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#rockbox log for 2017-02-06

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01:49:19amazoniantoadI am trying to install rockbox on my ipod and when I go through the motions it says it completed but the ios software remains
01:50:37amazoniantoadBilgus, the project worked but now I can't get rockbox installed
01:51:23Bilgussorry not an I-pod guy
01:51:34amazoniantoadIt worked though :p
01:51:42amazoniantoadThanks a lot for the help
01:53:55__builtinwhat version is the ipod?
01:54:15amazoniantoad6th gen
01:54:26amazoniantoaddo i need to have itunes installed on the computer?
01:54:46__builtinno, you don't
01:54:51__builtinwhat OS are you running?
01:54:55amazoniantoadwindows 10
01:55:09__builtinwhat have you tried?
01:55:46BilgusMihail - hmm for the boot external FW project we have a model name but I don't think the naming convention is going to work well with names like these MODEL_NAME "Philips GoGear HDD63x0"
01:55:50amazoniantoadi start the utility and go to install. I set the utility to install on 6th gen
01:56:07amazoniantoadit runs through and says, "package installation finished successfully"
01:56:16__builtinah, that won't install the bootloader
01:56:35__builtinlet me find the instructions
01:56:55BilgusSo maybe we should do model number instead 'rockbox_main.65'
01:58:39__builtinI believe it's a patched rbutil that can do the bootloader install automatically
01:59:38amazoniantoad__builtin, it doesn't let me select "bootloader"
02:00:16amazoniantoadThe bootloader box is grayed out and says, "the selected player doesn't need a bootloader"
02:00:41__builtinhave you downloaded the Rockbox Utility provided on ?
02:01:24amazoniantoadshould I download that exact one? I downloaded the executable from the front page of
02:01:46__builtinyes, you have to
02:02:04__builtinthe one on doesn't have the requisite patches
02:03:55amazoniantoadworking now :)
02:04:50__builtinenjoy :D
02:04:55amazoniantoadso excited
02:05:02amazoniantoadI've been waiting a very long time for this day :p
02:05:05amazoniantoadNever had the time
02:05:18__builtinenjoy the game plugins, especially ;)
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02:06:06amazoniantoad__builtin, so how do I setup this database?
02:06:11amazoniantoadI have songs ready to be loaded
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02:07:06__builtinI barely do anything with music
02:07:15__builtinyou should probably look at the manual for a similar device
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02:14:46MihailBilgus: using model number would be most easy way but it not very informative
02:14:57MihailI don't know is it right solution but maybe we can add new define MODEL_DIR_NAME and set it to same name as we have in firmware/export/config/*.h and got ".rockbox.gogearhdd6330" or ".rockbox.sansafuzev2"
02:15:11__builtinhey, is there any way to kill a thread in rockbox?
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02:25:36amazoniantoaddo I need to drop files in a particular directory in order to have the database see them?
02:25:46amazoniantoadI tried to update manually and the new songs were still not detected
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02:28:35Bilgus_PhMihail Sounds good to me, the bootloader needs an update for this anyways
02:30:06amazoniantoadThis is so cool :D
02:30:57*__builtin needs to browse through FlySpray some time soon
02:36:54Bilgus_Ph__builtin I don't know if I'd call it killing a thread but you could use remove_thread() I don't think thread exit allows you to call from outside thread (anymore) so maybe yopu could pass it a message instead (like sys_poweroff)
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03:03:18[7]prof_wolfff: if you have that big zip file from a couple of years ago, you probably have all that I have. if not, let me know.
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03:07:08[7]about wodz's nano2g: I'm too lazy to read those months worth of logs right now, but if it is detected as a wrong flash size, it's probably best to completely wipe the nand and let apple's code (e.g. diskmode image) recreate the FTL structures
03:13:33[7]prof_wolfff: in case you aren't aware, there's quite a bit of info on the n2g FTL here:
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03:16:07amazoniantoadBilgus, you there?
