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#rockbox log for 2017-01-28

00:01:49furrywolfI can only imagine cfdisk is broken, or it's being helpful and actually inspecting the filesystem, despite reporting it as the partition type, and your interacting with it as a hex partition type. I'm suspecting broken.
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00:03:08pamaurywodz: /contents/
00:03:16wodzpamaury: thanks
00:03:19pamauryif you don't redirect output
00:03:24*furrywolf makes a note to use fdisk, not cfdisk
00:03:26pamauryit will appear in rockbox.log
00:03:27pamaurywodz: ^
00:03:35pamaurythat where the bootloader redirects everything
00:03:41pamaurybut of course you can redirect to your own file
00:03:42wodzpamaury: Ah, that is helpful
00:03:51*wodz tries
00:04:21pamaurywodz: note that / is mounted read-only, but /contents is mounted read-write, so in theory you can't break anything
00:05:20pamaurydys: looking at the PCB, I'm sure sure the little chip is on the same bus as the big one
00:05:44pamaurybut it's hard to follow all the tracks
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00:05:57wodzpamaury: I do have something in rockbox.log by default which looks like related to alsa
00:07:34amazoniantoadBilgus, just soldered the wires to the audio jack
00:07:38pamaurywodz: what is it ?
00:07:39amazoniantoadSeems to have worked nicely
00:08:00amazoniantoadGoing to get wiring for powering the bluetooth device and solder that next.
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00:10:24Bilgususe the wire in the other half of he patch cord
00:10:27pamaurywodz: it's possible I left some code that calls "amixer" to dumps all audio controls somewhere
00:10:38pamaurywodz: does your script runs correctly ?
00:10:41Bilguswhite becomes the black and red will be red
00:11:12wodzpamaury: <- first attempt on aplay -l and amixer scontents
00:11:57pamaurylooks familiar
00:12:15pamauryI've noticed that I can't open the alsa pcm device until I set 'Codec Power' to 'on'
00:12:20amazoniantoadBilgus, thanks for the advice!
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00:23:38wodzpamaury: /proc/fm/rX indeed contain si470x registers
00:27:39wodzpamaury: no rds registers
00:28:34dyspamaury: I saw some action on DO while the big chip had its CS high, so this also indicates something else is also talking on the bus
00:29:19pamaurydys: indeed
00:31:45wodzpamaury: echo "8000" > /proc/fm/r2 gives sh: write error: Invalid argument :/
00:31:48dyspamaury: Some strings of the dump look like it's their fwupgrade tool. maybe we can ignore the actual boot rom with more research
00:34:40pamaurydys: the non-zero-non-ff part of flash dump looks like the the firmware upgrade, I mean they have the same size basically
00:35:44pamaurydys: which strings ?
00:36:12dyspamaury: offset 0x128f3c
00:36:29dysHA-P90 Erasing.. Blank.... Writing.. Compare..
00:37:02dysthe first string is at the start of the image from the upgrade zip
00:37:12dysthe others are displayed when it's upgrading, presumably
00:37:58dys(I have the TEAK version, it's basically identical to the ONKYO one except they chose some other $2 opamps to give the marketing department something)
00:40:53pamauryyeah possibly
00:41:32pamauryalthough without a proper tool to analyse the code, it won't be easy to find where the piece of code that relates to this string
00:41:47dysteac has their old upgrades online as well, not just the latest one like onkyo does.
00:42:45dyswell, objdump prefixes the insns with offset as well, so you could go right from the strings output to the assembly :-)
00:43:44dysoh, wait, I'm still thinking thumb-2 where you have to have your data close to the code otherwise you can't address it anymore with the tiny instructions
00:43:46pamauryyeah sure, it's just very... unpractical
00:44:31pamauryI don't know how blackfin addressing works, possibly objdump output enough information to easily grep that
00:44:58pamauryotherwise it's tricky, it might even be worth adding proper support to radare for example
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00:50:05pamaurydys: I have an idea to compare flashdump and firmware upgrade
00:51:08dysja, lots of new options now that we have the plaintext
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01:18:24amazoniantoadBilgus, is it okay if the ground wire (remember that it isn't insulated) touches the case?
