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#rockbox log for 2017-02-07

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00:16:32Mihailkylemsguy: Good. Can you do full battery bench and report back is problem fully fixed?
00:17:19kylemsguyBattery bench is currently running. I'll be sure to let you know once it's done.
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01:03:11Bilgusanyone have any better idea than isalnum, isspace and == '/' for validating input from rockbox_main.playername? something already in use preferably or maybe no validation and just let it fail?
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10:09:13pamauryBilgus: g#1558 looks good but woud need to add some text to the manual
10:09:15fs-bluebotGerrit review #1558 at : WIP Add boot from other volumes in bootloader on targets with HAVE_MULTIVOLUME by William Wilgus
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10:14:40pamauryBilgus: for the manual, I suggest that in apps/features.txt, you create an entry "multiboot" condition to HAVE_MULTIVOLUME and ROCKBOX_SORT_NAME (basically it should be the same condition as the bootloader search code). Then in the manual, document this feature conditon to multiboot: \opt{multiboot}
10:15:54pamauryunofrtunately, I don't remember (would need to check) that the target condig is available in tex, ie if you have use ROCKBOX_SHORT_NAME in take to get the short name, I'll have a look
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11:39:39pixelma_pamaury (logs), Bilgus: I find this depending on "model short name" weird. What if someone adds it to the Ondio's config file because it would be helpful somewhere else? Also, IIRC the config file options are not available to the conditional building of the manual but the language file options are
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12:09:23pamaurypixelma: yeah you are right, on the other hand, that means the commit has to add short name for all targets
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14:19:11Bilgusit isn't meant to depend on model short name it just hasn't been added to other players yet
14:20:11pamauryBilgus: what exactly is going to bed the conditional that enables this feature ? just have_multidrive ?
14:20:44pamauryI wonder if it is worth creating a new HAVE_MULTIBOOT define
14:21:12pamauryso that we can easily "hide" what is the logic to enable it, potentially it can be enabled on a per-taret basis
14:21:21Bilgusnot to mention I need to go through crt0.s on all those and frankly without players to test on i'm not going to add ones where it is readily apparent
14:21:55pamauryyeah good point
14:22:04pamauryso I think we need a HVE_MULTIBOOT
14:22:43Bilgusyeah I like enabling it with have multiboot
14:23:18Bilgusthat way it is easy to exclude on any target
14:23:27pamauryregarding target defines, like short name, no being available in the manual, that may be fixed I guess, it could also simplify the tex somehow I guess, I'll look into it
14:24:08Bilgusalthough I Do have BOOT_REDIR "rockbox_main"
14:24:35pamauryBilgus: technically, I think one may need to split the commit between boot data and multiboot. Since multiboot requires boot data, but not the other way around
14:25:01pamauryone could say that MULTIBOOT = BOOTDATA + MULTI_DRIVE
14:25:17BilgusI can put that into the player configs and really could just do BOOT_REDIR "rockbox_main.fuze+" etc.. and do away with player short name
14:26:01pamauryhum, I tink it's better to have a short name, but maybe other people will have a different idea about that
14:26:17pamauryBilgus: or you could like for the main firmware name
14:27:12pamauryExample for the fuze+:
14:27:13pamaury#define BOOTFILE_EXT "sansa"
14:27:13pamaury#define BOOTFILE "rockbox." BOOTFILE_EXT
14:28:21pamauryyou could define a generic STD_BOOT_REDIR in config.h to be "rockbox_main" and most targets would do
14:28:21pamaury#define BOOT_REDIR STD_BOOT_REDIT "." SHORT_NAME
14:28:34pamauryor maybe it's just simpler to write the full name, I am not sure in fact :)
14:29:22*pamaury never understood why we use rockbox.sansa instead of rockbox.fuze+
14:29:49Bilgusbecause player short name wasn't defined :p
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14:30:59pamauryBilgus: it's not really true, every target can use its own extension, but we always stick to the convention of rockbox.manufcturer insteaf of
14:31:04pamauryfor some reason
14:31:16*pamaury decides he might break this rule for his next port, just because he can
14:38:05BilgusI'll probably move all the code out of rb_loader into its own header too
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14:51:20Bilgusscratch that.