04:34:13amazoniantoadhey everything was normal on my rockbox but suddenly thre screen turned blank
04:35:00amazoniantoadrestarted the rockbox but i just get this blank screen
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04:50:38amazoniantoad_Sorry I lost connection
04:50:46amazoniantoad_I randomly had this white screen appear and it wont go away
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04:51:00amazoniantoad_i reinstalled everything but that didn't help
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04:54:13amazoniantoad___builtin, :c
04:54:17amazoniantoad_Can you help?
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05:09:25amazoniantoad_Bilgus, :c
05:09:32amazoniantoad_idk what to do
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05:13:35BilgusIIRC ipods don't have power buttons but again not an Ipod guy
05:16:34Bilgusnormally white screens mean crash have you held down menu and center button for like 20 seconds?
05:16:43amazoniantoad_I did that and it restarted
05:16:49amazoniantoad_but then i just got the white screen again
05:17:26amazoniantoad_maybe I should try restoring it
05:18:32BilgusI'd hold off on that till you hear from someone that knows Ipods
05:19:02Bilgusare you sure you followed all the instructions to the T?
05:19:21amazoniantoad_it was working just fine too
05:19:26amazoniantoad_then suddenly it just did that
05:19:49amazoniantoad_Could super glue on the inside of the ipod casing done this Bilgus?
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05:20:04amazoniantoad_I broke it :c
05:20:08amazoniantoad_Idk what I did either
05:20:30Bilguswell I suppose if it like covered a connection maybe but I doubt it
05:20:52amazoniantoad_i applied it to one soldering point
05:21:07amazoniantoad_and it seems to have evaporated onto stuff on the inside of the case
05:21:13amazoniantoad_almost like a white powder
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06:11:36TheSevenamazoniantoad: white screen would usually be a sign of a bad LCD or bad connector
06:12:02TheSevenmy nano2g also did that a while ago
06:12:07TheSeventhere are really cheap replacement screens on eba
06:18:44amazoniantoadTheSeven, I replaced the screen and had the same result
06:19:19TheSevenwhich ipod model are we talking about?
06:19:23amazoniantoad6th gen
06:20:06amazoniantoadI can't believe this happened
06:20:11TheSevenand the LCD failed white (i.e. backlight works but panel doesn't), even in the boot loader?
06:20:17TheSevenwhich boot loader are you using?
06:20:29TheSevendid you try going back to the apple firmware, and if so, does it do the same thing?
06:21:11TheSevendid it usually show an apple logo during boot and now doesn't anymore?
06:21:19amazoniantoadwhen I have power the screen lights up. Nothing more. I loaded apple firmware back but no apple logo shows
06:21:30amazoniantoadif I get it to boot I can hear my wheel scrolling through options
06:21:33amazoniantoadso it still boots
06:21:35amazoniantoadjust no picture
06:22:07TheSevenok, so the original firmware fails to initialize it as well - pretty certainly some kind of hardware failure then
06:22:12amazoniantoadI also replaced the screen and the same issue was there
06:22:28TheSevenand if you swapped the LCD with one of the correct type, that basically only leaves the mainboard and connector
06:22:31amazoniantoadIt looks like it's probably the logic board
06:22:53amazoniantoadwell I don't have an lcd screen for this exact model actually
06:23:38TheSeventhere is a possibility that screens for newer models (120/160gb thin) wouldn't work with the original firmware on old logic boards
06:24:08amazoniantoadI already ran into that issue. I only have this one screen for this model
06:24:08TheSevenapple added some additional LCD types with the later generations that the old firmware images have no driver for
06:24:14amazoniantoadI mean the board itself seems fine
06:27:45TheSevenwell there are basically two options: either the old screen is dead and the new one isn't compatible, or it's a logic board problem
06:28:39TheSevenwhich specific ipod model is this? which capacity? year of manufacturing?
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08:36:14fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 29c493d, 255 builds, 16 clients.
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09:07:06amazoniantoadBilgus pm
09:29:37fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 72dc239, 255 builds, 16 clients.