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02:14:13dyspamaury: hmm, there is a persistent clock signal on the small so-8 that is different from sck. I also don't see DO or DI on any of it's pins
02:14:41dysmaybe the first boot of the blackfin is from the Cypress PSoC in SPI slave boot mode
02:22:01*dys should catch some sleep
02:23:31dysanother note: the 32M flash and the PSoC were the only chips that had some blue paint applied to them
02:24:30dysso maybe they are really the only ones that have been programmed before being placed
02:30:06dyshmmm, I actually have a cheap SoCKit eval board with a break-away programmer that I hamstered a year ago
02:30:34dysbut again, maybe we can ignore the first boot stage with more research…
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04:23:28Bilgusamazoniantoad, no most likely not generally the ground is at a different potential
04:24:45BilgusI'd wrap some electrical tape around it
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06:15:08[Saint]I swear to all things holy if a certain someone invents another ridiculous acronym I'm going to go on a rampage.
06:18:18[Saint]Incidentally, does anyone have even the remotest clue what he's referring to when he says 'soak test'?
06:18:34[Saint]I mean...I know what a soak test is. I'm not sure he does though.
06:27:21[Saint]I just read the backlog in full, and my God.
06:27:27[Saint]How do you put up with this shit?
06:28:08furrywolfare you suffering from RAIAR? (Ridiculous Acronym Induced Angry Rampages)
06:28:56[Saint]"I don't care how things work, I'm going to rant and rave about how I *think* things work, and then gleefully disregard any and all attempts anyone makes to inform me otherwise, despite them clearly being significantly more advanced in every single relevant area of understanding"
06:29:01[Saint]Fuck me...
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06:30:09[Saint]ffurrywol: I think you had a buffer overflow my man. ;)
06:30:36ffurrywolno, my crappy internet connection reset.
06:31:23ffurrywolWhen you have RAIAR, you want to pull your hair, because even for a palindrome, you just don't care... When acronyms make you mad, and reading them makes you sad, and killing people makes you glad... you have RAIAR!
06:31:45ffurrywolbbl, time for sleep
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11:12:00dyspamaury: radare sounds really interesting. I wonder if it's worth the effort teaching it blackfin
11:12:21dysOTOH that would be a good exercise for getting really intimate with the blackfin ISA
11:13:14dyspamaury: also, I think something on the board didn't like my violent takeover of the SPI bus. It's not booting anymore :-/
11:16:23dyssince I still can read out the flash reliably, I think either a pin on the blackfin broke or on that other device on the bus, maybe the Cypress SoC
11:18:35dysIf I'm lucky only one of the tiny in-line termination resistors burnt out
11:29:11prof_wolfffwodz: i performed 2 tests with no single dmesg error, 1) copy ~300 mp3 files for a total size of ~1.8GB (my whole flash), this test was repeated one time, 2) copy ~30000 small files, total size ~1GB
11:32:19prof_wolfffwodz: really I have no idea where to start... this patch disables access to flash for offset >= 2GB, so you can use dd to read/write beyond 2GB offset and see if we can rule out a flash driver problem, you can also test if you can reproduce the error on read, write or both
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12:13:04lebelliumpamaury: got my NW-A25! :)
12:13:27pamaurycongrat :
12:13:43lebelliumand the external amp PHA-1A. I now can act as an audiophile \o/
12:14:35pamaurydys: oops, what are you going to do ?
12:18:56chrisjjIn .wps, how can I left-pad the value of a tag with spaces? E.g. to get %pp in a fixed-width field of 2, such that '1' appears as ' 1'. If there is a solution, I don't see it in
12:19:09dyspamaury: probably working on more reverse engineering/learning blackfin while waiting for a chance to get another used one cheaply.
12:22:16pamaurydys: your flash dump is for device HA300 ?
12:23:07dysno, it's from a TEAC HA-P90SD. it's the same as the onky except for branding and different opamps.
12:24:24pamaurydo you know which version was on it exactly ?
12:27:08 Join mutnai [0] (6db90a3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
12:27:46dyspamaury: I didn't not it :-/ It was not the latest version teac offers for download. they do have a dozen old ones online though.
12:28:14 Quit chrisjj (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
12:28:24pamauryyeah, I'm trying to compare but since they have so many, it less easy to compare
12:28:43dysgrr, why has the BF535 reference a MMIO register assignments appendix, but the BF606 reference doesn't?
12:29:05dyswhere do people supposed to get these from?
12:30:34pamaurydys: the "ADSP-BF60x Blackfin Hardware Reference" has a description of all registers
12:31:01dysbut they use only symbols to refer to them, no actual MMIO address supplied
12:31:50dysin the BF353 reference, the addresses for the symbols are listed in an appendix
12:32:15dysthey'd be incredibly useful to find the code that uses the SPI
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12:32:57dyspamaury: Btw, the upper region seems to be a ThreadX kernel
12:33:39BilgusHow is timer overflow handled in RB I assume it rolls over an unsigned int but there aren't any checks on rollover point?
