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#rockbox log for 2017-01-29

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01:08:33*chrisjj can survive without Bilgus' Selective Backlight covering the power source change event that by default wakes the backlight on ZEN. :-)
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01:11:26__builtinchrisjj: ... and you want to do what exactly?
01:16:06pamaurydys: I found the encryption
01:16:20dysi found out 2B370C initializes the stack pointer. It's not called anywhere
01:16:32dysmaybe it's the entry point
01:17:41pamaurythere is an extra 4 bytes at the end of the image which I haven't investigated, probably a checksum
01:17:50pamauryin fact it's a simple byte substitution
01:18:06pamauryI don't know if it's random or if there a formula
01:18:34pamaurythere seems to be *some* logic but it doesn't matter in the end
01:19:04pamauryI found the table in the flash dump, just before "Erasing" string
01:19:25dyspamaury: I compared the sum at the end of the images, and they only differ in the last two or three bytes, so a sum sounds right
01:19:44pamauryI'm going to bed now
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02:57:45dunxok, my ipod got bricked. and the port for the headphone jack had all the pins and tracks taken out.
02:58:22dunxregarding the sony players though, perhaps a port to the E390 series would be feasible?
02:59:05dunxthe firmware seems similar to the e380.
02:59:15dunxi'd have to get hold of one and examine it though
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09:53:16dyspamaury: The least differences between update image and flash dump is with HAP90-b80.104, so that's probably the version running
10:02:32dysHAP90-b77.103 is a close second, all others have significiantly more differences
10:03:54dysthey're only two weeks apart, so that's also an indication that most likely 104 is running
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10:41:40lebelliumgevaerts: do you confirm there is no dualboot on Gigabeat F40?
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11:32:00pamaurydunx: the E390 is completely different from all other players inside
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12:15:52lebelliumgot the service manual!!!
12:15:56lebelliumI'm so happy :D
12:17:01lebelliumSony can't cheat me
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12:19:51pamaurylebellium: link not working
12:20:26lebelliumworks for me
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12:22:23pamauryI get 500 - Internal server error.
12:24:02lebelliumIt's strange. With I usually get only 200 or 404 but today I got many 500 errors. When I click on a link being said 500, sometimes it works, sometimes not
12:24:25lebelliumbut this one is said 200, not 404 or 500
12:24:33lebelliumcan someone else try this link please?
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12:32:04lebelliumwhy do I get the "registration page" when I click on "Log in" on the wiki?
12:34:43chrisjjpamaury, I'd be interested to know why you deleted my Battery Calibration addition at .
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12:43:27lebelliumwe're all fed up with your useless edits on the wiki
12:43:32lebelliumjust stop from editing it
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13:27:04pamaurychrisjj: because this was not useful information
13:27:21pamaurylebellium: it looks you are right, the A30 is about as easy to disassemble as the WM1 :-/
13:28:02lebelliumyes, that was my conclusion too
13:28:42chrisjjpamaury, Admittedly that procedure had some faults. Have you any objection to me posting my own corrected procedure there?
13:29:43lebelliumit's not about right or wrong procedure. It's about useful or useless information
13:29:57lebelliumwe just want you to stop edit the wiki. What don't you understand?
13:30:50chrisjjBattery bench calibration info is highly useful to anyone try to gather the data for battery bench calibration, and I don't see the procedure posted anywhere else on wiki or forum.
13:30:51pamaurychrisjj: no, it's because, it's not useful info
13:31:54pamaurychrisjj: the "procedure" is pure logic: start with battery at 100%, start playing track, run battery bench, it's doesn't require some wiki explanation
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13:34:48chrisjjYou missed out the requirement to start a very long playlist in repeat all mode put a reasonable volume with headphone.
13:35:16chrisjjAlso the charge part of the procedure is not pure logic. Even with your instructions, I haven't got it to work even once.
13:35:45chrisjjHowever, no matter. As you wish, I won't post my corrected version.
13:38:19chrisjjlebellium, do you have a complaint about my Installation instructions for the RBUtil-less ZEN port here ?
13:38:25pamaurythe test is supposed to reflect realistic condition: you don't listen to an hour album for 22h in a loop, you change, so you need to make sure that news songs are loading from disks regularly => very long playlist. As for the volume, don't you listen with headphone at the reasonable volume ?