09:39:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 612 seconds.
09:39:50fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 72dc239 result: 5 errors 0 warnings
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11:58:55wodzpamaury: Did Agptek contact you?
12:17:12pamaurywodz: yes
12:17:21pamaurythey will send me something
12:17:24wodzpamaury: me too
12:17:30pamaurycool :)
12:17:55pamauryI hope it will more than just the device, some amount of documentation or code would be helpful
12:18:17pamauryit would be ridiculous if I have to disassemble the device to find out what is inside
12:19:30wodzpamaury: Do ingenic released linux sources? It would be much faster to extract headers from something than doing it by hand
12:20:14pamauryI think they did, some time ago I tried to get all in the stuff ingenic released on x1000 but some git repo timed out and now I don't remember where were the instructions
12:21:57pamauryalthough if the headers have the same quality as the jz4760b, that's only marginally better than by hand
12:22:55wodzpamaury: How did you assembled register description file for 4760b then?
12:29:48pamaurywodz: I first used a bunch of hacky regex to turn it into a domain specific language I invented, then I fixed a embarassing about of typoes, then I generated the xml from that
12:31:33pamaurybut those headers had clearly be done by hand, did not follow any single convention and were obviously untested
12:31:40pamaurymaybe x1000 will be better
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13:59:45wodzpamaury: This sources state that this is mips32r1 core
14:11:37wodzpamaury: This is my favorite
14:11:47wodzpython script to produce .S assembly file
14:12:38pamauryI guess there is more python than generated lines of assembler codes ;)
14:13:35pamaurythe link you send misses some register headers obviously, they muist be somewhere else in the tree
14:18:45wodzpamaury: the easiest way is to clone and diff agains vanilla 3.10.14
14:28:45pamaury_wodz: the headers look spread out
14:29:10pamaury_for example there are some registers in drivers/mmc/host/jzmmc*
14:29:36pamaury_with fantastic names with jsmmc_v11, v12
14:29:55 Join skapazzo [0] (~skapazzo@
14:31:31pamaury_it's the same for rtc, spi
14:32:50pamaury_and v12, I don't know what are v11 and v12
14:33:32pamaury_fb_v13, ipu
14:34:12wodzpamaury_: I saw a few _v13 files related to x1000
14:34:41pamaury_and then some jzsound codec stuff
14:35:35pamaury_basically it's a mess :)
14:36:21wodznothing new
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15:22:22wodzpamaury_: sources suggest x1000 uses designware usb otg 2.0 core. Am I right that 4760b used something else?
15:25:12pamaury_wodz: yes it appears it uses designware usb. That's good and bad I guess. Yes the jz4760b uses something custom
15:25:57wodzpamaury_: that means porting hwstub to new core again :/
15:27:14pamaury_yeah that's the bad part, also we know how this particular core has many variants and quirks
15:28:13 Quit wodz (Quit: Ex-Chat)
15:36:17prof_wolfffTheSeven: I just checked it, i have snapshot-201003100612-public.7z, is that the one you are referring to?
15:37:05prof_wolfffTheSeven: about wodz's nano2g, it seems that the first problem is that there are read errors with RB but not with Apple disk mode
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17:26:29kylemsguyHello, I'm encountering a problem with Rockbox on my Sansa Clip Zip. I was trying to do a battery benchmark while playing some music off my SD card, but after ~90mins the music would stop, and the player would become unresponsive. Is there any way of getting logs to find out what happened?
17:27:08kylemsguyI'm running the dev build d787191, if it helps
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19:11:39TheSevenprof_wolfff: well a wrong FTL size would explain a lot of things, but no idea how that would be misdetected in the first place
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19:31:51Bilgus_phKylemsguy: sure is do you have a way to compile builds? But first have you tried just one song or a few songs on repeat there could be a bad file in there somewhere.. Next have you looked at battery bench to see what kinda data is in there?