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16:01:47kylemsguyMihail: The benchmark is complete, with no issues:
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16:51:49Bilgus_phMihail whats the difference between dev and that version you gave kylemsguy?
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17:01:52pamaurywow, I got the agptek rocker... today! that's quick
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17:16:48Bilgus_phWow that was fast wonder if that was out of china or elsewhere.. Guess its firmware will be rockbox.rocker ;p
17:24:11pamauryit says germany, they must have had some stock there
17:25:06pamauryarg I think the forums are down again
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17:27:44pamaurystrangely it doesn't seem to find any music on my sdcard....which contains music
17:27:58MihailBilgus: g1559
17:28:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #1559 at : Slightly increase CVDD1 for Clip Zip by Mihail Zenkov
17:28:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0d0b163, 255 builds, 16 clients.
17:29:23 Join kylemsguy [0] (~kylemsguy@
17:29:53Mihailkylemsguy: thanks for report and testing!
17:31:11kylemsguyyou're welcome!
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17:33:01Bilgus_phIT worries me slightly that you have it that close to the wire is there any way to test within firmware or can we set it at a safe value and let user bring it down if so desired?
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17:35:13MihailBilgus: we don't know "safe" value - my clip zip work good even with CVDD1=17
17:35:26 Quit Senji_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:35:37Mihailso we just rise if we have report
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17:37:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 555 seconds.
17:37:59fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0d0b163 result: All green
17:45:34pamauryso the agptek rocker OF does support sdcard with a partition table, that sucks not even by a small margin
17:48:31 Join furrywolf [0] (~randyg@
17:49:03pamauryalso the volume range suckets, at level 1 I can barely hear, at level 2 it's almost too loud, can't imagine what it gives at level 50
17:52:50pamauryI know that most headphones have low sensitivity but my headphones have only medium sensitivity!
17:58:40kylemsguywhat do you mean about the partition table? Isn't supporting an sd card with a partition table good?
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19:22:41lebelliumpamaury: pffff I ordered it on Saturday on and it hasn't been shipped yet
19:22:43lebelliumthat's unfair!
19:27:30pamaurykylemsguy: that was a typo, it does NOT support it
19:29:49lebelliumwhat does that mean exactly? a FAT32 or ex-FAT sdcard won't work out of the box?
19:31:46pamaurylebellium: a sd with partition table won't work, you need the entire card to be formatted as FAT
19:31:52pamauryat least it seenms
19:32:29pamauryI hope AGPTek can send me some documentation, because just having the player is kind of useless
19:32:31lebelliumyou usually have several partitions on your cards?
19:33:31pamaurywell believe or not but some phone only accept the opposite: you need a partition table
19:33:48pamaurythus this particular card had a partition table with only one partition
19:35:05lebelliumI fear the documentation is hold by Benjie and not AGPTek
19:36:53pamauryI fear too :-/
19:37:14pamauryat least if they could send me some PCB shot and a part list, possibly a copy of the firmware also
19:37:37pamauryI guess/hope they use the same firmware update mecanism as the Fiio X1 since they used the same team
19:38:05lebelliumIIRC the programming manual without further info about hardware is useless?
19:39:17pamauryit's not useless but it could massively help if I had the lcd datasheet, and the bluetooth chip datasheet, and the schematics
19:39:28pamauryotherwise I will have to disassemble the firmware
19:39:48pamauryand before that, I will have to dump it because there is available firmware upgrade that I can find
19:40:31pamauryin my book, just sending a player to someone and say "good luck porting rockbox" qualifies as useless help
19:44:31pamauryyeah I am aware of this
19:45:26lebelliumsame story again
19:45:49lebelliuma brand rep is not the right contact for technical things I guess
19:47:11pamauryyeah, but in fact the problem is often that brand rep tend to think giving any info is giving away IP even when engineers know it's not
19:48:11pamauryI had the same problem with Sigmatel/Freescale and I was lucky enough to know someone who knows someone who knows an engineers there
19:53:49*pamaury creates a wiki page
19:55:20*pamaury cannot reach forum AND main website
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19:58:42lebelliumis firmware version 1.00?