13:43:34chrisjjYup, I know the reasons and the requirements well. I did just think they might be more useful in the wiki than hidden in an IRC log.
13:44:50lebelliumchrisjj: I didn't read all your edits but several of them and most of time it's useless. There may be sometimes an useful edit among them. So what should we do now?
13:45:05chrisjjAnyone find this Running Time error on other devices?
13:46:12pamaurywell good thing rockbox is not running on any atomic clock or that would be a problem
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14:06:45chrisjjGood thing no-one's using it to find which soak-test track causes a crash.
14:07:07chrisjjNo-one who knows it is wrong, that is :-)
14:08:02pamaurypatches are welcome as usual
14:08:15pamauryhonestly it's such a minor issue that I couldn't care less
14:09:12pamauryand the explanation is most probably super simple anyway
14:11:11dyspamaury: I rendered some call graphs
14:11:11dysCALLed addresses don't match up with LINK instructions as the jump distance gets larger in the update images, but they mostly do in the flash dump.
14:11:29dysI guess there are multiple smaller blocks with their own checksum in the update images
14:12:33dysalso, there's about 200kB code missing in the flash dump. I guess it's the 0x200000-0x260000 that's zeroed out in the flash
14:13:21dysMaybe one of the other devices on the bus issued a write instruction during my SPI bus takeover
14:30:37dyspamaury: here's the script:
14:30:38dysit emits graphviz syntax. I used the "dot" tool to render a svg and view that with inkscape
14:31:05dyscall trees for the threadX kernel and multiple for the application are visible
14:36:45dysanother thing I noted: there are absolute calls to the 0x75c0xxxx region. I guess it copies some code to the bin SRAM for a speedup.
14:37:04gevaertslebellium: I think so
14:37:46gevaertsIt's been a *long* time since I've had the "standard" bootloader installed, and I've had those replacement pseudo-OF files for even longer
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15:43:47dyspamaury: I found one of these blocks. going to patch your descrambler :-)
15:47:29dysnowait, it's also in the flash dump, only a little later
15:47:54dysit might be a boot block header. but then this also means 104 is not the version that's in the flash
15:48:12*dys curses
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15:51:43wodzpamaury: ping
15:52:16pamaurywodz: pong
15:52:33wodzpamaury: Did you try aplay on your nwz?
15:52:47pamaurywodz: not yet
15:53:56wodzpamaury: mixer_test binary expects some param but does not have help so I'd need to disasm to understand what it expects :/
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16:05:38dysja, these 16-byte chunks of bogus instructions are probably boot code headers
16:12:31pamaurywodz: I found the RKNanoD programming manual \o/
16:12:49wodzpamaury: wow
16:13:19pamaurydys: I haven't had a look at the descrambled firmware. So you think there is some structure in it basically ?
16:14:11dyspamaury: I'm not sure anymore. If there are lots of boot block headers around, it could also explain why calls and subroutines don't match up when distances are large.
16:16:11pamaurywodz: it doesn't really document the boot part though
16:19:01pamaurywodz: have you tried aplay ?
16:19:38wodzpamaury: only scontent command of aplay
16:19:50pamaurywhat does that do ?
16:21:09wodzpamaury: ah, no I confused aplay with amixer.
16:26:41pamaurydys: so you think the descramble file is a boot stream following the blackfin manual ? or something completely different ?
16:27:13pamauryand what about flash dump ?
16:27:50dyspamaury: The flash dump also contains these 16-byte blocks of invalid instructions
16:28:19dysI'm currently writing up an interpreter for the bcode so i can emit what the code actually looks like in memory
16:28:34pamaurycan you point me to one of them so I can have a look ?
16:29:00prof_wolfffwodz: did you see my comments about a patch to test USB on nano2g
16:29:22wodzprof_wolfff: Yes. How do I test this exactly?
16:29:44dyspamaury: the very start of the firmware images, or searching for illegal instructions in the objdump disassembly should yield some
16:30:42 Join mutnai [0] (6db91733@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:31:12pamauryok I'll have a look
16:31:23pamaurydys: did you investigate what the checksum at the end of image can be ?
