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#rockbox log for 2017-01-31

00:02:21Bilgusoh duh no wonder you were confused I meant 2 and 1 in that commit thats ok I found one other place I need to change GameCnt so ill fix the description
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00:19:45Bilgusok fixed thanks
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00:50:16__builtinBilgus: it might be best if you separated the whitespace fixes from the bug fix
00:50:51__builtinyou could probably reset and add just the parts that fix the bug to one commit and everything else to another one
00:51:30Bilgusmy editor does it automatically which is nice when submitting new stuff not so nice when screwing with files that have 9989 white spaces strewn across the whole damn thing
00:52:00BilgusHold on a sec and I'll split em
00:52:11__builtinmine does that too ;)
00:52:47__builtinhang on, also one more thing...
00:53:22__builtinyou should probably make the debug save utility disabled by default too
00:55:34BilgusHow do you suggest I go about doing that?
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00:56:18__builtina simple #ifdef should do (around both the function and calls to it)
00:56:52*chrisjj wonders why RB wakes the backlight on each switch between internal and external power.
00:57:57__builtinBilgus: you can have a macro that's commented out at the top of the file like /*#define DEBUG_MODE*/ or something like that
00:58:14Bilgussounds good
01:04:18Bilgusok so as far as splitting the two commits to removing whitespaces then the actual patch I need to do the WS removal first then link to that one as parent for the next one?
01:04:40__builtinthe order shouldn't matter, I don't think
01:05:07BilgusIt won't conflict?
01:05:57__builtinwell, I hope not ;)
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09:16:44wodzpamaury: Alsa documentation as incredibly limited! Using system("amixer ....) might be a good idea after all
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10:39:22[Saint]wodz: 'limited' is definitely one word for it...
10:39:36[Saint]'terrible' might be another.
10:39:52[Saint]If you extend it to two words 'utter shit' is also acceptable.
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10:44:15wodz[Saint]: :-)
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11:19:50pamaurywodz: I know alsa doc is crap, the best reference is the source code of alsamixer and alsactl
11:20:42wodzpamaury: Btw, there seems to be functions to represent master volume as dB
11:20:55pamauryin alsa ?
11:22:28wodzpamaury: yes, mixer api
11:24:48pamauryah cool, does it report the supported range ?
11:25:27wodzpamaury: there is function for this too :-)
11:26:18wodzBut I can't figure out in which units it operates :P
11:27:33wodzpamaury: And there is snd_mixer_selem_set_playback_dB_all() which seems to set specified dB value
11:28:37pamaury snd_mixer_selem_get_playback_dB_range():
11:28:42pamauryminPointer to returned minimum (dB * 100)
11:29:02pamaurypointer to returned value (dB * 100)
11:29:29wodzlooks useful
11:29:53wodzpamaury: You might be interested in this
11:30:52pamauryoh I know all of this. I once wrote a program using alsa-lib that plays with control. Right now I forgot all of it but it's definitely possible
11:30:59dongs< [Saint]> If you extend it to two words 'utter shit' is also acceptable.
11:31:02dongsgood alsa summary
11:31:17dongswhoever wrote their mixer API is fucking insane
11:31:19pamaurywhat is most confusing is that there is the lower level control api, the mixer api, the "high-level" control api
11:33:25pamaurywe should use the api and not amixer anyway
11:37:56[Saint]or statically compile ffmpeg and chuck that in there...
11:38:06[Saint]get some sanity in the mix.
11:38:41[Saint]though I know a lot of people would be willing to argue ffmpeg's sanity with me, it's what I know.
11:39:42pamauryffmpeg is huge, would add a dependency that we don't need, etc We don't need ffmpeg to tweak 2 or 3 mixer elemen
11:40:08wodzusing 6+ calls to semi-random library functions just to switch one knob in mixer is insane
11:40:48pamauryit's not that complicated, you make a few calls to enumerate all controls, find the index of what you want and then set it
11:42:13wodzpamaury: or call snd_ctl_elem_id_set_name(id, "F*** NAME OF CONTROL KNOB) but anyway most of the problem is next to nonexisting documentation
11:43:25[Saint]granted it would be a lot of work, but I would tend to think that on the weird hosted-ish linuxy targets like this it makes a degree of sense to use ffmpeg instead of various in-house aspects of Rockbox core.
11:43:37pamauryI think the mixer api doesn't operate on names at all but I don't remember all the details
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11:44:38pamaury[Saint]: I don't think that's a good idea actually. I don't trust the OF codec/pcm driver to correctly implement things. I think it's better to limit the usage of alsa to its minimum. with ffmpeg we would not control anything.
