zen_8e82839f_lcdfix is 8e82839f+lcdfix
23:31:28Bilgus_I take it you have icons turned off?
23:31:39furrywolfit's acting like it's bogging down thinking about something, causing the accelerating scrolling to miss input. but that's just my guess based on how it feels.
23:31:53pamaury8e82839f is parent of original lcdfix
23:32:05furrywolfonce I wait, then it scrolls normally until next time I reboot. is there some caching going on?
23:33:05Bilgus_hmm not in the sync list that I know of but it could be as far as the SD-Card is concerned
23:33:36furrywolfoh, I see. the space to the left of the index is reserved for showing the little green musical note. is there a way to make the little green musical note a one-pixel vertical bar? :)
23:33:40Bilgus_and in that case I doubt it can be fixed
23:34:36furrywolfand can you set the playlist font to a different font than the menus?
23:34:59furrywolfalso, I'm guessing font hinting isn't implemented? lol
23:35:06[Saint]Yes. But not trivially.
23:35:27[Saint]And no.
23:36:18[Saint]You can define fonts on a per-viewport and per-screen basis.
23:36:37[Saint]but this is goverened by the theme engine and has no front-end in userspace.
23:37:09[Saint]and, regarding icons...same thing.
23:37:38[Saint]that is also governed by the theme engine and can be adjusted, but again this has no front-end in userspace.
23:37:49furrywolfI just have really long filenames, and want to minimize horizontal scrolling.
23:38:26furrywolf"Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner (2016) - 03 - The Wreck Of S.S. Needle.mp3" etc
23:38:40[Saint]you can disable automatic scrolling period, if you wish.
23:38:46chrisjjpamary: OK, got you. FTR, the version in is 8e82839feM-170110.
23:39:00[Saint]also - wow, that file naming schema is nuts.
23:39:23chrisjjpamaury: OK, got you. FTR, the version in is 8e82839feM-170110.
23:39:47furrywolfno, manual scrolling, where I scroll right so I can see which track it is. heh.
23:39:47__builtinyou can TAB-complete in most clients, ya' know?
23:40:07Bilgus_wb saint
23:40:10[Saint]why are your filenames so verbose?
23:40:23furrywolf[Saint]: nuts? that was standard on a ftp server I was on waaaay back when, and I've kept it.
23:40:44furrywolfbecause from looking at just the filename, you can tell the artist, album, etc.
23:41:12[Saint]it only really makes any sense if you have your files in the "shit everything into a single directory" organization scheme IMO.
23:41:21furrywolfwhen you have tens of thousands of tracks in a playlist, looking at just the track name tells you about nothing.
23:41:39[Saint]If you have your media organized in a sane fashion that information is derived from the directory structure.
23:41:53pamaurychrisjj: yes I know
23:42:05furrywolfI have nice directory structure too. that track is in "Cult of Luna/Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner (2016)/"
23:42:10[Saint]"/music/artist/album/disk */**-track.ext"
23:42:42furrywolfyeah, you do that, then when you can only see filenames, you have no idea what you're looking at, you can't sort the playlist in any sane fashion, etc.
23:42:47*__builtin has about 1 track, so no need for names :P
23:42:49[Saint]IMO there's absolutely no reason for a filename to be that information-dense.
23:43:28chrisjjpamaury: OK... but I though you might not, since you didn't mention 8e82839feM-170110.
23:43:37furrywolfI even have a script to magically fix tracks like you name them. :P
23:43:47[Saint]Or, at the very least, put the relevant information first.
23:43:52furrywolfmv -v "03. The Wreck Of S.S. Needle.mp3" "Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner (2016) - 03 - The Wreck Of S.S. Needle.mp3"
23:44:06[Saint]the first half of your filenames are functionally useless for most use cases.
23:44:10Bilgus_and __builtin's one track is a soundtrack from a video game
23:44:10furrywolf(it fixes a lot of other things too... I like my script)
23:44:22pamaurychrisjj: 8e82839fe + lcdfix = 8e82839feM, I cherry picked the lcd code without commit
23:44:22__builtinBilgus_: how did you know?
23:44:37Bilgus_lucky guess
23:45:36chrisjjpamaury: I just now guessed that :) but thanks for the confirmation.
23:45:39[Saint]regarding viewing of playlists, I have a playlistviewer in my themes that scrapes that information from metadata personally.
23:46:23[Saint]I guess it's subjective but I see very little reason to ever have much more than the track number and track title in the filename.
23:46:26chrisjjTesting ZEN latest fev build (28bf763-170121) now.