16:31:48wodzpamaury: Codec on sony seems to be more than dumb codec. It looks more like dsp + codec. cs47l01 doesn't yield any datasheet BUT cs4700 is a family of dsps
16:32:02prof_wolfffwodz: if you use the patch then read/write in flash is disabled for sectors at offset >= 2GB, writing/reading to this zone using dd will reveal if the flash driver is involved or the error is produced by the USB driver
16:32:21dyspamaury: I tried lots of summing with various sizes and endianesses and varying bytes cut of from start and end of the data to no avail. that's why I suspected that there might be multiple summed blocks
16:33:26prof_wolfffwodz: .rockbox folder should reside in the first 2GB of flash because any files on the second 2GB are never accessed
16:33:36wodzprof_wolfff: I don't get it. Should I dd to offset above 2GB?
16:33:38pamaurywodz: yeah the codec is very complicated, the driver upload some binary blobs to it for dsp
16:33:59prof_wolfffyes, i will try to find the command i was using on my nano2g, just one moment...
16:35:08prof_wolfffwodz: if writing abobe 2GB reproduces the error the the problem is on USB driver code, if not then the problem is in the nand driver or the flash HW
16:35:56wodzprof_wolfff: clever
16:37:22pamaurydys: those invalid blocks don't really look like bfin boot stream though
16:38:05dyshmm. my interpreter seems to yield target addresses that the code uses for absolute jumps
16:38:10dysso I'm confident
16:38:36pamaurydys: what is your interpret doing ?
16:38:57pamauryI suspect that if you remove the first 0x18 bytes of the file, it's a valid boot stream
16:39:23dysdecoding the 16-byte headers documented in the reference manual… it's work in progress
16:39:45Bilguschrisjj? what about selective backlight?
16:40:06pamauryif you are going to do that, I found the best strategy is to produce an ELF file out of it
16:40:13pamaurythat what I did for several formats
16:40:37pamaurythe first 0x18 bytes of the decrypted file are not a valid boot block though
16:42:43prof_wolfffwodz: for writing i was using something similar to next command, if the numbers are ok then this command writes 1GB (16384*65536) of zeroed data in /dev/sdX starting at offset 2GB (32768*65536): dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=65536 count=16384 seek=32768 conv=fdatasync
16:43:56wodzprof_wolfff: I'll try to test it soon, no promise I'll find time today though
16:44:23prof_wolfffok, for reading try this one: dd if=/dev/sdX bs=65536 count=16384 skip=32768
16:44:49pamaurydys: can you upload your decoder when it's working ?
16:45:02dysof course :-)
16:45:08prof_wolfffsorry, dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/null bs=65536 count=16384 skip=32768
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16:52:11pamaurywodz: aplay doesn't seem to work
16:57:07 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:16:31pamauryeven with aplay I get distorted audio
17:17:01pamauryand there is this strange 'CODEC Mute' control element that randomly switches between on and off but that amixer can set or get, strange
17:20:15*pamaury thinks he'll have to RE the OF
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17:50:23pamauryah great Sony, your CODEC driver is s***
17:53:01pamauryoh my, Sony's audio code is horribly complicated :(
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18:28:21pamauryhum, so clear some codec parameters are important and set by OF
18:28:32pamauryand it seems to solve the random "not playing audio" problem
18:28:36 Join Rower [0] (
18:28:38pamaurybut not the audio distortion
18:32:40*pamaury doesn't know what is wrong
18:40:21 Join alexweissman [0] (
18:42:09pamauryit's really puzzling, mtpapp plays audio afaict and it's not distorted
18:43:44Bilgusanyone with FlySpray Delete Privileges Delete these stupid ass posts from me?
18:44:04gevaertsI *think* I can do that
18:44:52BilgusThank you don't know Wtf I was thinking
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18:50:04__builtinBilgus: have you been able to reproduce the bug yet?
18:50:43__builtininteresting, I'll take a look
18:52:34Bilgusthe save file he supplied indeed shows the bug after 2 moves just move whites bishop queens side up one and back and it will appear
18:52:49__builtinwhich one, exactly?
18:53:17__builtinah, never mind
18:54:21 Join mutnai [0] (6db91733@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:55:36__builtinhmm, that save segfaults the simulator
18:56:08__builtinlooks like it crashes on rockbox/apps/plugins/chessbox/gnuchess.c:2021
18:57:25Bilgusthe the other is loading the .pgn I've narrowed it down to pgn_parse_game()−−>,rb->strcpy(temp_ply->pgn_text, token_buffer);and pgn_to_coords(temp_ply);
18:57:58BilgusThe buffer is undersized and the strcpy is un constrained but thats not it
18:59:25BilgusI've been testing a physical fuze+ although the pgn bug fails on Data Abort on that and works fine in the sim lol
19:00:13__builtinwait, are you talking about the file he provided?
