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#rockbox log for 2017-01-26

00:00:50Bilgus_wrap the tip in solder and dip it in flux before you turn it on then place over something that molten solder won't hurt
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00:08:13amazoniantoadBilgus_, will do. I'm going to start on it in a little bit.
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00:22:46chrisjjpamaury, ren the ZEN wiki article bootloader, I added the new version:
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01:13:06__builtinhow are plugin libraries linked?
01:16:10__builtinare they part of the core?
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01:30:08chrisjjfurrywolf, were all your failed Shuffle -> Yes attempts made through the Quick Screen?
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02:04:46jhMikeS__builtin: part of the core when used by the core
02:05:50__builtinhmm. ok
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02:07:23__builtinI could probably (ab)use overlays to make SDL dynamically loadable from multiple plugins, right?
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02:08:30jhMikeS__builtin: I have never used overlay stuff
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04:10:36dunxhi, i added some tracks to my device, but for some reason, i am unable to see them in the database. they're clearly there, because i can access and play them with the file manager on the device. how does one refresh the database on the device?
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05:24:33saratoga_dunx: do you see any tracks in the database?
05:25:46dunxsaratoga_: it lists one album that i added the first time.
05:26:10saratoga_but it doesn't see the new album you added?
05:26:15dunxbut now i have other albums and tracks, and it won't show them.
05:26:24dunxsaratoga_: exactly.
05:27:08saratoga_IIRC it should automatically update
05:27:14saratoga_but i don't regularly use the database
05:28:38dunxhmm, is there a "correct" place to put the tracks?
05:29:18dunxcurrently i just place them all in a folder called "Music" at the root of the disk, connwcted over Mtp.
05:31:17dunxah i found an option in settings. auto-updating it was set to off...
05:35:43saratoga_it shouldn't matter where you put the files, although if you use MTP the file names will often get screwed up
05:35:54saratoga_plus MTP tends to be pretty slow
05:38:59dunxi don't have a CF card reader atm. but my problem has been solved, so...
05:42:01saratoga_not sure i understand
05:43:20dunxi mean, having a CF card reader for the player's drive (a CF card) would be faster, right
05:44:01saratoga_I guess if you can remove the CF card somehow
05:44:09saratoga_i just meant using MSC would be faster than MTP
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06:54:23ThoranagaI have two Creative Zen devices ( 4GB and 8GB European version) and they work fine with 2014 bootloader and with firmware_zen_lcd . No lockups just one or two crashes when adding files to database, but nohting to worry about. .
06:58:33ThoranagaThe Zen 8Gb version shows white screen( for 100 -200msec ) when booting , before loading bootloader and when shutting down but after that everithing works as expected .
07:03:14Thoranaga The Zen 4Gb device keepd frezeezing with stock OF but with rockbox everything runs smoothly .
07:03:41ThoranagaThank you all who developed this project !
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09:38:47wodzprof_wolfff: I have bad news. I resurected my n2g, installed HEAD build of rockbox and I still have issues with usb. Not as severe as was before designware driver rework. Device enumerates but fails on copying files. I can copy in apple disk mode without problems so this is not hardware problem.
09:41:17wodzprof_wolfff: Could it be g#843 case?
09:41:18fs-bluebotGerrit review #843 at : Fix cache coherency on ARM940T (and other ARMv4T cores). by Michael Sparmann
10:18:55wodzTheSeven: ping
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11:19:50wodzok, with g#843 my n2g does not mount
11:19:51fs-bluebotGerrit review #843 at : Fix cache coherency on ARM940T (and other ARMv4T cores). by Michael Sparmann
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12:44:22chrisjjpamaury, you might be interested to know that two RBed ZENs here (G, Q) wake the backlight when a jack is inserted. Three others (P, L and M) don't. FWIW, M is on internal power and the others on external.
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14:50:31chrisjjThoranaga, thanks for the report. How did you determine that your ZENs are European version? e.g. firmware version number? Territory of purchase? Something else?