23:46:28pamaurychrisjj: I also had a look at the code for frequency scaling on stmp3700 and datasheet and there is a potential issue there. On the ZEN and ZEN Mozaic, memory frequency scaling is disabled. Thus it can happen than CPU runs at 64 MHz, VDD at 1.05V but EMI at 130MHz. That's find on STMP3780 because the EMI power ram is a separate VDDMEM, but on STMP3700 it is VDD. And the datasheet recommends a VDD of at least 1.2V at 130MHz. The current code is
23:46:28pamaury clearly breaking this
23:46:30 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:46:38pamaury*ZEN and ZEN X-Fi
23:46:52furrywolf"09-sreaming_females-it's_not_fair.mp3" becomes "Screaming Females - Rose Mountain (2015) - 09 - It's Not Fair.mp3", etc. it not only re-structures the name, it fixes non-space space characters, lack of capitalization, bad punctuation (its will become It's, etc), and idiotic crap like filename#[[DoofusRippers9000]]#.mp3
23:46:54pamaury*power rail
23:47:16Bilgus_furrywolf you can set the scroll time real low I guess but that would get super annoying or you can hold the right key and make the whole damn list scroll
23:47:26furrywolfyes, I've just been scrolling right.
23:47:51furrywolfI guess I should finish my automatic name shortening code... I started adding a mode to my script to generate short names for sticking on portable devices.
23:47:52chrisjjPamaury: Funny that. Only a week after I was bugging you about DFS :)
23:48:32pamaurywell it's a subtle different between STMP3700 and STMP3780
23:49:23[Saint]furrywolf: ...yeah, I dunno man, I just use MusicBrainz Picard for this as it does a much better job and does all of what you've stated and more automagically.
23:49:28pamauryI don't know if that explains it, but it's worth trying to change the VDD voltage at 64MHz on STMP3700 to not go below 1.2V and see if it makes a different
23:49:33chrisjjpamaury: And I wonder if this VDD issue fits with the fact I found most BSoPDs when trying to charge from empty battery.
23:49:45[Saint]I've used MusicBrainz Picard for the better part of a decade and never saw any reason to reinvent the wheel.
23:50:10pamaurychrisjj: possibly, I don't know
23:50:14furrywolfheh, actually, I got my name-shortening mostly working... I forgot! lol
23:50:16furrywolfcp -v "Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner (2016) - 03 - The Wreck Of S.S. Needle.mp3" "/tmp/mp3/TheWreckOfS.S.Needle (Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner (2016) - 03 - The Wreck Of S.S. Needle).mp3"
23:50:21 Quit Bilgus_ (Remote host closed the connection)
23:50:43pamauryit might be that the RAM is perfectly happy running at 130MHz @ 1.05V, or it might be that's crapping out randomly ^^
23:51:05[Saint]furrywolf: Perhaps you should look into it. Seems like your solution revolves around the metadata or filename being correct to begin with. MusicBrainz Picard doesn't need any hinting from either filename or metadata to tag correctly.
23:51:24[Saint]It's perfectly capable of deriving that information from contect and audio signature.
23:51:30furrywolfI ignore metadata entirely, because it's correct about 1% of the time.
23:51:53 Join Bilgus_ [0] (~Bilgus@gateway/tor-sasl/bilgus)
23:51:55furrywolfthe vast majority of people ripping cds do not bother setting it correctly, if at all.
23:51:55[Saint]...because you don't use a sane distributed tagger.
23:51:58[Saint]that's why. ;)
23:52:35[Saint]Give it a look before you knock it my man. My entire point is that what it's tagged with initially isn't relevant.
23:53:01[Saint]It pulls from record industry DBs and a metric shitload of other verifiable sources.
23:53:12[Saint]Relying on humans is a mugs game, indeed. So I don't.
23:53:35furrywolfalso, my script is smart enough to take track lists from various sources (just about any website that will list the tracks in the correct order) and match it to the filenames, using fuzzy matching, for when you get an album where the idiot ripping it didn't even bother with track numbers...
23:54:09[Saint]Seems like you've just reinvented the wheel and made about 1/8th of a MusicBrainz Picard.
23:54:36furrywolfit will also rename tracks to an ultra-short format, which I wrote for the display on my work van's head unit... "ThWrckOfS.S.Ndl"
23:54:55furrywolfI never finished selection of output format though... I should finish it.
23:55:28[Saint]MBP can also do that, based on user defined rules with regex parsing.
23:55:35[Saint]You really should give it a look...
23:55:59furrywolfit looks annoyingly gui
23:56:23[Saint]Ah. You're one of those. I see.
23:56:55[Saint]Personally I don't ming a GUI driven solution as long as it Just Works (TM).
23:58:27furrywolfalso, mine has humorous messages, like "Please kill the person who put the numbers at the end of the filename." (yes, it automatically recognizes and fixes that, too)

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