19:01:25BilgusNo this is the one I discovered trying to reproduce the one referenced in the report
19:01:38 Quit mutnai (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:03:07*__builtin is confused
19:03:20__builtinwhat, exactly, is the bug?
19:04:49Bilgusfirst bug (referenced in bug report) board flips Computer stops making moves then crashes, second bug ( one I found trying to reproduce 1st) loading .Pgn crashes on data abort
19:05:54Bilgusthe savefile he supplied reproduces 1st
19:10:43BilgusI put the bad pgn file in there too I'll have time to do some more tonight
19:19:12 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
19:19:18__builtinthis is probably not the issue, but there's a key combo that allows the AI to move for you, and you to play the AI's side
19:19:59dyspamaury: I do see block chains with the interpreter now
19:20:13dysflashrom dump:
19:20:45dyspamaury: note how the chain in the firmware image breaks after 8kB
19:20:52Bilgus__builtin, AFAICT it isn't
19:21:08dysI suspect some periodic checksum in the firmware image that breaks the block chain
19:23:20dysand by 8kB I mean 32kB
19:27:08pamaurydys: the flash rom dump doesn't look like it has the boot code headers
19:27:36dyspamaury: IMHO it does. i pasted the chain of them above
19:28:10dyspamaury: note that the beginning of the flash dump 0x200000..0x260000 is zeroed out for unknown reasons
19:28:24dysthis data is present in the update images however
19:28:45dysso i started in the middle of the block chain there
19:29:03pamauryok maybe but then it doesn't start at 0x60000, there is an initial gap
19:29:50dysI ran it on the dump cropped to the inner section, maybe that explains the confusion?
19:29:54dys(sorry for not mentioning)
19:30:34pamaurydys: if by cropped you mean "remove the first 0x60000 bytes", then it doesn't start with a valid boot header
19:31:04pamaurythe first 16 bytes are 00 0C 02 14 13 20 00 E3 A8 06 40 43 00 0C 08 1C
19:31:27dysI removed the first 0x260000 bytes for woring with the assembly, because is mostly boring stuff there
19:32:06pamauryand similarly, the descrambled upgrade file doesn't start with a valid header
19:32:36pamauryit only starts at offset 24, which is a bit odd
19:32:41dysthe first block is taken at an offset: struct boot_header *header = (struct boot_header *) ((buf+24));
19:33:04dyspossible, if my theory with the PSoC sending a boot redirect is correct
19:33:20dysit might tell the boot kernel to fetch a boot block from anywhere, if I read the docs correctly
19:33:45pamauryyeah but that means those 24 bytes are possibly very important
19:35:35dysalso, the flags look a bit strange. maybe they are, maybe I got the code with the bit struct members wrong
19:37:08pamauryI don't trust bitfield in C, the ordering depends on the compiler
19:37:15dysanother thing: the XOR of the entire header should be 0 according to the manual
19:37:23dysmaybe it lies about the XOR sum
19:37:26dysmaybe the byte substitution table has a bug?
19:37:55pamaurythat doesn't seem very likely since I extract it from the rom dump
19:37:56dyspamaury: ja, i should redo that without bitfields
19:38:08dyspamaury: ah, ok, thanks for confirming
19:39:32pamauryfor the XOR checksum, you can look at ADI source code, there is the checksum code
19:42:28dysafk, need to fetch something to eat
19:42:55pamaurydys: the code source says "Since the XOR value exists inside of the block header, the XOR checksum of the actual block should always come out to be 0x00."