19:59:08 Quit kylemsguy (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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20:18:41lebelliumbeta lol...
20:18:57lebelliumWill see with mine in a few days
20:19:01 Quit bluebrother (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:19:05lebelliumI hope it's not a beta version
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20:28:42pamauryI might have a try at disassembling the player
20:30:03pamauryalthough it's unclear to me if it isn't glued
20:32:15 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
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20:52:18lebelliumpamaury: I allowed myself to add a few things to the wiki page. Don't hesitate to rework it if it doesn't suit
20:54:12 Join johnb3 [0] (
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21:37:53lebelliumpamaury: I see in the user manual there is a Gain setting (low/high)
21:37:59lebelliumdoes that help for your volume issue?
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21:42:28pamaurylebellium: no, it's already on low
21:56:54 Join kylemsguy [0] (~kylemsguy@
21:57:27kylemsguypamaury: aren't SD cards usually formatted with a partition table, like any other drive?
21:57:49 Join alexweissman [0] (
21:58:08kylemsguyI don't think I've ever encountered an sd card whose FAT partition was on /dev/mmcblk0 instead of /dev/mmdblk0p1
21:59:16pamauryI have a bunch of cards that don't have any partition table, but I agree that these days most probably have one. It's still unclear to me what explain the OF didn't like about my card
21:59:26pamauryand I don't really care anyway
22:00:27BilgusI still haven't gotten comfirmation on the dev mailing list do I mail zagor or msg him on IRC?
22:07:52pamauryBilgus: I usually mail him
22:32:12Bilguscan you pm me his mail address is it the one at or something else?
22:35:41pamauryyes the one
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23:26:19Bilguspamaury would system-target.h be a viable place to add HAVE_BOOTDATA I assume since the crt0 file is shared by the whole group so shall the define?
23:28:24pamauryBilgus: we don't usually put those define in system-target.h but rather in config files
23:28:32pamauryor in config.h
23:28:42Bilgusso do them on a per target basis?
23:30:15pamauryyeah usually, there are probably exceptions
23:30:48pamauryif system-target.h is the best place then why not
23:32:46BilgusI figure it is implemented across the whole swath with crt0 I'm not sure of any other file that would touch all of them
23:35:13pamauryyou can include whatever file you want in crt0.S (like I did) (as long as they don't pull C declaration, which may involved put #ifdef __ASSEMBLER__ everywhere). So yeah the number of choices is limited. Usually system-target.h contains C declaration
23:35:21pamaurywhich is why it might not be the best place
23:37:07Bilguswell hmm
23:39:23 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:39:43pamauryI know how config system is not ideal
23:40:14pamaurywe end up copy pasting a lot of sutff in config/target.h (like sansafuzeplus.h) because of that
23:42:40Bilgusok i'll add it to the target configs
23:50:51pamauryBilgus: alternatively, you can just decide that MULTI_DRIVE => BOOT_DATA, put it in config and in all crt0.S at once (with the put_boot_data macro expanding to nothing if !BOOT_DATA)
23:51:16pamauryput I agree that it's inconvenient to test all targets...
23:51:35*pamaury goes to bed
23:51:46pamauryBilgus: another option
23:52:04pamaury(which I am trying to do for nwzport) is to introduce soc-level config files
23:52:09BilgusI kinda like the idea of multi drive != boot data in case other data needs passed in the future
23:52:12 Join jhMikeS [0] (
23:52:34pamauryie there would be a config/config-imx233.h that is included by all targets based on imx233, so you can shared defines here
23:53:07Bilgusyeah that'd be perfect
23:53:46pamauryI think that's an option worth exploring because our config files are just a mess, a bit of refactoring wouldn't hurt
23:54:45*pamaury goes to bed
23:57:07__builtinholy crap, I just got my first "real" game booting
23:57:20__builtinin the sim with crashes, nonetheless :(

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