19:33:29 Quit Bilgus_ph (Remote host closed the connection)
19:34:11kylemsguyI could probably set up a build environment later. I thought it was an issue with hi-res flacs at first, but this also happened with a smaller playlist of MP3s. I'm currently testing it with the same MP3s on internal storage, and it seems to be fine...
19:34:34kylemsguyBattery bench shows nothing unusual, other than the time the system froze
19:39:23 Join Bilgus_ph [0] (~Bilgus_ph@
19:41:12Bilgus_phhmm if it ends up all good on internal storage maybe try a different sd card then. if that goes wayward as well we'll move on to more involved testing
19:42:51kylemsguySo you know if the clip zip has any issues with class 10 cards?
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19:50:38 Join furrywolf [0] (
19:51:11Bilgus_phI can't remember for sure.. TorC and a few others have the clip zip and we have a few sd gurus around that could answer
19:51:18 Quit Bilgus_ph (Remote host closed the connection)
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20:13:21lebelliumpamaury: are you going to work in priority on NWZ or FiiO X1/AGPTek?
20:14:28pamaurylebellium: I want to finish NWZ first, or at least put it in a good shape
20:14:45pamauryI still have problem with sound on NWZ: Acoustic mode seems to make the sound correct, but very loud
20:14:57pamaurylebellium: can you try it on your A20 ?
20:15:04pamauryor A10 I don't remember
20:15:06pamauryor both
20:15:30lebelliumboth :)
20:15:48lebelliumwell, A20 is not ready on your side
20:15:54lebelliumbut I tried your patch on A10
20:16:13lebelliumand I got what you say
20:16:19lebelliumsound but volume issue
20:16:47lebelliumNo, I tried on E580 actually
20:16:47pamauryyeah even at volume 1 it's insanely loud
20:16:55pamaurylebellium: can you try on A10 to see ?
20:17:01pamauryI will try on the E460
20:18:33 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~root@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
20:18:49 Join Mihail [0] (252d4ad1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:19:40TheSevenprof_wolfff: sent you a link to a full dump of my ipod stuff privately
20:20:22 Join Senji_ [0] (~Senji@
20:20:55Mihailkylemsguy: try this build with same conditions:
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20:25:11lebelliumpamaury: can you rebase?
20:25:27pamaurylebellium: yeah, why ?
20:25:37lebelliumbecause I can't apply your patch
20:27:18pamaurynot sure what you mean , I usually do a checkout, but give me 5 min
20:27:40lebellium"cannot merge"
20:27:50lebelliumI want to apply it on top of head
20:28:23pamauryah, let me see
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20:46:33pamaurylebellium: yeah on the E460 it's very loud
20:46:42 Join Bilgus [0] (~Bilgus@gateway/tor-sasl/bilgus)
20:47:19pamauryI can't imagine the codec doesn't provide a DAC level control, but I don't know how we can access that
20:47:46lebelliumpamaury: *PANIC* control 'Playback Volume' has wrong count (got 1, expected 2)
20:47:47pamauryin the worst case, I think we can make use of Rockbox software volume to reduce the volume
20:48:05pamaurylebellium: that's weird, which player ?
20:48:32pamaurylebellium: do you have a very recent bootloader on the A10 ?
20:48:58lebelliumI only put the bootloader once, with you
20:49:07lebelliumIt's recent for sure but not very recent
20:49:46pamaurylebellium: could you install a newer one ? I need that to run scripts so we can debug this panic
20:50:30 Join paulk-collins [0] (
20:50:49lebelliumpamaury: I got a similar PANIC on E580
20:51:00lebelliumwhen pushing the volume too high
20:51:02pamauryon E580 ?? That's very strnge
20:51:22lebelliumyes, keep 'volume up' pressed
20:51:23pamauryon newer build the volume is capped at 32
20:51:35pamauryso you shouldn't get a panic
20:51:40lebelliumyes, that happens at 31
20:52:17lebelliumwell, at 31 it's OK but if you want to go upper, you get the panic
20:52:41pamaurylebellium: ok my mistake, I screwed the limit, I wrote 32 instead of 31 :-p
20:52:51pamaurybut still doesn't explain the A10 error
20:53:05pamaurylebellium: can you build and install a new bootloader for A10 ?