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14:56:47prof_wolfffwodz: the cache_range issue is solved on the designware driver by not using commit/discard_dcache_range on s5l8701 (it commits/discards the whole cache), there was some issues on s5l8701 about EPROTO_ERROR, it seems that errors on physical layer are not correctly handled by the USB PHY and corrupted data is introduced into rx FIFOs, i didn't found a way to identify these situations (i.e. some status register or an USB PHY interrupt)
14:56:47prof_wolfff , really i dont know if such thing exists because s5l8702 does not show this issue, so the workaround tries to identify these situations and flushes the FIFOs
14:58:08prof_wolfffwodz: the workaround works well on my nano2g, tested mainly on linux, i will try to do more exhaustive tests on next days
14:59:04wodzprof_wolfff: For me the driver fails quite early during files copying (like a couple of megabates is enough to trigger).
14:59:21prof_wolfffusing windows?
14:59:34wodzprof_wolfff: linux, two different machines
14:59:56prof_wolfffis there any unusual trace on dmesg logs
15:01:01prof_wolfffi tried it reading/writing the whole flash (2gb on my model) various times with no issues, but i will try to do more testing next weekend
15:03:11wodzprof_wolfff: scrap that, this is on build with g#843
15:03:13fs-bluebotGerrit review #843 at : Fix cache coherency on ARM940T (and other ARMv4T cores). by Michael Sparmann
15:04:51wodzprof_wolfff: I'll post dmesg log when I get home
15:06:07prof_wolfffok, i will try the latest git next weekend, i it goes well on my nano then i could try to add debug traces to the driver so you can probe it to get more info
15:06:54wodzprof_wolfff: Sure. Hopefully it will not trash FTL on the unit again :-)
15:08:34Bilgus_IN the Voice Strings if I add a conditional say under *: "" does that screw up the lang strings? Do I need to instead add it to the end of the LANG file?
15:09:11Bilgus_Actually it would be all the headings <source>, <dest>, <voice>
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15:25:20pamaury_chrisjj: could you try this bootloader on your various ZEN ?
15:25:20pamaury_more precisely: this bootloader dumps all regiter on boot and wrtes them to a file called stmp3700_reglist.txt on the internal storage. I would appreciate if you can send me those files for at least the unit that fails all the time (N ?) and another one
15:27:53pamaury_for reference, this corresponding code is g#1536
15:27:54fs-bluebotGerrit review #1536 at : stmp3700: dumps registers on boot in a file (DONT PUSH) by Amaury Pouly
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16:20:11Thoranagachrisjj: How did you determine that your ZENs are European version? -> by firmware name "e" version .
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18:52:55chrisjjpamaury: Here are the register dumps.
18:53:45chrisjj from ZEN N, the unit on which .rockbox launch usually crashes with a data abort.
18:54:32chrisjj from ZEN AC, a unit on which .rockbox runs without any problem found, though not soak-tested.
18:56:10chrisjjThoranaga, Do you know the firmware at time of new purchase said "e"?
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19:14:00Thoranagachrisjj ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_20_02e updated later by me to ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e
19:17:01Thoranagachrisjj That is for the 4GB Zen ! As for the 8GB I do not have records as I installed Rockbox very quickly.
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19:38:32chrisjjThoranaga, Thanks. To view a Rockboxed ZEN's OF version number, hold Play while turning on.
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19:51:06Thoranagachrisjj v1.20.02_0.3.1 for the 8Gb Zen . They are second hand units .This unit had denmark language selected so I presume european also .
19:51:24 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
20:02:26pamaurychrisjj: thanks, I'll have a look at the dumps see if anything stands out
20:08:58 Quit Thoranaga (Quit: Page closed)
20:14:24[Saint]Incedentally, isn't the OF version reported in Rockboxinfo and/or debug?
20:14:48[Saint]If it can be grabbed that easily via the bootloader...well, yeah.
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20:22:17johnb3Mihail: Is the one I should continue testing or do you have some changes in mind?
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20:51:42chrisjjThoranaga, thanks. Yes then I think it safe to count your two units as European.
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21:32:39wodzprof_wolfff: pure HEAD failing on my n2g
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21:55:54pamaurychrisjj: the only difference I found between the two devices is RAM size. Unit N has 64MB while Unit AC has 32MB.