11:45:06pamauryAnd again, even if alsa doc is crap, at the end of the day, it will only take 20/30 lines of (obscure) code to make it work
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11:47:09wodzpamaury: Your past experience with alsalib is HUGE asset here
11:47:21pamaurywodz: don't worry about it, I'll write the code for it
11:47:28*pamaury is not afraid by alsa-lib
11:48:22wodzpamaury: I am not afraid of, I simply don't have time to dive into sources to figure out how to change one knob
11:49:03pamaurythe worst part of it is that alsa-lib is actually an *abstraction layer* over the kernel ;)
11:50:34wodzheh, a few ioctls() should be sufficient
11:51:03pamauryI think the biggest problem of alsa is that it's too generic and too unhelpful. It allows you to represent virtually anything, but it's kind of useless anyway because hardly any card these day can even do hardware mixing
11:51:52pamauryit should be like pulseaudio and export at least a simple api for the simple case that represents 99.99% of use cases
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12:12:30wodzpamaury: What is next big missing thing in nwz port?
12:32:47 Join xorly [0] (~xorly@
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12:58:53pamaurywodz: I have improved the bootloader but I can't make suspend work, that's missing
12:59:36pamauryotherwise I think the port is already in a good shape
12:59:48pamaurytuner is missing
13:00:25pamauryand then all the audio bits: audio path selection (HP, Line-out) (FM,Music,line-in)
13:00:43pamauryand sd card support, but only the A10 or A20 has it anyway
13:03:37wodzpamaury: audio path selection should be easy
13:04:01wodzpamaury: tuner might be more problematic
13:05:18pamauryand then there is all the possibily supported audio effects like treble, equalizer, etc Some of it might be easy, so not. I suspect the hardware can do most of it with the dsp but it's unclear if we have easy access to that
13:07:01wodzpamaury: I'd avoid messing with dsp hw. If it is exposed with some common interface ok, but I doubt that
13:07:41pamauryyeah that's more for long term anyway. I think short term we need correct audio support, possibly tuner and decent bootloader
13:07:53wodzpamaury: besides, this arm cores are plenty fast to do it in software
13:07:54pamaurywe need to decide when to do about power-down/suspend
13:08:05pamaurythe OF never powers down
13:08:17pamauryexcept after extended periods of suspend I think
13:08:18wodzpamaury: Do we know how to power down?
13:08:40pamaurythere is a program that powers down, so it's clearly possible and possibly not hard
13:09:05pamauryfor suspend, I see that the OF does the equivalent of "echo S3 > /proc/pm" but it doesn't work when I do it
13:09:22wodzpamaury: like system("halt -t now") ?
13:09:38pamauryI don't remember if it's the standard halt or something more custom
13:11:37wodzpamaury: rockbox always preferred to power down instead of suspend
13:14:38 Join pamaury_ [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
13:23:24pamaury_wodz: I know but in this case it might make more sense to suspend
13:23:38wodzpamaury_: why?
13:24:18wodzpamaury_: Is this any different then ipod case?
13:24:51pamaury_I don't know about ipod but here it's basically for free, nothing to implement, and it's very efficient
13:26:28wodzpamaury_: If the startup time is not significant what is the benefit of suspending?
13:28:20pamaury_startup time is not too bad, but since in my experience, at least with e460, suspend is almost as power efficient as power down and you don't pay the price of power down/up, there is not obvious benefit to power down over suspend.
13:28:31pamaury_I don't have any strong opinion on that, I'm just stating what I observed
13:31:22wodzpamaury_: If you are able to suspend I guess we can bench that
13:32:02pamaury_more generally I am for choice. I think if we can both suspend and power down, whatever choice is the default, there should be the possibility to suspend. For example in the System menu
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14:09:12wodzpamaury_: So to summarize, what is the roadmap for sony port?
14:12:38pamaury_wodz: I plan to fix audio, find out how to suspend/power down and commit the port
14:14:34pamaury_also maybe work on rbutil integration
14:25:19wodzpamaury_: Ok, so at this stage I can only offer beta testing I guess
14:26:04pamauryI think committing the port and having build clients doing build is what helps the port most at this point
14:27:09wodzprof_wolfff: Reading whole partition from apple's disk mode
14:27:16pamaurythen hopefully the port can take care of itself :-p
14:27:17wodzprof_wolfff: no single error in dmesg
14:29:46wodzpamaury: The first step is to commit toolchain thing and prod build client runners to install new toolchain
14:30:53wodzprof_wolfff: So this looks like ftl or flash driver problem
14:30:57pamauryyeah, I need to send an email about this
14:31:13 Join robertd1 [0] (
14:31:43pamaurybecause I want to switch yp-r0 and yp-r1 to this toolchain and phase out the ypr0 one
14:31:48 Join athidhep [0] (~afoakf@unaffiliated/athidhep)
14:33:36wodzfirst the changes to needs to land in HEAD
14:38:03pamauryyes I know, first to *add* a toolchain, then make sure at least one client has the new toolchain. Then change yp-r0 to new toolchain and upgrade all clients. Then remove all toolchain
14:40:13wodzphasing out yp-r0 toolchain is long overdue
14:41:04pamaurydid you have any problem building the new toolchain ? After installing the lib{mpf,gmp,idontrememberthename}-dev ?