20:53:13lebelliumI guess so
20:53:13pamaurydo you remember the instructions ?
20:53:28lebelliumI saved some logs
20:53:33lebelliumI hope it will be enough /D
20:54:44lebelliumamong others I have the instructions you gave to wodz
20:54:45pamaurycd build_nwza10_bl/ (assuming you still have it)
20:54:47pamaurymake clean
20:55:20pamaury../rbutil/mknwzboot/mknwzboot -b -o NW-WM_FW.UPG
20:55:27pamaurycopy the UPG to device
20:55:28pamauryunmount device
20:55:40pamaury../utils/nwztools/scsitools/scsi /dev/sdX do_fw_upgrade
20:56:23pamauryit's almost too easy, I should make it more obscure some time
20:56:31 Join xorly [0] (
20:57:05lebelliumI prefer making it more difficult, starting from scratch (I make a new directory for each compile) and following the instructions for wodz :D
20:57:39 Join chrisb [0] (
20:58:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:58:21 Join AndChat|558201 [0] (~kylemsguy@
20:59:27 Quit AndChat|558201 (Client Quit)
20:59:48pamauryI see. I myself always brick the device first and recover it by installing rockbox, to have a better sense of accomplishment
21:00:18 Quit kylemsguy (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
21:05:44lebelliumsystem software update failed
21:06:36pamaurywht is this message ?
21:06:54pamaurywhat happened exactly >
21:07:18lebelliumit appeared on screen, after doing
21:07:20lebelliumsudo ../../utils/nwztools/scsitools/scsitool /dev/sdb do_fw_upgrade
21:08:19pamauryhum, the update script doesn't print this message, did you see the message printed before that ?
21:08:34pamauryok maybe it's a problem with the update crafting
21:08:35lebelliumno, this message comes from Sony
21:08:43pamauryare you selected the proper target in configure ?
21:09:17lebelliumI guess so since I got the "" file
21:14:11pamaurylebellium: what is the output of mknwzboot ?
21:15:17lebelliumubuntu@ubuntu-VirtualBox:~/rockbox/A10/bootloader060217$ ../../rbutil/mknwzboot/mknwzboot -b -o NW-WM_FW.UPG
21:15:19lebellium[INFO] Bootloader file for Sony NWZ-A10 Series
21:15:20lebelliumResult: 0
21:16:15pamauryare you really sure you copied this file to the device AND you unmount before sending the upgrade command ?
21:20:26lebelliumthat's what I just thought while cooking
21:20:32lebelliumI forgot to unmount the device
21:20:57pamauryso is it working now ?
21:21:34lebelliumlet me a few seconds, I try to handle both A10 and food
21:22:18pamaurydangerous ;)
21:24:46lebelliumwhy the hell is it umount and not unmount
21:24:49lebelliumlinux hates me
21:25:28furrywolfthere's some quote from one of the unix people along the lines if "if I could do anything over again, I'd spell creat with an e."
21:27:49lebelliumpamaury: I still get the same message from Sony :(
21:28:10pamaurythat's weird, can you send me the UPG ?
21:28:20lebelliumI'll try with the 1st bootloader (January, 11th) instead
21:28:26lebelliumthis one worked so it should work again
21:29:03lebelliumjust to be sure if the problem is me or the file
21:30:10pamauryok :)
21:30:16lebelliumso it's noe me
21:30:22lebelliumit's the file
21:30:26lebelliumI send it to you
21:31:08pamaurylebellium: in the mean time, can you
21:31:08pamaurymake -C ../rbutil/mknwzboot clean
21:31:08pamaurymake -C ../rbutil/mknwzboot
21:31:08DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
21:31:08pamauryand retry to build the bootloader ?