12:35:36dyspamaury: there's also lots of strings that hint at a diagnosis/calibration tool
12:35:58dysmaybe there's a key combo during powerup to activate it, just like with the firmware upgrade tool
12:36:35pamaurydys: I believe the blackfin tools distributed by ADI contain the register list
12:36:44pamaurywith all description in a header
12:36:52pamaurysee adi-toolchain-blackfin/binutils-2.21/libgloss/bfin/include/defBF609.h
12:38:21dysah, that's GPLd so no issues there. I was afraid it would only be available in their proprietary tools
12:45:08Bilgusah nm order of op would make that moot
12:46:22pamauryBilgus: for tick I don't know, but it never happens basically
12:47:06pamaurythere are 100 tick per second, so 2^32 corresponds to over a year
12:47:12pamauryif that's the question
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12:49:21dyspamaury: much better - I found some code using UART0, but none using SPI0 or -1 yet
12:49:44dysi wonder where the uart is wired to
12:51:27BilgusI wish that jonathan taylor thomas had supplied a know bad save point for chessbox instead of bitching and adding no valuable insight
12:51:48*dys imagines having a stubforth listening on that UART
12:54:52pamaurydys: I need to work on other things this week-end, but in rockbox we have two tools that are very helpful: a tool to document registers in XML and generate headers -> probably generable from blackfin header, 2) a stub that receives command over and is scriptable on the host using lua
12:55:35pamauryover the stub needs to be ported to the architecture, usually we upload it using usb recovery mode that many cpus have
12:57:06dysI'l look into it. I have some experience in porting the gdb-stub. Also, stubforth.
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13:38:31dysjust wanted to the blackfin results so far on the wiki, but it says someone needs to add me to WikiUsersGroup first. anyone?
13:38:31 Quit shdwprince (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
13:38:38dyss/to/to put/
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13:44:55pamaurydys: what's your name ?
13:45:10 Quit Bilgus (Remote host closed the connection)
13:45:38 Join Bilgus [0] (~Bilgus@gateway/tor-sasl/bilgus)
13:46:22pamaurydys: you should be able to edit now
13:55:15 Join chrisjj [0] (5001d87b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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14:53:46lebelliumpamaury: is there an easy way to extract the firmware from the NW-A20 and convert it to UPG?
14:58:15 Quit Bilgus (Remote host closed the connection)
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15:10:45duo8is that one of the new fancy players?
15:12:13lebelliumDepends on the meaning of "newé
15:12:20lebelliumreleased 2015
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15:40:50pamaurylebellium: extract yes, convert it to upg no, why ?
15:41:18pamauryI mean not impossible, but why would you do that anyway ?
15:41:25lebelliumto be able to install this firmware
15:41:40lebelliumbecause you can't find it on the SOny website
15:41:47lebelliumfor history sake
15:42:07pamaurythere is a firmware upgrade for the NW-A20
15:42:40lebelliumI'd like a backup of my fw 1.00 before upgrading to 1.11
15:43:18lebelliumto be able to compare both firmwares in 20 years
15:43:43lebelliumthat's my archiving work
15:45:51pamauryok, why not, there is a script in the repository to dump the firmware
15:46:33lebelliumduo8: I have hundred Yepp firmwares on my PC just in case Samsung decide one day to remove the download link from their website
15:46:52duo8also wow
15:47:07lebelliumI don't trust any company to keep resources available long enough for my collection
15:49:33pamaurylebellium: to dump the firmware:
15:49:33pamaurycd utils/nwztools/scripts
15:49:33pamaurymake NWZ_TARGET=nw-a20 UPG=dump_rootfs_nwa20.upg dump_rootfs
15:49:33DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
15:49:33pamaurycp dump_rootfs_nwa20.upg /path/to/player/NW_WM_FW.UPG
15:49:33pamaury../scsitools/scsitool /dev/sdX do_fw_upgrade
15:49:33***Alert Mode level 1
15:49:33pamaurywhere to replace /path/to/player and /dev/sdX by the right values
15:49:48pamauryand modulo the typos that I most probably did
15:52:00lebelliumDo I need the patch?
15:54:21pamauryI think I pushed all this stuff already
15:56:35lebelliumit says "Warning: unknown model nw-a20
15:56:37lebelliumA KAS or a keysig is needed to decrypt the firmware
15:56:38lebelliumYou have the following options(see help for more details):"
15:56:49lebelliumbut there is kas in upg.c!