19:43:24dysit always comes up as 138
19:43:53pamaurythen there is something wrong
19:44:13 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:46:14 Join girafe [0] (
19:46:42pamaurybut yeah if it's always 0 or 0x8a, it must indicate something wrong
19:47:58pamauryI will double check the table
19:48:21pamaurycould be a stupid copy-paste error
19:51:18pamaurydys: don't laugh, the table has an obvious typo
19:51:27pamaurythe array should 256 bytes and the lat entry 0xff
19:51:31pamaurycurrently it misses the last entry
19:54:23pamaurythat seems to fix the problem, for almost all entries ;)
19:54:36pamaurysorry for the screw up :-/
19:55:15pamauryI updated pamaury/7165141c37d3d8e2aa14d59aa197e4e8">
19:59:21dysno worries, I guess I would have already given up by now without your support :-)
20:04:15pamauryI think the next step is to extend your code to produce one or more elf files out of it
20:04:53dysi thought about making it emit sparse files, that would be less work
20:05:02dysbut I concur emitting ELF would be the right thing to do
20:05:55pamauryI have a lib to create elf files, it's very easy
20:06:34pamauryseveral actually, but this one should do:
20:07:46pamauryexample use:;a=blob;f=utils/imxtools/sbtools/sbtoelf.c;h=11a46968dd05fe0edc7aab1be0f340a9d48ab8a2;hb=d4303ac
20:09:14dysthanks. I'm afraid I can look into it thursday at the earliest, probably next weekend
20:09:49pamauryok, I might a quick go at it
20:16:52 Join mutnai [0] (6db91733@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:28:29lebelliumpamaury: you don't have problems with Firefox to edit the wiki? Since today I no longer have the login popup, when I click on the log in button it immediately redirects me to the UserRegistration page :S
20:28:41 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:28:49pamaurylebellium: it's working here, which version do you have ?
20:29:00pamauryI have 51
20:29:20lebelliumI cleaned my cache and the specific cookies for Rockbox
20:29:22lebelliumI don't understand
20:29:54 Join Rower [0] (
20:29:58lebelliumwith IE I have the login popup
20:30:10pamaurymayb you have the next multiprocess thing and it's causing that ? you need to go to firefox channel I think
20:34:16lebelliumHum indeed it probably comes from Firefox. I had v50 yesterday
20:34:26lebelliumand v51 got installed today
20:40:51 Quit lebellium (Remote host closed the connection)
20:44:38 Quit mutnai (Quit: Page closed)
20:45:18 Join lebellium [0] (
20:46:03lebelliumpamaury: I restarted Firefox in safe mode (all plugins off) and it worked
20:46:24lebelliumso it probably comes from one of my plugins not properly compatible with Firefox 51...
20:47:16pamaurylebellium: either a plugin or e10s (the multiprocess). I suggest you google e10s to see if it's enabled, or try to disable plugins one by one
20:47:58pamaurydys: do you know any other devices that use blackfin ?
20:48:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:49:07 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 259 seconds)
20:49:08dysI don't know of any DAPs other than teak/onkyo, but I didn't look very hard
20:49:37pamauryI'm just wondering if this encryption is specific to teak/onkyo or is a standard thing on blackfin
20:51:31dysI really think they homebrew it. I don't think AD would promote something that primitive.
20:53:42 Join xorly [0] (
21:16:33 Quit JdGordon_ (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:30:18 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
21:30:44 Join Rower [0] (
21:39:41 Quit Moarc (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:40:36 Join Moarc [0] (
21:48:53 Join wodz [0] (
22:01:37 Quit michaelni (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:04:43dyspamaury: with the missing byte in table, my call analysis script now resolves 2491 calls instead of ~742
22:07:23dysthere are 6365 total calls. Probably simply stripping the boot headers out of the image will improve things wrt. analysis without going the full way to use the proper load addresses.
22:07:36pamauryI'm writing a tool to create elf files
22:09:09 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:10:34dysCan't wait to return from my busy week :-)
22:18:06 Join michaelni [0] (
22:22:58 Quit paulk-collins (Quit: Leaving)
22:28:34 Join shdwprince [0] (~textual@
22:28:46 Part shdwprince
22:45:39 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:45:52 Join Rower [0] (
22:48:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:52:05 Join Link8 [0] (~me@
22:59:44 Quit Link8 (Remote host closed the connection)
23:19:38amazoniantoadBilgus, IT WORKS!
23:19:42amazoniantoadit worked it worked!
23:58:04[Saint]chrisjj: regarding your .wps question, you could probably use the logical comparator tags for that.
23:58:04[Saint]But...I know you'll just ignore this anyway, like everything else I say to you, so I'm not too sure why I'm bothering.
23:58:04[Saint]%?if(%pp,=,%pp)< %pp|%pp>

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