21:32:55lebelliumI did the latter
21:32:58lebelliumbut not the 1st (clean)
21:33:17pamaurytry to clean first
21:34:34lebelliumemail sent
21:37:06 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:41:29CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:41:29*pamaury hoped for a problem between the keyboard and the chair :(
21:43:39lebelliumstill failed
21:44:54 Join Senji [0] (~Senji@
21:46:08pamaurylebellium: your old file is empty ?!
21:46:40lebelliumit shouldn't
21:46:53pamaurylebellium: also, are you sure you didn't make a typo in the name >
21:47:06pamaurythe new file looks valid
21:47:08 Quit Senji_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:47:40lebelliumah well spotted
21:47:45lebelliumthe old one looks valid :)
21:47:56 Join kylemsguy [0] (~kylemsguy@
21:48:14lebelliumok it's empy and it shouldn't (probably a copy & paste problem) but the file name should be like the old one since this one worked
21:48:49kylemsguyMihail trying out your build. Will report with results
21:48:53lebelliumI try again with NW_WM_FW.UPG
21:49:06pamaurylebellium: the name is NW_WM_FW.UPG
21:49:17lebelliumyes, you told me NW-WM_FW.UPG
21:49:23pamaurysorry that was a typo
21:49:26Mihailkylemsguy: ok
21:49:32pamauryI was hoping you would correct it ;)
21:49:42pamauryso maybe that explains the update problem
21:49:52lebelliumI was hoping the file name doesn't matter and only the file extension does
21:51:15pamauryno the name matters :-p
21:51:22lebelliumpamaury: oh it worked \o/
21:51:30lebelliumlove losing time with typos
21:52:19lebelliumtell me now for the scripts
21:52:28pamaurylebellium: can you download this file:
21:52:36pamauryput it at the root of the device
21:52:56pamauryin the bootloader menu, select Debug then run script and click on this script in the list
21:53:11pamaurythen plug usb, you should have a file at the root called amixer.log
21:53:14pamaurysend it to me
21:58:01pamaurylebellium: ah damn I made a typo
21:58:08pamaurycan you change the first line to be
21:58:10pamauryamixer contents
21:58:20pamauryand re-run the script
21:58:29pamaury(keep the stdout redirection)
21:58:41pamauryamixer contents /contents/amixer.log
21:58:43lebelliumI guess you should stop expecting me to see your typos aha
21:59:56pamauryI always mix up amixer's controls
22:02:03 Quit michaelni (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:04:00lebelliumI fixed another typo :)
22:04:02lebelliumamixer controls > /contents/amixer.log
22:05:25pamauryI see, apparently they decide that volume is not stereo anymore
22:09:00pamaurylebellium: I'll fix the code to handle this... unfortunate detail
22:09:14pamauryI guess we won't have any balance on the A10 for now
22:10:29lebelliumStrange for a supposedly 'audiophile' player :)
22:10:59pamaurylebellium: I believe Sony uses a nonstandard API to handle all the DSP stuff
22:11:15pamauryit makes sense to go as far as not even putting balance in the standard API I guess
22:11:25pamaurythe problem is that we don't know how it works :-/
22:12:51lebelliumnumid=6,iface=MIXER,name='Sampling Rate'
22:12:55lebellium ; Item #5 '192000'
22:13:03lebelliumthat's 'audiophile'
22:13:29*lebellium trying to get attention from [Saint]
22:14:29Mode"#rockbox +o [Saint]" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
22:14:40[Saint]Tell me more...
22:15:05Mode"#rockbox -o [Saint]" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
22:15:15[Saint]I'll let you away with it, this time.
22:15:35*dys likes 192kHz hardware
22:15:43dysgreat for doing software-defined radio :-)
22:16:36[Saint]dys: yeah, I was going to say, 192KHz consumer hardware is pretty much universally great for doing things totally outside the scope or recommended or intended usage.
22:17:12[Saint]dys: incidentally, y'all played with RPI's broken-as-shit master clock?