21:56:13pamauryI have never seen a ZEN with 64MB before but it shouldn't be a problem since Rockbox is configured to use 32MB
21:56:41pamauryso a priori I would say this is not the source of the problem
21:56:58[Saint]Generally speaking the geographic location of a hardware product's sale or manufacture makes very little difference, although in some instances it certainly can.
21:57:24[Saint]European units are usually only distinct for the reason of having a specific firmware because of EU volume regulation standards.
21:57:49pamaurybut since I was not aware that ZEN with 64MB even existed, it is possible that there are other hardware difference that matters, I don't know
21:58:04[Saint]generic substitutions with like-or-similar ICs are very common, even among units in the same production batch.
21:58:26[Saint]But in my experience the substitutions very rarely require specific handling and are just drop-in replacements.
21:59:22[Saint]Probably just relating to the fabricator running out of part X and swapping it out for "functionally identical part Y".
22:04:12pamaurywell there is clearly special handling here
22:04:27pamaurythe OF initialises 64MB of memory instead of 32
22:04:48pamaurythat suggest it's not just part substitution
22:06:12*[Saint] nods
22:06:29 Join shdwprince [0] (~textual@
22:06:42[Saint]Makes me wonder for what reason.
22:07:37[Saint]Like you say, if it was just a substitution they would just throw in 64MB and keep treating it like it was 32MB.
22:08:40pamauryI see two possible explanation: the RAM init code is capable of and goes to the effort of probing RAM size, detects 64MB and use it. Or it's a model variant.
22:08:53[Saint]Perhaps the developers of the OF just thought they might as well make use of the full potential a substituted part from a different fabricator?
22:09:19pamaurythat would make sense
22:10:12[Saint]It may or may not even be deliberate, that didn't occur to me but you're probably right. It's likely smart enough to simply make use of the available RAM it can initiate.
22:10:35[Saint]That's not a particularly difficult problem to solve in software.
22:10:55*[Saint] is once again foiled by simple logic
22:13:23pamauryI could check the RAM init code, but it's long and tedious
22:13:50pamauryit's doesn't make much sense to probe RAM size in embedded systems though, if you already know which size you have
22:24:59*pamaury thinks he needs to have the units in his hands to understand the problem
22:28:10[Saint]or perhaps the space between the chair and keyboard. :p
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22:30:33Bilgus_anyone have any objections? In backlight timeouts we have ON, OFF, 1s... I want to call them ALWAYS, NEVER, 1s...
22:31:01 Join xorly [0] (
22:34:37Bilgus_Also no one ever answered me.. under LANG_NEVER I have lcd_sleep: "Never" if I instead make it *:"Never" do I need to put it at the end of the language file or can I just add it without screwing up lang strings?
22:35:55 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:41:39Bilgus_Chrisjj: how many Sony Mp3 players do you own, and have you had?
22:45:51__builtina statistical estimate on my part would be 33 or so
22:46:47lebelliumCreative or SOny?
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22:47:14__builtinI assume Bilgus_ meant creative
22:47:54pamauryBilgus_: iirc, you must not remove a string, or it will break horribly. Not sure about changing it's pre-condition
22:48:21Bilgus_So try and see then I guess
22:48:34pamaurymaybe the wiki has some info
22:48:56pamauryI think the problem is about voice files
22:49:05pamauryif you change the lang file, you'll break voices
22:49:11pamauryyou don't want to break voices
22:50:31pamaury"When updating a language, you are asked to solely change the dest and voice strings. Changing id, source or desc will either break-up everything or turn the subsequent update job into real pain. "
22:50:34Bilgus_already there :)
22:51:24pamauryyou could deprecate the old string
22:51:56Bilgus_and then put the new one at the end??
22:52:06pamauryyeah, I think it's the proper way
22:53:05Bilgus_but then won't the ID clash with the new one??
22:53:13pamauryBilgus_: to be fair though, a quick git log on lang files suggests the rule was broken already
22:54:41pamauryso you might go for it and just change the entry, if it breaks anything, it will only add to the existing breakage so...
22:54:48Bilgus_lol ok
22:54:54pamaurygevaerts: any thoughts ?
22:55:09 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:55:40gevaertsAbout language things?
22:55:51gevaertsNot a lot, I've never done much with those
22:56:04gevaertsI believe rasher has been the resident expert at times
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