14:43:05wodzno, it went flawlessly
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18:01:22Bilgus_ph__Builtin i have one more thing to fix in chessbox that ill do tonight I just came to the realization that each move takes two array entries so... really the bug is that the game doesn't end I'll leave that be but i do need to change some logic
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18:39:34korjata_Hi, I have a bricked clip+, stuck at boot 4.0 screen. Tried hard resetting, nothing. Plugged into the computer with center button held, and I'm reading 4 partitions with fdisk -l. 544G, 923G, 923G and 27.1M each. Tried flashing the clppa.bin to /dev/sdb but didn't get anywhere. Anything else I can try?
18:39:52 Nick cereal_killer is now known as Guest64617 (d5a244ec@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:40:18Guest64617does anybody know what teh RGB values are for the yellow in the cabbie theme? or how can I find out?
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18:51:06Guest64617nevermind, found out.
18:51:10 Part Guest64617
18:56:47chrisjjfurrywolf, re your discovery that shuffle mode sometimes fails to shuffle, here's a reproducible case:
18:57:14chrisjjAlso unshuffle can fail:
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20:03:36*chrisjj checks soak test of 8fec364f6-170125 (voltage fix) on four ZENs, elapsed time 72hrs
20:04:50chrisjjUnits G and P apparently OK.
20:06:50chrisjjUnits L and Q have playback halted - WPS shows play icon, but no movement on seek bar. Audio out is silent. WPS responds visually to track seek buttons and play/pause button, but playback stays halted.
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21:40:19lebelliumpamaury: I compiled a build with the latest version of your patch.
21:40:21lebelliumI got
21:40:40lebellium /home/ubuntu/rockbox/E580/build_nwze580_20170131/firmware/libfirmware.a(nwzlinux-codec.o): In function `audiohw_set_volume':
21:40:42lebelliumnwzlinux-codec.c:(.text+0x8c): undefined reference to `_logf'
21:40:43lebelliumcollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
21:40:45lebelliummake: *** [/home/ubuntu/rockbox/E580/build_nwze580_20170131/rockbox.elf] Error 1
21:42:32pamauryah yeah that's debug stuff
21:42:43pamauryI forgot to remove it
21:46:01pamauryI'm still fixing stuff anyway, currently it's a pile of hack, I'm writing proper alsa usage of mixer
21:47:08 Quit __builtin (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:48:11 Join __builtin [0] (~zulu@rockbox/developer/builtin)
21:54:03lebelliumsure. I just wanted to hear some clean sound by curiosity
21:54:08lebelliumbut I can wait
21:56:03 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
21:56:33pamaurylebellium: if you wait an hour, it should be doable ;)
21:58:36lebelliumI'll try to leave by then. I need to wake up early tomorrow for a business trip to London. I'll try out the patch quietly on Thursday or Friday :)
22:00:07pamauryok :) Otherwise you can simply remove the offending _logf call
22:00:36pamaurybut then be gentle on volume change, cause volume changes are super slow at the moment
22:00:53lebelliumI guess I'll just wait. No hurry
22:01:18lebelliumI got my super rare YP-D1 today so I have another toy to play with!
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22:43:20__builtinBilgus: ok
22:46:51BilgusI'm thinking about putting the move limits back on it but that might make the game kinda hard to ever beat
22:47:16__builtinhmm, that doesn't sound good to me
22:48:44Bilgussame here
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22:51:07BilgusIdk there ar a lot of un used variables that are hidden from the compiler with x=y=z=true and crap like that and really I don't want to get into this any deeper lol so I think i'll just disable the pgn save after the move limit has been reached and maybe a message
22:51:44__builtinthere's a lot of plugins like that... I try to keep the number constant :D
22:51:52pixelmachrisjj: if you don't link the flyspray task itself you deserve that no-one reads it
22:55:09pixelma(fwiw: I always hesitate clicking on links in IRC that don't look trustworthy)
22:55:32 Quit korjata (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:58:19__builtinchrisjj: why do you need to everything in the first place?
23:01:12__builtinespecially when it's readily accessible directly...
23:01:26 Join Ruhan [0] (uid76353@gateway/web/
23:07:41pamaurywodz (logs): reading alsa source code, I'm pretty sure there is no access to dB value. It is only available if the control exposes some TLV info is exposed (whatever TLV stands for) and it is not afaict
23:16:53__builtinthis is weird, it seems that tlsf is crashing in add_new_area()
23:28:19chrisjjpixelma, the text at those links looks perfectly readable to me. But anyway, here are the direct links
23:28:56chrisjj__builtin, I don't need to archive everything and I don't archive everything.
23:29:47__builtinwell, you seem to use it superfluously
23:31:32pixelmahuh? I mean that I don't click any that I don't know as that could be anything (disgusting pictures or what not). And since I didn't know before I really didn't want to go there before. It was completely unnecessary too
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