22:17:46[Saint]If you overclock the ARM_CORE, you can broadcast anywhere from 1MHz to ~600MHz.
22:18:03dysnever used a pi for anything audio-related or sdr related
22:18:33[Saint]You can get some absurdly powerful FM broadcast from it.
22:18:49 Join michaelni [0] (
22:19:20dysI don't have a amateur radio license yet, so I'll try to avoid intentional emissions
22:19:40[Saint]Without a tuned antenna, you can do maybe...10~15m. With an antenna, you can do 200~300m
22:20:36[Saint]Since this isn't a device rated in any way, shape, or form for this type of signal generation or reception, you can argue it away as unintended operation.
22:21:10[Saint]I know of at least two people who have challenged their local regulatory bodies in this regard.
22:21:30[Saint]Though, I know of at least twice as many who weren't as lucky. So, ...yeah.
22:21:58*gevaerts suspect that one could even argue that this is off-topic!
22:22:22dysI'll stick to the receiving side of things. can be quite entertaining as well :-)
22:23:40dysgevaerts: ja, to end this excursion: I didn't manage to hear a difference from >44.1kHz or >16 bit hardware
22:24:08gevaertsOh, you have human ears? :)
22:24:21[Saint]Colour me surprised.
22:25:04*[Saint] has been saying this here, and the forums, to anyone who'll listen for the better part of a decade
22:28:13 Quit kylemsguy (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:28:51 Join kylemsguy [0] (~kylemsguy@
22:30:00pamaurydys: that's surprising, I can clearly the difference between 44Khz and 96Khz. My preference would be 1Mhz sampling but no one is good enough to provide that
22:30:13pamauryand 128-bit per sample of course, that's the baseline
22:31:34lebelliumwith your Beats headphone
22:31:45*__builtin would be surprised, but pamaury is a robot
22:32:09lebelliumI'm sometimes wondering too
22:32:13__builtinI still can't tell the difference between 8- and 16-bit audio
22:32:13lebelliumbut a robot doesn't make typos
22:32:28pamaurylebellium: I have to emulate human behavior
22:35:31 Join robertd1 [0] (
22:39:19[Saint]__builtin: that site is hilariously badly implemented.
22:39:43__builtinhow so?
22:39:49[Saint]Anyone with even half a clue about webdesign can score a perfect score with ease.
22:39:59__builtinwell, duh
22:40:19[Saint]well, it certainly doesn't /have/ to be that way.
22:40:42[Saint]opening the developer console in your favorite browser really shouldn;t negate an ABX. :)
22:41:09 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:43:48__builtinI don't see any point in cheating that way though
22:47:57[Saint]Well, nor do I. But it invalidates the results entirely.
22:48:29[Saint]Results that people will often use to do "hurr durr, muh narrative! hurr durr!" regarding "HD" audio and their golden ears.
22:48:41__builtinthat applies to any ABX test where the test environment isn't totally controlled
22:48:53__builtinyou could write an audio driver to analyze the incoming stream
22:49:16[Saint]The scope of things has changed. Multiple years back I could very reliably tell the difference between most lossy and lossless codecs.
22:49:28[Saint]These days however, it is increasingly more difficult.
22:50:37[Saint]I maintain I was somewhat cheating somewhat though, by listening for encoding artifacts in the LAME and OGG codecs that I knew to be present in some very specific areas.
22:50:47 Join smoke_fumus [0] (
22:51:33[Saint]If someone cropped a short enough sample that didn't include any of those defects I sincerely doubt I would be able to.
22:51:43[Saint]But I digress...
22:56:08 Quit igitoor (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
22:57:47 Join igitoor [0] (igitur@2a00:d880:3:1::c1ca:a648)
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23:40:28 Quit paulk-collins (Quit: Leaving)
23:49:49 Part chrisb ("rcirc on GNU Emacs")
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23:53:04 Join kylemsguy [0] (~kylemsguy@
23:55:07kylemsguymihail: it's been two hours and it's been solid so far playing MP3s from the SD card

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