15:59:34***Alert Mode OFF
16:01:13pamauryrecompile upgtools
16:01:21pamaurymake -C /path/to/utils/nwztools/upgtools
16:02:19CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:02:19*pamaury disappears for an hour
16:39:12lebelliumpamaury: looks like it's stuck on "Dumping FU initrd..."
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17:01:49pamaurylebellium: still stuck ?
17:02:04lebelliumyep :(
17:02:46pamaurythen reset, I don't know why it would get stuck
17:03:17lebelliumI was waiting for your instructions because I was not sure if reset is safe
17:04:43lebelliumI have a dump_rootfs but it's only 12MB
17:05:18lebelliumfu_initird.tar is exactly 12 000 KB
17:06:13lebelliumon A850 it was 8,47MB
17:06:45pamaurycould be a bug in busybox's tar, if it doesn't handle symlink loops for example
17:07:16pamauryor in find
17:07:53pamaurylebellium: you can try to skip initrd dumping, edit utils/nwztools/scripts/ and comment those two lines:
17:07:53pamaury# tar -cf $DUMP_DIR/fu_initrd.tar $LIST
17:07:53pamaury# find / > $DUMP_DIR/fu_initrd.list
17:08:06pamaurythen rebuild the upg and do a firmware upgrade again
17:09:09lebelliumpamaury: the .tar archive doesn't seem to be corrupted though. I can open it. Is that normal since I killed the process with reset?
17:09:43pamaurylebellium: my guess is that the script was stuck on find
17:11:12lebelliumwhat's find?
17:11:27pamauryit lists all the files
17:11:46pamauryit is supposed to handle loops as well but maybe busybox's implementation does not
17:12:05 Join mutnai [0] (6db91733@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:15:03lebelliumdumping rootfs: error cannot open rootfs
17:15:53pamauryI didn't add support for ext4
17:18:44mutnairockaboy baby rockaboy )))
17:18:47mutnairockaboy baby in the rockabox )))
17:20:35pamaurylebellium: try with g#1546
17:20:37fs-bluebotGerrit review #1546 at : nwztools/script: fix to handle ext4 by Amaury Pouly
17:20:42pamaury(and comment the find line again
17:21:15pamauryit's untested
17:21:19pamauryjust so you know
17:22:26lebelliumIt can't brick the device? The only risk is that it won't work?
17:22:37lebelliumthe script*
17:26:57pamauryno it should not brick the device ;)
17:28:20lebelliumit worked :)
17:31:07 Join furrywolf [0] (
17:56:01lebelliumpamaury: so I one day I want to flash the firmware, I just need dump_rootfs and .UPG at the root and send the upgrade command in scsitools?
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19:04:51 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
19:05:22pamaurylebellium: no, to reflash you would need a custom script
19:21:34 Quit chrisb (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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20:04:36lebelliumpamaury: based on my search and new observations I'm almost sure the difference between NW and NWZ is ATRAC playback capability in firmware (activated or desactivated depending on the region code). However I still can't understand why sometimes Sony release NW outside Japan instead of making a specific worldwide NWZ version. I also don't understand why NW-E390 is not a NWZ (not released in...
20:04:38lebellium...Japan and no ATRAC playback worldwide)
20:09:03pamaurySony likes to make things complicated maybe ?
20:09:40 Quit devsnd (Remote host closed the connection)
20:10:07lebelliumwould be funny if they made a mistake when choosing the NW-E390 name
20:11:32 Join uwe_android [0] (
20:11:47 Join mutnai [0] (6db91733@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:12:40pamaurylebellium: so NW plays ATRAC or doesn't play ATRAC ?
20:13:58lebelliumNW play ATRAC. Depending on the model it may be only in J destination code (NW-A20 for example) or in any destination code (NW-A850 for example)
20:14:06lebelliumNWZ can't play ATRAC files, even in J code
20:14:30pamauryI can check on my NW-E390 if it plays ATRAC ;)
20:15:20lebelliumI'm almost sure it won't in your probably current CEW code. Would be interesting to check in J code
20:15:48lebelliumI assume you don't have ATRAC samples
20:15:51lebelliumdo you want one?
20:16:13lebelliumor maybe you want to install the awesome SonicStage on your PC :D
20:20:46pamauryI don't have any atrac file indeed
20:21:02pamaurybut I don't know how to change the destinaton code though
20:21:14pamauryit's unlikely the tool works for this one
20:24:13lebelliumI email you a sample (I can't put an illegal download link here)
20:29:11pamaurythanks, I'll try it tonight
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20:44:17pamaurylebellium: no luck
20:44:24pamauryit's not listed by the OF
20:44:32lebelliumthat's what I thought
20:44:43lebelliumand indeed I don't know how you could change the destination code
20:44:50lebelliumsince you said it's not linux-based right?
20:47:03pamauryno, it's something entirely different
20:47:13pamauryand it does not respond to commands as the linux players
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22:10:29lebelliumpamaury: got an NWZ-A867 64GB :)
22:12:48 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
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22:13:36 Part robertd1
22:18:08pamaurylebellium: are you trying to gather all Sony players ?
22:18:49lebelliumYes, or at least all that may benefit from Rockbox
22:21:14 Join robertd1 [0] (
22:21:36*lebellium hopes Rockbox will never be ported to NW-WM1. Can't afford >€1000 players
22:24:22pamaurymaybe rockbox will "just work" on it ;)
22:24:46pamaurybut Sony changed the encryption so we are stuck anyway
22:24:51lebelliumI know
22:25:07lebelliumbut I might buy an NW-A30 to help you
22:25:19lebelliumif you can do something on the software side
22:25:30lebelliumdon't want you to disassemble it :D
22:25:59pamauryWe might need to disassemble it to find out :-/
22:26:03pamauryor maybe find an exploit
22:26:38lebelliumI could buy it and ship it to you. But taking the risk to disassemble it and break something in the operation is difficult to accept on a brand new €200 device
22:27:36pamaurydid you find the manual of the A30 ?
22:28:45lebelliumnot yet. Sony published a new batch of service manuals 2 weeks ago but the A30 is not in it. I checked yesterday
22:29:34pamauryif the A30 has a removable emmc board, it should be relatively easy to dump it without breaking the device
22:29:42pamauryassuming disassembly is not too hard
22:35:19lebelliumNW-WM1 doesn't give much hope about the A30
22:35:21pamaurydys: I had a look at the flash dump but it's not obvious for me to find the scrambling routine, the disassemly produced by objdump is not very helpful. However I had compared the dump with version 1.01 of the firmware (encrypted)
22:36:42pamauryand there is something interesting: the frequency distribution of the bytes are almost the same. This suggest simple byte substitution. Maybe I can infer it from the frequencies or find the rule on which it is based (assuming there is one)
22:37:29pamaurylebellium: if I get bored, I'll try to find an exploit on existing players and hopefully it applies to A30
22:37:31dyspamaury: The entropy map image rendered with binvis also looks exactly the same
22:38:09dysit has to be some primitive linear mapping of few bytes at a time
22:40:18lebelliumpamaury: well... normally you have enough to do on the other NWZ devices not to get bored^^
22:40:32dysbtw, I couldn't resurrect the unit so far. the chips are doing things, but the DI pin of the SPI flash no longer sees action (SCK and CS do)
22:40:53pamaurymaybe you fried the pad :-/
22:40:56dysso i probably burnt out the MOSI pin of either the blackfin or the PSoC
22:41:24dysby now, I suspect the blackfin is booting in SPI slave mode from the PSoC in master mode
22:42:05dysthis could then issue a redirect boot kernel command to the blackfin
22:47:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:48:08dysbtw, you commented some days ago that the PSoC doesn't have I2S. Since the they have a CPLD on the SoC as well, they vould very well have clicked the peripheral in the toolchain and synthesized it.
22:51:34dysit would only need a couple of longish shift registers for i2s (compared to the clock recovery needed with spdif), so I think i2s easily fits in there
23:00:19dysthe cpld in the PSoC also makes making sense of the PCB difficult, since there could be pretty much any peripheral on most of it's pins
23:00:46dunxi'm having some trouble here. my ipod mini shut down due to low power. i then charged it from the wall. the charging icon was displayed. about 30 minutes later, i return and it just shows the apple logo. it's just bootlooping on that.
23:00:58dunxany fixes?
23:01:04pamauryactually I take it back, the blackfin has a flexible serial interface (SPORT) that I think can do i2s. But yeah the PSoC can do virtually anything
23:03:42dyspamaury: regarding the scrambling, the binary counting is absent in the flash dump, so this is probably an artifact of the scrambling on the largers ff or 00 regions
23:06:34dunxfwiw i just installed a CF card yesterday
23:07:26 Quit skapazzo (Quit: leaving)
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